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[h/t DrVino]

(Clicking on photo will take you to NSFW site)

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  1. They’re carrying Morning Glories. I thought I thought up the name, because the first picture of one I saw was posed with a morning glory, but they may actually be nicknamed Morning Glory. It’s a good name, no matter where it came from, though.

  2. You try to live your life as an Asian avoiding all racist stereotypes; you’re bad at math, hate rice, become a great driver, are a hit with the ladies, then you join the military and somebody shows up dressed as a ninja. Come on Wang!

  3. Sadly Kim Jong Il was unable to complete the epic film detailing his single handed defeat of the South Korean army before his death.

  4. After an embarrassing loss to an injured Daniel LaRuso at the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament, Johnny embarks on a mission to redeem himself and Cobra Kai as a close-quarters instructor for Al Qaeda.

  5. “And here we see Barack Obamas dream about how he would treat Anyone who has semi automatic weapons in their possession”!

  6. Chinese military officials played a ton of metal gear solid 2 and has begun testing the cyborg ninja concept and realized that the only way it will work in an open desert environment is when the enemy soldiers are all looking in the opposite direction. Chinese Military officials claim that this new soldier concept is unstoppable with the ability to take on fictional metal gears and mech warriors simultaneously.

  7. Black clad soldier: :Soldier, you rack a disciprine!”

    Soldier with foot up his bum: “Nuh-uh, I don’t rack a disciprine!”

  8. Three soldiers were spotted exercising serious training maneuvers while one was screwing around doing the Hokie Pokie.

  9. Original caption from Russian: “Bodyguard course in China”.

    It’s just not as funny as some of these other ones.

  10. Internet Mall security legend, Gecko45, shown training new personnel after being recruited by the Chinese government to head security of the new shanghai shopping center.

  11. Yang’s mutant magnetic colon has the uncanny ability to attract steel toed boots, even when worn by invisible ninjas.

  12. Clicking that link also took me to a site where the most recent video post is a translated anti-gun propaganda/hit piece named “America: Paradise for Murderers.”

    Because if there’s one thing that Russians should be doing right now, it’s focusing on American issues (that they don’t understand).


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