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A GLOCK 19 with an Inforce APLc weapon-mounted light is the focal point of this pocket dump. Lights are a bit of a hot debate topic when it comes to weapon-mounted versus handheld, so, what do you think?

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  1. I prefer the versatility of an off-weapon light….few things make people more nervous than some yahoo waving a light-equipped firearm around whilst using it as a general illumination source.

      • “And it looks like a map of Iran…”

        looks more like an approach plate to me…

      • You guys suck as detectives. You might want to loosen the tin foil around your heads. Either that or get your gelatinous ass out from behind your computer and do some actual training, you might learn something.

    • The watch band looks brand new. (Mine is only a couple years old and it’s round shape is permanent.)The only thing with any appreciable wear is the blade.

      • If you look closely you’ll see where the buckle left a mark on the watch strap, and the hole under it shows some wear .

        Being a watch guy , I not only rotate watches but straps as well . I might wear a Zulu, then swap for a bracelet,or another color Zulu .

        • Geoff, a real one and a Gerber knife in the same dump would be odd. The bezel looks like a Seiko 5 to me.

  2. I think that off weapon has many advantages, such as not muzzling people or things that should not be muzzled (one’s children, a police officer, grandma, etc.), and avoiding a charge of aggravated assault/brandishing when no lethal threat was actually present while assessing a potential threat. On the other hand, on weapon has the advantage that the light is always with you, it lights up a target while allowing the nondominant hand to provide a two handed grip to the firearm, sweep away loved ones, hold back an attacker, help keep one’s balance down the dark stairs etc. That is why I carry both.

  3. I think you should have a WML and a hand held light. That said, I think having a flush fit light makes you lose the ability to use it as a “standoff device” if you’re unable to get clearance, as well as limit you to a certain lumen range.

      • No one was mentioning it because it’s retarded. Good luck carrying a weapon with a light large enough to use as a stand-off device. You won’t be carrying it long. And a stand off device? Really? Learn some hand to hand skills or if the perp keeps closing the gap and ignoring your commands to stay back, shoot the motherfucker in the face. No gay standoff devices needed.

        • It’s not retarded to have a small light along my Blade in my pocket. I haven’t mounted a light to my gun yet, but that is the next step with a Olight valkyrie mini. Not to blind someone with it, but to have the option of light on my firearm if needed. My pocket light is more for safety, help, etc., though it could be used for protection in the right situation. In reality, we who Carry should be looking for a way to get away from danger, not the opposite, but if we’re backed up then protecting oneself is the step to take. Having the tools is key, and hand techniques are one of those to use as well in the right place. So, carry it all, and train with it all… often. The brain is the best defense!!

    • What does NUTNFANCY say SAWC( size and weight constraints?). The truth is if you thought you were going to war it would be prudent to arm up for it. But your not your going to the zoo with your kids and the prudent thing is conduct a risk assessment with probability and castosprophe impact in the x and y axis. For instance if you can only carry 5 lbs of gear and are a type 2 diabetic the prudent thing is to carry the insulin and leave the extra mag and flashlight at home.

  4. The lights themselves have gotten small enough that having one is not the “burden” it used to be. So I side with most of the commenters here, it’s an “in addition to” option as opposed to “instead of.”


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