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My copy of America’s First Freedom arrived yesterday. And who did I see on the front cover? None other than Wayne LaPierre right next to the headline, “The Future of the NRA.” In the story, he gives his side of the scandals that have plagued the National Rifle Association for most of 2019.

The NRA head honcho’s story starts on page 8 where NRA members can see a big close-up of LaPierre, probably in one of those $20,000 suits of his.

LaPierre was in full salesman mode. He built up members right out of the gate for their “boldly-proud” patriotism. From there, he lauded the NRA’s role in protecting our Second Amendment rights. And recounted how lately, the mainstream media have attacked him personally.

He spends two pages detailing the highlights of the NRA’s legislative lobbying work liberalizing gun control laws. No doubt, gun rights have expanded over the last few decades. If one doubts that, just look at how concealed and constitutional carry have spread. And the NRA has plenty of other victories under its belt.

While obviously, the NRA doesn’t get (or deserve) all the credit for many of these accomplishments, to be fair, they’ve certainly played a role.

Then, like a good salesman, Wayne asks for more money.

This is why we need patriots like you to step forward now. We need more members. Who will stand up for you if not the NRA? In the future, generations will look back and thank you for standing tall for their freedom.

Unfortunately for LaPierre, the vast majority of gun owners who know of the shenanigans at Waples Mill Road have pretty much cut off the money train. In fact, the bad news just keeps coming with the story of NRA Board Member Tom King coming out against homemade firearms.

LaPierre’s high-profile appeal for cash shows how pressing the need for funding has become for the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.

Just how critical is it? We may never know. At least for now.

One thing seems perfectly clear though: Instead of retiring and bowing out gracefully, it looks like LaPierre is counting on less-informed members to continue their support of his NRA.

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  1. Wayne needs to go. The future of the NRA is the members, not one man. He thinks it’s about him, it’s not, it’s about gun rights.

    • His schedule is too busy for him to be writing his own speeches. Like any national figure, he undoubtedly employs a professional writer to whom he verbally dictates his preferred talking points. The writer then expands upon those points in “politician style” format with suggestions. Wayne then takes the 90% complete document and spends a couple of hours reading and making changes to arrive at the final product.

      We then read it, fall in love with him and his message, and throw our money at his feet in adoration. Simple.

      OBTW, I probably won’t see the next magazine, as I let my NRA membership expire a couple of months ago.

      • Cutting your nose off to spite your face is not the answer. The NRA is about more than LaPierre. His problem won’t go away just because you left. The bigger battles require we stick together. As a member you have a say. As an outsider you have no voice in this fight. If everyone left, our rights would fall by the wayside.

    • The trouble is WLP sees the NRA as “his thing” and he not going to let it go willingly. He will run it into the ground first.

      • If you won’t stay and fight to clean up the house, then your voice is like the wind and we don’t notice it’s passing. Members can effect change. Outsiders are just an unruly mob. His days are probably numbered.

        • I’m surprised (not) at all the NRA trolls on this blog. “Stay the course, stand together, If you’re outside you don’t count, If you leave you weaken the organization, blah, blah, blah.” Tell me again 1 SPECIFIC thing that the NRA has ACTUALLY DONE and not just claimed the credit for even THIS year? I’ll wait……………crickets?
          Thought so.
          They have begun to be like seagulls – make a lot of noise, fly around and crap on things, and they fly off. If Chris had stayed I might still have some faith in the NRA. Let the money completely dry up so that the board will HAVE to fire that A$$hole, maybe half of the board will resign in the process, THEN and ONLY THEN might the NRA come back to the path and return to being an organization that actually gives a crap about the 2nd and its members.

    • All the trinkets aside,how can he justify his working for the infringement of the 2 nd. amendment,there is no making that right.

  2. I will consider donating to the NRA again as soon as they make a full independent accounting, covering at least the past 10 years. I just cannot trust the current leadership at this time.

    • I’m sure all sorts of people would, including me. No doubt Wayne was great at fundraising in the past. Right now he’s the NRA’s biggest obstacle to raising money. I imagine he’ll have to be dragged away kicking and screaming, or in cuffs.

    • As they have proven themselves untrustworthy and not one of the involved can ever earn that lost trust back.

    • Understood. Just don’t cancel your membership. We can’t afford to weaken membership. Together we can effect change.

  3. Whoopty shit.

    Take your piles of money and your sycophants and go. This organization needs a complete rebuild.

