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Last week’s winner was Ed. This week’s winner will receive a bottle of Advance Warrior Solutions Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner. Just enter your caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday midnight to be eligible.

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  1. “a clean hit, a dramatic plummet from the balcony and a resounding splat in front of a moving bus. and i forgot to format the sd card.”

  2. “What kind of pizza topping am I? *tap tap tap* Of course…anchovies. Glad we cleared that up, Facebook. Cheers!”

  3. Hold on, right here it says TTAG only gave this gun 4 stars. Who does Q think he is sending me out with a 4 star gun?

  4. While holding down the “Alt” key, simultaneously press the “f”, “I”, “r”, and “e” buttons to release the safety

  5. I am still in a contract for this phone and they are coming out with the iPhones 8, 8+, and the X all at the same time? I’m going to need a bigger magazine.

  6. Huh, Q was right. Internet says there isn’t a British made firearm worth a damn since the SMLE. No wonder I’m always using these Kraut guns.

  7. Let’s see, what are they telling me now? “Keep your finger outside that trigger guard, Dan, or you’ll show up in every gun mag on the planet tomorrow as the gun-totting fraud they already suspect you are!”

  8. “It says ‘Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction’. What’s a safe direction in this job?”

  9. If I was Sean Connery I’d be smarter then this phone, and have a nice little PPK in my vest pocket!

  10. Text from Moneypenny- “James, my period is three weeks late. You need to contact me ASAP!”
    007- “New phone, who dis?”

  11. Seventeen tweets from America’s President about NFL football!
    When will those silly Americans stop obsessing about their sports and start handling real problems around the world?

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