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By Larry Keane

The crisis in Seattle is revealing gun control politicians are only interested in enforcing gun laws on the law abiding. When it comes to actual criminals, they’ve abandoned their citizens.

Video surfaced of “Raz the Warlord” of Seattle’s infamous Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) or recently renamed the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), handing out AR-15s from his Tesla’s trunk.

This is the same city and state that’s crushing law abiding gun owners with layers of gun control laws. Yet when the laws for which they voted are blatantly violated, there are no repercussions.

Seattle Police confirmed a department-wide letter warned police not to respond to calls within the CHAZ, unless there’s a mass casualty, active shooter or structural fires. A police spokesperson clarified police are responding to calls, asking callers to meet them outside CHAZ barricades.

“Seattle is not under siege and we are responding to every call and every area of the city,” Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told CNN. “Admittedly there are barricades that prevent us from going in as quickly and efficiently as we like to. We recognize that we have to make sure we protect everyone’s safety in this situation.”

AR-15 Tesla Truck Special

Gun control zealots in Washington, including Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan, have shown little interest in enforcing existing gun control laws. This is the case even after videos of activist Raz Simone, a hip-hop artist known as “Raz the Warlord,” was seen in a livestream video on YouTube handing out AR-15s from the trunk of his Tesla. That’s a violation of Seattle’s safe storage ordinance.

“Somebody over there who’s 18 know how to use a gun?” asks a figure believed to be Simone. He’s later seen in the video carrying an AK-47 and a holstered handgun on his right leg.

One young man raises his hand and responds, “18.”

“Take the clip out and put it back in,” Simone instructs him.

“No one’s going to f****** ask me why I’m walking around with an AR-15?”

“No, just come right back here,” Simone instructs before telling him, “Keep the barrel down.”

“I got you, just don’t say any names,” Simone’s warns before the video ends.

Laws, If You Enforce Them

Seattle Police Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette told reporters that Washington is an open-carry state, but it is illegal to use a firearm, or other instruments, with the purpose of intimidation. No arrests of gun wielding or gun distributing “protesters” have occurred.

However, there are several other firearm violations happening here. NSSF warned against passing the following laws, knowing they wouldn’t contribute to public safety. NSSF warned these laws would be selectively enforced, encumbering law abiding citizens while gun control politicians would look the other way at actual criminals.

Washington was the first state to pass universal background checks in 2014, requiring all transfers, even between two private parties, to be facilitated by a federal firearms licensee with a completed background check.

In 2018, voters extended by referendum I-1639, a law that required those background checks to include semiautomatic long guns and to be completed through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, the Washington State Patrol electronic database, the Department of Social and Health Services’ electronic database and other agencies or resources as appropriate.

None of that happened. Apparently, state law does not apply in the autonomous zone. The depth of Simone’s “background check” was asking, but not verifying, if the bystander was 18. That’s another state law broken.

Washington’s I-1639 also only allows those under 21 to possess semiautomatic long guns at their home or business, on a range, or going to and from lawful outdoor recreational activities. It also requires so-called “assault rifles” to be secured when transferring between parties. The video clearly shows Simone handing the supposedly 18-year-old an AR-15 modern sporting rifle with a magazine inserted.

Simone also immediately handed the AR-15 to the man, completely disregarding Washington’s required 10-day waiting period before any transfer of a semiautomatic firearm can be completed. That was also part of the voter-approved I-1639 law, as was the state’s required training certificate to take possession of any so-called semiautomatic “assault rifle.”

That training is intended to provide “… instruction on basic firearms safety rules; firearms and children, including secure gun storage and talking to children about gun safety; firearms and suicide prevention; secure gun storage to prevent unauthorized access and use; safe handling of firearms; and state and federal firearms laws, including prohibited firearms transfers.”

Fair Weather Gun Control

So far, though, Gov. Inslee and Mayor Durkan haven’t seen a problem with illegal gun transfers brazenly being broadcasted from their city. That’s a far cry from the supposed gun crisis Gov. Inslee and Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson bemoaned just seven months ago.

“We should be making it harder for those who want to inflict mass violence and destruction upon innocent people,” Gov. Inslee said. “By limiting magazine capacity and banning assault weapons, we can work toward a day where no one in Washington state loses a friend or family members to senseless gun violence.”

