Nancy Pelosi's lying about national reciprocity
courtesy Boston Globe
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You have to tell an enormous whopper — repeatedly — for the Bezos Post to accuse a leading Democrat of pants-on-fire grade lying, so this is quite an achievement by San Fran Nan.

For months, in speeches, news conferences, tweets and interviews, Pelosi has been using a version of an incorrect talking point to make the firearms death toll for teenagers and children appear significantly higher than reality. Fewer than 9 percent of those killed by guns are 19 or younger — not 47 percent. Seven children or teenagers are killed a day — not 47.

When we queried her staff, we were told she had simply misspoken. But that was false, too.

Gun violence is an important issue in the United States. There’s no reason to goose the numbers for political purposes. Pelosi earns Four Pinocchios.

– Glenn Kessler in Pelosi’s bogus talking point on gun deaths of children

four 4 pinochhios

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    • All sides lie their asses off. Republicans, Democrats, Greenies, Tea Party, Libertarians, all of them are blinded by partisanship.

      It is good to call them out on it, always. Just never believe that it is any different for whatever side you are on.

      • I see you make this comment often but you are incorrect. While we should of course be suspicious of anyone in a position of power, and question any party, the democrats and left in general has proven itself to be the far bigger enemy to the republic and the constitution. There are certainly things about the GOP which are questionable, mainly trying to force them to actually stick to their word, but the proof is in state houses. Look at the stats controlled by Republicans and look at those controlled by Democrats. Now be honest, which states would you rather live in?

        • Along with the dems being the apex liars and hypocrites, they have the distinction of being the LEAST “liberal” party. The right is light years ahead on allowing free thought and discussions. This is no surprise, seeing how the left convicted the right to “just be quiet, and allow” all the libtarded policies that destroyed EVERY MAJOR COASTAL CITY IN the US. They pulled this off under the guise of “liberalism”, when, in fact, it was straight out of the Saul Alinski playbook.
          Now that the right has the emperical evidence to PROVE these policies, the left cries racism, and demands the Conservatives/Constituionalists just shut up. Sorry left, keeping quiet is what allowed the cancer to grow across the U.S., we have the evidence your policies are NOTHING but failure, and will correct the problem. The big push for socialism is a sign the left KNOWS the right is on to their scam, it’s an “all in-cards down moment in America, and Donald Trump is the Dragonslayer. Four more years, then 8 for the first lady (sorry Hildabeast), then 8 for Don Jr, then 8 for Don Sr daughter, then 8 for Baron.

        • Now that the right has the emperical evidence to PROVE these policies -DO NOT WORK, AND ARE A DISASTER- bold text was omitted in my prior post.

        • @James Campbell, First Lady wasn’t born in the US therefore she cannot be a candidate for a presidential election.

        • “Now we know what James Campbell thinks. Yay us.

          (couldn’t resist)”

          Hahahaha, I actually LoLed when I saw this.

        • No worries.
          When the House and Senate are both R majority in one year, the Trump family will be recognised as a political “Legacy” family, allowing those who have married in to run for POTUS, even those not born in the U.S. 😉

        • Merle, you left out that the repubs are the war party and the surveillance state party, and that when in office they vote in more socialist social spending than the dems to try to alleviate the dems calling them heartless bastards.

          The root problem is not any one particular party, the root problem is government. As long as we have a government we will have lies, corruption, abuse of power, grabbing more power, mission creep, and a slide toward fascism/communism/socialism.

          We all know how to behave towards other people. We have the technology now to allow rapid mass communications and mass spontaneous response in the event of major disaster. We do not need a bunch of idiots in some remote location who think they know what we need and should do better than we do no matter what letter they have next to their name.

      • Enuf, you could serve on the 1st speaker’s staff.
        Socsheviks like her have little or no moral compass.
        For Leftist, their ever growing agenda means the use
        of lies, distortions and omission.

        Yes, all human being lie, however, those without a moral
        code do so with such frequency as me passing gas.

        Enuf, you are no different that nut Former CONgressman
        Joey Walch.

    • *Greta Thunberg voice* “How dare you!” Don’t mess with her! She’s a Catholic after all, and totally not a self-serving, self-righteous hypocrite.

      enuf: “Rightards are just as bad!”

      • Well, yes, on some issues they are. Doesn’t take away from how completely wrong Pelosi is on the Second Amendment and the myth of “Gun Violence”.

