Check out this inheritance.
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Jim Bob’s first attempt at creating a hip-hop persona was not as successful as he’d hoped.

We took a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but we’re back and ready to roll again. The winner of our 11/17 contest was BLoving. For a chance at this week’s prize — a Remington assisted opening knife — put your entry in the comments below before Sunday midnight. Good luck!

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    • That’s what Bunker Hunt said to some Senator when the Senator asked Hunt how much he was worth, right? Burn . . .

      • Heh, I actually got curious about that and looked into it… the answer is that it’s mixed. Some are made in the US, but most are made in China including most of these. But one things for certain none of them are actually made by Remington, they just contract it out and sell a branded item. Just like those incredibly over priced double stack 1911s.

        Once again, that’s a hard pass on another product from Remington I don’t want.

  1. Dude so ugly he couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with hundred dollar bills hanging out of his pockets and threatening the girls with not 1, but 3 guns.

  2. “And then the grino sez to me, ‘Okay, $100,000 for the Smith, the Rossi, and the Walther… but joo gotta throw in those bellisimo socks o’yours!’. I told him, ‘No way!”

  3. Fat, Hairy Single Dads over 50 in your area, want to party and have a “Negligent Discharge”. Click here.

    • Ohmygawd, he does kinda look like Chuck… after a few seasons of eating only chicken-fried steaks and watching life go by…

  4. Unfortunately, the mayor had already scheduled a press conference to show off what was captured in the drug bust before the police chief informed him that the suspect’s legal name was acually “Ronald P. Druggs”.

  5. “Even with all these guns and all this money, I still can’t find a tailor worth a damn. Look at these pants! I told him one inseam was 23″ and the other was 21″. And he made it with 21″ and 23″.”

  6. Do you-a-think I’m-a-sexy now? What if I-a lay in a-provacative pose…on-a my side? (Said in best cheesy Italian accent you can muster)

  7. In Hollywood news today, “A” list actor Tom Cruise suffered a mild hamstring injury during dance rehearsals for his upcoming “Les Grossman Gangster Rap” video.


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