  4. Money is more important than protecting licensed gun owners defending their nephew at 2 a.m. from criminals whilst they were in her bedroom playing video games.

    • “Money is more important than protecting licensed gun owners…”

      What’s this “licensed” bullshit?

      I don’t see “licensed” mentioned in any of the rights in the constitution…

  5. Old Wayne’s gotta go! My NRA membership is up next May and I have no plans on renewal as of NOW…

    • Dumb move. Leave and you weaken the organization that defends us. Stay and fight to clean up any corruption. Members voices are the loudest.

  6. I’m sick and tired of hearing the NRA touting itself as the nation’s “oldest civil rights organization,” when it is nothing of the kind.

    The NRA was instrumental in the passage of nearly all our most egregious gun control laws, most notably, the heinous National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968.

    Only when the NRA realized there were indeed wolves at the door did they shift gears and actually begin working to preserve the Second Amendment and our gun rights. And that’s when they figured out how to milk the other side of the udder: namely, gun owners who were scared to death of losing their gun rights.

    While the NRA has done some good work over the last few decades, too often they’ve sold us out by compromising with the opposition, and by ignoring large segments of its own constituency. They long held those of us in disdain, and sometimes, outright disgust, because we liked “black guns,” and “plastic pistols.” We were the ugly, red-headed stepchildren the NRA was embarrassed to embrace or support.

    Only when it became clear that they desperately needed the money of us AR-15 and polymer framed handguns did they begin paying more attention to us. And I always saw the attention they began giving people like us as patronizing and mere catering.

    Prior to that, the cream of the NRA crop were the ascot-wearing country club types whose tastes centered more around $20,000 Purdy shotguns and Holland & Holland rifles, not guys who liked Model 29s and Ruger Mini-14s.

    The NRA can kiss my ass. I know they’re the big boys on the block where gun rights advocacy is concerned, but there are other girls at the party. Namely the SAF, CKRKBA and others, and they’re the ones who get my money now.

    Until Wayne LaPierre is a long-gone memory, and his sycophants on the Board are dust in the wind, the NRA can go to hell.

    • Most of my lefty friend are receptive to hunting once you explain how it’s good for the ecosystem.

      Most people instinctively cringe at the mall cop Nutnfancy types.

      Don’t get me wrong – the 2A is for weapons of war! To resist tyranny!

      But optics-cucking gets us nowhere. A 1911 will always be cooler than a glock. A walnut stock will always be cooler than rails.

      • Not too many years hence a “mint” Gen 1 Glock will fetch 4 times what you can find them for right now. Bet.

        Nostalgia is the soft focus lens dealers love.

    • ” Ruger Mini-14s.”

      ^ the worst rifle ever made. The only person I know who likes Mini14 is NUTNFANCY. Have fun with your Bill Ruger 10round magizine FUDD jamomatic. What advantage does a mini14 have over a ar15? Model 29? Do you actually shoot? Who uses a 44? Saw it in the movies? 38spl +p takes down bad guys.

      The best way to win support to normies to explain that there is no such thing as an assault weapon. When I explain how putting the pistol grip on an AK here in CA makes it illegal, most people say “wait- really, that’s it?”.

      Just because you can’t appreciate GOOD rifles with walnut stocks and sporting purposes, doesn’t mean (((you))) have the right to infiltrate the last safe space for white men.

      Now you need to own GLOCK 20 (10mm 15rds) and concealed carry all the time because the blacks are loose on the streets!

      What I’m trying to say is: if someone didn’t grow up with guns, explaining to them the importance of owning an M2 at home and being all NUTNFANCY about it isn’t going to work. A healthy sporting culture with wood stocks and hunting- will. That is the only way we will keep our AR15 with IR lasers and thermal scope and offset BUIS legal.

      • Look, Dick, er, Richard, or Randy or whatever the hell your name is. I was using the Mini-14 and Model 29 as examples. Both of them have sold in the millions, and I have no use for either, preferring an AR-15 and Model 57 or my Old Model Blackhawk in .41 Mag. if I want a revolver — and that for hunting. My carry gun is a custom Browning Hi-Power or a Wilson Tactical .45 ACP.

        I was probably shooting guns while you were still dragging on your mom’s teat. And for that matter, I’ve been a reloader since 1971 and my log books indicate I’ve loaded in excess of 2.6 million rounds during my lifetime.

