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  1. OK, boy nothing to worry about……. It’s not just a donkey it’s those liberal A$$ES coming for our rights sick-em!

  2. Sailor: “They say these Nazis are crazy sons of bitches. Can’t be trusted.”
    “Say kid, what kind of shepherd did you say you were?”

    Dog: “…..Uh, Australian?”

  3. Dangit Rin-Tin-Tin, I know they’re lead bullets, but we’ve been shipwrecked here for weeks, and those sandpipers look mighty tasty!

  4. Although Seaman John Stenson and his German Shepard Hans, were stationed on California Coastal Patrol during WW2, there were no Shiba Inu’s available to act as translators if the Japanese invaded.
    It was hoped that because of the Axis Aliance, there would be at least a few Jap troops that spoke German.

  5. SM Smukatelli, was not happy about todays dress blue inspection.

    Ok boy, where were those seagulls, see if they shit on my uniform again. Yes you can have as many as you want and a steak too.

  6. Did you see that, boy? There’s a little village down there. And a fat guy in a blue shirt yellin’ at a little skinny guy in a red shirt. Maybe they know how to get off this island!

  7. Realizing that Lassie’s Southern accent made him think Timmy was stuck in a “whale,” Gilligan planned revenge with help from Rin Tin Tin.

  8. “Listen, Nimrod. I can fetch a ball. I can fetch a stick. But even Lassie can’t fetch a freakin’ bullet.”

  9. I know you expected something else when I said “Hey lets go check out some b1tches at the beach”, but – hey wait – Is that Keeanu making another surfer movie? Ok I’ll drop him. You fetch him. Disaster averted.

  10. I’ll shoot em & then you go bite them. We’ll teach those clam diggers to poach on our beach, Randy

  11. This coast guard disguise didn’t fool em. Coppers still on my tail. Luckily they always shoot the dog first. (I think it is a rule)
    Do you feel lucky? well do you Lucky? do you boy?

  12. “OK, Fido… I’m going to clip this sling to your collar, and your right paw comes up under the barrel like this… Then you take your left paw and…”

  13. Sorry boy, you’re too short to be a Coastie; we have to be at least 6′ tall so we can walk to shore if the ship sinks.

  14. The military didn’t issue me any sunglasses. I’m sun blind and can’t see anything. I will shoot the first thing I hear! “ARAFF-ARAFF.” “BANG-BANG-BANG.” I just won another medal. drmrs 1/28/2014

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