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      • I’d forgotten all about that.

        Ahh Marlboros. The “feminine cigarette” that was “Mild as May”.
        Red ended non-filters that didn’t show the lipstick – “Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper From your Lips” .

        Anybody that says most people aren’t easily brainwashed by ads has no idea about history…

        • Hmmm, I never smoked but I remember Marlboro’s being the rugged cowboy on a horse cigarette’s. With Virginia Slims as the feminine be all of the day. Of course now a day’s I never rule out Alzheimer’s as a logical explanation.

  1. “I dont always vote from the roof tops…but when I do: I’m in my SEXY underwear” (think Dos equis commercial in case some of you didnt get it)

  2. “Rover, you remember that raccoon that mauled you last year?” *Aim a little low, lead 4 inches, deep breath* /pop

  3. Crap!!! I would have to be reincarnated as a dog!!! What did I ever do to deserve this punishment???

  4. Actress Charlene Heston, Miss NRA 1955, before the gender reassignment process and the breakout “Ten Commandments” role. (Later she/he was known to insiders as Ben-“Hur”).

  5. OK, I have a few:

    “Her shooting is but a shadow of what it used to be.”

    “Our gun rights are but a shadow of what they used to be.”

    “Charles Whitman takes a sight picture, while dressed in drag”

  6. Muffin was shocked when her mistress began shooting out the Christmas lights next door that were still up in August.

  7. Well, it’s time. I’ve put on my big-girl panties and now I’m going to kill that S.O.B. that shrank your fire hydrant!

  8. The funny part is how utterly SI-swimsuit-sexy she’d look with a current swimsuit.

    (Go ahead. Picture one third the top and one fourth the bottoms. Pooch is gone and those 34/35Cs look mahvelous.)

  9. Emma, a local gun rights activist, has vowed to live on the billboard until the nation finally takes notice of the plight of gun owners.

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