KelTec’s New .22LR CP33™
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KelTec’s always been known for innovation and fun. Now they’ve taken both of those to the next level with the new CP33 .22LR pistol that gives you virtually unlimited shooting enjoyment…with less time spent reloading.

That’s because the CP33 comes with not one, but two 33-round magazines. That’s 66 rounds of plinking or competition fun right out of the box.

KelTec didn’t scrimp on features with the CP33, either. Besides its adjustable fiber optic sights and an M-LOK slot in the aluminum barrel housing for mounting accessories like lights and lasers, the new pistol also comes with a standard 12-28 threaded barrel for mounting a suppressor.

And that long sight radius, topped with a full-length aluminum optic-ready Picatinny rail, turns long-range targets into short-range bullseyes.

Check out a KelTec CP33 at your local retailer today and get ready for more fun than you’ve had shooting in a long time.


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  1. Might be a fun range gun if the trigger is good. Ohhh and more importantly. Its real retail price.

  2. Haven’t we seen this before? At least the pics? It was a stupid looking pistol then and still is today. Does anyone even make a holster for it? If I have to carry it in my hand I prefer a rifle.

    • I see it as primarily a range toy and therefore not needing a holster.

      There are lots of guns out there for which procuring a holster is a PITA and sometimes only possible by getting a generic holster for that general sized gun. Doesn’t mean the gun isn’t worth owning, it just means you don’t buy it as a carry piece.

    • I am so sick of these gun companies that scrimp on putting a decent beaver tail on a gun. Finally, Kel-Tec raises the bar for aesthetics and hand-protection.

  3. The lowest price on right now is $999.99 for BUY IT NOW.

    Looks like a lot of fun potential. Be terrific in a zombie situation, loaded with Stingers or such like.

    Will have to wait a bit though. Right now the price is entirely BUY IT WAY LATER on my budget.

    Possibly pick it up cheap and used in a couple years, after the zombies are wiped out and the demand goes down.

    • The price has come down since you wrote your comment…Botach = $475.00 – out of stock…that’s better than 50% off Gunbroker’s price…

  4. “Check out a KelTec CP33 at your local retailer today” – Whoever penned those words has quite a sense of humor…

  5. $999.99!? You have got to be kidding me! I wouldn’t pay $9.99 for that abortion. Look up “The Next Thing To Useless” in Webster’s and you’re going to see a pic of that pistol.

    • You are so right you are so so right 99 and three-quarter percent of all Kel-Tec Weapons or crap not just regular crap big-time smelly stinky crap Kel-Tec I screwed many many people with their 22 Magnum pistol . I have one and the only way I got it to work i had to fix it my self Kel-Tec would not do anything to help me and the guy was and is still in warranty.

      • I have an RDB. It’s very solid, my only kvetches are that the takedown pins on the foregrip can get pretty effing hot, and I don’t know why they didn’t put mlok slots on the sides.

        I’m happy enough with it that I wouldn’t rule out getting another Kel-Tec product at some point, but my expectation of the CP33 is ‘range toy’ not ‘work gun’.

      • I have a friend who’s EDC was a Kel-Tec .380 ACP of some description. He went to shoot it one day. Discovered he had been carrying it with a broken mainspring. Replaced it. Ditto. Again. He threw that piece of shit in the junk drawer. He now carries a S&W 642.

    • You are so right you are so so right 99 and three-quarter percent of all Kel-Tec Weapons or crap not just regular crap big-time smelly stinky crap Kel-Tec I screwed many many people with their 22 Magnum pistol . I have one and the only way I got it to work i had to fix it my self Kel-Tec would not do anything to help me and the gun was and is still in warranty.

    • I think that’s a typo where what they meant was “1/2-28” since that’s a standard threading for .22LR

  6. It is really awesome to that kind of capacity of rounds. Why Kel Tec. That is really the only thing that keeps me from wanting to buy it. Kel Tec’s lack of reliability. The idea of going to the shooting range is to shoot not trying to fix feed malfunctions. Even with quality ammo.

  7. Not much of a “looker” is she? Bet she has a great personality thou, 33rds would be illegal here anyway so won’t be seeing one anytime soon, which is good I guess….cause “ugh”

    • Put a paper sack over it’s head or, failing that, beauty is only a light switch away.

