Walther Goes Big With Their Shoot It. Love It. Buy It. Guarantee

How many gun companies give a guarantee like the Walther Arms Shoot It. Love It. Buy It. promise?

There’s a certain level of apprehension when you consider buying a firearm, and understandably so. If you threw money at every flashy gun you saw, you’d be the proud owner of a lot of lemons.

But there is such a thing as a true 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for potential gun owners, and it comes from an already-trusted brand, Walther Arms.

This isn’t your typical promotion or special deal that Walther has drummed up to invoke attention and spike sales. It’s a pact Walther makes which each owner in an effort to prove their guns’ craftsmanship, durability, and reliability.

The two specific elements of the opportunity start with a quick registration at ShootItLoveItBuyIt.com and an easy voucher number claim. Take that number to a participating dealer (they make it easy to find one near you), and take home a Walther PPQ.

Then you’ve got 30 days to give it a spin. If you don’t come to find you love the gun within that time frame, you can return it for a full refund.

The offer includes all Walther PPQ models: the PPQ M1, PPQ M2, PPQ 45, PPQ Sub Compact, Q5 Match, Q5 Match Steel Frame, PPQ 22, and PPQ Q4 Tac.

It’s all about getting a gun in your hands, gaining a feel for its capabilities, and then making the decision on whether or not it’s for you.

Give credit for confidence when it’s due, and take Walther up on their offer. What have you got to lose?



  1. avatar MyName says:

    Looks like you have to buy from a limited number of pre-approved dealers – only two in my state, none in my home town.

    1. avatar DDay says:

      Limited is the key word here.

      Zero participating dealers in NH, VT, MA, CA or FL and only 2 in PA, 6 in TX, 1 in GA

      1. avatar Chicago Steve says:

        Zero in Illinois

        1. avatar JB's bj says:

          Illinois IS a zero!

    2. avatar Jeremy D. says:

      Theres one right around the corner from me but their prices are a major deterrant

      1. avatar MyName says:

        I expect the limited selection of dealers will stick pretty close to MSRP.

    3. avatar Ranger Rick says:

      You don’t have to buy it from a participating dealer to return it to Walther for a refund during the 30 day period.

  2. avatar Texican says:

    There’s a range near me where you pay your rental and ammo fee and you can shoot every one of their rental guns. I have literally shot 20 guns in one session. More ranges should do this! And, of course, they do sell guns so you can buy the one you like.

    1. avatar DDay says:

      Several around here do this as well. Very good idea and more should follow suit.

      1. avatar Jeremy D. says:

        I kind of thought all of them did that. I cant recall ever visiting one that didnt

  3. avatar possum says:

    The last Walther I shot had a plastic frame, it was in .22 caliber, the front sight fell off.

    1. avatar Guest says:

      I know exactly what you mean. The last car I drove had rubber tires and had to have the oil changed once.

      1. avatar Dog of War says:

        Shilling for a sub-par gun maker is no way to go through life son.

    2. avatar Dog of War says:

      A buddy of mine had that exact same problem, and worse. I can’t say that I’ve heard of one of Walther’s other designs in a proper caliber having that problem. But it doesn’t exactly fill me with an overwhelming feeling on confidence, that’s for sure. And no amount of sponsored content pretending to be an objective opinion is going to change that.

      1. avatar possum says:

        The last Walther I shot had a pink plastic frame with back camouflage type designs, it was owned by a young woman. It was in .22 caliber and midpoint through the box of 500 the front sight became detached and was lost. The firegum also jammed on several occasions. I cannot recall the model number of that pistul . With that experience and compared to the Walther of old , I found the quality was lacking and would not recommend that particular model, whatever it was. …Or ” I shooted whan oh them things and duh frunt siiett felled off.”

        1. avatar PRK543 says:

          Unfortunately there are essentially 2 walthers. The Ulm plant, which makes the p99, ppq, PPS and maybe the Creed. There is also the Arnesberg plant, which puts out the shit pistols like the p22, pk380, ccp?, Etc. Unfortunately when Walther sold out to Uramex, they ended up making some not so great guns out of Arnesburg under the Walther banner. The Ulm manufactured guns are generally well regarded as quality guns.

        2. avatar Allen says:

          I purchased a PK380 used. It was not extracting the spent casings. I sent it to Walther under the lifetime warranty. They claimed they replaced the extractor with a new one. When the PK380 was received. It worked no better than it did before.

