Michigan Concealed Carrier Shoots, Kills Man in Black Hooded Sweatshirt Threatening Motorists With a Gun

On Monday morning a man dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt walked down the middle of a busy highway in Delta Township, Michigan, near Lansing, shooting a handgun in the air and pointing the firearm at passing cars. According to wlns.com, of those vehicles was driven by a concealed carry permit holder.

Investigators say a 22-year-old Delta Township man was driving east and stopped near Brookside Drive when the gunman stepped in front of his vehicle. The gunman pointed his handgun at the driver, who stepped out of his vehicle, pulled his own handgun, which he is licensed to carry and shot the gunman.

That man, a 26-year-old who is believed to be from suburban Grand Rapids, died at the scene.

The shooter has been identified as Ronnie Holmes, of Walker, Michigan. Exactly what Walker’s motivation was isn’t yet known, though the Eaton County Sheriff is still investigating.

The Sheriff posted recordings of two of the 911 calls that came in regarding the incident:

Any charges brought against the defender will be up to the county prosecutor, but from the various media reports of the incident, this appears to be a clear case of a justified self-defense shooting. You might even say, it was yet another instance of a good guy with a gun saving lives.



  1. avatar Dave Huff says:

    What was the name of the dead guy and what was his ethnicity?

    1. avatar SkorpionFan says:

      UPDATE (10:50 a.m. EDT 6/17/2020) — The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the man who died in the Delta Township shooting is 26-year-old Ronnie Holmes from Walker, Mich.

      1. avatar SkorpionFan says:

        A witness described the gunman to the 911 dispatcher as
        “…a black guy, black jeans, wearing a black hoodie with some white stuff in the back of it…”

        1. avatar Tim says:

          So, “white hispanic”, amirite?

      2. avatar MDH says:

        BLM terrorist. Now room temperature. Good riddance to this dead marxist insurgent.

      3. avatar Robert says:

        The shooter has been identified as Ronnie Holmes

    2. avatar Jimmy Beam says:

      “The shooter has been identified as Ronnie Holmes, of Walker, Michigan. Exactly what Walker’s motivation was isn’t yet known,”

      I’m assuming Holmes was the a*hole walking down the road. I’d bet dollars to donuts as to his ethnicity.

      1. avatar Hans says:

        Riot or quiet riots? Afro-American kilt by Euro-American.

        1. avatar Montana Actual says:

          Nothing. Because he pointed a gun. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

        2. avatar Jimmy Beam says:

          The MSM will ignore this. It doesn’t fit the correct narrative. But anyone who actually lives outside a gated compound knows what the real narrative is.

        3. avatar Fergus Boone says:

          White man kills choirboy black? More looting and rioting. It will continue till whites go Korean or Cuban on black asses.

        4. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Wait! I know that guy! He was just turning his life around, dindonuffin. Now we’ll never know the greatness of his brilliance.

      2. avatar frank speak says:

        kind a preview of what might happen if they try to loot and burn outside of the city…..

      3. avatar Ing says:

        “The shooter” in this case is actually the armed defender. Mr. Walker is the deceased aggressor.

        1. avatar Ing says:

          Never mind. The names and roles in this thing are totally borked. No way to tell who’s who from just the TTAG article.

      4. avatar AndrewinVA says:

        He wasn’t the “shooter” (did he even discharge the weapon he was carrying?), he was the criminal perpetrator.

        We really need to stop using the hoplophobic weasel language that’s designed to nothing more than confuse things.

        We need to start describing incidences like the above as “Law-abiding gunman saved lives”

        1. avatar Robert Messmer says:

          Quote: “On Monday morning a man dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt walked down the middle of a busy highway in Delta Township, Michigan, near Lansing, shooting a handgun in the air and pointing the firearm at passing cars.” So yes the criminal was the one originally shooting. But the article is very badly written up.

        2. avatar Rattlerjake says:

          Robert, “written up”????? Maybe “written down”? Your grammar is a poor as the article was written!

        3. avatar Zeller says:

          In Utah we ALL conceal carry. No one with half a brain would pull a stupid stunt like that. Must have been in a suicide mission.

    3. avatar eagle10 says:

      I think the dead scum’s initials were D.O.A.
      Another one bites the dust! Hey Hey.

      1. avatar Noamsaying says:

        No. His name was DRT. Dead right there.

