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  1. Though not as famous as Chang and Eng, siamese twins Wilbert and Delman made a comfortable living competing in the sporting clays circuit.

  2. Daryl and his brother Daryl were the first to embrace same sex marriage in the mountains. Note that it’s a single barrel gun signifying a formal ceremony.

  3. The dude on the left expresses early NYC street gang affinity sign language with the strategic placement of his fingers over the shotgun’s receiver.

    In other news, everyone worries where Dan Zimmerman spends his time on the Internet.

  4. Photographic proof of how difficult it is for the idiot at the range with the bad rifle handling habits to hurt you if you just get close enough to him.

  5. Like we could not see the theme of these responses coming. I never cease to be amazed by the speed with which guys will run to homophobia, given the slightest provocation. What’s more interesting to me as an amateur historian is the greater allowance for affection between men in the 19th century that photographs like this one reflect, and which can also be found in the journals and letters of the time (and I’m talking about simple affection here – not sex and not being gay, as the latter word did not exist then, nor was the concept of gayness understood or even discussed). Sorry, I know, I’m supposed to be writing a funny caption… I’m feeling academic this morning, I guess.

  6. Phil, I don’t see a lot of homophobia on display. Referencing gays is not homophobic. Grow a set of humor, “Pre-Stonewall, Post Stonewall Jackson” is fucking gold. A significant proportion of the jokes referencing sexuality are explicitly pro-gay, and even the ones that aren’t are mostly ambiguous. But kudos to you for having your period panties on this morning and running directly to offense. You see what I did there? I could have gone homophobic, but went misogynistic instead. Feel free to make assumptions about my character and politics now, it’s that season.

    • I think you misunderstood him, Tarrou. He’s saying the emphasis on homosexuality in our society nowadays (there’s a quota for them on every tv show, it seems) that we no longer can look at such a picture and understand that these were likely two friends and nothing more. The times have changed.

  7. Roger(on right) and his brother/sister Jim Darla were last seen when this photo was taken Oct 23 2012 at the newly opened “Smile You Hussies” photography studio in downtown San Francisco Ca.
    Anyone with any information as to their whereabouts is asked to keep it to themselves!!!!

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