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Weekend Photo Caption Contest


  1. avatar Kevin Walsh says:

    Attention Eric, Attention Eric!! We found one!

  2. avatar Bill Baldwin says:

    This, sir, is not a weapon, it’s a new oral hygiene tool. The handcuffs? My wife said she would only warn me twice to keep my mouth shut, I didn’t obey the first time.

  3. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    Here, hold this for a second.

  4. avatar Makattak says:

    Don’t put your gun in there! You don’t know where it’s been!

  5. avatar Aharon says:

    Instant wisdom teeth removal.

  6. avatar Phrederick says:

    “‘Are you flossing?’ ‘You sure you’re flossing?’ Every visit he asks that, this’ll show him.”

  7. avatar ChrisM says:

    “All I said to the guy was that I thought bullpup designs were silly!”

  8. avatar Kerry Drake says:

    Irresponsible Gun Owner / Oral Hygene of the Day

  9. avatar CarlosT says:

    The range safety demonstration wasn’t going well…

  10. avatar Hal says:

    MSAR magazines are so unreliable that your only option at close range is a muzzle strike…

  11. avatar Mike S says:

    New from Harris: “The Human Bipod”

  12. avatar James St. John says:

    Body piercing by Styrer

  13. avatar Jhonnie B. says:

    Now open up and say, “AUG”.

  14. avatar Matt says:

    “It’s a toaster.”

    (Any “Young Ones” fans?)

    1. avatar cmd says:


      I remember. I’ll have to dig out the DVDs.

  15. avatar Elliotte says:

    “When enough force is applied, this new muzzle device can double as a bayonet. Just make sure to point the barrel down afterwards to give the blood and guts a chance to drain out before firing.”

  16. avatar cellude says:


  17. avatar Todd94590 says:

    the kids of tomorrow, neither satisfied with their Che’ tee-shirts or body piercings, have decided to combine the two.

    [it’s two (snap), two (snap), two ways to piss-off-your-parents in one]

  18. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    I heard the AUG was modular but this is ridiculous!

  19. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Also, Kung-fu bayonet!

  20. avatar KYgunner says:

    The BATF’s “Fishing for Narcoterrorists” program may not be as catchy sounding as the “Fast and the Furious” operation, but as it has already captured one suspect, it has been wildly more effective. Or would have been, until A.G Eric Holder announced that the operation is strictly “catch and release”.

  21. avatar Mike OFWG says:

    Are you sure this is manufactured by SKOAL?

  22. avatar carey says:

    Fred’s cheek piercing was an eye-opener, but his “Prince Albert” was truly shocking.

  23. avatar Aaron says:

    Q: “What kind of tool do you use to pierce human flesh?”

    A: “an AUGer”

    1. avatar APBTFan says:

      Gave me a good chuckle and has my vote.

  24. avatar Derek says:

    Coming this summer: Malaysia’s Got Talent.

  25. avatar Mark says:

    “Run your mouth again, Go ahead!!”

  26. avatar Sanchanim says:

    This is your head.
    This is your head on TTAG lol

  27. avatar matt says:

    And you thought the Rodney King beating was bad.

  28. avatar racer88 says:

    Tastes like chicken!

  29. avatar Van says:

    muzzle mouth
    gun grill
    carbine kisser
    pistol puss
    bullet breath
    lead lips
    heater head
    magazine mush
    firearm face
    scope skull

  30. avatar sam says:

    Water pics are for sissys

  31. avatar bontai Joe says:

    “Hey you weak Yankee dogs, this is how we floss in North Korea!”
    At least his finger is off the trigger.

  32. avatar Rich says:

    “Why is everybody steyring at me?”

  33. avatar Joe says:

    Stop steyring at me!

  34. avatar gemalo says:

    I’m sorry sir, you can’t board the airplane with handcuffs. They’ll have to be in checked baggage.

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