        You don’t have to get all pissy at me for my choice of examples. You missed the frigging point I was trying to make in the first place. Jeeezus, you need to address the issue at hand and stay on the subject, not going off half-cocked for someone who’s just offering an illustration. You either have a short attention span, or you lack the ability to stay on-topic.

  7. If he’s a real patriot, he will see what a millstone he is to gun rights and exit gracefully. We need a strong NRA now with the attacks gun rights (and many other freedoms) are weathering. They’re a bloated, overstuffed org, sure, but no one is as intimidated by the power of the GOA or 2AF. No one disputes the good work WLP did, but he’s gone full United Way. I’ll gladly rejoin when he and King are gone.

    • No one is intimidated by the “power” of the NRA either. That an argument I occasionally see tossed out, that somehow the name alone is worth preserving. It’s not like politicians are calling Wayne go ask for his blessing before they vote or are terrified of crossing “The NRA”. That’s a left wing talking point that’s as true as all the rest

    • If you ain’t in the game you can’t affect the results. Only members are players. You can be in the game or just a part of the noisy crowd. Members will clean this up. The unruly crowd will just make noise.

  8. When you have to write a whole article justifying your leadership, it’s time to step down and let someone else take over.

    Lifetime member, but they’re not getting another cent until Wayne takes the hint and steps aside.

  9. The pro Wayne trolls are already here. That was fast. In case you haven’t noticed, the media is becoming almost as anti-Semitic as you, since they’re in lockstep with the democrats. Try giving some real, coherent reasons for keeping that self-centered crook.

  10. I too will never pay the NRA another dime until LaPierre and his people are gone. Wasting the members money/dues on personal expenses is wrong in any organization. Until he’s gone I will not give them any money.

  11. Wayne seems to be getting desperate. He now takes to the pages of an NRA publication with a self-promoting screed and (no surprise here) asking for money from NRA members. IMHO, Wayne obviously thinks we are fools who will go along with his requests and keep him on Easy Street. I will maintain my NRA membership at the basic level since I think the organization has the potential to resume doing good things for gun rights once the leadership problem is cleaned up. But any requests for money go to the round file until then. My donations will go to other more worthy organizations (state and national) that are on the right track.

    • @ Ogre:
      “But any requests for money go to the round file until then.”

      Shredder. They go in the paper shredder around here.

    • And, unlike the NRA, towards the right to keep and bear arms enumerated in the Bill of Rights!
      Troll harder.

  12. I am a Life Member who’s in the process of purchasing an Endowment Membership. Yes, we need new leadership from top to bottom, a new board of directors and a complete revision of our bylaws. Why am I continuing to support the NRA, we must remember that there are a lot of hardworking men and women who bust their butts everyday to keep the organization relevant, they also deserve to be compensated. How do we change the culture at the top, maybe its time to begin thinking more strategically instead of emotionally. Understand how the NRA operates (bylaws, policies and procedures) this can only be changed from within the members who are at least Life Members. Maybe that’s where we must begin, remember”Money Talks, B.S. Walks!”

    • Well respected board members that have different ideas get reassigned. The only ones capable of making a change are a select few at the very top. They’ve proven over and over that they will double down on their current trajectory. The only solution is to starve them.

    • Who are these hardworking men and women busting their butts? Please name names…

      While we wait for your fawning over some nobodies whose names we wouldn’t know without breaking out a roster, read through the comments and MAYBE try to understand why the multitudes of current and former NRA members and spitting mad about the absolute F’ing trainwreck the “Nation’s oldest civil rights organization” has become… It’s a feeding trough for OFWG… You know, that image we’ve been trying to fight for as long as damn near any of us can remember

    • Same boat I find myself in. Halfway through the Endowment Member payment plan when the ship hit the fanny about problems. So, they’ll continue to get my $25/month for another year and a half, simply because I pledged to that, but I doubt very seriously that I’ll take the next step, no matter how good the offer is.

    • @ Hcarter:
      “Understand how the NRA operates (bylaws, policies and procedures) this can only be changed from within the members who are at least Life Members. Maybe that’s where we must begin, remember ‘Money Talks, B.S. Walks!’ ”

      And THAT, sir, is part of the problem. The NRA would be a far healthier organization if it had a policy of full franchise for ALL members. This stratified membership thing is, and always has been, a crock of rancid excrement. (Pardon my French.) As of now, it is run by FUDDS.