  8. Hey look an optics ready pic rail on it, every manufacturer should pay attention to that!

  9. I have a P11 and like it a lot. Reliable, lightweight, compact and I can shoot it ok after some warmup time with that trigger. It’s the only Keltec I can see myself with out of their whole line. As far as their 22 goes, I think the PMR30 looks goofy, plasticky, and just has a generally poor reputation for reliability. No thanks.
    Now this thing, on the other hand, if it is reliable with a hodgepodge bag o’ ammo, could be a real treat unless it gets finicky after few rounds and is a beach to clean up after. I could give it half a chance if it gets around enough to have some decent repute and staying power. Not at those prices, though! It’ll either work well to much acclaim or be ridiculed and be banished to the island of misfit guns.

    • I do a lot of traveling, and where ever I go, I do some gun shop tourism. Here are states where I find lots of Kel Tec products:
      Nevada (Vegas)

    • You missed that the pics came from a “preview” feature Jeremy S did on this and some fancy shotgun-y thing that I forget about.

      He was Kel-Tec’s guest along with other media types in Montana or Wyoming or some frozen place that isn’t Florida.

      The shells were already on the ground, is what I’m getting at.

    • I use empty shot shells as targets all the time, range is usually littered with them. Or maybe the pic is for size comparison

    • Same deal here with empty shotshells, they make great plinking targets. Can often find many left behind by the litterbugs who work hard at getting public lands closed to shooting.

      Just set up a line of em and get out the 10/22, or the oldie but goodie wheelguns, whatever you got.

      When done, do what I do and pick up a hundred or more so, stuff ’em in a trash bag and leave the open land slightly cleaner than you found it.

      • I hear ya, today would’ve been “Range Day” but game wardens closed it for cleaning. A$$holes keep leaving microwaves and shooting beer bottles on it, I usually leave there with way more crap then I went with and have to make a special trip to the dump after.

  10. I’m looking for the positive and saying that pistol looks like it might have a nice balance.

  11. I don’t really get it. Why is it so bulky? The PMR 30 isn’t. And that has 30 rnds of .22 magnum. What is the .22lr so damn big? A PMR sized .22lr would be great.

    • Because they kept the bolt internal reciprocating only, unlike the PMR. Slide doesn’t move for those “competition” type optics they have mounted up there to work.

  12. “S&S Munitions … because running out of bullets is just plain stupid.”

    Make it in Yellow and Black!!!

  13. I picture the design team at Kel-Tec as a group of top notch engineers but they are all on drugs.

  14. Still waiting for the Glock Vertical Cylinder V8 revolver to show up at the gun stores.

    Still waiting.

  15. Purchased it Thursday ($450 at local gun store) last week and ran it for 300 rounds before it started to slow down
    Like any 22 it will get dirty.

    CCI standard velocity will cycle it well with 30 or less rounds in the mag
    Winchester subsonic 42G is to long for my mags and caused jams
    CCI stinger will cycle mags filled to 33 rounds

    I would like a stronger recoil spring as it’s hard to get full mags to chamber due to slow slide speed when dropping the bolt release or pulling back the charging handle.

    Kel-tech even warns that until the mag breaks in… it maybe best to under load as the magazine spring is very strong at the start…combined with the gun breaking in.

    The trigger is fantastic and the design of the hammer (it stays mostly below the bolt path) once cocked leading to very low friction on bolt return.

    Accuracy rested was great… free standing … well I’m pretty bad

    • Picked mine up yesterday (Thursday, 14 March). Only put 150 rounds through. KelTec recommends only 20 – 25 rounds for the first couple of mag charges…25 worked well for me. The first two rounds of Federal GameShok 40’s jammed their noses into the chamber face and did not chamber…the next 23 rounds ran flawlessly. I loaded 25 rounds of Aguila Interceptor (40 gr high velocity) and they did fine from number 25 down to zero. CCI MiniMags ran well for the next 100 rounds. A buddy brought his Sparrow and it was a (quiet) hoot to shoot.

      The mags fit tight. Looking at the mag well I wondered if the KelTec engineers saved a bit of design money and copied the PMR grip…yep, PMR mags lock into place perfectly and vice versa. If the PMR fits your hand the CP33 will also.

      It is definitely muzzle heavy (especially so with a Sparrow mounted). Trigger and accuracy were very acceptable.

      Disassembly is a snap…reassembly can be a tad bit tricky…READ the instructions!

      I may have to invest in a case of .22 lr come gopher season.

      • Apologies…forgot the important part…$439 out the door.

        Called KelTec today for spare mags…very nice lady said that they wouldn’t be available until sometime next week…no idea of price yet.

        Will be mounting a Romeo1 3 MOA tomorrow.

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