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  1. Shannon Watts was forced to admit that Friday’s open carry march was indeed peaceful, but complained that the protesters’ high-capacity headgear made a mockery of civil disobedience.

  2. Day 23: They have not yet realized that I am a munchkin, but Sgt. McMillan is catching on. Must find taller hat.

  3. President Lincoln’s guards practicing, April 13, 1865 the next day democrats ordered budget cuts & banned assault weapons.

  4. For the first time, militarization of a non-law enforcement government agency begins just 90 days after passage of the 16th amendment (IRS).

  5. “I feel that we are fully trained for any urban encounter. Be it a spot of bother at the cricket grounds or a takeover of the local pub, the boys can handle it”
    – Sir Arthur ‘Tophat’ Bulcurke, commander of the 16th Gentlemen’s militia (London branch) – 1867

  6. the upper sash of a double hung window should not be painted shut. having both upper and lower open allows for improved circulation. this will be strictly enforced.

  7. Monopolycon, circa 1920. March of the ‘Go to Jail’ brigade, who would later be named ‘Monopolytroopers.’

  8. Ahhhh, the ceremonial marching of the “Sir Toppham Hat” Brigade. Everybody board the creepy-faced steam train!!

  9. When the 21st Ayresdale Grenadiers were summoned in the middle of a fancy dinner, they decided that the war would simply have to be a white tie event, whether or not anyone else chose to dress for it.

  10. Although Johnny was the shortest member of the “Gay Dandy” brigade he never-the-less broke tradition and was daring enough to sport a tie.

  11. I would love to hear the actual story behind this one. The rifles and top hats all appear to match but the rest just looks like street clothes. Who the heck issues a top hat with a rifle when arming a group of men or else what are the odds they all happened to coincidentally be wearing matching hats?

    Also, none of them appears to be older than his early 20’s and they could all be teenagers for all I can tell. I’m really curious about this one.

    • This is a class of Eton schoolboys in their school uniforms (which included white tie, tails and a top-hat) in 1915, marching in drill with obsolete Lee-Metford rifles. I wonder how many of the older boys ended up dead in France by the end of the war in 1918. . . Rather takes the humour out of it.

      • I agree with John in AK.

        My first thought on seeing the picture was, “How many of those lads were alive to experience Christmas, 1918.”

  12. Come on boys, Ron Burgundy and his news team are down at Central Park….we’ll show them print media still runs New York!

  13. We defend our right to wear tall hats…you’ll have to pry my tall hat from my cold, dead fingers…

  14. The short lived Bankster Army was disbanded as unnecessary after the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 enabled a better form of direct control of the country.

  15. “Great, one clod went directly to jail but still passed Go and collected $200, and now the whole neighborhood has to suffer for it.”

  16. The bastard sons of Bloomberg, heading to Wall Street to rape the accounts of the filthy Pro-Second Amendment peasants. Only those in high social circles who attended ivy league schools will be left unpillaged.


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