  13. Wayne has to go! And he does not get it. The sooner he leaves and take the Bagdad Bobete with him, the sooner we can get back to buissness. I will maintain my membership at low level hoping they can starve him out before the NRA falls apart. Goodby Wayne, go play the stock market you greedy low life Bum!

  14. Wayne knows the Fudds will keep him in his expensive way of life for the next 10 years at least and he is perfectly happy with the NRA losing 2/3 of its members. Like the Establishment GOP he is content to have a lot less power rather than do whats right and step aside for better people. GREED is a far more motivating factor than Honor or Integrity for his ilk.

  15. YOur comment is the stupidest I think I’ve seen on this blog. A religion is a religion and may or may not carry beliefs regarding firearms, but I suggest you go beyond the anti-Semitic crao,

  16. I can’t believe the crap on this post. I can’t hardly believe that it is real, and not a bunch of socialist progressive anti-gun trolls.

    Join the NRA! Support ALL Second Amendment support organizations. Get life memberships and quit your whining over your $30 magazine subscriptions.

    Quit eating your own. You are pathetic.

    • Why?
      I support the right to keep and bear arms. I support the right to own firearms capable of aiding with the overthrow of an unconstitutional, illegal, and opressive government.
      The NRA has proven by its own actions that it does not support those rights. They are not “my own.”

      • Dude- support the NRA. They suck. Wayne is corrupt. The piss away money. BUT THEY ARE THE ONLY HOPE WE HAVE. If you don’t like it, get involved. Don’t just stop supporting them.

        It’s like church- yah, maybe you don’t like some things about it… but if you stop going Satan wins.

        • And this is exactly what I’m talking about when I say “get over your battered wife syndrome.”
          You are cooking dinner, every morning, for the guy that’s going to come home and beat you every night. Because you think that’s all you’ve got. Because you think you can change him by being nice.
          You’re wrong. Leave. It’s the only weapon you have left.
          The NRA isn’t “the only hope we have”. They are not helping. You are not helping by giving them money. If you are giving the NRA money, you are funding an organization that has, even recently, been successful in disarming lawful Americans, and continues to call for further limitations on the free exercise of our rights.
          I’ve been an NRA member. I’ve been an NRA donor. I’ve been an NRA instructor. I’ll be none of those things until they start acting like an organization whose mission is to increase the free exercise of our natural right to defend ourselves.

        • ^ boomer advocates for divorce and the break down of the family

          You can’t think past “If it feels good, do it.” If you don’t like your marriage, get counseling, try moving, try helping your husband. No- you can’t leave a marriage. People 100 years ago understood this.

          Marriage is life-long sacrament. Staying in a marriage that you don’t like IS A VIRTUE. DIVORCE IS A SIN AND IT IS WRONG.

        • “I’ve been an NRA member. I’ve been an NRA donor. I’ve been an NRA instructor. I’ll be none of those things until they start acting like an organization who’s mission is to increase the free exercise of our natural right to defend ourselves.”

          translation: I am mad that Wayne bought some suits so he looks nice when we meets with the President

          NRA lost it’s way when they started with all the Dana Loesch, Colion Noir, arm teachers, NRA DIVERSITY non-sense.

        • Also- dude, the reality of unprovoked domestic violence almost never happens.

          I got convicted of domestic violence in 2003, and had to do the 52 week Batterer Intervention Program. Most of the guys were in there for violence that resulted from infidelity or mistreatment of their kids by their wife/girlfriend. Most incidents involved alcohol.

          I hit my wife when I found out she fed our baby dog food. She was cheating on me and wanted to divorce me, so her lawyer had her hide a recording device… I don’t want to go into it.

          I can’t own guns any more. Am I really a danger to society? Divorce is wrong. It is a sin.

        • I had no idea so many domestic abusers were all pro Wayne LaPierre. Makes sense, I guess.

          And you guys all do know, when you admit to beating a woman because she cheated on you, she cheated because you weren’t a man in the first place.

        • Lordy, the people posting on this particular article are really unbelievable.

          First, they ain’t no such thing as Satan, it’s just an excuse cooked up by bad actors who don’t want to own their behavior.

          Oh yeah, domestic abuse is usually started by the wife, that’s the ticket! And if it’s the husband, well, his wife provoked him, right?

          And alcohol, it wasn’t me, it was the alcohol!

          Pal, I am quite relieved that you have a ban on firearms ownership, you ain’t right in the head.

