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Is Ed Weatherby pleased to see you or is that a PA-08 Synthetic 12 gauge shotgun in his hands? Both! And Ed’s homies want to tempt to you to join the company’s fanmily of satisfied customers by discounting some of their best products and giving you—yes you!—the chance to win some blast-o-riffic prizes. Jay, tell them what’s behind doors number one through nine. How about . . . . a guided spring turkey hunt near Paso Robles, Calif. (note: you’re guided, not the turkeys), including the aforementioned, proudly displayed Weatherby PA-08 Synthetic pump shotgun! Or you could shoot flying fowl at a fabulous upland bird hunt at Flying B Ranch near Kamiah, Idaho, including a free Weatherby SA-08 Synthetic semi-auto shotgun! What’s that? Prefer game that’s a bit more down to earth?

Maybe you’l score a guided trophy antelope hunt in Glenrock, Wyo. and a Vanguard Synthetic rifle! Not exotic enough? How about a plains game safari to South Africa and a Weatherby Mark V Accumark rifle? With a bit of luck and the wind in the right direction, the lucky winner gest to take down five species: gemsbok, blue wildebeest, common springbok, blesbok and warthog.

More interested in safeguarding your loved ones with firepower than unleashing it on poor [mostly] defenseless animals? How about home defense training at Gunsite Academy, Paulden, Ariz., and a Weatherby PA-459 pump shotgun?

And if you don’t get any of that swag, you still might score one of five shotguns or rifles. Submit your sweepstakes entry at And may the luckiest bastards win!

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  1. tried to enter sweepsteaks………….no luck………..thought contest closed 12/2010


    R. E. SAYLES


  2. I went on a deer hunt in Arizona kind of like the sweepstakes by into the thrill, no deer and no way to sign up!

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