        The defect, the delusion, is that partisanship is a good idea.

        • I have agreed with that most of my life. I always thought partisanship was dumb. I still do, but I have noticed extreme differences in the parties lately. Maybe it was always there and I didn’t notice, or maybe things changed. The amount of deceit, lies, and propaganda from the left doesn’t seem to touch that coming from the right. Add in trying to remove civil rights, trashing the Constitution, advocating FOR racism and sexism when it’s convenient, and excusing bigotry (it’s okay to assault Trump supporters) because they think they’re right. I haven’t even gotten to late term / after term abortion, destroying our culture, ignoring crime, not accepting legitimate elections, and promoting open borders and illegal immigration; all while accusing their opponents of everything they are guilty of themselves. At this point, I can’t envision a scenario where an informed voter would ever consider voting democrat. I know I won’t be.

        • Dude, I agree. When I was younger I used to have that “well both parties are the problem” mentality too. But as I paid more and more attention I’ve found that’s not true. The left is the much greater threat to the republic then the right. There’s certainly some I take issue with on the right and I don’t blindly follow anyone, but I’d much, much rather have the GOP in charge of my state and county then anyone on the left. Having personally lived in big blue cities and states and now living in a red one, I’ll take red any day of the week.

      • That’s why 20 should be the age of majority in the US! It’s not just teenage gun deaths that drop off significantly at 20, but also teenage pregnancies, teenage smoking, and teenage vehicular deaths! I suspect that – if we as a country actually cared enough to look – that we would also find teenage drownings and MAYBE… MAYBE… even teenage drinking also fall to zero at 20 years.

        • The brain isn’t fully developed until age 25.

          Democrats: “Let’s lower the voting age.” (and promote democrat policies disguised as education in schools)

        • Also democrats: “We should raise the age for tobacco and guns. Kids are just too young to make good decisions.”

        • Dude, yiu are right, but I think that the main point was that the 19 is the highest number ending “teen”. Hence the precipitous drop of everything teenage at the age of 20.

        • Teenage gun deaths drop off at 20 years of age to zero since they are no longer teenagers.

    • @Chip,

      It’s called “spin” when you take a wobbly truth and present it as obvious fact. For example, she likely is referring to the ACA’s (Obummercare’s) definition of a child who qualifies as a dependent under his/her parents’ insurance. After all, she helped champion the thing.

      So if you stand on one foot, cover your left eye, and sing “Oh Susannah!” in a Yosemite Sam voice while under the moonlight on a Tuesday evening, her logic is correct. How dare you question her sincerity.

    • Chip – It’s the same San San Fran where a homeless man walks into a Safeway grocery store, goes to the toilet paper isle, opens a package of Charmin, drops his pants and drops a duce right there in the store isle.

      The same store that has a public bathroom he could have used.

      Just an example of the ‘Progress’ Leftists want to bring to the rest of America…

    • To Chip

      “”””””””””””””””San Fran Nan considers 19 – 25-year-old gang bangers to be “children.” That’s how she fudges her numbers.””””””””””””””””””””””””””

      Its been known for over 5,000 years by the Sadists who run Militaries that young men do not mature until age 25. So even if your usual quotes on stats (which are usually wrong or out of context were true) then the stats you mentioned are valid. Here is part of an NPR interview with a neuroscientist who does know more than you do about children and maturity.

      TONY COX, host: I’m Tony Cox and this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News. Michel Martin is away. We’d like to spend this part of the program talking about the passage from childhood to adulthood and how that may be tougher for one distinct group of young people.

      Most of the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood are legally granted by the age of 18. That’s when you can vote, enlist in the military, move out on your own, but is that the true age of maturity? A growing body of science says, no. That critical parts of the brain involved in decision-making are not fully developed until years later at age 25 or so.

      In a moment, we’ll hear about how child advocates are hoping to use this research to change the laws about their foster care. But first, to learn more about adolescent brain development and maturity, we are joined now by neuroscientist, Sandra Aamodt. She is the coauthor of the book, “Welcome to Your Child’s Brain: How the Mind Grows from Conception to College.”


      • Its been known for over 5,000 years by the Sadists who run Militaries that young men do not mature until age 25. So even if your usual quotes on stats (which are usually wrong or out of context were true) then the stats you mentioned are valid.