AG Ferguson went further, calling for California-style background checks for the sale of ammunition too.

Now, though, when protests turn to vigilantism, Mayor Durkan dismisses these gross violation of gun laws as a “block party” and “summer of love.” Gov. Inslee made the highly dubious claim that he wasn’t even aware of the crisis until President Donald Trump tweeted it.

This, unfortunately, verifies what we’ve known all along. Gun control laws are only followed by those who obey the law. It’s also a reminder that criminals have no respect for the law. Apparently, neither do the politicians who write those laws.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • Now I know why democrats want gun control so bad. It’s not for country bumpkin rednecks armed to the teeth. It’s for their own constituency that would occupy a portion of a city by siege and turn it into a exactly what it is right now. A socialist/anarchist zone with arbitrary laws (or no laws) for a Neanderthal commune. I finally get it. The gun control was to prevent Democrat thug land, where white thugs (Antifa) and black thugs (BLM) would take over and terrorize. Finally got it.

    • These are the lower level predators who will start collecting protection taxes from those in the CHAZ. Then will come in the more organized gangs, OLMCs, and the cartel affiliates. The utopian dream will fade out as the above factions vie for control and prey on the others.

      Pass the popcorn. There’s nothing like seeing a utopian dream crushed by reality. “No tears please. It’s a waste of good suffering!”

  1. ‘This, unfortunately, verifies what we’ve known all along. Gun control laws are only followed by those who obey the law. It’s also a reminder that criminals have no respect for the law. Apparently, neither do the politicians who write those laws.”

    Why don’t people just say it? You’re all thinking it.

    Laws are for White People. Those of other shades get a free pass because of perceived slights and prejudices against them, both present and past. If a white guy, high on meth and fenny, had been killed in Minneapolis, none of the burning, looting, and murder of the last several weeks would have happened. He would have been condemned, rightly, to being a scumbag of low character who got what he deserved.

    If a group of Republicans had seized six square blocks in the middle of Tulsa, OK, they’d have been gassed, arrested and/or shot within an hour

    Change the shade, and the situation is completely different.

    • Absolutely true.

      They love to talk about systemic racism and all that, but it’s a completely different picture when you see who the government’s guns are *really* pointed at: law-abiding citizens of all colors (and double jeopardy if you’re a white guy).

    • I’d be careful about not creating a pattern and then looking to fill it.

      Crack vs. powdered cocaine laws come to mind.

      My wife would consider kicking you in the nuts for saying this. She got a DWAI dead nuts sober when a speeding cop hit her and had to invent some reason for the collision. When she blows 0.00 suddenly it’s an “unidentified drug” but her behavior is that of someone who’s intoxicated (yeah, a concussion will do that dumbfuck).

      It’s not really about race. It’s about power. You don’t have it. Agents of the state do. So it’s basically arbitrary.

      • That’s just like the saying that rape is about power, not a desire for sex. No, that’s a false dichotomy. It’s about BOTH.

        This absolutely is about race. Race motivates a *lot* of people — and one particular race is consistently favored and pandered to by progressive politicians because it confers a positional advantage (aka power).

  2. If there are any MEN left in this country ready to take back America, I highly recommend that this punk ass 18 year old be the first of many examples to be made to these black thugs.

    • The pic at the top of the page should have a more complete and accurate caption of “(fumbles with gun while muzzling own foot)”

      Geez, it hurts the eyeballz to watch someone hand out an AR to a clueless person and expect him to use it against any organized force that will certainly and eventually come in to reclaim the city. So this 18-yr-old man is handed a weapon, given 30 seconds of training, and assigned a guard post? Any extra mags to go with that, sir Raz?

      If I were to arm my home block with all the weapons in my large safe, I would **definitely** take the time to go through a modicum of training for whoever volunteered to take up arms against a pending inbound force. To do any less would be a waste of my neighbors’ lives, and a waste of my nice guns.

      • ” any organized force that will certainly and eventually come in to reclaim the city. ”

        Don’t count it. I’d bet any money this is going to fester for years. The mayor of Seattle and the governor WANT this to happen. They see it as justified action against a reactionary, “White Supremacist, cis-gendered” Federal government.

      • One incoming round, and black hood rat would drop the AR and rub screaming for the police to protect him….

