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  1. “No, I wasn’t checking out their asses. I was looking at their ARses”

    “Does my butt stock make this rifle look big?”

    • Heah Mr. Farago, can you tell me where we can find this guy Matt from The Truth About Guns?

      /Edit/ oops meant as independent thread.

      • I stand corrected. They’re regulars doing their mandatory service. The problem with mandatory conscription is you get these results. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Israel doesn’t have much choice in this matter, being surrounded and all.

        • Actually I quite enjoyed my time in the army. Made friends for life, and had a lot of fun. Some scary times too, but honestly it makes kids grow up.
          I was 21 when I went into Givati.

          I was in the 424th “Shaked”/”Almond” Infantry Battalion
          So many kids could tie their own damn shoes, but we whipped them into shape. A lot of kids had no idea what they wanted to do in life, and afterwards went on to collage or what have you, but at least they learned to get out of bed in the morning and carry responsibility.

  2. I like big butts and I can’t not lie.
    You other brothers can’t deny
    That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a barrel in your face…

    What? I meant the butt of the rifle. Geez.

    • @Jason…..sure sure you meant the rifle butt!!! Not the first guy to claim that!!! LOL!!!
      Hi Mr. Storekeeper!!! We are looking for trolls from TTAG!!! Have you seen any?? We just want to talk to them we promise!!!
      What about the guns?! Oh we are going hunting wabbits later!! Heheheheehe!!

    • Depends…
      If you are active military, no paper work, and you get approval.
      If you are old, it could be an issue, I beleive over 55 or something along those lines. Then again if you own one, you aren’t giving it back.
      If you know someone, it isn’t hard.
      If you are a teacher, security guard, police, live in the territories it is basically required.
      You have to pay a fee and take an annual qual course.
      Of course it means you CCW everywhere, including airports, and malls, hospitals etc.
      Open carry for security and military no paperwork required.
      Like many things in Israel, if you know someone it will get done.

      • Is there a limit to type and quantity one may own? Do you have a version of the NFA there? Can the average Joe Schlomo purchase a Kalatch with a giggle switch? Basically, how comparable is it to the United States?

        • Much less. Private citizens don’t really own AR’s or anything, but if you live on Kibbutz or in the territories then you might. Glocks, S&W pistols are prevalent. Smaller wheel guns too for CC. There is a limit I believe. Most wouldn’t own more than one or two. If you re male you are in the army every year for a couple of weeks, so you get to play with bigger stuff then.
          So think of it more like California, except for all the army folks carrying M-16s everywhere.
          Having an arsenal at home is not really what Israeli’s think about. They do have guns, but not 50.

  3. “They say these contraceptives have a 99% success rate, but remember, a pill won’t stop a rapist. That’s what rifles are for, and they have a 100% success rate when used as directed.”

  4. “Do you want anything, Tabitha?”
    “Do they have those American M4 barrels that are M203 compatible?”
    “Seriously? This is a convenience store, not an armory. What’s been your problem lately, anyway?”
    “I already told you, Amanda. I’m over the giggle switch. I want a guffaw launcher.”

  5. “Suspicion spread slowly throughout the group of patrolling IDF girls… the blonde on the left reported for duty late, wearing a backpack and clad in non-issue sandals.”

  6. The fourth girl from the left moved her weapon in front of her when she realized that farting on the plastic buttstock made it echo really loud and the plastic seemed to hold the aroma in for a loooong time!!!!!

  7. “We need fresh targets. Give me 3 Obama, a couple of Pelosi, a Reid, 5 Hillary, a Feinstein and anything else you have that requires me to adjust for the far left breaking wind.”


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