        When the human brain fully matures has nothing at all to do with the commonly accepted definition of child, which is under the age of 14. Whether 14 year olds are considered children or not is debatable. What is not debatable is that 19 – 25 year olds are not children.

        Nice try, though.

        • Brother your the most arrogant , narcissist that ever posted on TTag. Now your doing exactly what I predicted. You screaming you know more than a Neuroscientist. Tell me do you enjoy making a complete fool of yourself. Brother your a real trip in your own little world of “I am a legend in my own mind.” Sorry your not.

          You implied that the people of twenty something should not be included in the stats. Science proves you wrong. Now what part of this do you not understand. It matters not what previous laws have said what matters is that science has proven the studies should have and did indeed include them for that very reason. I know because you live in your own little world of arrogance, narcissism and sociopathy that this is not fathomable to you (exactly like Trump) but to sane people they have no trouble understanding this simple information.

          Because you not all there I will spell it out for you. Science has proven people 25 and under are not fully developed mentally. It matters not what the law said or still says as the laws are outdated.

          Sorry try again were all laughing at you. Your a proven nut case.

        • If I am deemed arrogant and narcissistic – nay, the most arrogant commenter on TTAG – because I assert that the commonly accepted definition of “child” excludes 15 – 19 and 19 – 25 year-olds, then that is a truly low bar to achieve.

          So be it. 15 – 25 year-olds aren’t children, regardless of their brain development.

        • Oh and by the way Genius Chip

          Insurance studies also prove the Scientists correct as well. Studies show drivers under the age of 25 have more accidents and the accidents are often because of their immaturity.

          Again irrefutable proof that deaths of children should include those 25 and under. That is again exactly why thy put them in the stats.

          You must be totally blind to the real world. Even the causal observer of people under 25 can see how they act and how they treat each other. It does not even take a Neuroscientist to see such everyday proof but it does take a small amount of intelligence something you obviously lack.

        • 15 – 25 year olds aren’t children, no matter how much you try to abuse definition of the term.

          I can only laugh at your continual attempts to malign my intelligence. You’re out of your depth. You would have been out of your depth agsinst 6th grade me, which was the last time I took a formal IQ test. But, please, do go on.

        • To Chip liar extraordinaire.

          So yes I will go on to expose you for what you are.

          Despite your outright lies that all these surveys include children 25 and under here is a 2016 study.

          Leading causes of child and adolescent death
          In 2016, there were 20,360 deaths of people under the age of 19 in the U.S. Firearms were the second most common cause of death. Firearms deaths: 3,143 were children under the age of 19 years old.

          Ok (the guy who claims he is a stable Genius) Lie your way out of this study.

          Your out of your league stable Genius. Try Again. This is fun

        • “Child” ends at or younger than 14. 15 – 19 are not children.

          The vast majority of those gun-related deaths of 15 – 19 year olds are gang-related, and have nothing at sll to do with the experience of a typical 15 – 19 year old.

        • Science may have proven that the brain is NOT FULLY developed, but it is DEVELOPED beyond the stage of a child. Science does not refer to those under 25 as children. If they are that under developed, how would those going to college complete an undergraduate degree by/before age 25?

        • To Hush

          I understand the point you are making but lets look at reality. You mentioned college students. I am glad you did. The needless deaths caused by out of control fraternities in regards to hazing and drinking are more irrefutable proof how immature people under age 25 are. Yes they are capable of learning but the scientists point out that their everyday actions are often done without regards to thinking about the consequences of such actions. Wild behavior, reckless behavior and excesses are done without thought to the consequences of such actions. Horseplay is the norm from so much built up testosterone combined with immaturity often results in fatalities. Would they as an old graying adult drag race their car down a busy street today. Of course not its pure insanity but when they were young and immature they sure as hell did.

          The same behavior happens with guns. They get mad and shoot somebody or they engage in horseplay and point a gun at someone and it goes off and kills someone. I hate to bring this subject up but Science proves guns in the hands of kids in College is pure dynamite waiting to go off if they disagree with a political view point or have a fight over a girl. Again we are not dealing with Adults period.

