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Enter the best caption in the comments by Sunday midnight and win a wonderfully over-engineered Boxer Tactical Key Whip.

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  1. Thank you choosing Tactical Response for your training needs. Now, I’m going to show you the importance of following Cooper’s 4 rules….

  2. “Seeing as how your pistol has Replica written on it’s side and mine says Desert Eagle point Fivo Oh………….”

    • … it should precipitate your balls into shrinking, and you along with their presence.

  3. “Roses are red, violets are green, my cylinder revolver goes around like a washing machine”.

  4. I may have inadvertently made a key whip when I made a lanyard out of paracord and put a larue Dillo at the end of it.

    The biggest issue I’ve faced is the little key ring on mine beginning to stretch open through repeated swings.

    I question the effectiveness of a “key whip” but hey, whatever helps sell your lanyard.

  5. “If you’ll be good to me, then i’ll be good to you, and we’ll both ride home in my automobile.. 😉

  6. “Notice, my dear, how I am undercompensating in comparison to my, ahem, other gun. I promise. Capisce?”

  7. Just one more holdup and we’ll finally have enough cash to start that little pizza place we’ve always wanted. We’ll call it Rocky Rococco.

  8. Leave your keys in your pocket and put a heavy padlock on the whip and you might have something.

  9. For every drop dead gorgeous woman in the world there is a man that is tired of putting up with her shit.

    Meet Mr. Tired.

  10. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I told you it was ‘hard as steel’ but don’t blame me because I didn’t tell you ‘it’ was ‘black’ and by the way recoiling in horror proves you’re ‘racist'”

  11. Due to a childhood trauma Ralphie developed into an adult with an unheathy obsession with guns and eyes.

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