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Weekend Photo Caption Contest

hot chick with gun picture


  1. avatar Dracon1201 says:

    It’s getting kinda warm out here for this time of the year.

  2. avatar Guardian says:

    Pin the tail on the freak!

  3. avatar Bob says:

    The picture doesn’t need a snide, funny comment. Please, just tell us what is going on here.

  4. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Taken at a recent filming of the new Resident Evil Film.

  5. avatar BLAMMO says:

    “Someone told me, this will make my hair grow back faster.”

  6. avatar gojoe says:

    Good to see cross dressers will survive when shtf. Its hard to imagine a world without people to point and stare at.

  7. avatar Gregolas says:

    “Eef yeu ‘av seen ere previous especi-als, yeu knew wee men of zee “Calypso” leeve
    weeth constant dangeure…..”

  8. avatar Sam says:

    “Excuse me, my eyes are *down here*.”

  9. avatar James St. John says:

    No snide comment, but I just found my new favorite fetish.

  10. avatar AaronW says:

    “In this rare production still from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, actress Persis Khambatta goes way overboard in preparing for V’Ger’s arrival”

    1. avatar Gregolas says:


  11. avatar AaronW says:

    In an offbeat psychological study, Florida State University grad students demonstrate that female mannequins appear far more lifelike when they’re inverted… and equipped with tactical gear.

  12. avatar qajaqon says:

    Tricks of the trade………

  13. avatar John says:

    What happens in the elm tree, stays in the elm tree, got it!

  14. avatar In Memphis says:

    The spawn of Gecko45 and FPSRussia is born!

  15. avatar John Arizona says:

    That tree bark is going to play hell on her legs & Panty hose…

  16. avatar ensitu says:

    Strech Armstrong finally comes out of the closet

  17. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    I keep telling you the rubber is not for the bullets,see??!!
    Anyone for Peel me and Eat me Barbie??!!

  18. avatar jwm says:

    Wow, just effing wow.

  19. avatar Anthony says:

    Seriously, is that a guy or a woman in the picture?

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      Looks like it could be Sigourney Weaver after she shaved her head in Alien 3.

      Maybe a lost priduction photo, from an alternative story line? lol

  20. avatar James says:

    This is clearly a failed attempt at reverse pile driver with a tree branch….

  21. avatar Gyufygy says:

    The only good that can possibly come of this is a great story to tell when the tequila is going down like water.

    Beyond that, we will never speak of this again.

  22. avatar josh says:

    “bro, get the blow up doll off the tree before my wife comes home”

  23. avatar Steven says:

    My bet is on woman (skinny stomach, wide hips, doesn’t look like stuffed boobs) and unless you’ve been in latex, you wouldn’t understand how it forms by your inner thighs like in this picture….. I feel like I’ve said too much and to to distract you HEY SHE HAS A GUN!!!

  24. avatar Run4 says:

    “When Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying Games just aren’t enough anymore.”

  25. avatar MOG says:

    Do you hang out here often?

  26. avatar flboots says:

    You told me that I would be on the Walmart they are among us pics.

  27. avatar David PRUETT says:

    “Nice legs”

  28. avatar 6 gunner says:


  29. avatar إبليس says:

    If that’s a dude I have some soul-searching to do.

  30. avatar Adam says:

    Lara Kroft in Womb Raider

  31. avatar Ralph says:

    Darlene proves that you can use a scope mounted on the lower rail.

  32. avatar chaz says:

    Is this one of them new Bond Chicks from ‘Skyfall’? I don’t get it.

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