Weekend Photo Caption Contest

In honor of the season, the winner of this week’s photo caption contest will win the Lucky Gunner logo’d glass (from BenShot) pictured below. Simply enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by midnight Sunday. Merry Christmas.


  1. avatar TexanHawk says:

    Santa’s Personal Security Detail will fly in formation with the big guy this year.

  2. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    In light of a recent increase in sleigh jackings Santa hired extra security on.

  3. avatar B320 says:

    Scouting for (rein)deer season ended with a photo op with the local celebrity and a chance to sneak a look at the naughty list.

  4. avatar Fritz Sands says:

    Damn it, now I need more reindeer.

  5. avatar Narcoossee says:

    Which of these is not like the other?

  6. avatar jwm says:

    Santa hired strike breakers to calm his organizing elves right the fuck down.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      This probably gets my vote.

  7. avatar NorincoJay says:

    Happy Hanukkah Santa Claus

  8. avatar Jeff M says:

    ‘Merica, F*ck Yeah!

  9. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

    Terrorize this!

    Merry effin Chrismas, Jihadis’

    Ho. Ho. Ho.

  10. avatar pieslapper says:

    Sons of guns Christmas card, circa 2010.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Ain’t neva been done befoah.

  11. avatar ORCON says:

    You better watch out, you better not cry. You better pack heat, I’m tellin’ you why…

  12. avatar Reggie Browning says:

    Makin’ a list, checking it twice, gonna hunt down ISIS tonight.

  13. avatar Ben Hammack says:

    Santa’s other elves.

  14. avatar Geoff PR: says:

    Having just shot Santa down, the crew of a Patriot missile battery try their damnedest to make sure Santa still has them on his ‘Good’ list…

  15. avatar Lew says:

    Say happy holidays one more time……come on I dare you…

    1. avatar Snake Plisskin says:


  16. avatar Maureen Gyory says:

    Speedload the Sleigh!

  17. avatar Bgoulette says:

    “C’mon, Jerry! Hold his head up! Now he’s not even facing the camera — wait! Ok! That’s it! Smile, everyone!”

  18. avatar Grant says:

    “I want an official Armalite, carbine action, 30 shot, scout model rifle, with a compass in the stock and a laser that tells time!”

    “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid”

  19. avatar YAR0892 says:

    “They just showed up and said they wanted a picture with me. I don’t know who they are! They’re not on any of my lists! They must be Operators…”

  20. avatar Bad-Timing says:

    “Rudolph with your nose so bright…
    Help us breach, bang, and clear tonight!”

  21. avatar CarlWinslo says:

    For those really naughty boys you will be receiving lead instead of coal.

  22. avatar Ironhead says:

    Ummmmmm…. Santa, is the ammo for these in our stockings?

  23. avatar Nanashi says:

    “All I want for Christmas is NFA repeal”

  24. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Santa’s helpers for people on the naughty list.

  25. avatar Slimjim9 says:

    Those Central Park Rangers better not try a damn thing this year.

  26. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Santa’s security detail on the hunt for Olive, the other reindeer.
    You know, the one that used to call Rudolph names and not let him play reindeer games.

  27. avatar rammerjammer says:

    Awww, look at everyone playing dress up.

  28. avatar Mark Wilcox says:

    Them reindeer tasted good. Real good.

  29. avatar CCDWGuy says:

    I finally got my Santa trophy!!! Now where to get him stuffed!!

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      He’s already stuffed – on cookies & hot cocoa.

  30. avatar Gregolas says:

    New on A&E: “Sleigh Dynasty”.

  31. avatar Justin says:

    Santa’s Rangers, When the Naughty list is just too good for you.

  32. avatar David T says:

    Santa: “Gee wiz, at least the girl is thinner than I am.”

  33. avatar MadeInUSA says:

    Santa’s Safe Space, effective out to 500 yards.

  34. avatar Paul M says:

    Bothered by a neighborhood perv? Now you can organize to bring that sucker to justice! And I have no idea why the guy on the left has a pmag protruding from his shoulder.

  35. avatar lupinsea says:

    Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.

  36. avatar ACP_arms says:

    The Chimney Breaching Team (CBT) pose for a photo with Santa after a successful night. It’s the CBT’s job to enter the room first and secure it to make sure there are no prying eyes before Santa enters.

    Matt (on the right) met Kate last year after entering her house. After explaining who he is and what he does he gave her is gun after finding out that Kate is single mom with two kids.

  37. avatar M1Lou says:

    “Santa’s hired a Blackwater security detail for when he visits portions of the middle east.”

  38. avatar jwm says:

    All right, kids! We have Santa! If you want him back you better have your parents leave 100 million dollars in small, unmarked bills for us!

    Otherwise, Christmas gets canceled, forever!

  39. avatar Dredd says:

    The Night the Reindeer died.

    1. avatar Geoff PR: says:


  40. avatar jwm says:

    Gangsta Santa and his posse. And 1 of his 3 Ho’s.

    1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      ^ Winner!

  41. avatar pieslapper says:

    These are the elves Santa takes to Chiraq.

  42. avatar pieslapper says:

    “Ho, ho, ho! Hi Points for all!

  43. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    “hop up, malia ann, this may be your last opportunity…”

  44. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    “ol’ nick here says it isn’t ‘hunting’ if we use bait. he says “everybody’ sets out milk and cookies and carrots…”

  45. avatar Harold says:

    Santa puts out his recruiting poster after Obama threatens to cancel Christmas and make Ramadan a National Holiday. 37 million recruits signed up in the first 24 hours.

  46. avatar Big Bill says:

    On a lighter note, Santa Clause was briefly detained when he attempted to enter a home in the Idaho back country; the occupants thought a home invasion was in progress, and took Santa into custody until his identity could be verified.
    The police were not notified, but this photo has surfaced on the Facebook page of a “militia” group.

  47. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    Four packers and a hag. (just my normal morning grumpiness)

  48. Members of the Israeli Special Forces Unit took this selfie leaked by Wikileaks following a “Zero Dark 30” style raid on the North Pole. O’Santa Bin Clausen was captured, executed and given a burial at sea by cutting through the ice.
    Happy Hanukkah!

  49. Santa’s elves decided to up-armor earlier this year in case Hillary won and went though with her plan to occupy the north pole and redistribute the toys to Syrian refugees.

  50. ” …Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves, and a basket of Deplorables!”

  51. avatar jwm says:

    Even Santa and his elves are celebrating a Trump victory.

  52. avatar Ing says:

    In capitalist America, jihad calls Christmas on you.

  53. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    “Okay, we ready to play.”

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