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For those who are recoil averse and like an easier-racking slide with a lighter trigger pull, a .380 carry gun with a DA/SA action is just what the doctor ordered. Walther certainly hopes you’ll agree as they’ve just announced their new PD380, a 9+1 fully ambidextrous pistol designed for concealed carry and easy operation. Here’s their press release . . .

In the world of concealed carry, Walther has long been synonymous with precision, reliability, and unmatched craftsmanship. With a legacy that spans generations, Walther has once again set a new standard with the PD380, a compact .380 ACP pistol that embodies the perfect fusion of power and ease of use.

At the heart of the PD380 lies its unrivaled ease of use, carefully engineered to ensure an experience like no other. Boasting minimal recoil and an effortless-to-rack slide, even those new to shooting can confidently handle without any compromises. The Walther PD380 grants you the experience to embrace every shot, free from concerns about high-recoil, ensuring each moment on the range or in the field becomes an absolute pleasure.

Step into a new era of firepower and elegance with the Walther PD380 today. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just beginning your journey into concealed carry, the Walther PD380 promises an unmatched experience. Join the ranks of those who trust in Walther’s heritage of excellence and take charge with the PD380.

Benefit from versatile shooting options with the Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA) trigger system, allowing for both rapid follow-up shots and the option to carry with the hammer down.

The SuperTerrain Serrations are uniquely designed protruding serrations on the slide, allowing for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement with the pistol.

Experience unparalleled control and comfort with the performance duty grip texture, designed to enhance your shooting proficiency and provide a secure hold.

With the Ambidextrous Slide-Mounted Safety, you have the freedom to confidently engage or disengage the safety mechanism using either hand.

Swiftly reload with the intuitive and ambidextrous paddle magazine release, enabling smooth and efficient magazine changes for continuous shooting.


Caliber: .380 ACP
Capacity: 9+1
Overall Length: 6.48″
Width: 1.5″
Height: 5.15″
Barrel Length: 3.7″
Weight (with empty magazine): 20.6 oz.
Magazines Included: 2
Action: DA/SA
MSRP: $449.00

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  1. It looks like a latecomer to the Ruger Security .380 and and Shield EZ show. The Ruger has a greater capacity and a lower price. The quality is probably comparable.

    • Yes, the last .22 I shot made by Walther sucked.
      The front sight fell off and it failed to feed quite often.

  2. How rare are (proper, as God intended it) hammer-fired .380s in the EDC market?

    I’m kinda glad to see this released… 🙂

    • Another, new hammer-fired 380 is the EAA Girsan MC 14T, which is a similar size and weight (only slightly longer) but holds 13+1 rounds and has a 4.5″ barrel (the longest barrel 380 ACP pistol I’ve seen, which should maximize the little cartridge’s velocity and power over the 3″ barrels of other 380 ACP pistols). The EAA Girsan MC 14T is known for its tip-up 4.5″ barrel, similar to Beretta’s “cat guns” (Cheetah, Tomcat, Bobcat, etc.), so no slide-racking is required.

      • Thanks for the info :

        If you have a dud round, will cycling it clear the chamber, or do you have to pick it out, like my Beretta Tomcat .22 lr?

        • Same as your Tomcat. There’s no extractor due to the tip-up design. So one would have to pick it out…

        • “There’s no extractor due to the tip-up design.”

          That’s the reason I can’t carry the Beretta EDC, yeah, you can pull the trigger again as many times as you want, but a dud primer will kill you.

          I hope someone can figure out a way to incorporate an extractor…

  3. Paddle mag release and likely single stack? Better be pretty special in other respects…well, not really? Ship ’em to you crane.

  4. I’ve noticed a lot of promoting of the .380acp cartridge lately.
    I suppose with advanced technology the .380 is just as good as a 9mm Makarov which is just as good 9mm Luger which is just as good as a .45 which is just as good as a 105mm as long as it’s got Creedmoore +p+ scratched on the bottom.

  5. Golly, I just watched the video, the beginning looks just like what me and my girlfiend do when I forget to get her her bananas.

    • “…I just watched the video, the beginning looks just like what me and my girlfiend do when I forget to get her her bananas.”

      Yeah, but I bet the make-up nookie is *amazing*, ‘Marsupial One’… 😉

      • After getting whacked in the head with a pan its one of those rare occasions when I can actually say ” Not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache.”

    • You out here throwing up softballs knowing I can’t help but okay the game:
      I can run up north and give her a banana lol
      You just play dead like hissing furballs do

  6. Looks like a refreshed PK380 with a slide that blends in with the PDP family. No more S&W-imposed Hillary hole and the mag capacity was bumped from 8 to 9. Based on the video I conclude the manual safety still doesn’t decock. And they figured out how to unlock the slide without a special tool.

    • There is nothing like having to pull the trigger to decock a gun. That’s never going to lead to accidental discharges. I like my PK380, but it has some goofy features and feels like a cheap airsoft gun. Maybe the PD improves upon all that stuff.

  7. Company Offers Customers a Free AR-15. (anti-gun idiots and liberal media go nuts over it, increasing the coverage resulting in more roofs being sold leading to more guns going to people and other companies wanting to do the same thing. lwft wing, among the best gun salesmen there are.)

  8. Meh, wonder if it is made at the Ulm plant or the Umarex one? I don’t mind a safety on a semi auto pistol but don’t like slide mounted one. An updated PPS with higher capacity would be nice though.

  9. Will this POS also have a zinc slide like the P22? Yes, that is correct, the P22 had a ZINC slide and of course it would crack near the ejection port cutout. This ended me purchasing anything with the name Walther on it, forever. I prefer a real firearm.

  10. Oh wow they re-skinned their old piece of shit .380 and are marketing it as a new piece of shit .380. They didn’t even bother to get rid of the frame mounted controls.


    I’m sure they’ll sell tens of them.

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