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  1. Now THIS is a vacation!!

    *Note – I actually saw this movie! It’s about the present day mafia in Sicily, and these two kids ripped their guns off and decided to shoot them into water in their underpants for some reason.

  2. Apparently run and gun was the new hot thing at the nudist colony. Most however thought it was a sexual reference, boy were they wrong!

  3. Convinced their Underoos give them super-human strength, Yevgeny and Boris attempt the feared Spetznaz “Hell Week.”

  4. The Eastern Bloc’s “Douchebag Clothes for Guns” program has taken many Ed Hardy and Couture items safely off the streets, where they can no longer hurt anyone.

  5. The Blue Oyster Bar is having a Beer, Guns and Buns lakeside cookout this weekend.
    Yuri and Josef test their equipment before the show starts!!

  6. “Call me a gay bitch now you little dyke. I’ve got my Comrade Carlinski in his Captain America Underoos here for back up”!!!!!
    “What….Nothing to say now???!!!”

  7. Hymmmn, i guess, Even “Gays”, have the Right, to carry Weapons!…[But, isn’t it a “Fashion”, faux Pas; not to have you “Gun”, matching your Shoes, and “Bag”?…].

  8. Lady GaGas fashionable body guards.

    Certainly these guys wont stand out when the boss is wearing a dress made of raw bacon.

  9. After years of vacuous arguments, the gun-control lobby finally found an emotional appeal that worked: “assault rifle” owners look like dorks.

  10. In an effort to demonstrate his support for the 2nd Amendment, Mayor Bloomberg launches the first city sponsored gun show during N.Y. fashion week.


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