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Why are “anti-violence” activists so violent? Could their anti-violence crusade simply mask their own violent tendencies and lack of impulse control?  Either way, cops want to put the cuffs on a gun control preacher in St. Louis who also volunteers as a St. Louis Metro Police Department chaplain.

Prosecutors say Pastor Ronald M. Fraction took a shot at a car as it drove away from a gas station back in February. Prosecutors issued a warrant for his arrest on March 1, in part because the whole incident appears on the business’ video surveillance footage.

The hypocrisy of this so-called pastor runs deep and wide. Pastor Fraction campaigned vigorously for mandatory minimum prison sentences for those convicted of shooting into a car with a child passenger. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in a story about a six-year-old who took a stray gang bullet in the head last year while riding in a car to football practice, wrote this:

The family’s pastor, R.M. Fraction of Mount Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, said he has met with prosecutors to push for mandatory minimum sentences for anyone convicted of shooting into a car when a child is a passenger. Fraction, a chaplain with the St. Louis Police Department, preaches often about gun violence.

“It takes all of us, our eyes and ears, and not to be afraid to talk because it could be at your door next,” Fraction said at a recent prayer service honoring Markel and his family.

The preacher better hope no minors occupied the car he (allegedly) fired upon in the February incident at a gas station.

At the same time, Fraction’s preaching of gun control for the little people doesn’t apply to him.

Here’s is FOX2 St. Louis’ story:

A felony at large warrant has been issued for the arrest of a St. Louis pastor known for supporting families impacted by gun violence.

Pastor Ronald M. Fraction, 63, was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and shooting into a motor vehicle, a Class E felony.

According to the probable cause statement, on February 9, police were called to the Gulf Gas Station on the 5700 block of Natural Bridge. Witnesses told police at least one shot was fired at a vehicle.

Police said surveillance video showed Fraction shooting a gun at a vehicle as it was driving away from him. No word on what led up to the shooting, if the vehicle was struck, or if police have identified the other vehicle or the driver.

Interestingly, while the warrant was issued on March 1st, as of March 9th, a Google search does not show any reports of the clergyman’s arrest. So we appear to have a man of the cloth on the lam. Not only that, but Fraction also claims he once worked as a cop.

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  1. Mandatory minimum sentences for anyone convicted of shooting into a car when a “…child…” is a passenger. The other passengers…not so much.

  2. Liberals & progressives ALWAYS have TWO sets of rules, A strict rigid set for everyone else and a non-existent set for themselves.

    A conservative who doesn’t like guns doesn’t own one. A liberal who doesn’t like guns doesn’t wants anyone to own them. Liberals are anti-freedom fascists.

  3. Anyone who is surprised by this, really needs to buy a clue.

    The guy in the pulpit Sunday railing against sinful homosexuals and drugs almost invariably spends Friday in a hotel smoking crack with a rentboy.

  4. When I read the headline, I thought “why are antiviolent activists so violent?” Then I read your first sentence. A bunch of us probably thought the same thing. Likewise, antifascists are violent and a host of other ‘non-violent’ groups. Just like every country in Africa that starts with ‘The Democratic Republic of….’ is not a democratic anything.

    • The car left the scene under it’s own power so it is probably ok. The driver of the car is probably not even aware that someone was shooting at him or her or the car.

  5. I like the question from GlockMeAmedeus. My comment about the shooter is karma, kismet, fate, and goy ‘cha.

    • Chaplains are just glorified volunteer counselors, no actual LEO credentials. This guy claims to be an ex cop, so if he was carrying it was only as a private person.

  6. Seems as if altogether to many of these “do-gooder” types appear to believe that they do not have to abide by the type of laws they advocate, which strikes me as somewhat strange, or isn’t it.

  7. Not sure why the photo accompanying this article shows two white LEO’s, neither of which are “The Reverend” Fraction, a huge black man who looks even larger in his pastor robe that surely must have been made by St. Louis Tent & Awning. Apparently even Preachers in dysfunctional crime ridden urban “communities” that thrive in $#!+hole cities like St. Louis have a propensity for violence.

  8. I’m a little confused about the comments on this article and the article itself. How is it wrong to ask for more severe punishment for gang violence? Particularly against children? No one is saying it is okay to shoot at cars but your responses are concerning. Also I see that the pastor is against gun violence but nothing about him being against gun ownership. I would be interested to know more about why he was firing at the car.

  9. ferns law:
    democrats dont actually believe in anything that they preach to you about
    case in point:
    if they really believed in womens rights and protecting children and the plight of homosexuals they would HATE muslims
    they would by far be the biggest haters of muslims on the planet
    but theyre not
    thats a tell

  10. “Why are “anti-violence” activists so violent?”

    According to Freud, it is a defense mechanism called reaction formation. Look it up.


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