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Last week’s winner (well, two weeks ago) was Paul Stillings. This week’s champ will get a can of Hoppe’s 9 Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube courtesy Hoppe’s and Vista Outdoor. Just enter your best work in the comments by Sunday midnight to be eligible.

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  1. After bagging enough animals to clothe the men-folk, the family finally shot a bolt of cloth big enough to dress Ma.

  2. Dad always did prefer the Short Barrel Kentucky Rifle


    Morticia Addams wears white in ‘Not your typical Addams Family Photo’ (notice ‘Thing’ on the far right, holding the curtain)

  3. One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong. Can you tell which thing is not like the others. By the time I finish my song?

  4. Our American Cousins: Portraits From the New World

    (This may not sound like much, but there is an embedded joke for American history buffs.)

  5. The Jensen family was determined to get to the voting booth even if the black panthers were trying to suppress the turnout.

  6. When asked about the bizarre outfit, Mother simply replied, “My buckskins are still at the dry cleaners.”

  7. An early version of Game of Thrones, you just have to figure out the specific characters. I already identified Cersi!!

  8. Constance and the Three Musketeers.

    Whosoever hand that is below my corset, may I remind you that you’re standing on plastic…

  9. Father: “You see, son, when I was growing up, we all wore beavers on our heads.”
    Son: “Where’s Gramma’s beaver?”
    Father: (Facepalm)

  10. “i don’t mind indulging his ‘punkin’ puss and mushmouse’ fascination, but we’re going straight to the corn palace after this.”

  11. “Dad I’m gonna keep my eyes shut until we get a cinnabun from the food court!!! And this hat smells if elderberries!”

  12. My therapist says my irrational fear of Raccoons is caused by the fact that Dad, in all of our family portraits, would make us wear these stupid ‘Coon skin hats. I’d have other kids over and they’d make fun of me when they saw the photos.

  13. Why Kate….. you’re not wearing a bustle. How lewd.

    Just couldn’t help myself on this one. Props to Doc Holiday

  14. Washington DC –

    Picture of the last family able to exercise their second amendment rights in our nations capital.

  15. Here we have a photo of a young Jerry Miculek after his first hunting trip. He bagged his limit in 5 minutes using a surplus Brown Bess.

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