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    • in reality I think they’ve gotten to the “ford every stream” part of “Climb Every Mountain,” I wouldn’t want to march in soaked wool especially in those boots.

  1. Fighting in the Boxer Rebellion, perhaps?

    Hoping for a brief gun battle?

    “Removing the soaked trousers was the SECOND thing that these German soldiers did on seeing the approaching Allied armada…”

  2. Always the model of German efficiency, this group of soldiers has de-pantsed in preparation to use the latrine.

      • …nothing, nothing…
        I don’t know if you were being sarcastic, but I think you’ve got it just fine. 😀

  3. The soldiers were excited to get their new kilts, made from the same material as the Emperor’s new outfit.

  4. Another day at the proving grounds, where the OPFOR group didn’t have a chance when put up against the new generation of Pantsers.

  5. I hear the beach in Stalingrad is fabulous this time of year. I’m sure we’ll be back before it gets cold.

  6. Alright men, the good news: you get to change your pants. Bad news: you change with him, you change with him, you change…

  7. Part of Hugo Boss’ contract with the SS stipulated that soldiers were required to wear the top at all times so as to allow them to constantly show off their brand.

  8. Anticipating a hopeful welcoming by French girls, select units of the Wehrmacht’s 352nd division prepare to enter Paris.

  9. Convinced that his men were superior in every way, Hitler decided he would shame the British into surrender.

  10. We’ll just hang loose for a minute while we figure out what all those ships are doing out there in the Channel….

  11. Hitler was so sure the Russians would be defeated before the brutal Russian winter set in that he sent his troops into battle without winter clothing. Many of the Germans troops were not even equipped with pants.

  12. Won’t need the boat leave it at the kaserne you said. Your cousin Hans in the Kriegsmarine will get us to England you said. Or your sister Bertha the Lufthansa flightfrau will get us on a plane you said.

    Now that dumbass Hilter wants us to walk across the Channel

  13. After having watched the famous kilt flashing scene at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in the film Braveheart. Hitler ordered an entire division to drop their trousers at the Pas-de-Calais within eyeshot of the British coast.

  14. Maybe if we make our legs real pretty looking for the Russians, they’ll show mercy on us…..

  15. Well boys, you all went out and had a good time and now you all have the hot silver wire treatment coming. Who’s first?

  16. Frank Costanza cooked the chow, which led to a run on the latrines, which led to a long wait line. The men had no choice. They were forced to don their pants because many could not make it!


  17. There it is; the reason I’ve never joined the military. After my first engagement, I’d probably have to change pants too. Pretty soon I’d be out of pants.

  18. Eagerly anticipating their first night in Paris, the III Korps’ crack Can-Can Team rehearses for their debut performance at the Folies Bergere.

  19. This is your “caption if the day”? I didn’t see one 70th anniversary of d-day post today. Had a lot if other bs posts, but not one on dday. What a disgrace.

    • What’s wrong with making fun of Krauts on the D-Day anniversary? Don’t know in bars all over America that day, people were singing, “Der Feurher’s Face”?

  20. Due to the French playing possum at the sight of a rifle, the capture of France was more of a barefoot stroll in the country for these Jerrys.

  21. The German officers crossed the Rhine, Parlez Vous
    The German officers crossed the Rhine, Parlez Vous

    etc. etc.

  22. No seriously, this is what ALL Operators are doing theses days, I saw it on James Yeagers last YouTube vid!

  23. Oh man. I can’t help but be reminded of 4 particular friends of mine. They are in the National Guard, and man a Stryker and the big ass mortar tube so lovingly affixed to it. They are “The pantsless mortar crew of Bravo Company” Every time they go away to drill, they return with videos of themselves and the other guys in full gear, minus pants of course, raining down 120mm HE rounds as fast as they can.

    It’s pretty funny seeing how intense and into it they get, and then the camera pans down and you see they are doing it without pants on. It may be a bit juvenile, but you can’t help but crack a smile when you see it.


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