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  1. Now hold it steady!!! Ladies this is how you stop other women from wearing white after MayDay!!
    Ladies Ladies!! Settle down!! Everyone will get the chance to “Shoot the Johnson off the Rapist”. Be patient!!

  2. YES!! Knowledge is power. Now, let’s get ALL the gun ignorant people to the range. FREE firearm safety classes for all !!!!!!!

  3. “I love your daughter,” he had told Mrs. Simpson, “and we’re going to be married”, and it had all gone quite smoothly until he mentioned his work with the Brady Campaign.

  4. Ma’m, I’m from the future. If you don’t shoot and kill your TV now, it’ll spend the next 45 years trying to control you.

  5. “Shrink it and Pink it” my ass, I want the biggest, baddest damn gun they make for when that sumbitch comes back through my doorway!

  6. Ok now this is the stance and grip you will need when the sales lady tells you that the dress and hat you want is no longer on sale!!!
    It really says you mean business!!


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