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Gays Against Guns. That’s a bit like Blacks Against Civil Rights. Actually, it’s a LOT like Blacks Against Civil Rights. But whatever. The New York-based civilian disarmament campaigners have the right to their opinion — even if their Christmas carol contains a thinly-veiled threat (as they call it these days): “We’re coming for you, you ignorant fuck, we have the mandate haha lots of luck.” Of course, that’s not a terroristic threat, right? How can it be? Gays Against Guns don’t have guns, presumably. So there’s no way they could be violent without them — just like criminals! See how that works? Neither do I.

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  1. Pink pistols has been around for almost 20 years now and hasn’t gotten as much publicity in their whole existence as these astroturfed fools have gotten in the last 12 months.

    • Gays Against Guns: keeping gays disarmed for gay-bashers since 2016.

      Y’all can quote me on that, you ignorant….

  2. These are just another one of these very very small special interest groups just like Moms Demand Action and a half a dozen other ones that popped up after Newtown. Pushed forward by the progressive liberal media and President Obama.

    Most of these organizations will be stomped out here real soon by their lack of publicity and coverage I’ve already noticed the media starting to take more of a right wing attitude lately.

    I would guess this has to do with President Trump absolutely hating the media and the way they tried to manipulate propaganda against the Constitution when in fact they are hiding behind the First Amendment.

    I think really what should be done about media franchises that report only negative anti-gun liberal Progressive bullcrap they should have to be labeled as entertainment only no news should be able to be put in their label for TV if they’re not going to report the facts in an unbiased opinion then they are entertainment only something you watch Like The Jeffersons or Archie Bunker something to laugh at.

    And on the gay thing I hate to break it to you but there’s a hell of a lot more of us than there are of you.

    • “Most of these organizations will be stomped out here real soon by their lack of publicity and coverage”

      Because of our radical left media, slugs like GAG and MDA will never lack for pub.

    • ..I would be willing to bet there a lot more gays that SUPPORT the 2nd amendment than are willing to join these useful idiots.

      • Eh…I don’t know about that. From what I’ve seen, 90% plus are right on board with these fools. If the police kicking down gun owners’ doors tomorrow gay people everywhere would be jumping for joy.

        That’s not an anti-gay sentiment, it’s just the truth as I’ve seen it. The gay community has its own orthodoxy, and it is rigidly enforced. If anyone is armed, they keep it deep, deep in the closet. If they knew I carried a concealed firearm when I go with my daughter to support groups and vigils and parades, and when I take her and her friends around town, they’d be horrified. A few of them would no doubt completely turn their backs on us.

        But not all of them, fortunately — some can be reached. A couple of my daughter’s friends come from gun-owning families. And her two closest friends both know that her parents are always armed, and have told both her and us that they appreciate the feeling of protection.

  3. Whatever people do in private behind closed doors is their business but why are they infringing on my civil right to protect my family?

  4. Too bad they don’t know how to search the internet. If they did, they would find that an awful lot of LGBTQIA…. people are killed by stabbings, beatings, stranglings, being set fire to, etc. But sure, go after gun owners, most of whom don’t give a rat’s ass what you do on your own time.

    • You’re talking about the same morons that wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton and did vote for Hillary Clinton. When she was supported financially to her campaign by countries that execute you if your homosexual. Go figure on that one LOL.

    • Liberal gays such as these always came off as some of the dumbest people in the political spectrum. They seem to think it’s racist white conservatives who are their enemies, yet, black gang bangers, Mexicans, and radical Muslims are generally way more anti gay and trans than the people they’re acting like are their enemies.

      And for some reason, they’re anti gun, in spite of the fact that their group is probably the only minority group that still faces significant stigmatization and threat. There are just many levels of stupidity in this particular political alignment.

  5. Wow a whole 14 people they’re really got the numbers there all they need is a few more million and they might even scratch the surface of the NRA.

    • Comparison to the NRA seems pointless. More to the point would be comparison to the Pink Pistols — and if these guys have just fourteen people, they’re outnumbered by just the Portland, Oregon PP chapter.

  6. “We’re coming for you you ignorant expletive” Well, I’m not worried about threats from people who are anti gun. They don’t likely have firepower to back them up. =P

    Seriously though. They’re quite amusing with their song. I honestly feel the anti gun side is losing the culture war, mostly because they got no arguments nor actual evidence to back them up.

    Tactical assessment: They got no lead ammunition, and they got no intellectual ammunition.
    Estimated threat level: Minimal.

  7. They can sing “the racists and fools are playing for keeps” and fail to see that being armed is not the best defense?

    All I can say is that’s suicidal.

    So I’m going to keep calling them “Gays Inviting Bashing”.

  8. I like the comment blacks against civil rights. The comparison is quite funny seeing how we had a black president for the last 8 years and it would seem that he was against civil rights as well. Maybe this is a new trend for African Americans II want to elect people into office that don’t support their civil rights.

    These people need to make up their minds and figure out what the hell is really going on in their lives to ridiculous watching these guys up here soon using profanity during a caroling session that shows real maturity.

    • That’s exactly what it is. Unfortunately, there is a very large segment of certain, shall we say, historically oppressed people who would rather keep the government gravy train rolling and continue to reap the significant rewards of their victim status, rather than accept the responsibility that comes with freedom and civil rights.

      Somehow though, they are also filled with hatred for the white people who propagate the system and for the system itself. Think about that: They absolutely DESPISE the system that they claim keeps them down, while simultaneously being so voluntarily dependent on it that any talk of reducing their reliance on it is met with violence, or at least VERY harsh words.

      With that degree of mental gymnastics, it’s no wonder they’re the most reliably blue voting bloc in the country.

