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[h/t DrVino – link is NSFW]

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    • Unless this is a intentional spoof (she does look kinda dust free) i doubt it. Considering that’s an exclusively female clothing choice (or non-choice as the case may be) in Islamic culture.

      • My good man, you do realize that the whole point of photo caption contests is to write your entries in jest, don’t you?

        PS I can tell by the pixels.

      • Sam, there are documented cases of Islamo-fascist men using burkas as disguises.

        They may be crazy, but they are not stupid, and they know that Americans are reluctant to shoot at women (ROEs, you know).

        • There are also stories of men using burqas to get into a house and engage in an affair with a woman who otherwise couldn’t possibly have an opportunity to get laid (because of the constant monitoring by her male relatives).

  1. “You cursed brat, look what you’ve done. I’m melting, melting……”

    -The final moment of the Wicked Witch of the Mideast.

      • Heisenberg is driving down the road with Schrodinger in the passenger seat when they get pulled over.

        Cop says, “Sir, I clocked you doing 87 miles an hour.” Heisenberg replies, “Great, now I’m lost.”

        About this time, the cop’s partner looks in the car and says to Schrodinger, “Sir, are you aware there’s a dead cat in the back seat?” Schrodinger replies, “I am now.”

        [I shamelessly stole that from someone, and it may have been from someone here. I don’t care. It’s funny.]

  2. Aabish has the only copy of Transformer on DVD in the entire village and she’ll be damned if anyone else puts their hands on it.

  3. Assa lamma lake um. Here’s the first of your 72 virgins!

    PS you probably don’t want to look under the burka.

    • Perhaps the whole point of the burka is male fantasies – you don’t know if she’s wearing anything under there, much less a black Victoria Secret thong. But without the burka you may not even care.

    • If it’s truly Taliban, then no underwear. Cuz there wasn’t any in the time of the Prophet, and so the lack of it is definitely good, whereas the presence can be bad – you never know.

  4. The debate rages whether Islam is a peaceful religion or not.
    On one hand, some say it is peaceful, on the other hand some say it is war like. As illustrated by the photo above, that would be right hand, left hand respectfully.

  5. Miss January! Hobbies include smelling like a birkenstock, body hair, illiteracy and sewing suicide vests. She likes a man with a huge guilt-trip and tiny penis, not that he’ll live long enough to use it.

  6. Jeff Spicolli, on the run from a federal drug beef after he had a really good time at Ridgemont High, found the perfect disguise and place to hide. With an AK to protect his stash and a ready supply of rolling papers he felt at ease enough to send a selfie home to his folks.

  7. Bringing the term “Bitter Clingers” to a whole new level. Still waiting for delivery of the “Real Desert” camouflage burka.

  8. “Hello Sharp Shots, this is A’shadieeyah Al Awaki with this weeks trick shot. The squatting prayer position, shooting the eye of a camel at 20 paces.”

  9. Ok, I got my entry packet for the Midnight 3-Gun. Do you know who the other two gunners are, and do you think they’ll be able to see me?

  10. Fatiema posts her picture on
    According to her profile she is age not important. (one of Mo’s wives was very young)
    Likes reading koran and shooting infidels.
    Prefers a mate strongly into jihad, but prefers they not kill infidels inside as it causes a mess which she will then have to clean up.
    As you can see in her picture she was the Miss July 2013 centerfold for Peace Loving Religion Magazine. (yes she really is hot as you can clearly see. woman in burqa=hot)

  11. Yes you can have this lovely great looking wife for todays special price:
    3 goats and 2 chickens
    5 sheep
    With prices like these you can’t go wrong.

  12. That son of a goat herder Ahmed thought he could fool me with his little black book disguised as a Koran. Just wait ’til that bastard gets home.

  13. Burka…………. $47.50 at Kabul WalMart
    Koran………….$17.97 on Amazon
    The look on Ahmed’s face when he sees his anniversary present from his lovely(?????) wife…..PRICELESS!!

  14. Sit here he says. Hold my AK and my Koran he says. I’ll be right back he says. That was 2 days ago. I’m beginning to wonder……………

  15. Here I sit, all dolled up, showered (last week), put on my best burka (I know, I look hot in black), put on my most sexy perfume (Eau de Sheep), and the bastard stands me up!

    • Man, you guys gotta get better ad blockers. I clicked on the picture, and only found the same picture again with a bunch of comments. I had to turn it off to see what all the comments were about.

  16. Pictured: Joe Musashi, 18, receiving top honors for ranking 1st in the firearms portion of the Koga Ninja Academy shinobi munitions course.

  17. It so happens that the person in the burqa has a highly collectable AK mag. Its the aluminum alloy AK mag that the Russians made circa early 1960s

  18. Accursed spawn of a camel infidel! I will shoot you with my Koran-approved AK as soon as I chew some eye holes in this stinkin’ veil!

  19. Test subject number 26 trying out Kabul Klothing Industries new activated charcoal fart blocking burka. How’s it going inside there Fatima? Fatima? You ok?

  20. After she looked in his little black book disguised as a little black book – she grabbed his AK and patiently waited for the *** to get back from sowing his goats.


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