          Say, I wonder what Wayne’s wife thinks of his NRA-financed intern girlfriend? Since it’s infidelity we’re talking about, I guess that authorizes Wayne’s wife to beat the shit out of him, right?

          Man oh man, this is sadly comic.

          • Miner49er, you seem to have your head screwed on pretty square and tight. But what disturbs the hell out of me right now is how this thread, which was supposed to be about WLP and the NRA, degenerated into such a low-level, low-rent white trash talking diatribe about race and spousal abuse! Talk about giving our gun grabbing opponents ammo to use against us!

            And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there weren’t leftist/progressive trolls on here both provoking this crap, and then passing it on!

        • “And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there weren’t leftist/progressive trolls on here both provoking this crap, and then passing it on!”

          Also, I’ve noticed the pro-Wayne trolls tend to be anti-Semitic, probably as a way to attack this site.

    • There are lots more deserving 2A organizations than the NRA. My current flavor of choice is the Firearms Policy Center. They’re filing court cases and winning.

      • That’s all good. SAF wins at courts too, GOA and all other grassroots organizations are great. But before we drop the NRA, we have to ask ourselves which other organization has as much pull in Washington. I still hope we can save the behemoth, but if not, we need a new one.

  17. For the liberals, the cat has been out of the bag for a while. Going back to “Gun Control Inc.” the plan was to attack segments of the firearms. In 1968 it was “Saturday Night Specials” get rid of cheap guns that ONLY CRIMINALS USE and the hunters, sport shooters, self defense advocates would not lift a finger to stop this one. Then it was MACHINE GUNS, never mind that that machine guns had not been used in crimes sense the 1920s 1930s . Next it was MILITARY STYLE FIREARMS. But when you talk to these folks it’s death by a thousand cuts. THE GOAL is to outlaw ALL FIREARMS not in the hands of the military or police. At best it’s because these people feel that every firearm is a personal threat and at worst its a way to disarm those would would rebel if out constitution were abrogated. Whether your a hunter, collector, target shooter, whether your interested in handguns or only rifles or a hunter with only one bolt action rifle, you MUST ban with the rest of us to protect the second amendment.

    • Bump stocks were the last straw, now this bullshit about home made “ghost guns” what will be next on their agenda. I for one will not put a cent toward whatever infringement they decide to back. SAF, GOA are just a couple worthy organizations, find one and support them. My NRA membership expired in August. No amount of begging will change my rather wipe my ass with my dollars than buy Wayne’s suits.

      • I am with you there my membership runs out end of this month and am not renewing unless Wayne leaves and the whole thing is brought back years ago and cares about the membership and supporting the 2nd. like it is supposed to do and they could do some pushing on ATF and they will fold on that one done said them changing that rule was wrong me myself I don,t want one can waste enough ammo without one but anybody that does that is there right

      • Those measly couple tens of thousands of dollars over many years for Wayne’s wardrobe is just a pocket change compared to the tens or even hundreds of millions that the NRA blew through the PR and law partners. Let’s not miss the forest for couple of bushes.

        Support for gun control is a line they shouldn’t have ever crossed. But they did -repeatedly. Our Association needs good clean up, top to bottom. Until we created a worthy replacement, we shouldn’t just toss it aside. Most gun grabbers in Congress doesn’t even know what GOA, SAF, GPC or other names mean. Brand recognition counts in politics.

    • The Democrats also know the NRA doesn’t support the Second Amendment?
      If that’s the the case, I gotta admit, they’re smarter than I thought.
      Get over your battered wife syndrome.

      • dude, the reality of unprovoked domestic violence almost never happens.

        I got convicted of domestic violence in 2003, and had to do the 52 week Batterer Intervention Program. Most of the guys were in there for violence that resulted from infidelity or mistreatment of their kids by their wife/girlfriend. Most incidents involved alcohol.

        I hit my wife when I found out she fed our baby dog food. She was cheating on me and wanted to divorce me, so her lawyer had her hide a recording device… I don’t want to go into it.

        I can’t own guns any more. Am I really a danger to society? Divorce is wrong. It is a sin.

        • No, you should not be able to own a firearm. You should not be free to walk the streets. You are clearly delusional.

        • JW, I agree with your post, that’s really weird, must be the end times

          Anybody seen a red cow running through here?

        • ^ this is the dispensationalist heresy that is driving people away from the church

          THIS IS HERESY

        • “HERESY!”

          No, HILARIOUS!

