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Smith & Wesson has been the distributor for Walther guns in US of A since 1999. No more. Walther announced that they’ll be setting up a newco stateside called Walther Arms, Inc. to take over distribution here. But the two aren’t totally splitsville. Some of the relationship will live on (at least for now) as Smith will continue to make Bond fave, the PPK. Likewise, Walther will keep on keepin’ on by producing the M&P 22 for Smith. Full press release after the jump . . .

Arnsberg, Germany based PW Group, owners of shooting sports companies, CARL WALTHER GmbH Sportwaffen and Umarex, announce the formation of Walther Arms, Inc. to handle all the importation, sales, marketing, distribution and servicing of Walther products in the United States. The transition will occur in two phases beginning January 1, 2013. Previously, Smith & Wesson held responsibility for the distribution of Walther firearms and accessories in the United States. On January 1, that responsibility will be handled by the newly formed Walther Arms, Inc. with the exception of the Walther P22 and PK380 models, which Smith & Wesson will continue to sell and distribute through April 30, 2013.

Walther and Smith & Wesson will maintain their strategic alliance on several fronts—Smith & Wesson will continue to manufacture the PPK for Walther Arms, Inc. and CARL WALTHER will continue to manufacture the M&P22 handgun for S&W. Additionally, Umarex will continue to license the Smith & Wesson brand for airgun products. “We are extremely thankful for the relationship we have had and will continue to have with the quality organization of Smith & Wesson,” said Wulf-Heinz Pflaumer, President of PW Group. “Smith & Wesson has been an outstanding partner and has represented the Walther brand in the U.S. with tremendous focus, effort and results. We look forward to many more years of strategic alliance with Smith & Wesson.”

“We are excited about the formation of our new company, Walther Arms, Inc. It will allow us to intensify our focus on the U.S. firearms market,” said Pflaumer. The Walther brand is a legend in the firearms industry with a rich history of design, innovation and outstanding German manufacturing. “Walther is known throughout the world as a leader in handgun innovation and quality. The new U.S. based Walther Arms allows a more direct influence from the U.S. consumer’s wants and needs into our product development.” said Karl Heinz-Luther, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, CARL WALTHER GmbH Sportwaffen.

Walther Arms, Inc. will begin operations sharing a corporate campus in Fort Smith, Arkansas with Umarex USA, another company in the PW Group. Adam J. Blalock has been named President & CEO of Walther Arms, Inc. and will also remain as President & CEO of Umarex USA. “We are extremely grateful for the way Smith & Wesson has represented Walther and we look forward to our continued relationship with them”, said Blalock, “We will have a dedicated team focused on meeting the needs of U.S. consumers with high quality, innovative products worthy of the Walther brand. We are very thankful for the many loyal Walther customers and we’re excited for the opportunity to serve them.”

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  1. Walther finally has a flagship product in the US the PPQ thats why. They see the PPQ and other guns like the caracal eating into the glock dominated civilian and leo market.

    • Love my PPQ! I was wondering when this was going to happen, when Walther would establish itself in the USA, without S&W as it’s distributor. Thanks for the info.

  2. The PPQ looks like a nice pistol. I don’t recall seeing a review. Is TTAG planning a review anytime soon?

    • Sturmgewehre has an excellent and informative review for the PPQ he did quite sometime ago.

      Myself and everyone I know that’s fired one has been very impressed with the trigger, the ergonomics, and pretty much everything else about the pistol… except the mag release. It’s the only part of the PPQ you’ll hear complaints about and it’s a love it or hate it kinda thing. The trigger is creep-free, breaks cleanly, and super short and quick reset; it’s easily the most impressive trigger I’ve felt on a polymer framed pistol. The ambi mag release is a small lever on the trigger guard like some HKs, it takes some getting used to. The frame is small and light, fits the hand well, and comes with backstrap replacements for different hands. Finally, the gun is very accurate and very easy to shoot.

      Normally I’m a CZ guy, but I’m strongly considering springing for a PPQ.

  3. Walther, if you’re listening, please keep cranking out those P99s (especially the AS models). I know you say you have no plans to discontinue the line, but they just don’t seem to exist anywhere. I doubt there is a single new one in California. Please keep ’em coming. Thanks.

  4. The P99 has been capable of being a flagship firearm for Walther. Poor marketing hasn’t helped it or Walther .

  5. when will it be possible to purchase a ppq-m2. have not been able to find any where ever I look please help with some good information Thank you

  6. This needed to happen, too many complaints about quality control issues with Smith & Wesson in Houlton, Maine. The big recall, so many PPK’s went out to the realers that were unsafe and defective. I believe the Walther company realized that they needed to take back control of their guns.. Good move. S& W will still be making them, but I believe the repairs & and QC will be done by the new company, Walther Arms, Inc out of Fort Smith, Arkansas. This is truly good news for the devoted Walther customers.

  7. I absolutely impressed with my P99 AS. Simple put…the best da/sa polymer pistol with the right ergonomics, second strike, accurate, gobble any weight 9MM pistol ammo out there.
    PS….did I mention decocker. I have all major brand pistols, but is the one I always carry.

  8. I absolutely impressed with my P99 AS. Simple put…the best da/sa polymer pistol with the right ergonomics, multiple strike capability, accurate, gobble any weight and type 9MM ammo out there
    PS….did I mention decocker. I have all major brand pistols, but this is the one I always carry.

  9. I got a walther ppq m2 45 I shot 80 rounds fmj worked fawless I called Walther Arms I asked can the gun shoot lead bullets sence I seen Glock had problems with barrel the Walther employee told me it would be fine. i taken it back to range to try lead bullets I would shoot 12 rounds let it cool down while I shoot another gun.then shoot 12 more an so on after 60 rounds the gun locked down I could not get the slide to slide back to eject the shell witch was stuck half way. I called Walther repair service.I told the man i was shooting lead bullets he told me it wouldn t
    Hurt it.they emailed me label . I shipped gun few days later . Walther repair called me back and told me the barrel had bulge due to leading in the barrel and wants me to pay over 220.00 for new barrel Now in the manuel it don t say not to shoot lead bullets or a warning label hanging on trigger..i think it pretty damn dirty to sale a gun with a lifetime warrenty and want me to pay to fix a brand new gun. I asked to speak to mananager the told me it would be monday.I will hire a lawyer .If Walther don t fix this gun. I will post pic in the newse paper and full story and The Product Safety Commission. People could get there face blown up with these guns. Shame on Walther for even saling this to american people.


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