      2. avatar jieyj says:

        Nope….D.R.T…..Dead Right There

    4. avatar Jeremy B. says:

      Really? Do you skin tone or ethnicity in your shoot/don’t shoot calculations?

      Can we please save the paranoid racism for the Klan meeting?

      1. avatar Fergus Boone says:

        Why I am only following the lead blazed by Obama, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the rest of the fake news media. After Grey, Brown, Smollett, the Covington boys and the Duke LaCross team, Atlanta and Minnesota, why shouldn’t we identify the race of the criminal?

        I note these same fake news folks didn’t bother to cover the assault on a 92 woman by another of Obama’s sons.

        End black privilegde.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Fergus has a point.

      2. avatar JoeVK78 says:

        If anything, the reporters did it right in the video. They made no mention of the ethnicity of either of the people involved. Race matters as much as clothing when police are looking for a suspect. If you describe the person as a man wearing blue pants and a red shirt, the cops only know “male, blue pants, red shirt”. They might see an Asian man in blue jeans and a red Hawaiian shirt and think he was the suspect.

        1. avatar Dan Wright says:

          Male? You surmised the sex of the individual? Lol.

    5. avatar D. Hall says:

      What does His ethnicity matter?
      He’s dead…Good riddance !

    6. avatar Mike Sellers says:

      Who cares. It shouldn’t matter, that’s the problem with the news and people. An asshole is an asshole.

    7. avatar Roy says:

      Who gives a shit what his ethnicity was.. The bastard had a gun and was shooting at cars with people in them.! Are you fucking retarded.?

    8. avatar Kim says:

      Hey Mr crap stirrer ….it’s irrelevant as to his race or ethnicity!! His actions got him killed not his skin color!!

    9. avatar Larry says:

      It doesn’t matter if he was pink or green the thug had his pistol out pointing it at the driver
      Its called the 2nd Amendment.play stupid games and win stupid prizes.
      Say it was a Black man it still doesn’t matter if he is pointing a pistol at someone it wouldn’t make it alright to do even if he was Black ,White, Mexican, Chinese or any other nationalities

    10. avatar Joan says:

      I really Don’t care if he was White no one would care if he was black there would be a riot. He was doing wrong and he paid the price . End of Story.

    11. avatar Beth Fraley says:

      Shouldn’t matter what nationality he was. He was pointing a gun at people and that is against the law!

    12. avatar Tom Smathers says:

      What in the hell does that have to do with anything. He was a three eyed green purple eater. Now you know.

  2. avatar TommyGNR says:

    Finally some good news.

  3. avatar former water walker says:

    BRRAKING: Idiot’s in Gerogia indict the cop who shot the drunk idiot who assulted him & his buddy. Oh and no more Aunt Jemima…glad THIS POS got plugged.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Yeah, Aunt Jemima survived since the late 1800s, thru the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement of the ’60s, and even the logo changeup (Quaker Oats removed the head scarf from Ms. Jemima) a few years ago.

      But let’s all take the knee to the Marxist outfit known as Black Lives Matter, and not only remove Ms. Jemima’s face from the label, even the mention of her name is racist as well, so that’s gotta go. Quaker Oats (owned by parent PepsiCo) announced that a new name for the syrup will be announced later in 2020.

      So then…any suggestions for the new name?

      Discuss. And have fun.

      1. avatar LifeSavor says:

        How about “No Trees” ’cause no trees were injured ’cause there ain’t no maple in here.

      2. avatar LifeSavor says:

        Maybe, “Uncle Ben’s” syrup?

        1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          Nope, the company that makes “Uncle Ben’s” has announced they are ‘retiring’ the emblem :

          “Hours after Quaker Oats said it would retire Aunt Jemima from packaging on its brand of syrup and pancake mixes because it’s “based on a racial stereotype,” the owner of Uncle Ben’s rice announced it planned to make changes.”


        2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          also: rastus from the cream of wheat package.
          “sho am good!”

        3. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Didn’t anyone consider that the “racial stereotype” was preparing/enjoying good food?

      3. avatar LifeSavor says:

        “Ain’t Yo Mamma’s”?

        1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          ““Ain’t Yo Mamma’s”?”

          “Your mamma-san!”