          Friend, I can tell you it’s nut-jobs like you who are driving people away from the church.

          Free your mind, and your ass will follow!

      • Now more than ever we need everyone in this fight, I pray the NRA will do better because I don’t see anybody else doing any better, I guarantee you Texas will go Democrat in the upcoming elections, but one thing is for sure and I guarantee you we will not win if they tear us down one by one and that is what they are doing and a lot of them are here & other gun web sites. We have been protected because we are in Texas and the South, I believe those days are over, no more protection

  18. I am a Benefactor member who has sent his last dime until Wayne is gone. My old daddy told me about politicians. He said for their first term they work for the people. After that the people work for them.

    The same applies to Wayne and his minions.

    It is time to clean house and cut off the money! We need another Cincinnati.

  19. The problem with sarcasm is it zooms right over the head of the tone deaf! By the way, I love the play off Roger the Shrubber and I say IT to people with no sense of humor.

    • Yeah- honestly, this guy is making me laugh. Ya’ll need to listen to him! I also do kinda sympathize with him- I am bored of ARs. Give me a wood stock any day! And a browning hi-power! those were cool


  20. Passed up Wayne’s smug mug and his article. Read “The Armed Citizen” then consigned the issue to the recycle bin. Which is where LaPierre belongs.

  21. Just got what is likely my last Rifleman….no more membership and no more money until Wayne and the entire board are gone. I sent what my membership fee would have been to GOA as a donation.

  22. You can tell by the tone of all the comments posted here. Wayne just needs to go, period. Just say thanks for the memories and go along your way and make room for someone who wants to represent the members.

  23. In 2005 we had to reenact the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act (after a court loss on a technicality). The NRA wanted to wait a year for an election year. The locals knew it would pass because the local Media kept asking me “when are you going to pass it”. Without the NRA’s assistsnce (they reported spending $0.00 in Minnesota in 2005 on legislation), we got it reenacted with a higher, veto proof majority in just 3 weeks.

    With a STRONG, experienced, successful local group, the NRA is unnecessary to victory.

    • Yep, and it’s been proven over and over and over during the last five years or so. Nearly every state level expansion of gun rights in recent times has been the result of local grassroots orgs. The NRA has frequently tried to take credit when they made 2 phone calls at most but it’s all been local groups.

      What do you call a political lobbying group that pushes for stricter federal gun laws and doesn’t help expand gun rights? A gun control group? Or the NRA? Yes

  24. I will not join the local gun club because it requires an active NRA membership.

    Instead I’m going in with a buddy & making one of his pastures into our own gun range.

      • The antis win when dudes get together to make their own range and shoot?
        Rethink that.
        Small, trusted groups, dispersed and without a coherent leadership to topple, who train in private, is exactly what this country needs more of.

        • Not an agent, but I’ve trained a few of them, and was well compensated for it. Nice folks. Capitalism is awesome!

        • I figure I’ve been paid by people from, or in, a dozen countries over the years, to include Israel and at least a couple that were sworn enemies of Israel. Welcome to freedom, it’s kind of what we do here in America.
          Why do you hate capitalism?

        • Oh, I forgot to mention that I married a #fineaf little Jewish girl and had a ton of little (they’re big now) Jewish babies. ERMUGERD!!!!!!

      • You truly do NOT understand how any of this works or even started if you believe the above.

  25. I too let my subscription run out and have not heard a peep from them since. I think they are not asking why we quit because they don’t want to hear what we have to say. Heads buried.

  26. If he really gave a shit he’d go away as quietly as possible and let more reputable people take over. We know we need the NRA, GOA and anyone else willing to fight the assholes that want to take away our rights to be free. Let’s be clear these people only want to disarm us so they can control us. As long as we don’t fear them they still fear us and that pissed them off. People like Mike Bloomberg don’t care about people’s safety he cares about his safety plain and simple. We are in trouble guys we really are!!

  27. You guys got played hard by the trolls. You’re so used to the left, that when someone criticizes you from the right- you resort to name calling.

    Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t name call anyone who supports the NRA. The alt right is on the rise, and if we want to keep our guns, we have to include them in our big tent for gun rights.

  28. What will save Wayne is the upcoming 2020 elections. It will result in huge last minute signing up of new members when they fear a possible Democratic win in 2020 which they know will be devastating for gun rights. If Wayne manages to pull off any election victories all will be forgotten. He will then be able to get into his expensive car, light up an expensive cigar, while wearing his expensive suit, and drive to see his alleged mistress living in her expensive and paid for apartment. Remember fellow members it costs a lot of your money to keep Wayne living in his accustomed life style.

