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A little less lethal (probably), non-Newtonian fun. Don’t try this at home, kids. [h/t]

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  1. How did they chamber the shell without getting the putty in the works? Shotgun shells typically don’t have the slug or pellets sticking out the front end. That being said, F = mv. The difference here is that the putty wouldn’t hold together to penetrate a resistant material.

    • non-Newtonian liquid [e.g., silly putty] = stiffens up under stress. That’s why it demolished the tv screen and came out the back. It might just penetrate resistant materials more easily than you expect.

    • These are the same guys who melted Crayolas crayons into wax slugs and went to town. That was a fun video. (First two minutes are how to make them; second two, what they can do).

  2. The beauty of a smooth bore. If it’ll fit, it’ll fly. I always heard that silly putty was the by product of a failed weapons developement program. If that’s true these guys are just advancing the experiment years after the fact. Fun stuff either way.

  3. I wish they’d weighed and chrono’d the Silly Slugs, because then we’d know how much energy they had to play with. The more mvv/2 you’ve got, the more interesting things happen. Even a 2mm plastic pellet does wild things at 7km per second from a light gas gun.

    If I were loading these (and I’m absolutely NOT) I’d use a paper-wrapped Silly Slug inside a solid-walled shot cup-wad. This would hopefully keep the barrel from being slimed by smearing/burning Silly Putty.

  4. Wow. Looks like someone has finally found the perfect way to deal with the daily Garfield, aside from yelling “BOOOO” at the page.


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