          John Belushi, ‘Samurai Chef” SNL :

          (I couldn’t find the clip, so here’s Emily Latilla lamenting ‘Violins on TV’. RIP Gilda Radner…)

        2. avatar Mr Lucky says:

          Here’s a link to “Samurai Delicatessen” – https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/samurai-delicatessen/n8627

      4. avatar Don't Take My Jemima says:

        Since that stuff is mostly sugar…”Sugar Mama”?

      5. avatar frank speak says:

        “Aunt Jenny”…and make her a benign, old white woman…..

        1. avatar obidon says:

          Auntie Maxine’s Syrupy Goo

        2. avatar CTstooge says:

          “Yo Mama So Fat… Maple Syrup…”

      6. avatar LifeSavor says:

        Remember this:

        Aunt Jamima’s pancakes without her syrup
        Is like the spring, without the fall.
        There’s only one thing worse
        In this Universe
        And that’s no Aunt Jamima’s at all!

      7. avatar jwm says:

        Anybody here remember the Frito Bandito? This shit ain’t new.

        1. avatar LifeSavor says:

          “I am the Frito Bandito
          “I love Frito’s corn chips
          “I love them, I do
          “I love Frito’s corn chips
          “I take them from you”

          Busted a gut over that when I was a kid.
          Still laugh when I sing the jingle.

        2. avatar Dpernz says:

          The Frito Bandito you must not offend…
          Aye yay yay yay……

      8. avatar Rick James says:

        Aunt Karen.

        When do I collect the prize money?

      9. avatar favel says:

        so ridiculous. there is nothing racist about a picture of a smiling black woman, and on the other hand nobody will say it’s racist to have all these obviously stereotypical ganga-banga-thugs on tv commercials using their rap music and racial stereotype to sell everything from breakfast cereal to cars??

        this is just billshit double standard liberal/racist muckraking. no need to get rid of Aunt Jemimah. been part of America’s families for generations, black white red and yellow it doesn’t matter.

      10. avatar favel says:

        the Onion ran an article about exactly this happening… before it happened. were the Q.O. big cheeses reading the Onion and thought “hey! that’s a good idea!”


      11. avatar Fergus Boone says:

        Just a clarification, Quaker Oats was owned by Pepsi but was sold to Proctor and Gamble.

        1. avatar Mark says:

          Oops! Somebody musta,dropped the soap!

      12. avatar dan burnett says:

        yeah syrup for cowards. i won’t buy any product associated with this corporation. i suggest that they are supporting anarchists and communists therefore they are the enemies of the freedoms guaranteed by our constitutional republic. Down with tyrants.

      13. avatar Emiliano Salamat says:

        Yes, Let say “Land of The Free” maybe sound great.

    2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Went out and bought a bottle of AJ this morning.
      Might be worth something post apocalypse.

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        A fond memory of an America sliding straight down the toilet…

        1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

          Pretty sure “Log Cabin” is next to go…don’cha know, it could represent Simon Legree’s home in the Harriet Stowe novel.


          *disclaimer this post is entirely a work of fiction. Anyone stupid, suggestible or naive enough to believe it should go somewhere private and quietly strive to stop breathing for ten minutes in order to regain their
          “Spiritual Awareness”.

    3. avatar chuckers says:

      Aunt Jamima is a black success story, she was the first millioaire black female in this country and the blacks want her memory wiped out. Go figure, I guess they don’t like it when a black person makes something besides drugs and is successful. Personally I would be very proud of her for being so successful, but I guess it doesn’t fit their narative, we’re worthless and can’t do anything but low demeaning jobs and will never amount to a thing except maybe being a great gang banger. They need to quit listening to Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson and clean up their neighborhoods, their “hoods” and pull theirselves up out of the gutter instead of trying to drag everybody else down into the gutter with them.

      1. avatar Miner49er says:

        “the blacks want her memory wiped out.“

        Removing the image of the black servant AJ from the commercial product container will not erase history.

        It may be difficult for those whose family never experienced slavery or forced menial labor to understand the perspective of those who have descended from slaves.

        Some folks are just a little weary of a corporation using the image of a black servant woman to sell their product.

        Maybe some parents would want a more appropriate role model for their little girls, perhaps Rosa parks or Katherine Johnson.

        1. avatar CarlosT says:

          I love how the first phase of the anti-racist media campaign is purging all media of minority characters. Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Mia from Land ‘O’ Lakes, Apu from the Simpsons. The only people who can’t be stereotyped and who can’t have their culture appropriated are straight, white males, so they’re the only ones who are safe from the purge.