  29. Someone told me a few days ago that WLP gets paid 4.5 million dollars per year. I just about st– my pants.
    I am an Endowment member, been a member since I was 10 years old and I am now 76. I had no idea he scammed us out of that much money every damn year. How can that be justified in anybodies book.
    Does anyone else know if this is true or not?

    • It’s not true. He did get that kind of money last year because he had to pull some of his deferred retirement funds and pay taxes from that income. I believe that his regular salary is closer to 1.5 millions a year.

      Now if he fought hard for every ball against gun control, I would say he’s worth the expense. But he doesn’t, so he isn’t. (He still should buy his clothes and pay for his mistress’s housing out of his own pocket.)

  30. My club makes membership in the NRA a “requirement”. I am currently working with my board of directors to change our bylaws to say “One must be a member of a recognized 2nd amendment organization (i.e. 2nd amendment foundation, firearm policy coalition , GOA, etc). Why should I pay my dues to support WLP’s extravagant lifestyle? Did he dispute the claims against him? Wayne is like any other “lifetime” bureaucrat that’s way past his expiration date. Wayne, name 1 corporation (globally) that has 50+ members on its board? Like any form of government, bigger is not necessarily better. ALL elected positions should have term limits, PERIOD!

    Additionally, what EXACTLY has the NRA (to quote Tina Turner) “done for me lately”? Go ahead, I’ll wait……………..
    The NRA was “silent or actually endorsed” the bump stock ban. Yes, they are at best range toys but that’s NOT THE ISSUE. It’s the inaction by the NRA that allowed the “camel’s nose under the tent” on this issue. I could give a crap about the device but I am disappointed in the NRA’s betrayal. If I can get our club’s bylaws changed, you can bet your A$$ the NRA will never see another cent from me unless WLP leaves! I know there are many in my club that feel the same way. I would have loved to leave this comment directly on the NRA’s website directly under WLP’s “pep-talk” but they’re too chickensh*t to allow comments.

    I hope many of “us” will really consider NOT donating to the NRA until they get their house in order and get rid of WLP.

    • If you can rewrite your club’s bylaws why make it necessary to belong to any other group? Keep it all local better control and raise your dues. Won’t cost the members more money. And your club can donate more to the party and candidates that are directly concerned with what you all want.

      • My understanding from the board as to why we’re an “affiliate” club to the NRA is to receive an insurance “benefit”. Now that the NRA’s primary underwriter has declined to insure them (at least from the rumors going round the net) I questioned the board how that might affect our club. Changing our club’s (which was founded in 1963) bylaws is no small feat as you might imagine. We have 300+ members (self-limited, could have 3X that many if we accepted all of the applications to join). The changes would require a majority vote from the membership to make the changes. I’m willing to “lobby” the membership to make these changes. I feel that strongly about it. I just want our members’ to have the freedom to choose where to spend their “dues” monies. Not to blindly donate to an organization that they may have lost faith in.

  31. I don’t get it. Why all these little groups that mimic in some degree governments have so many people who squander so much money. I grew up a long time ago. The USAF was the only group I let tell me how and what to think. Between my parents and the military teaching me to stand on my own two feet I’ve gotten by pretty much ok. And from what I read in all these ttag comments most writers say it doesn’t matter what the law is they’re going to do what they want to anyway. So why the fuss? You can personally donate to the candidates of your choice and let THEM blow your hard-earned money. Me, I’d rather spend the cash on my family and buy more ammo.

  32. WLP has totally lost touch with reality, after all of his obsurd spending habits come to light, he think he can rationalize them. This is no different then some “banana republic dictator” who is flying in Kobe beef and Russian caviar for his meals while the citizens starve. The money WLP wasted on his lavish lifestyle should have gone to defending those who used guns in a defensive manner, and pushing for repeal/removal of laws that violate the 2nd A.
    He could not care less about the very issue he used finance his lifestyle. How does he sleep at night?
    I get around 3 calls from the NRA every day, wanting me to re-up my membership. They all go to voicemail.

  33. Nobody really likes a career politician in any form on any platform. Wayne’s had a good run, but once the followers are no longer wiling to follow, it’s only right that he step down…or risk crippling the NRA.

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