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Weekend Photo Caption Contest

These almost write themselves. Take a crack at it.


  1. avatar Nemesis says:

    You will never make fun of Bozo’s balloon animals again..

  2. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    now the government is going to outlaw balloons…nice going….

  3. avatar Pete says:

    BOOOM!!!! Ooops, I meant “pop”.

  4. avatar Adam D says:

    Best. Family Fun Day. Target at the range. Ever.

  5. avatar ExurbanKevin says:

    The Army’s efforts to reduce the weight of IED resistant reactive armor takes an unexpected comedic turn…

  6. avatar ExurbanKevin says:

    Pfft, anybody can twist a balloon into a dog or a sword, but let’s see them try THIS!

  7. avatar racer88 says:

    Everyone is going “green.” Introducing the newest tank in the Army… runs on the hot air sourced from liberals in Washington.

  8. avatar sagenodland says:

    You can use armor piercing rounds just don’t, I repeat don’t use the blowgun

  9. avatar RMark says:

    Milton Bradley just announced their marketing campaign for the Candyland version of their classic board game RISK!

  10. avatar psmcd says:

    Technological advances produce unexpected changes in the swords to plowshares department. It’s anyone’s guess with the lions and lambs.

  11. avatar John says:

    Defense department cost-cutting measures gone horribly awry.
    The Partridge Family Urban Assault Vehicle.
    Lure the Hippies in real close then, BLAMMO!

  12. avatar Gabriel says:

    MultiCam (OCP) Urban, Parade

  13. avatar RuffRidr says:

    One government contractor’s failed attempt at making a tank fly.

  14. avatar Todd AF Vet says:

    The New Airsoft Tank with the ground breaking carnival camouflage.

  15. avatar carey says:

    Wow, a C-5 could carry a hundred of these.

    1. avatar Aaron says:

      Even more if the transpo guys are smart enough to deflate them before loading.

  16. avatar Bob H says:

    The Easter Bunny’s prototype was complete. Now Santa would pay for his disrespect toward other holidays!

  17. avatar kalel666 says:

    Mr. Fredericksen WILL land at Paradise Falls, and no senile adventurer or his dogs will stop him.

  18. avatar ScottA says:

    It’s better to have a balloon tank and not need it than to need a balloon tank and not have it.

    FPS Russia tests his new toy

  19. avatar larry smith says:

    Who needs reactive armor???

  20. avatar Jason R. says:

    The M551 Sheridan was extremely mobile, but crews complained about its lack of armored protection.

  21. avatar Silver says:

    I knew China’s supposed military might was all hot air.

  22. avatar Terry4Strokes says:

    With funding on the ropes, the Brady Campaign decides to enter the defense contracting business.

  23. avatar sy says:

    Obama’s first new weapon for a friendlier, more progressive military…and he only used $1 billion in stimulus money to create it!

  24. avatar Nora says:

    Rainbow Brite began to think her vehicle acquisition requests were not being taken seriously…

  25. avatar G.R. Mead says:

    El Chapo Guzman, Sinaloa cartel chief, on opening the latest ATF care package, said,
    “¡¡Que chingados!!” ¿Quien es el hijo de puta fea, estúpido chingada madre que me enviado esta mierda?”

    ATF official Translation: “Why, what a lovely color selection and artistry!”

  26. avatar Ben Eli says:

    You think this is funny? Just wait until you see how many clown can fit in it.

  27. avatar HAVEGUN says:

    I would be shocked if it was designed by a Gay man.

  28. avatar Jeff says:

    In Soviet Russia, you blow up tank

  29. avatar Sam says:

    “just a few more and it’ll float, I swear!”

  30. avatar RickP says:

    The UN decided that their blue helmets were already too indimidating so they set out to design a less “offensive” tank.

  31. avatar Ralph says:

    “Police were on the lookout for two gun-waving clowns who threatened to shoot employees and customers of the Denver jewelry store they robbed on Thursday.

    “‘They couldn’t have gotten far,’ said Officer Krupke of the Denver PD. ‘Not without their getaway vehicle.'”

  32. avatar Redfish says:

    Maybe we should go back to “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

  33. avatar 07duallydog says:

    Obama’s new foreign policy

  34. avatar Walrusleather says:

    Haliburton’s $1,275,450,345 dollar prototype 100 % invisible to the untrained eye camo tank,as accepted by the ATF e (RBF) for stopping the gun flow to Mexico

  35. avatar Aaron says:

    And then, one day the Ikea Ball Pit grew weary of being played with by snotty children. It reconfigured itself into battle mode and began wreaking havoc on suburbia.

  36. avatar Hamsquatch says:

    Throw this baby in the Delorean and Tiananmen Square would’ve been so much more fun.

  37. avatar Jason says:

    Arnold’s birthday party and nobody showed up for some reason. Wonder what he did that could have offended anyone? He’ll be back.

  38. avatar Braden Lynch says:

    The official assault vehicle of the Jelly Belly jellybean company.
    They’re going to teach Hersey’s Chocolate a lesson they’ll never forget!

  39. avatar C Hamre says:

    Today France unvieled its new battle tank.

  40. avatar Stash says:

    Im here for the Gaddafi party

  41. avatar Herr Trigger says:

    PICTURED: Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin debuts his company’s prototype tank.

  42. avatar thedemonapostle says:

    After repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, the military turns to San Francisco and GLAAD to design a friendlier, nicer, greener armored vehicle. After billions spent in design, they came up with a vehicle that fires heart and flower-shaped confetti at extremely low velocities.

  43. avatar Aaron says:

    “This baby runs on air, helium or hydrogen – take your pick”

  44. avatar Colgan says:

    Keltec’s newest product!

  45. avatar Rabbi says:

    We want to “pop you up”

  46. avatar Larry says:

    Has anybody seen my boy? Yes, it’s my son “Balloon Boy”… Where the heck is he hiding now!?

  47. avatar Kevin says:

    Ending DADT is one thing but this might be a bridge too far…

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