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This makes the first GLOCK 19X carry I’ve seen. It comes from John in Tennessee who says he’s a school counselor (he also said he recently updated his EDC). He has both a weapon-mounted Olight and a handheld Olight. Nice to see both rather than only one or the other.

Any other 19X carriers out there?

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  1. I want to know who makes a holster for those that use the olight. I like olight products but refrained from getting a weapon light because of the lack of holsters

    • There are a bunch of companies that will do it for you. In some cases it’s an option to pick the light you want and other times it’s a custom job for your piece.

      Falco comes to mind, if you dig on leather, they’ll customize things as you prefer. Savoy Leather may do same but they might charge you for the pleasure. Tucker Gunleather might do it for you too depending on your gat choice. Dara, Black Rhino, Cleveland Kydex, T5, ANR will all do custom kydex if you prefer to go that route.

      The only thing I can really in terms of lighting options to avoid: Don’t get a TLR-2 light/laser combo. It’s pretty hard to find a company that will give you the “option” for that light. Most semi-custom shops will cover most other lights but do your research first to make sure you can carry what you actually want. It’s also shockingly hard to find a true “custom” company that will make something for that particular Streamlight unit.

  2. It isnt a CCW is it? If its open it makes it easier and makes more sense. But then again ive heard people who carry a Full 1911..

  3. 19X in a comp tac iwb holster. Not a big deal, conceals just fine and fits my hand better than a 19. Tried a 19 once, but could never understand having a grip that didn’t fit my hand. When the 19X came out I went down and bought my first glock.

  4. I’m just pleased to see another pro-2A school counselor! It’s nice to think there might be another few of us out there, helping kids deal with facts and holding them accountable (in a kind and caring manner, of course!), rather than pushing the typical emo-driven agenda… A tip of the hat to you, sir!

  5. Been carrying mine for a few months now.
    First was in a Bladetech IWB kydex holster. Concealed pretty good.
    It’s cold now so I’m OWB in a retention holster with a hoodie covering. Can’t even tell I’m carrying.

    • It can be done inside the waistband. Trick is to have a looser tee shirt because the grip is full size.
      I’m kinda open carrying now but my hoodie covers it nicely. Retention holster is a must.

  6. What an absolutely ass backwards gun the G19X is.

    The most difficult part of a pistol to conceal is the grip, and the benefit of a longer slide is increased sight radius. So the G19X gets the less concealable grip and a shorter sight radius.

    It’s dumb. Why not just carry a G17 if you want 17 rounds of capacity? The extra slide length will not affect one’s ability to conceal it?

    I think it’s HILARIOUS that Polymer 80 has beat Glock to the punch with their compact longslide frame. Yep, P80 has designed a G19 frame that will work with G17/G34/G17L slides. BRILLIANT.

    I think the G19X is a stupid and useless pistol that Glock is only selling to try to recoup the money they spent developing it for the military pistol trials. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Well, I don’t CC a double-stack anyway, but the 19x the exact Glock that I wanted, so I guess what is ‘useless and stupid’ to one person may be exactly what another person wants. It’s a great shooter – I’ve always preferred the shorter slide of the G19 and the full size grip of a G17. I love the metal day/night sights, no finger grooves, the ‘tapered’ slide (and no cutouts on the magwell). CCW isn’t the only use-case for a handgun.
      But I’m guessing none of that is going to change your very strong opinion, because it’s not what YOU like, so therefore it is ‘useless and stupid’ (for everyone).

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