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  1. 1. Under NFA rules, this is legal to own until you “colorize” it.
    2. The financial district employs a new permieter defense after anarchists set off a bomb downtown.
    3. OK… so you have your strong hand, your *support* hand, and your THIRD hand???

  2. Sylvester and his friend demonstrate the use of a punt gun to bag an entire flock of Congresscritters. “The big problem”, said Sylvester, “is that they are almost impossible to clean. We generally chop them up for fish bait,”

  3. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” ” Damn it Jeff YES! how else we’re going to get our point across. just hold still i can’t focus!”

  4. 1. The first crew serve weapon
    2. Gun makers’ early attempts at making an extremelly accurate muzzle loader for sniper use….unfortunately staying hidden was an issue
    3. The the human bi-pod also doubles as spotter

  5. The Farrel’s Ice Cream Parlour employees were determined to stop the “Zoo Runners” this time.

    (Not valid for anyone who doesn’t remember the original Farrel’s from the 1960s-1985)

    (Ask me about the announcements we didn’t make in front of the customers!)

  6. Robert you need to delete this photo immediately!
    ATF says that this gun is illegal because it is greater than .50cal, and is a destructive device.
    The guy does not have a destructive device permit.
    OSHA says that they are not wearing protective eyeware and hearing protection and a hard hat instead of one made of straw (huff and puff and ….)
    EEOC says that it must be banned because it shoots “[the typical muzzle loading propellant]”
    AL GORE is worried about what firing it would do to the environment; I would think that the cloud of smoke would block out the sun and lead to global cooling.
    TSA did not catch it when the guy was bringing it on the plane; they were too busy groping my grandmother’s private parts.

    Since there is no ram rod, I would like to see the guy that seated that charge!

    The Jolly Green Giant called, and asked for his small bore rifle back.

    In Baton Rouge, Will has outdone himself again – imagine that on a quad mount! “If you can imagine it, we can build it!”

    In NYC, Bloomberg would call that a “Saturday Night Special”

    Sheriff Arapiao wants one on the top of the county building so he can better cover the border.

    In Chicago, Rhambo just rented the 5th floor of the Sears Tower for a reload.

    In Austin, Rick Perry wants one in case he encounters a bigger coyote.

    In Washington, Pelosi wants to pass it before you can fire it.

    Obama’s solution for dealing with the Tea Party.

    Michelle Bachman’s husband says that if we pray over it, it might become a normal rifle again.

    Chaz Bono wants one – ’nuff said.

    J. Edgar Hoover loved his …

    How would Sigmund Freud explain it?

    What would Xaviera Hollander do with it?

    If you really want to know what it is, ask Monica Lewinsky; I am sure that she would recognize it.

  7. it’s an 166 magnum It shoots thru schools and the houses behind them…

    (updated but thanks Johnny Dangerously)

    See them commies all ran away when I showed I could defend myself.

  8. The new Dallas Cowboys Punt return team!
    Go ahead and run, you’ll just die tired.
    Badges! We don’t need no stinkin badges!

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