    4. avatar Larry says:

      I pray they reverse the charges on both officers.
      There is no what they should have been charged.
      When the thug decided to resist arrest then fight with the officers
      Then assaulted both officers, then the thug was tased 2 times and no effect at all.
      Then the thug attacked the one officer and took his taser then as he was running away the 2nd officer goes to tase the thug again and as the thug ran past a red car he turned and aimed the taser and then fired the tase just missing the officer’s head.
      That’s when the 2nd officer shot and killed the thug.
      I have no idea what was in the Kool Aid but they clearly did not see the same video of what the thug did.
      The same goes with the Lawyer and the District Attorney.
      This same district Attorney had charges filed on 2 officers for shooting there tasers at 2
      College students.
      The officer’s were charged with firing a Deadly taser at the College students.
      So how is it that this thug assaulted 2 officer’s witch is against the Law then attacked the one officer stealing his DEADLY taser And shoot the Deadly taser at the officer witch again is against the Law. And not 1 of these individuals thinks the thug did nothing wrong.

  4. avatar Dennis says:

    One more outta the gene pool!👍Funny how those black hoodies arent bulletproof!

  5. avatar Joe says:

    Tragic, but a good shoot!
    Please, no more morons… UGH

  6. avatar Hans says:

    I am beginning to think this is martyrian for BLM. Their survivors
    are paid an annual stipend Allah PLO.

  7. avatar Shire-man says:

    stepped in front of his car

    Why get out of the car? Floor it.

    1. avatar DrDKW says:

      Maybe his insurance wouldn’t cover windshield or body damage!

    2. avatar ColoradoKid says:

      A bullet is less expensive that car damage, that’s why. Also, if the shooter was black and the defender is white there will be charges and jail.

      1. avatar frank speak says:

        not this time…looks like a clean shoot….

        1. avatar George Washington says:

          Yeah???….. and so were the last 5 “shoots” by the police….. but yet they have LIED so they can bring charges against the police…. they WILL do the same here if you give them half a chance … WAKE UP MORON…. THIS ISN’T THE UTOPIA YOU THINK IT IS!!!!!….. THIS IS WAR….

  8. avatar Stev says:

    Anyone considering poorly managed mental illness as a factor?

    1. avatar thanks for the applause, i'm here all night says:

      Take two or more lead pills and don’t bother calling me in the morning.

    2. avatar Montana Actual says:

      Common sense would tell you it’s either serious depression or a mental illness. Doesn’t matter though.

      1. avatar Anymouse says:

        Or serious drug use.

      2. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Suicide by cop, CC holder got there first.

      3. avatar Dpernz says:

        Or just testing the waters to see if we have arrived at the “can get away with anything, no consequences” world order.

    3. avatar frank speak says:

      maybe the cops should have sent a social worker?…

    4. avatar Fergus Boone says:

      So if someone pushes you in front of a subway train or tries to burn down a school, poorly managed mental illness is an excuse. As someone said take two lead pills and the problem is solved forever.

  9. avatar Matt in Oklahoma says:

    He didn’t matter over mind

  10. avatar Montana Actual says:

    Good shoot. I probably would not have stepped out from the vehicle, but situation depends. Obviously was a very fast reaction by the driver either way. Hope he handles this well.

  11. avatar John Paul says:

    He didn’t have to shoot him!

    He could have waited for the police……..so, we could have more cop hate and more riots.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      how long before he actually fired that gun at somebody?…the guy was a menace and a clear threat to the public..probably thought he was back in the ‘hood….where such behavior is common….

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Why, oh why didn’t he just shoot the gun out of the maniacal mass murderer’s hand? /sarc

  12. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    I only saw the video of the shooter running, then being on the ground.(have not seen video of what happened prior) He jumped up and did well once he threw his mental switch..good transition between first and second target, no hesitation, had good firing grip and stance (from grainy video I watched).

    I could hear someone in the background yelling that they were going to kill him. I’m not quite sure why the authorities are charging him other than they don’t want their city to burn? Dunno..seem pretty clear cut to me but I’m not on the jury and won’t hear all the evidence presented….

    1. avatar Manse Jolly says:

      Opps, wrong shooting..disregard , was thinking of NM.

      1. avatar Adub says:

        Yeah, that guy in NM did pretty well for being chased by a mob.

    2. avatar chuckers says:

      I wonder if he trained in Texas, I saw another perfect shot from somebody at a church, 30 yard pumpkin shot.