          I am no gunsmith. However, upon searching on line, I found the same problem description, and the solution. I had to make some slight modifications to the extractor that was just replaced. After which I was able to shoot 5 different manufacturers rounds, and it worked great, without a single extraction failure. I am not to impressed with their pistols, or the skills of their technicians.

  4. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

    First and last one I bought was the CCP. Loved the grip. Too afraid to take it apart to clean= haven’t cleaned it. Two years old, used 3 times. Waiting to hear back if they’ll trade for a new (easy to take down) model.

  5. avatar Buff cousin Elroy says:

    What’s the matter, ttag rent increase? All this sponsored content makes the site overall much shittier. Nobody likes sifting through veiled advertisements to read an actual real article

    1. avatar Marcia Mason says:

      Actually, I found that information worthwhile. So, sorry.

    2. avatar MLee says:

      Try configuring your browser better instead of bitching.

  6. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Well. I will say that it is a big deal that Walther is offering this deal.

    Shows some cods on their part.

    If 4 or 5 manufacturers did that, it would change the industry.

    Right now, I would buy a Creed, SD9, Sccy, or Ruger Security 9 for a fun range gun or “try me gun” as the cost of entry is low.

    Walther may be going for the 3 gun competitor with their pricier models. Home defences and EDC options are much cheaper to gamble on.

  7. avatar David B says:

    This is a joke of a promo. They have around 50 dealers out of 50,000 participating. They do not win any points for this.

    1. avatar Tim says:

      Just buy a Canik.


      1. avatar bryan1980 says:


  8. avatar Swarf says:

    So, the polymer-framed striker-fired handgun market is so over saturated that we are starting to see gimmicky warranties.

    Next up, 10 years or 100,000 rounds, whichever comes first.

  9. avatar Binder says:

    If Wather was really serious, they would include free shipping for any warranty work for 5 years no matter who you bought it from. Shipping handguns can be expensive.

  10. avatar Bitter says:

    No New Mexico dealers participating either.

    1. avatar Marcia Mason says:

      No doubt. At this point in NM, with their anti-gun stance, you’d be lucky to buy any guns in that state. They are just another Californication.

      1. avatar enuf says:

        I have relatives in New Mexico. In their county and all the counties around them the Sheriff’s have pledged not to comply with anti-Second Amendment legislation.

        So it ain’t gone down the toilet there yet.

  11. avatar SoCalJack says:

    Say someone tries it, doesn’t buy it, does it become a discounted gun? If yes, would it be a good value? Time will tell, maybe after folks receive their tax return?

    1. avatar enuf says:

      Good point. Could make this deal worthwhile if it creates a bunch of “deeply discounted” guns. Not for me as I only be MADE IN USA, but for somebody.

      Maybe they’d take off a percent or two ?

    2. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Probably like redbox Sigs. It will depend on what value the buyers put on it.

  12. avatar Nanashi says:

    CCP2 not covered.

  13. avatar enuf says:

    If it were a MADE IN USA gun maker I’d be excited. Or at least interested.

  14. avatar Grumpster says:

    There are very few dealers that offer the voucher but Walther also has a way to return a PPQ bought new within 30 days for a refund subject to their inspection of returned PPQ. Details in video below. I have no idea if purchase price includes sales tax or not.

  15. avatar GS650G says:

    I’ve got three PPQ pistols and may buy a fourth. I didn’t need this promotion to determine they make a great gun.

    1. avatar WILL says:

      Why so many PPQs GS650G?? I have a PPQ M2 Navy (for suppressor work) and even though Gun Tests rates it a “B”, I’m satisfied with its performance in the field…however, the trigger is not quite the advertised “best” in a polymer striker-fired…

  16. avatar 24and7 says:

    Please include the p99as..

  17. avatar David Oldt says:

    I bought a ppq m2 q4 tac. I liked the firearm a lot but was not accurate with it at all, so I want something that is. I sent it back using the shoot it love it buy it promotion and am still waiting for my refund a month later. I can’t get a straight answer out of anyone at Walther when they decide to respond to my emails a few days later. They make it seem like they only have one gunsmith who works for them, and he/ she has to inspect every gun before I get my money back. God knows how long it will take. They said two weeks but here I am. They have no problem taking your money but when it comes to a refund we must jump through there hoops.

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