          In the practical definition of Adult they ARE NOT adults in any sense of the word. Their actions prove it beyond. all doubt

          And please be aware Chip is a complete bullshitter when it comes to refuting deaths of children by gunfire. He uses every lie and trick in the book to minimize it and even claim it does not exist according to verified studies and that the body count can never be too high to demand any laws to reduce the death and carnage. As long as its not his relatives he has proven he believes the other people’s children are all expendable. He will tell you its the cost of us having a Second Amendment and that anyone should be able buy a gun without any paperwork and if nut cases or criminals get them so be it. Its part of his warped ideology.

        • To the Stable Genius Chip

          “””””””””””””””“Child” ends at or younger than 14. 15 – 19 are not children”””””””””””””””””

          Tell that joke to any group of Teachers and they would either laugh you right out of the room or call the people in the white coats to take you to the nearest mental health facility if they even for a moment though you were serious. The chilling thing is that you are serious but do not realize how the rest of the world is viewing you i.e. sane people.

        • Oh, you poor soul. Bless your heart; you seem unable to understand the difference between child and minor.

          No matter how much you insult me, a minor is someone under the age of majority (typically, 18), and a child is someone who has not yet reached puberty (typically, 14).

        • Chip, we might have something to work with what he postulates –

          “moreadventureson…” believes age 25 and under are children, well, we can’t give immature brains responsibilities they aren’t capable of handling. Logically, then, age 25 needs to be the age to vote.

          Since “moreadventureson…” believes 16 year-olds are old enough to accept the responsibility to vote, then logic follows 16 year-olds should be allowed to carry concealed firearms everywhere.

          Right, “moreadventureson…” ?

          *snicker* 😉

        • One of the truly great examples of leftwing hypocrisy: poeople aren’t mature enough to possess firearms until 25, but should have voting privileges at 16.

        • to chip the stable genius

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””Oh, you poor soul. Bless your heart; you seem unable to understand the difference between child and minor.

          No matter how much you insult me, a minor is someone under the age of majority (typically, 18), and a child is someone who has not yet reached puberty (typically, 14).””””””””””””””””””””””””””

          You keep trying to save face by playing with semantics. Sorry its not working. We put them in the class of children because they are not adults and you can try and play semantic games and call some children and some minors but every sane person knows were are talking about exactly one group of people i,e, children which are not adults in any sense of the word.

          And do not keep lying that all the surveys included people in their 20’s either.

          You seem in your warped viewpoint to love to argue about how many dead children you could balance on the head of a pin rather than look at the reality not of numbers but of human tragedy. Only sane people are capable of this type of logical thought and that leaves you out of it. You proved it by your wacked out replies. You love to make arguments like ha, ha only 1,000 kids got blown away not 1001 or even worse the actual count far higher when we include all children.. I am not being facetious you are that wacked out.

          You fked up big time ranting on this subject Minor blew you away with facts, I blew you away with facts not fantasies. Your down now to arguing numbers not the reality of human tragedy and that is really sick.

        • Hey Chip, MAOPlanets is a retarded troll who cannot accept ANY views other then his own.
          His copy n paste abilities will last until long after your fingers are cramped from typing.
          Just ignore MOAP like all the other regulars on TTAG.

        • moreadventuresonotherplanets, as an impartial 3rd party reading through the comments section I just have to say that — you lose.

        • WHO Definitions, crafted and agreed by medical professions across the world. These definitions have been peer reviewed and shown to be the most valid incredible categorization of individuals by chronological age.

          “The following definitions for adults, adolescents, children and infants are used to ensure consistency within these consolidated guidelines, as well as with other WHO guidelines. It is recognized that other agencies may use different definitions.

          An adult is a person older than 19 years of age unless national law defines a person as being an adult at an earlier age.

          An adolescent is a person aged 10 to 19 years inclusive.

          A child is a person 19 years or younger unless national law defines a person to be an adult at an earlier age. However, in these guidelines when a person falls into the 10 to 19 age category they are referred to as an adolescent (see adolescent definition).”

          Any individual human can pick and choose any definition they like, but it will have no validity on the waters world stage. For a more comprehensive definition, we should look to the medical professionals who have conducted the research and publish the results in peer-reviewed journals.

          Anything else is just self-serving spin, and a clear sign of immaturity and lack of basic neurological development.

        • Siri, show me what an appeal to dictionary logical fallacy looks like.

          Once a human reaches puberty, that human is no longer a child. Teenager, young adult, minor, etc.? Yes. But not a child.

