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This pocket dump includes a GLOCK 43 and a small folding knife but what I’m interested in is the WML. It’s a Streamlight TLR-6 which has both a light and a red laser. The light is only 100 lumens, so a bit less than ideal, but it’s a nice little trigger guard-mounted WML (and that’s why I like mine…because it’s trigger guard mounted and works well).

Where do you guys fall on the light debate? Do you prefer a handheld light or a WML? Why?

(Side note: Go Wildcats!)

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  1. Good topic…. I don’t use a weapon mounted light. I have night sights, and I do carry microstream like you do. However I never found a light that would fit my prefered CM9 that I like and was lightweight enough… I’ll have to check out this model.

  2. The right answer is both, which this person also does. You don’t want to pull your gun out to find your keys that you fumbled in a dark parking lot. The carrier can also disable the WML and just use it as a laser with the micro Streamlight as a hand held.
    The WML lets you use one hand to open doors, hold on to loved ones, manipulate switches, etc. You still have a light and gun if one arm is injured.
    Gun and flashlight techniques let you hold the gun on one BG while searching for others. You can hold it away from your body if you’re worried about incoming rounds or need to see around something without hanging your gun out. Regardless, you should be using a momentary flash technique, not walking around with the light constantly on to tell a BG exactly where you are and where you’re looking.

  3. Carry a light on all my hunting handguns because angry hogs and bobcats are no joke. Don’t have a light on my carry handgun. If I were to ever need it at night, I have a light in my pocket. First, dont wanna make myself be more of an easy target by having a bright light on me if I ever was in a fight. I’d rather be able to hold the light away from me, or ideally, put it on the ground even further away from me to give them something else to shoot at…. also, more practically, don’t like the idea of pointing a light at someone, realizing they aren’t a threat, but there’s still a firearm attached to that light. I don’t trust the legal ramifications of that, and I don’t wanna be part of case law. Plus lights make the firearm heavier. My g19 is heavy enough.

    • Exactly. This is something that people who put lights on their guns don’t tend to think about. Want to check something out in a dark corner? Oh, its just some kid messing around and now I’ve pointed a loaded firearm at him.

  4. Never carried wml. Makes sense though.
    Minimal space and handy.
    I guess my typical carry stuff has been older and without a rail.
    Never looked into trigger guard mount and replacing holster.
    Maybe I should.

  5. For anyone with a light on their self defense pistol, I’d suggest attending some type of low-light force-on-force training. Whether it’s a civilian or LE course, three things will hold true:

    1. Most weapon-mounted lights are too bright for indoor use.

    2. No matter how well-trained the other participants are, you will see people using their weapon as a flashlight.

    3. For every eight hours of active training, 1/3rd of weapon-mounted lights will end up disabled by a direct hit from a sim round. Zero hand-held lights will meet the same fate.

    Carry two cheap pen lights instead. Think redundancy, opportunity for diversion, and night vision retention.

    Pistol-mounted lights have their uses, individual self-defense just isn’t one of them.

    • So why wouldn’t you need low-light training with a handheld light?

      You have an extra device to control while shooting.

      If I am in a DGU, I can draw my LCP and the light is on for me to see my threat.

      If not, then I also have to draw my light.

      I think I will keep my Viridian light and not shoot it with a sim round.

      I will have at least one backup light if the weapon light fails.

      But whatever works for you…..

      • The thing is people tend to shoot at the gun when they can see it or at the light when they can’t. Even while moving and point shooting, they land hits on the bulbs with surprising regularity. It’s better not to be right behind the bulb.

        And everyone should train as often as they can; however, some folks have an irrational attachment to their choice of gear without any experience to support their decisions. They are one of the types that seem to benefit the most from RBT. A few welts and/or a broken light might change your outlook.

        • If you’re using your WML correctly the hot spot of the beam should be preventing them from looking in your direction. If you’re up against multiple assailants alone you’re probably screwed regardless.

          For every instructor that preaches not having one I see another preaching having it. As long as you carry a handheld as well I don’t see the issue. Just because you took a class doesn’t mean that somehow everyone who disagrees with you is “irrationally attached to their gear.” An attitude like that gets your opinion dismissed out of hand.

        • I remember all that crap from the 60s and 70s.

          Holding your light out from your body and shooting one handed.

          Most modern technique has you holding the light and gun (surefire makes one specifically for that) together – which puts you behind the light.

          If you have a rifle, the light better damned well be on the gun.

          It is much more important to have a solid hold and be able to see the threat.

          The tacticool trainers will have you second-guess yourself to death.

          What if you drop your light? What if they shoot your light?

          A weapon light is an easy way to be prepared for what that which you will never be totally prepared.

          But trainers gotta train.

  6. I carry a handheld as well as a wml. I use the handheld light all the time but if I need my weapon I want to be able to have both hands on it.

  7. I use a WML on my home pistol but not on my carry gun. I’m not against WML’s it’s just a huge PITA to find a holster that I like and will accept a WML on my usual carry gun. Such a PITA in fact that I have not yet found such a holster.

  8. My go-to EDC is a G26 + TLR6 + OWB Kydex. The TLR6 is small and light enough that I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing anything by having it always mounted. I’ve found that holsters for the TLR6 have much better retention than other WMLs. Both my OWB and IWB kydex holsters have very positive retention with the TLR6.

    For my lifestyle, having the TLR6 on my G26 is a no brainer.