    • Since I live 4000 miles from Raz I’m not worried yet. Should antifa show up at my door or anywhere close then it’s a problem.
      Shortsighted I know but it makes little sense to get spun up until there is a need to react.

      • I’m only 300 miles away, and quite a few of the people who currently infest Seattle’s chaz live in this sleepy college town for 7 months of the year. That’s not a comfy margin of separation.

        I’ll be going with my daughter to a protest this weekend (she believes in all the touchy-feely “liberal” causes; I believe in keeping her safe), so I’ll have a chance to gauge the mood of the locals…but that could change drastically once the college students come back. Who knows what they’ll get up to when they return?

        • I live in Seattle itself, six miles away from these morons. My neighborhood is inconvenient for mobs to get to, so we’ve been unaffected so far, but I would be highly unamused if some soyboy tried to ask for ID to let me back onto my block.

    • How easy would it have been or some random dude who played the part the whole time to just raise their hand, get a weapon, then take everyone of these idiots out. You know none of these people were “homies” before they showed up in Chaz. Sounds like an opportunity for some special groups.

      • Were the weapons taken from abandoned police cars and police stations?

        Not good inventory management if the police abandoned their station but did not remove weapons from the armory and possibly the evidence locker.

        • Ok, you should watch the interview with the guy who disarmed a couple looters. I mean, I agree to an extent, but sometimes if the “protesters” overwhelm the police, they are probably more focused on re-establishment of a cordoned section than a rifle in a vehicle. No situation is perfect. Consider it an ambush and if that gear is too dangerous to get to, then it’s already lost. But like I said, I agree for the most part.

  3. Do these idiots not realize that when it’s all over, assuming they don’t die in “Chaz” (which is FAR more likely), they will be tracked and immediately detained? The level of stupidity here is amazing. I mean, all sarcastic seattle and liberal comments aside, this dudes life span was up for grabs to begin with, and now he’ll definitely be doxed eventually and/or fall into the hands of those watchful eyes. He drives a Tesla… not exactly untraceable. SMH. Public enemy number 1 is not as cool as hollywood or music makes these idiots think.

      • I usually don’t say this kind of stuff, but:

        if Obama had been in the white house, he would invite him to the oval office.

        Like the “briefcase clock” boy. smh…

  4. I don’t know what everyone is worried about. After all, they’re only giving away AR-15s. Now, if they start giving away Wham-O slingshots and marbles, wake me up.

    • Ok smart ass. I own several AR-15s, a portal gun, and a pretty sweet slingshot with plenty of marbles. I’ll let you pick which one I shoot you in the nuts with.

      • It’s going to funny when an old man takes it away from you and smacks you in the mouth with it. Gadsen is a Marine I believe and also an LEO. Two things you don’t want to fuck with.

        • The comment was meant to be humorous, both mine and Gadsens. Apparently it went over most of your heads. But I also don’t doubt Gadsen is the kinda guy who will tell you: I hope you brought 2 bats because I am gonna take 1 away from you.

        • so… you don’t eat crayons?

          “Nothing goes over my head! My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.”

          maybe cuz I forgot the /s tag too…

    • Pretty sure the police voluntarily gave up… so I doubt they’d care much. That only works against white 2A supporters with a history of online comments or a facebook like to any pro 2A post.

  5. This makes it crystal clear that as of last week illegally transferring guns, and many other laws only apply to the gun owners of certain political parties. Democrats look the other way when democrats and anarchists break the laws openly in a major city.

  6. How long until the leaders of Veganzuela decide they need more space to farm/live/riot/etc and annex a few more blocks? Then a few more?

    • Only time will tell, because the “CHOP” organizers are currently stating they are not there to peacefully protest and if their “demands” are not met, they will continue to destroy. Pretty much word for word from an interview.

  7. The ATF burned down WACO for way less than this. This man distributed Assault Rifles with Hicapacity magazine clips capable of shooting 6000 rounds a second. This in Washington state, which forbids private transfer of weapons, requires a special class to buy or transfer an assault rifle, requires the individual to be 21 years old.
    The Police need to be raiding CHAZ and flat out killing everyone. Oh, wait a minute, BLACK LIVES MATTER!