        • @miner….was not going to going to jump in on this ridiculous conversation until your last post….the textbook definition of logical fallacy. One thing the left is really, really good at, and probably the only thing the left excels at, is using logical fallacy wherever and whenever possible. Nicely done.

        • I would like to insert some thoughts into this “discussion” that are not being considered.

          There is a difference between physical maturity and mental maturity.

          People mature physically at different individual rates and different rates by gender. Girls generally mature faster, both physical and mental.

          Boys physical maturity may occur by age 16 but more often is later.

          Mental maturity is a function of atmosphere in which children are raised and amount and when responsibility is placed on their shoulders. In today’s world many (most?) children are sheltered from conflict and responsibility so they stay mentally immature for years. Some may never reach that point.

          An 18 year old youth can join the military. Those who show capability are given responsibility which tends to grow with time. Many 19/20 year olds in the military have responsibility, hence develop the maturity, to make life and death decisions for people under their command. They lead fire teams and squads into mortal combat with the responsibility to bring them back alive. Under such conditions you grow old fast.

          Most of the above is an argument about ivory tower stuff, not out in the dirt of the real world.

          Semper Fi !

  1. The mental illness of political partisanship blinds a person to facts and truths. For left wingers, Hoplophobia is so deeply ingrained that they cannot see, hear, read or do the math other than to lie about the issue.

  2. She feels it’s her solemn duty to reflect on her lies. She’s very prayerful about it. She’s especially concerned about sinning.

  3. Gotta love the “it’s okay to lie if it saves one life” defenders in the comments.
    Solid party policy there. Lie, lie and keep on lying until you get what you want or executed.

      • The way the left has openly embraced the surveillance state, nation building and censorship I’m starting to think those people back then never really existed.

        • It was easy to take that stance since Bush was a political opponent. It’s always about attaining power, not doing what’s right. If they were so concerned about wars based on lies, then they would be screaming from the hilltops about the Afghanistan disaster. They aren’t though, because it implicates the revered Obama administration and the foreign policy establishment swamp.

        • While the left has not been perfect on reducing government surveillance, they have fought the true architects of the surveillance policy, the Republicans.

          When the Democrats opposed the patriot act in the very beginning, the right wing vilified them as traitors to America who were helping the terrorists take over.

          It was republicans who introduced and passed and signed the patriot act in the first place, now you want to rewrite history and blame the Democrats? Sad.

          “The USA patriot act was
          Introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 3162 by Jim Sensenbrenner (R–WI) on October 23, 2001.“

          Remember when the Republicans hoodwinked all you right wingers into believing that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 911? And how everybody was marching around, singing patriotic songs, waving the flag?

          And people like me who spoke against Bush’s war of lies were called traitors, and laughed at?

          Well, the Republicans fooled you guys into signing away much of your privacy, all in the name of safety. That’s with the patriot act was and that’s with the real ID act was.

          And now we all know the Iraq war was, as president Donald Trump says, “the greatest mistake this country has ever made”.

        • Miner,
          You have made this exact post before. Do you just have a list of comments that you copy and paste from? The main reason some democrats acted like they opposed the Patriot Act is only because they didn’t come up with it. If they truly opposed it, then why did it initially receive (and continues to receive) bipartisan support in the vote count?

          The dems control the House and yet they sneaked in a provision (supported by both parties) to continue funding this travesty.
          “On Tuesday, House Democrats overwhelmingly voted for a stop-gap government funding bill that includes an unannounced provision, buried in the legislation, averting the expiration of the police state surveillance Patriot Act.”

          You know who has been one of the most outspoken against a surveillance state? Republican Rand Paul. Everyone here familiar with your posts knows you prefer ignorant partisanship over facts.

        • Dude, you were speaking of the 90 day extension? Did you find that comparable to the Republican sponsor, and republican president signing the bill into law?

          And in any case, the Republicans not only originated the law, but continue their full throated support for the invasive surveillance. And I might add, the surveillance that all of you right wingers clamored for after 911.

          “The bill passed by a near-party line vote of 231 to 192. Republican opposition—only 12 GOP representatives voted for it—was based not on the extension of the Patriot Act, which has broad bipartisan support, but on the bill’s failure to include an additional $5 billion demanded by the White House for construction of Trump’s border wall with Mexico.”

          I certainly am glad that those terrible left wing extremists, the ACLU, has opposed this law from day one.

