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This SIG P320 X-Carry belongs to Erik who is…somewhere in the United States…and is accompanied by a R.A.T.S. TQ and tactical pen. I wouldn’t say we see a lot of tactical pens in pocket dumps but they do appear with predictable regularity.

Of those of you who carry tactical pens do you carry them for their superior writing capabilities – many models really do write well – and how many of you intend to use them to defend your life? And if you are going to use a tactical pen to defend your life how do you plan to do so?

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  1. A tactical pen is a lousy self defense tool. That being said, because most are upmarket they do write well.

  2. I carry a tac pen in non-permissive environments. Better than a sharp stick. Hey, it is a sharp stick.

  3. Tactical pens actually write!? Who knew?

    I actually just carry a hefty pen. Tactical pens arent fooling anybody.

  4. I carry one in my car. Found it overly heavy and bulky to carry as an everyday pen. Makes for a poor weapon, or at least one with extremely limited scenarios where it would be useful defensively. At least in the real world. On youtube “tactical defense” videos I’m sure they’re always useful.

  5. I remember watching a “BIC” Ball Point Commercial on TV in the 1960’s, where someone put a Bic Disposable Pen down the barrel of a bolt-action rifle. And then firing the rifle, showing how durable the Ball Point of the Bic Pen was. What was left of the Ball Point Pen went through a 1/2-inch of Plywood, and the Carbide Tip of the Pen was still able to Write…

      • Somewhat Novel for it’s time! It made a Better Statement for the Durability of the Ball Point Pen. What “Statement” does the modern Tactical Pen make today in 2018, other than it’s 7075 Aluminum or Titanium Glass Breaking Metal. Cheap Plastic vs. Exotic Metal. “Tempered Glass” really “isn’t” all that easy to break with a Pen, even using a Tactical All Metal Pen. I’ve see some YouTube’s where using a 9-mil had trouble breaking tempered glass with the First Bullet fired. That’s why I have a 5-pound Sledge Short Handled Hammer within easy reach at all times, mounted in my Sprinter…

      • “Big time flashback. Now I remember those commercials.”

        Found it! :

        • how about attached to the heel of the flamenco dancer?
          one time a watch fell into a pitcher of leinenkugel dark. we didn’t retrieve it until the beer was drained. when it was found to still be running, we declared, “it takes a gurking and keeps on working.”

  6. Geez, seems like the tactical pen comes up at least once a week.

    If you know how to use it, a tactical pen, like a kubaton, is a vicious weapon. If you look at a kubaton and don’t think it will ruin your day or end your life then you don’t understand what you’re looking at and you therefore don’t understand tactical pens.

    The difference is this: A courthouse or a TSA type checkpoint will force you to ditch your kubaton regardless of what size it is because it’s a known and declared “weapon”. The pen is surely known but isn’t declared to be a weapon and as such you generally get to keep it. Call it a “loophole” if you like. It’s a weapon for extremely non-permissive environments where your key-chain pen knife is a crime and you have to surrender that monkey fist made of p-cord too.

  7. Us farm kids used to glue castrating blades/ scalpels, in ink pens. James Bond, Wild Wild West was popular., They weren’t worth a shit but we still had fun playing pretend

  8. Love the Sig. Have a T-pen. Bought out of curiosity, no real intent to carry. Sits in the end table drawer. Really like how it writs, fills my hand nicely. But, no I won’t carry the thing. Too heavy.

  9. …an update for the now-presumed-dead ‘Daily Digest’,

    ‘Christmas Cheer, with guns!’ Edition :

    “Police: Man shoves Christmas tree, fires gun at roommates”

    “FRANCIS, Utah (AP) – A Utah man is facing charges after police say he drunkenly knocked over a roommate’s Christmas tree and then fired about 15 shots from a handgun at two people.”

    (I’m just shocked I didn’t see the the term “Florida Man” in that one.)

    And to wrap it up, here’s today’s Stupid Christmas Song, “I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas” :

    (And don’t sweat it, TTAG Chimps, I’m saving “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” for X-mas Eve)

  10. Tac pens are a waste of money. After working corrections I have full confidence in a regular cheap ball point pen. Amazing how much damage a motivated inmate can do with one.

  11. i have a Hoffman Richter that i carry everywhere. Here in Commiestralia we cant carry much else, however i got it because in my old job i got sick and tired of constantly breaking pens and ending up with ink going everywhere, so i got one that was not going to break. As for the too heavy comments, now that i am used to it i dont notice the weight and hate writing with less weighty pens. I also carry a leatherman supatool EOD and another folder both of which i use at work all the time and the leatherman sees use at the range as well and have used it just being out and about outside of defensive situations. Thankfully i have never in recent years had a situation where i needed a defensive tool.
    I used to drive Taxi’s late at night and had a number of people ask me what i would do if someone pulled a gun or a knife on me being a woman driving late at night. I told them, “first my foot would go flat to the floor, then the emergency button would be pressed, then my seat belt would go on. I would then tell them that they “either drop it on the floor at my feet or we pick a pole. You have 3 seconds to make up your mind”. All I said that too thought that was rather harsh. I just said well if they were serious enough to attempt to kill me at high speed I was dead anyway so TBH I was just making sure they came with me and that they would never harm anyone else. If it was dropped on the floor at my feet they would get a ride to the nearest active cop shop. Once put that way they realized where i was coming from even though to most of them it was still a foreign idea

      • lol Geoff, i would use fists long before i used a weapon and these days I have a fairly long fuse. When I was younger it was not quite as long but still long compared to some 🙂

    • Toni, hi. The pliers on multi-tools make a great nose come-along, did it to a dog, wow, instant gone dog ( ranch dog while irrigating, semi wild ). Can’t imagine it felt good.

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