TTAG weekend photo caption contest
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“The ABC Bunny is Brian Ross?! That’s not funny.”

Last week’s big winner was Jason M. This week’s witty captioneer will get a 2018 calendar courtesy of Wilson Combat featuring lots of photos of some very drool-worthy guns. Just get your caption entered by midnight Sunday to be eligible. Good luck.

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  1. “Little Jerry’s skills were not yet what they would become with time and practice, but he was pretty sure he could put a cap in Mrs. McGillicuddy from across the room, if she ever put him in the corner again.”

  2. John Smith senior had such a rough time in the war that John Smith junior was born with a thousand yard stare.

  3. Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe, you understand me?

  4. Well, Pilgrim, as soon as I get done a readin’ and tap dancin’ we’re gonna have us a little talk.

  5. Someday, I’m gonna be a police officer to prop up my frail ego and abuse my authority to murder people without justification because I’m a schizo and have an inferiority complex due to having a tiny prick.

  6. How can something so simple as the Second Amendment end up being so complicated to people who don’t obviously can’t read?

  7. “Just let me finish this book on basics so’s I can read Jeff Cooper’s collected works or yer dead where ya sit, Pilgrim!”

  8. “A is for Automatic, with high rates of fire
    B is for Brake, which slows down the muzzle climbing higher
    C is Cartridge, containing bullet, primer and powder
    D is for Democrat, who when proven wrong scream louder”

  9. I’m going to look up that word you called me… as soon as I learn to read, but until then, I got my eye on you.

  10. Little Leonard Lawrence would grow up to be big Leonard Lawrence, snap during boot camp, shoot his DI then commit suicide.

  11. (*You told me we were going to see the cowboy show. You told me so, you wretched harridan… And then… you brought me… HERE…*)

    “Excuse me, Mrs Watts? Your son seems a bit upset… why is he staring at you like that?”

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