        • From 2015:

          “Unless Congress takes action, most provisions of the Patriot Act will expire on June 1. In response, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing a bill to make the controversial surveillance law permanent, and without any significant revisions. That bill is backed by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R., N.C.) and most Senate Republicans.”

          So turtlehead Republican Moscow Mitch wants the surveillance law to be permanent, over the objections of many Democrats and the ACLU.

        • Once again Miner, you’re showing that you’re a blind partisan. Everything bad is because of republicans seems to be your motto. I’m personally for good ideas. I don’t care who votes for it or who came up with it. The Patriot Act, as I’ve stated several times before but you don’t seem to comprehend, is a bad idea. To get rid of a bad idea, it doesn’t matter who came up with it 18 years ago. What matters is what are we doing about it right now.

          “over the objections of many Democrats” The democrats control the majority of the House right now so if they really wanted to, they could at least make a stand and say they won’t be voting for it. This would either force a government shutdown while they fight over it, or it would be history.

    • To: moreadventuresonotherplanets, The things you mention are exceptions which can occur at any age. Relative to hazing deaths at Universities: “There has been at least one university hazing death each year from 1969 to 2017”
      Horseplay is not limited to those under 25. The vast majority do not participate in horseplay and behave as grown, perhaps without fully developed brains, people. I have no idea when a person graduates into the adult world, but I believe that most(just as most adults) behave responsibly who are also under the age of 25. One(1) hazing death a year on college campuses does not even hint at an epidemic and does not imply that all college students are irresponsible and unable to control their conduct. It is difficult to understand how one can make a generalization from such a shortage of examples.

  4. “You have to tell an enormous whopper — repeatedly — for the Bezos Post to accuse a leading Democrat of pants-on-fire grade lying, so this is quite an achievement by San Fran Nan.”

    The newest FBI crime stat numbers are out 2018 ,all firearm related deaths are down and those with rifles are down by over 1000 as compared to 2017.
    What are Nan and her civilian firearms disarmament minions to do when facts and figures do not work in their favor,what they always do lie and decivie.

    • And if they don’t actually lie, they will exaggerate, distort, or omit those few remaining facts to suit their political agendas.

  5. NO!….This can’t be!?….You’re saying that Nacy lied!?….I……I can’t believe this……I now feel like my whole life I’ve been lied to!…..If someone like Saint Nancy can lie, than anyone could lie!?

    • I find it funny how the walking talking turds among us suddenly find God in the final years of their lives.
      Slow and steady wins the race San Fran Nan, you left the path of honesty and faith decades ago, good luck finding it before you perish.
      Oh, and you’re in my prayers every night.

      • Roman Catholic here.
        God doesn’t find you if you even casually follow the faith, because you have NEVER strayed so far off the path that you are unable to find the way back.
        Those who are “in the weed and spinning their wheels lost” are the ones that are found.
        Went to Catholic school, real deal, with Nuns.

        • Oh, rulers across the knuckles and spankings too. This was back in the era when there were consequences for bad decisions and actions.

        • There are still consequences today for bad decisions. They’re just not taught in publik skool anymore. You find out what they are when you grow up and step out into the Real World.

          School of Hard Knocks

        • That is why I taught my son the concept of consequences. If you’re good, good things happen. If you’re bad, bad things happen. Usually it was an exile to the “sad chair”. Ironic as he will now sit in the same chair for hours while we play LAN games. I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever disciplined him for anything. He says he is proud of the trust I’ve given him.

    • Trust plays a huge part.
      The left likes to lie to children, thinking the ends justify the means.
      Lying to a child only works until the child realizes he has been given ZERO trust. The end result is a child that will not communicate with OR trust YOU!
      Keep screwing up your kids dumbasses.

  6. Any how many of the fewer than 9% are gang bangers out gang banging? Almost all I would guess. Not that those deaths should be ignored, but it needs to be spelled out so we can start to address the real problems here.

  7. The Wapo actually covered this instead of lying by omission or making some sort of weasely explanation up lumping suicides, DUIs, red ryders and dildo accidents in to bump the numbers where she said they were. Kind of astonishing.

  8. While it might feel good to show how Nancy Pelosi is lying about the magnitude of child murder victims, is that actually effective in preserving our rights and our Republic?

