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hot chick with gun picture

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  1. “Eef yeu ‘av seen ere previous especi-als, yeu knew wee men of zee “Calypso” leeve
    weeth constant dangeure…..”

  2. In an offbeat psychological study, Florida State University grad students demonstrate that female mannequins appear far more lifelike when they’re inverted… and equipped with tactical gear.

    • Looks like it could be Sigourney Weaver after she shaved her head in Alien 3.

      Maybe a lost priduction photo, from an alternative story line? lol

  3. The only good that can possibly come of this is a great story to tell when the tequila is going down like water.

    Beyond that, we will never speak of this again.

  4. My bet is on woman (skinny stomach, wide hips, doesn’t look like stuffed boobs) and unless you’ve been in latex, you wouldn’t understand how it forms by your inner thighs like in this picture….. I feel like I’ve said too much and to to distract you HEY SHE HAS A GUN!!!


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