  9. These people are nasty and angry. If you post anything with a different opinion on Mother Jones they just call you names and some will start swearing at you. But I do it anyway they need to hear other ideas that they don’t get within their city groupthink network.

    Even if they don’t believe what I say it’s still rambling around in their little head somewhere. And I’m not even conservative except on gun issues the rest I’m pretty moderate to liberal. They are just so ignorant and stuck they can’t grow and change their opinion. They just regurgitate everything their dem masters say as fact without even considering that it maybe wrong. Instead of questioning everything they question nothing that liberals spew and just go off on anything cons think. It’s sad for America.

    • Yeah that is a good question I completely forgot about that part of that ridiculous story. What kind of mandate they do they have and what exactly is a mandate it’s not a bill it doesn’t seem like 12 or 13 14 guys can get anything like that together must be something propaganda pushing BS. Somebody out there that knows please let us all know. Maybe they ment Man date.

  10. I love the first amendment. It allows people to express their opinions while making fools out of themselves

    • Exactly.

      “Keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, or open it and remove the doubt.” – Mark Twain.

  11. Homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation. Very few of them believe in liberty.
    Equating white homosexuals to black people is ludicrous.

    Because so many black people don’t trust government, many of them have broken laws to get guns even tho they are law abiding people.
    Generations of black adults believe blacks can’t own guns because the public housing projects they grew up in were gun free zones. The government said you can’t live here if you have a gun.
    But Maj Toure is touring the country working to change that point of view.

    White homosexuals have generally known they can rely on government in a general sense. That’s why when Harvey Milk said gays should have guns like he did, they laughed at him. Even after the Orlando massacre the elected homosexual leadership is 100% against the RKBA.
    Homosexuals have done a good job of disarming California in general and San Francisco and Palm Springs specifically.

    On the other hand there are several elected black officials who are A rated by the NRA.

  12. The only “mandate” they’ll ever have will come from Grindr.

    They’re “gays for gaybashing”.

  13. “Gays Against Guns Is Watching”?

    Where have I heard that before…

    Ah! Yes! This right here:

    Being There (1979)

    Dennis Watson: “You like to uh, watch?”
    Chance the Gardener: “Yes.”
    Dennis Watson: “You wait right here. I’ll go get Warren!”

  14. Never get that nearly 2 minutes back…I honestly don’t care. I(and my gorgeous black wife )are offended by queerdogs who compare immoral choices to skin color. You’re not gay if you don’t do gay crap. You’re black(or white) by birth. Good luck with your unarmed threats…and when did Trump ever impugn happy folk?

    • “You’re not gay if you don’t do gay crap.” Does that also mean you’re not heterosexual until you actually DO heterosexual “crap” ?

      I thought not doing it ????just meant you were a virgin.

  15. Name calling is always the most effective form of argument…and my feelings are hurt. I’m an ignorant f*ck? Why do these bullies say such mean things? I think I’m going to cry…or pour a scotch. Maybe scotch.

  16. “We wish you a merry mandate and a popular vote”

    We wish you to not get bashed but since you hate yourselves so much you refuse the most useful means of defense, we really dont care and wish you good riddance! It doesnt rhyme but frak your political christmas carol anyway!

    Seriously, as one of the most historically targeted groups of people, you think they would have SOME sense of self preservation.

    • Remember what the good book says about bashing heads. Wait remember what the good book says about laying with another man. Oh hell they’re screwed anyways LOL.

  17. People like this can be very dangerous, just like the blacks and the wet back groups in the 70s. They look harmless but do not life the cover

  18. Sharia-law fans are wishing for GAG to be successful in their campaign. So, when that time comes, GAG should just go ahead and threaten the Sharia “authorities” to abandon their guns, or else. I am sure the leaders will listen to their impassionate pleas.

  19. .
    The Gaystapo has definitely achieved one thing over the past 10 years….

    …turning millions of heterosexuals that had a “live and let live” opinion of their lifestyle into people that are disgusted and pissed off with their gestapo tactics and now have a real and valid reason to hate them.

    • Truth here, as the agenda has switched from ‘tolerance’ to ‘acceptance’. And now ‘acceptance’ means men using women’s bathrooms. Sometimes you get the feeling the goal is to make heterosuality illegal.

  20. Homosexuals are homosexual – not liberal or conservative, establishment or anti-establishment, tall or short, etc. You can’t pigeonhole people of one persuasion across the board. Gay, conservative, and pro-gun is not oxymoronic. Same diversity, partner preferences notwithstanding. Not all Ferraris are red.

    • Pretty sure you will never find a Jewish member of the National socialist German Worker’s Party. Quite frankly, the “gay community” has become so monolithic, SJW affiliated and outright aggressive that they seriously risk losing what they gained since the days homosexuality was outright illegal. They keep forgetting that as a minority, professionally pissing off the majority is not a recepie for success. This kind of shit does not help.

      • Not exactly. I didn’t say that dogs are diverse enough to be cats, nor that gays are diverse enough to be straight – i.e. the opposite of their defining characteristic. But you can’t paint all gays with liberalism, or any other mindset, broad brush. Not all Ferraris are red does not mean that some of them are Chevys. Get the distinction? Homosexuality and conservatism/pro-2A are not mutually exclusive.

  21. Why are gays so angry? I thought they were all about peace and butt love. These gays are not men. They are delusional, clueless liberals.

  22. So am I the only one that can’t get past laughing hysterically at the whole pole smoking joke that arises just out of the acronym of the name of the organization? Gag. I’m sure they’re familiar with gagging.

  23. Ahh the blatant stupidity of contrarians. So when X willfully unarmed gay victims die in the next crime, I wonder how many GAG members will be on scene to report a resounding success?

  24. They can watch my gay ass shoot my brand new Benelli M4 anytime they want.

    They will just be upset because I can handle a big shotgun better than any of them.

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