      1. avatar Montana Actual says:

        Yea and quick too.

        I think one still died there though, unfortunately.

  13. avatar Excedrine says:

    Maybe he wanted to commit suicide-by-cop. Got a CCW holder instead. Same result in the end, though.

  14. avatar big willy says:

    Civilians shouldn’t shoot unless it’s absolutley necessary, as the family can sue them directly. Get Firearms insurance!

  15. avatar sound awake says:


  16. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Another “win” for the good guys…

  17. avatar enuf says:

    Sounds like a successful suicide attempt. He did not harm anyone, fired into the air and pointed the gun at people but did not fire at them. It reads like he was looking for a police response to commit suicide, and it worked out just a little differently.

    Sad stuff, but at least no one else was harmed.

    Hope the defender will be alright when all is done.

  18. avatar Sean Michael Bearly says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if this is a nice way for losers to kill themselves, become heroes and make their families rich.

    1. avatar SpecialEd says:

      I do believe we have a winner here. No sarcasm intended.

      Or he was just a wack job on sherm/crack/meth/x, or and of a hundred other control substances. Either way, all is good with the world now.

    2. avatar Montana Actual says:

      Most the families these movements abuse get cast aside once they go cold. Another private jet for the Rev Al Sharpton. “justice and equality!” – tweeted aboard the new 65 million dollar private jet he “needed”.

  19. I wonder why they’re not reporting the “race” of the shooter vs the race of the Hero?! We all know the answer to that!

  20. avatar Ben Dover says:

    He should be paid a bounty. How many lives did he save!!! By the way, I think we should outlaw white rice, black licorice, red wine, yellow mustard, white meat, brown rice, white chocolate, dark meat, lite syrup, white wine, dark beer, white lightning (hmmm, lets rethink that one), blackened recipes, ect, ect!!
    Where is all this sh** going to end,!!!!

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      tavern near me serves a mac n cheese with buffalo or blackened chicken mixed in. i’ve gotten some murmurs from the “versatile” crowd when i’ve asked for blackaroni.

  21. avatar Wayne H. Clifton says:

    After showing up for work on time, every day for over 130 years black people got one of their own, Aunt Jemima, fired. She showed up with a smile on her face, dressed nice, and gave you warm, pleasant feeling while you were eating. White corporate America went along with the black people who got her fired for being BLACK! Imagine that, blacks discriminating a famous black person, putting this woman drawing unemployment, out of work for being black, by her own! Happy now?

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      aunt jemima appreciated aspirin for it’s analgesic effects.

    2. avatar Sayhello says:

      OK, you do know that AJ was actually a paid actor right? She did not own a stake in the company, she was not a millionaire, and the “blacks” have not taken down one of their own. AJ was a marketing idea created by Chris Rutt who thought that a southern “Mammy” icon could help him sell pre-mixed pancake flour, based on a popular blackface minstrel song in the late 1870’s. The person who played that role, Ms. Nancy Green, died in 1923 at the age of 89 and yes, she was born into slavery. Ms. Green was only paid for her appearances and that amount was nominal based on the wages that people of color were paid in those days. Despite what you want to believe or the lies that you have shared here, the PC police did not take down a real person, a successful black one, or get her fired……..I don’t know if you and others who share this false narrative are simply insensitive, gullible, ill-informed, racist, or deliberately pass along fake history to aid in some sort of racist agenda, but don’t let that stop you from sharing it……

  22. avatar Darwin still at work! says:

    Don’t point a weapon unless you want to get shot!

  23. avatar Ben Willard says:


  24. avatar GARRY MULLIGAN says:

    Someone who points a gun at me better be ready to pull the trigger because I will…..doesn’t matter race creed….

    1. avatar James Campbell says:

      Spot on Garry.
      Pointing a gun is DEADLY serious. Do it as a game, wind up dead.

  25. avatar Daniel Bankhead says:

    obamas son? Lick my taint .

  26. avatar Daniel Bankhead says:

    Yea, right.Lick my taint.

  27. avatar Mark Cooper says:

    Strange how this item went from “a person threatening others with a gun dies when another person defends himself”, to a race issue. Regardless the color of his skin, he was firing and pointing a loaded weapon at others. The fact that it turned up being a person of another skin color defending himself suddenly makes this a race thing? Y’all are stupid.

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