    If Pelosi’s minions:
    (1) Do not care about the truth
    (2) Want to suppress firearm ownership
    (3) Will fork over cash to suppress firearm ownership
    (4) Support that cash paying government agents to quash firearm ownership

    Then we should not waste any significant amount of our limited resources calling out Pelosi’s lies. Instead, we should develop an effective strategy and implement it.

    Think about it this way. Suppose a gang of thugs who live close by have been actively stating how they want to rape your family and will do so once they get whatever they need to accomplish their goal. How should you respond? Listen to their rants, learn where they are mistaken or lying, and then tell them the truth? Or simply tell them that raping your family is wrong, that you have overwhelming force at your disposal, and you WILL apply that overwhelming force with disastrous results on those thugs if they attempt to break into your home and rape your family?

    I believe we are at that point with gun-grabbers. We simply need to tell them that interfering with our ability to defend ourselves, our family, and our community condemns us to armed robbery, beatings, rape, murder, and possibly even invasion if another nation decides we are an attractive target. Then we tell gun-grabbers that condemning us to those atrocities is WRONG, that we have overwhelming force at our disposal, and we WILL apply that overwhelming force against anyone who dares commit or even enable such atrocities against us.

    • uncommon_, we would be very close to that scenario today had the HildaBeast won in 2019 instead of Trump.

      Scalia and Kennedy would have been replaced with Kagen II and Sotamayor II. NY Pistol would have likely been granted cert., but the outcome would have erased the Heller and McDonald decisions.

      We would be in truly desperate shape today had that happened…

  9. Regardless of the lies continuing to be perpetrated by the treasonous left, there is one actual FACT that is beyond all contention:

    “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    THAT is an irrefutable Constitutional FACT, which makes all other contentions a moot point. And if the actual facts are considered, it will be discovered that the problems we are having with ‘gun violence’ are caused by prior unconstitutional democratic party ‘gun control laws’. Which the historical crime rate tables prove beyond all shadow of doubt. And TRUTH is the only valid method to counter lies.

  10. Speaking of gun grabbers. take a look at Virginia. Angry at the sanctuary counties being declared, “hitler” is threatening “dire consequences for not complying with his outrageous bill which includes not only gun grabbing, but outlawing all forms of self defense. The consequences include cutting off all electric power, internet, cell phones etc. Here it comes folks. All because over half of the registered voters decided their vote didn’t matter.

    • Speaking of gun grabbers. take a look at Virginia. Angry at the sanctuary counties being declared, “hitler” is threatening “dire consequences for not complying with his outrageous bill which includes not only gun grabbing, but outlawing all forms of self defense. The consequences include cutting off all electric power, internet, cell phones etc. Here it comes folks. All because over half of the registered voters decided their vote didn’t matter.

      Amazing that he does not threaten these dire consequences for inner city neighborhoods in Richmond, where most of the gun violence actually happens.

    • I really hope he doesn’t. All of these MSM outlets need to be exposed and not let off the hook. Exposure, shame and ridicule are an absolute necessity for these businesses and industries if not more.

      I still have the feeling that the general populace of this country doesn’t even understand the depths that are being gone to by the “communication industry” as well as those of the democratic/progressive ideology.

  11. The only female I’ve ever wanted to just kell over while lying at a microphone, not die just gag and never make another speech. It will probably happen when she gets voted out of office. She is much too vindictively vicious to resign.

  12. Water is wet, sky is blue, leftists lie. They have to. No one is dumb enough to follow their lead if they knew the terrible truth about leftism.


    Nearly 10,000 American children are injured or killed by guns every year

    Over 7,000 children are hospitalized or killed due to gun violence every year, according to a new study published in the medical journal Pediatrics. An additional 3,000 children die from gun injuries before making it to the hospital, bringing the total number of injured or killed adolescents to 10,000 each year.

    The new study, led by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, highlights the toll gun violence has on child mortality rates in the country. Doctors surveyed the most recently released data from 2009 that tracked pediatric hospital stays.

    “This study reinforces what we know from the mortality data,” Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, told NBC News. “We have an extraordinary health burden in our youth associated with firearms injuries.”

    In the 2009 Kids’ Inpatient Database (KID), 7,391 children under the age of 20 had been hospitalized for injuries from firearms and the majority of those gunshot injuries —4,559—resulted from intentional firearm assaults. 2,149 of those injured were accidents, and 270 were suicide attempts. Of the children who were hospitalized, 453 – 6% – died from their injuries.

