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  1. For how much you love to rant about racism, i’m surprised you would put a picture of a game of Cowboys and Indians up here. Can we have a blackface picture next week?

  2. How many ‘finger gun safety’ rules violations can you count?

    Zero. There aren’t any finger gun safety rules! Hee hee hee.

  3. It looks like the guy on the far right was dosed up with paralytic neurotoxins of some sort. Strangely, I don’t think the other partygoers are ever going to notice.

  4. “The Senior Class practices for their Sex Education Finals on Friday. Unfortunately the fail/pass ratio looks to favor Failing Grades”!!!!!

  5. agreed Matt. you put some white people with faces painted black, portraying blacks and all holy hell breaks loose. have some white people dressing up like Indians and it’s generally accepted. Racism is racism and these people are douche bags.

  6. “We’da caught these renegades quicker, if’n them dirty gunrunners hadn’ta sold ’em Winchester repeatin’ fingers!”

  7. 1. This just in: Dianne Feinstein is now calling for a ban on scary high-capacity assault fingers.

    2. Where’s Biden when you need him to make a racially insensitive gaffe?

    3. You didn’t build that photo! Someone else made that happen.

    4. We’re $16 trillion in debt & you guys are playing cowboys & indians. . . now get back to work so you can pay taxes to support the freeloaders.

    5. Okay, the photo shoot is over – everybody back in the solar-powered wagon.

    6. An authentic re-enactment of Obama killing Bin Laden.

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