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  1. I love you bonnie more the clyde .. now lets go…..or…….ok ok i’ll put a dime in the meter already… don’t shoot the meter reader

  2. Y’know, it’s generally polite to link back to your source. I thought it looked familiar, and it turns out it’s a still from one of my favorite little noir movies, “Gun Crazy”.

    • Had to scroll back up to see the picture again after reading this. Then laughed out loud. This is the winner.

    • I’m confused. Are you saying it’s not a picture? Is it a hallucination? is it actually a black space that my mind is filling in with false information do to a deep seated subconscious fear that I have of blank spaces?

  3. “Just ignore them honey. They’re liberals. Nobody takes them serious anymore. They learned their lesson on gun control in the Clinton administration.”

  4. We have to leave now for your mother’s home or you’ll miss out again on lighting the candles, and you know how much you like doing that, right sweetie?


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