    “That’s more than 7,000 children injured badly enough to be hospitalized,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. John Leventhal, a pediatrics professor at the Yale School of Medicine. “All are unnecessary hospitalizations because preventing gun violence is something that can actually be done.”

    Levanthal pointed out that parents should keep their guns locked in a safe hiding place and keep them separate from the ammunition to decrease the high number of accidental injuries, especially for smaller children.



    • and the same country aborts about 800,000 per year…go figure
      population control…I love it…
      Darwin in action…deal with it…

    • In the 2009 Kids’ Inpatient Database (KID), 7,391 children under the age of 20…

      I’m going to stop you right there. 15 – 19 year-olds are not children. Try again.

      • To Chips in the head. You have got a lot of them rattling around up there in your thick cranium.

        A few minutes ago you were ranting twenty something were not children. Now you have lowered the rants to that of 15 year olds are not children. Man you are are really a nut case. You claim you have two children. Liar!!!! No one in the right mind who actually has had children would make such an asinine statement. Ask any High School Teacher about how adult a 15 year old is. They would laugh Chip right out of the school room. And so would any real parent reading Chips psychotic rants.

        You got your ass burned big time on this tirade. Give up while you are ahead. The more you rant the more of a complete fool your making of yourself.

        • This is a fun argument.

          I can also (correctly) claim that 26 – 34, 35 – 44, an 45 – 60 year olds are not children. By your math, I’m now up to, what, 5 children?

      • Dear Chip the Stable Genius.

        Here is a brief excerpt from the link Miner posted. Shove this up your kazoo zoo.

        HealthDay Reporter

        MONDAY, Jan. 27, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Gunshot wounds send about 20 children to the hospital every single day in the United States, a new study says.

        A review of hospital records found that firearms caused 7,391 hospitalizations among children younger than 20 during 2009, the most recent year for which records are available, said Dr. John Leventhal, lead study author.

        Of those shooting victims, 453 died while in the hospital.

        More than half of the gun injuries involved an attack on the child, but nearly one-third were unintentional, the investigators found. (Others were of undetermined causes or from suicide attempts.) Three of four hospitalizations of children younger than 10 resulted from accidental injuries.

        “Three firearms-related patients each day are younger than 15 years of age,” Leventhal said. “This is a tragedy. There are substantial injuries to these children that may have lifelong consequences.”

        Try and save face on this one Stable Genius. The more you reply the more laughable it all gets.

        • 3 firearm-related injuries per day for those under 15 = about 1,000.

          Thanks for proving my point. Well-played.

        • ”””””””””””””’3 firearm-related injuries per day for those under 15 = about 1,000.

          Thanks for proving my point. Well-played.================

          Well played you made yourself into a fool again. You made no point at all. There were over 7,300 victims and you in your lunatic sicko reply are saying , Ha, Ha only 1,000 kids got blown away under age 15. Lets forget about all the rest because I Chip the Stable Genius hereby rule the rest are not children and are therefore expendable and do not count. Tell that to the 1000 grieving parents not to mention all the rest because they do not count in your warped viewpoint. Man you are really a sicko,

          I guess you cannot argue with someone who is mentally ill. No sane person would have been foolish enough to try and show everyone how far off the deep end you are just to try and save face.

          It did not work stable Genius, try again. We are now laughing all the harder at you rants.

        • To Chip the Stable self declared Genius

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””””You are correct (for once). One cannot argue with someone who is mentally ill.””””””””””””””””””””

          Well there is hope for you at least your finally admitting you need psychiatric help.

    • Supporting your position with a link to MSDNC (oops… sorry… MSNBC) carries the same amount of credibility as quoting from Nancy Pelosi.


      Hillbillies are not the obnes committing drive-by shootings in inner cities.

  14. Liars LIE What else is new? After the 3 year clown show Wasting Billions & doing nothing for America…. is this a surprise!

    The Dem Party thinks every low information will believe anything they say no matter how wrong it is!

    If the Dems were a baseball team they would fire the guy who hit a home-run 100% of the time and he cured cancer,diabetes & Heart disease as well!

    If the Dems don’t get voted out & the Corrupt media does not go bankrupt… we have a country full of tyrants & commies.


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