  9. I think WMLs on small concealed pistols are unnecessary.

    The chances of a DGU are pretty small, and if it does happen, the event will likely happen at 7 yards or less and be over in seconds. There will be no searching for the bad guy, no clearing of rooms. I think a handheld flashlight is a necessary part of EDC. I just don’t think one on a G43 is necessary.

    I like a laser on a concealed pistol, because it can increase effective range on a small pistol with dinky sights. I like it on my pocket .380 because I can see the dot and fire accurately from my hip.

    So I guess I’m torn.

  10. I carry with a WML and a separate handheld light, specifically an Olight M1t. I believe the whole “some lights are too bright for indoors” thing to be a myth, T least if you’re using it correctly. In addition, having a light that extends past the muzzle gives you a potential “standoff” ability in the unlucky chance your pistol makes contact with something–it lessens the chance of your slide going out of battery and preventing a shot.

    If you’re going to carry with a WML, have a backup light. If you’re in a situation where you can’t reach one, point the WML at the ceiling and use the light bouncing off of the ceiling and walls for identification. For such a negligable weight addition, the WML is a valuable tool.

  11. Have a light on my LCP that comes on with the draw.

    I always carry a Streamlight Stylus Pro and sometimes a Maglite XL50.

    Gotta be able to see….lights are cheap and great these days.

  12. Tonight’s lame imitation of the ‘Daily Digest’ :

    “Number Of German Gun Licenses More Than Double During Migrant Crisis”

    “The German government has been struggling to contain a rise in violence and social anxiety that rocked Europe’s wealthiest nation since Europe’s refugee crisis started just over three years ago, when Chancellor Angela Merkel first announced her “open doors” policy in response to a wave of refugees fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and North Africa. The result: German citizens are now rushing to obtain basic firearms licenses.”

    • Continued :

      “And so, 3 years after what arguably was the biggest mistake made by a German political leader in almost a century, the country is sinking ever faster into a social, economic and demographic bog. The failed immigration policies by Merkel have triggered one of the largest moves by the country’s civilian population to acquire guns. And it’s not just Germany: a quick look at the old continent’s other nations shows that a storm is coming to Europe, and 2019 is shaping up as the trigger year.”

  13. Both. Hand held for utility. WML+laser for defense. Many violent encounters happen in reduced lighting and we should always have positive ID of the threat and what is around it. Two-handed shooting is better. One handed shooting with illumination is better than one-handed in darkness. Adding a laser can help with shooting from retention or awkward positions.

  14. That’s a nice EDC. Either I’m getting weaker or the possums are getting tougher. The last possum I killed with a corn knife( machete, for them city folks) took a hell of a lot of whacking. I figured I could chop it’s head right off, cause the corn knife is sharp( shaved my arm hair with it) , I whacked that sob about 6 times and still never got its head cut Off. Damn there tough, I remember Stump dog could kill then with one snap, but he’s gone hunting on in heaven. Now it’s just me n the cats. And they ain’t much help, flight before fight with them. Them cats can whoop some ass but the critters gotta get em cornerd first. One thing I’ve noticed is that since I’ve got these cats( because Stump n Halo ain’t killin em no more) I’ve not got the skunk problem.??? Don’t know what’s up with tthat, but thats A Okay with me, I don’t much care for skunks, rabies is the thing, same with coons.

    • I’ve never had a dog like Hallo. She was fearless, beyond belief and I’ve been around Army K9’s ( Crazy Joe you was awesome), she was the best.

  15. I don’t use lights because I don’t need them. I was raised in a basement with very little light, my father was very strict. I don’t need light, I don’t deserve light. I am an accident and must remain in the shadow.

  16. Only have a WML on my HD guns. My carry gun no but if I ever did it’s no substitute for a handheld flashlight

  17. Handheld. Had the CT that came w/my LCP that had the grip button. Little gun big hands = no push on LITTLE button. Besides, as a poster above implied 3-3-3. Did see that NAA offers a laser grip for the mini-mags. Thought I had de jevu all over again w/the photo. The hankie and coin holder did it. Might put a light on my home defense 870.

  18. My phone has a built-in flashlight. Just shake the phone to activate. Don’t want the bulk of a weapon-mounted light and the need for a special holster to accommodate it.

        • Well it is a light.

          I have seen a gaggle of cell phones dropped while people are using them to do menial tasks.

          I can’t imagine holding that flat sucker while shooting, moving, and trying not to crap myself.

          Hard enough to hold a light that you can kinda wrap your hand around.

          So I have a light mounted on the pistol as a go-to, pocket light as backup.

          Of course, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I would like to see footage of a phone being used as light in DGU. It would be interesting

        • I have seen a gaggle of cell phones dropped while people are using them to do menial tasks.

          I’ve seen a gaggle of traditional flashlights dropped while people are using them to do menial tasks.

  19. Great, if Chicago Illinois allowed lawful citizens with ILCCW’s to possess one.

    8-20-060 Possession of a Laser Sight Accessory, Firearm Silencer or Muffler.
    (a) It is unlawful for any person to carry, possess, display for sale, sell or otherwise transfer any laser sight accessory, or a firearm silencer or muffler.
    (b) The provisions of this section shall not apply to any members of the armed forces of the United States, or the organized militia of this or any other state, or peace officers, to the extent that any such person is otherwise authorized to acquire or possess a laser sight accessory, or firearm silencer or muffler, and is acting within the scope of his duties.
    (c) Any laser sight accessory, or firearm silencer or muffler, carried, possessed, displayed or sold in violation of this section is hereby declared to be contraband and shall be seized by and forfeited to the city.

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