    Free Pass!
    My Bad.

    GO Back to sleep JAYlor insole and SILENT BOB Ferguson

  8. It would be amusing if some Elmer Fudd with a scoped, bolt action rifle or even a lever action rifle took these vermin out. Unfortunately; this would only encourage the fecal brained liberals that the rioters are wonderful people.

    Praying for a mass shooting that is so horrific that even the Starbucks swilling quiche eating castrati realize that these people are evil.

    • To anyone who does competitive rifle shooting, 300 meters is not a major distance.

      Reach out and touch someone.

  9. Trump needs to stay out of it and let it keep going. Maybe in a year or two some of the ultra liberal people from Seattle might see what happens when you are so OPEN MINDED that you don’t use your God given brain and think with your emotions or worse trying to make the rest of the dumb liberals like you and the world might become a better place.

    • No. Because too many people have feelings of sympathy for their cause and will continue to donate free shit. Sad but true. Even if they violently expand, it will be covered up by the daily yoga classes in the park and their sympathizers will believe it. To the left, this is utopia.

  10. Washington State Pols Only Care About Gun Control for Law-Abiding Citizens

    The term for this is “anarcho-tyranny.” The insight belongs to Sam Francis (someone who got cancelled by people like Chief Censor). Wikipedia summary:

    “While the government functions normally, violent crime remains a constant, creating a climate of fear. Laws that are supposed to protect ordinary citizens against ordinary criminals routinely go unenforced, even though the state is perfectly capable of doing so. While this problem rages on, government elites concentrate enforcement on law-abiding citizens. In fact, Middle America winds up on the receiving end of both anarchy and tyranny.”

  11. Path of least resistance.
    Back in ’06 or ’07 I lived in an urban shithole. Got to watch a brawl at the Popeyes walk up window. Cops on scene were busy giving some old guy in a Beemer a ticket for rolling a stop sign at that very intersection.

    It’s just easier to go after the law-abiding. They won’t wrestle you, fight you, try to run and they generally pay their fines.

  12. Looking at the local media outlets. No one covering the video or the violations. Seattle Times has apparently shut down comments on any CHOP stories. What a surprise given their zealous support of 594 and 1639.


  13. ” NSSF warned these laws would be selectively enforced, encumbering law abiding citizens while gun control politicians would look the other way at actual criminals.”

    Speaking of selectively enforcement, I wonder if the NSSF is still for the selective infringement of Red Flag laws as all gun control laws are un Constitutional.

  14. The leader-by-acclamation of the black socialist “autonomous zone” drives a Tesla…yeah, he’s fighting for the poor and downtrodden, all right.

    If I were seen in public breaking the laws he just broke, the police would stage a raid to arrest me and confiscate every gun in my “arsenal.” But hey, that’s just part of my white privilege, I guess.

    “By limiting magazine capacity and banning assault weapons, we can work toward a day where no one in Washington state loses a friend or family members to senseless gun violence,” says Gov. Inslee.

    So if I take my lever-action rifle and kill every random person I meet, that *wouldn’t* be senseless gun violence? I have no desire to do anything like that, but if the urge ever does strike, I’ll sleep soundly afterwards, knowing my actions made perfect sense and nobody really got hurt. Thanks, guv’nor.

  15. Send over a pair of F18s loaded down with 82’s. No need for anything exotic. Insurance will pay for the rebuild. In the mean time, Washington may want to rethink their progressive stance as this will prove bad for business in the long run.

  16. If you wanted to know why CHAZ became CHOP, autonomous zone was way too close to the autonomous collective:

    And this warlord handing out a few ARs was a bit too much like the Lady of the Lake handing out weapons of war without a background check!

    Seattle has turned into Monte Python without the humor….

    • Another good point!

      1. Borders
      2. “Police” brutality (Stop and frisk style interrogations taking place nightly).
      3. Extortion (asking white people to give black people money for the color of their skin).
      4. No background checks for obtaining a firearm.

      Feel free to add to the list. It would be nice to post this somewhere on every CHAZ or CHOP article, as the list grows.

  17. Other than selective-enforcement and idiot issues, isn’t this a bit hypocritical? I mean, all those laws he violated in the video were opposed by most on this site. The guy is doing what many here argued should be legal. It was a private transfer of a firearm in common use, to an adult. (Not saying he is smart or ethical, but that this particular action is exactly within the desired set if laws many here argue for.)

    • Had they been at a range and just shooting each others guns, totally legal. Nobody is going to bat an eyelash.

      Since WA requires an FFL and a background check for private sales, this became illegal as soon as “warlord” walked away and left his homeboy in possession entirely. Also, the intent could be argued legally too. It’s clear they cut some of the video out, probably for that reason. It would be great to see the whole thing. But it was most definitely a “transfer”.

      If you are going to infringe on our rights, expect to be held to the infringements. Could you imagine this in state like CA? He would have had to wait 10 days…

    • We oppose these laws. I voted against every single one of them. But the people looking the other way now went around insisting that there was a crisis that absolutely required these laws, and people who opposed them didn’t care about saving people’s lives.

      Now political allies are flagrantly breaking all those urgently necessary laws and it’s no big deal. Would you take a bet that if you or I decided to hand our rifles from the back of our cars, it would be no problem?

      This is just a stark demonstration of how these laws are about power over political opponents.

  18. I’m gonna doth my tin foil fedora;
    This guy just doesn’t smell right (figuratively).
    Where does a soundcloud rapper get the money for a Tesla and a trunk full of ARs?
    Either this guy is a criminal king pin, or a well funded plant.

    • Another possibility is that he has a lucrative job in some SJW converged company, and he’s on sabbatical. In any case, he’s not on the level.

      And as usual, the news media isn’t leveling with us. I’m not just talking about the prog/left establishment outlets, either; why hasn’t anyone dug into who exactly this guy is?

  19. People who occupy and take over neighborhoods are OK to have AR15’s and other weapons. It’s those dangerous evil Trump supporters who have to be watched and forbidden and hassled!

  20. Tyrants don’t need a thug police force or a corrupt military to control a population. As I said before. The Mob is a weapon. Its well armed. And they control it. And they keep the law abiding disarmed.
    My question is how about all those sheriffs in the state who claimed they were 2A sanctuary? Or who said they would refuse to enforce new gun control laws??

    I hope everyone is enjoying that legal pot they voted for several years ago. While at the same time voting for gun control.

    • I’m not sure what you’re getting at with the Second Amendment sanctuary sheriffs. Most of them are nowhere near Seattle, and what are you expecting them to do, anyway.

      • I expect sheriff’s to deputize county residence. If necessary to maintain public order. I understand most folks have never thought about this before. But these are not normal times.
        It’s time to start thinking outside the box. Everyone is going to find answers to questions that they may not like. I understand the area of the CHAZ was already a super liberal neighborhood. Is that true? If so it makes sense that a takeover was even possible.

        I bet you never thought the police would be ordered to stand down?

        • Of course I expected the police to be ordered to stand down. This is Seattle. I’ve lived here my whole life. The people running it have been morons for years and just getting even worse year after year. We have more than one Socialist on the city council. The mayor has called the CHAZ “a block party.” These people are all on the same side.

          The Second Amendment sanctuary sheriffs are in counties all over state, and most of them far from Seattle. The King County Sheriff was definitely not among their number. We’re talking hundreds of miles in some cases. Are you saying that some sheriff from a part of Washington much closer to Idaho than Seattle should deputize a bunch of citizens, drive six hours across the state, and restore order in a hippy neighborhood in Seattle?

          And yes, Capitol Hill is a super woke neighborhood. It’s disgusting that the mayor would just cede a section of the city to the mob, but precisely zero people are surprised that it’s Capitol Hill.

        • I was hoping that the good sheriffs were much closer. I expect the state legislature buildings will be taken over as well. Then they will start enacting edicts. I hope the good sheriffs are made of steel. Because they are going to have to be really tough men.
          Right now this is just an internal state issue. I don’t think Trump (federal military) needs to get involved.

  21. Infiltration:


    Funniest pics yet: Laws? lmfao… I can’t even.

    I give it a couple days before they start interrogating people taking pictures. If you have time, seriously look at the pictures. There is segregation! They literally have areas that seclude white people. So much to list… Can’t even…

  22. And backpack nukes for all dachshund, the only way to ensure world peace: those little fuckers aren’t scared of mutually assured destruction.


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