Stephen Crowder Publishes What He Says are the First 3 Pages of Leaked Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto

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Stephen Crowder has published what he says is a portion of the manifesto that Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale wrote before murdering three students and three adults at the Covenant School in Nashville earlier this year. Hale was then shot and killed by responding police officers. Despite early promises to release the killer’s manifesto, officials have so far refused to make it public more than seven months after the shooting.

Crowder has posted images of three pages at Twitter and Facebook. According the Crowder, Facebook quickly took the post down. What Crowder describes as the first three pages is still posted at Twitter.

As Crowder describes at a post at his site, Hale recorded a sort of stream of consciousness rant on the day of the shooting . . .

      • The manifesto detailed thoughts Hale had leading up to what was referred to as “DEATH DAY”, as well as a timeline in which the shooting would take place.
      • Audrey Hale: “Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready…I hope my victims aren’t.”
      • Hale: “I hope I have a high death count.”
      • Hale: “Kill those kids!!!”
      • Hale: “going to fancy private schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertibles.”
      • Hale: “Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little faggots w/ your white privileges”• Hale: There were several times I could have been caught especially b—ack in the summer of 2021.
      • Hale: “It might be 10 minutes tops. It might be 3-7. Its gunna go quick.”

Read Crowder’s full post here.

Assuming this is in fact authentic, there’s no reason not to release the full manifesto, just as has been done with those of other high profile spree killers. Don’t look for that to happen any time soon, however.

Someone at either the local level, the federal level, or both seems to have made the assessment that allowing the public to read Hale’s manifesto is contrary to their interests. Whatever those interests may be.


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  1. Keep in mind the Puppet NEVER visited this area after the tragic shooting, unlike other, more politically convenient, shootings.

    Audrey’s main motivation seems to stem from antiwhitism which is being pushed 24/7 by the Regime. Would the Puppet & Co. ignore this tragedy if the shooter was a racist Trump supporter? Why the different standard? (Answer: It’s never about humanity. It’s always about power.)

    Has anyone noticed the exact same “colonizer” and “oppressor” language being directed toward Jews in Israel and white people in Western countries? Are the normies paying attention yet?

    P.S. Was her horrible handwriting part of her trying to play the part of being a guy?

      • Marxism wouldn’t exist without envy.

        White people are used as scapegoats for Democrat Party failures. They are the “oppressors” according to the Marxists.

        • That’s why they hate asians. How dare these immigrants to learn and be succesfull instead of being lazy, on welfare and democrat voting lists?

        • They should be showing Asians as the example to follow. Asians are more financially successful and family-oriented than white people. But it’s never about helping humanity. It’s always about gaining power. Democrats can’t afford for black people to begin believing in themselves. If you want your child to grow up to be dependent on you, then you teach them that they can never make it on their own without your assistance.

    • Jews used to be able to say they aren’t “white” for some reason. They can’t get away with that anymore now that the melanin hierarchy places even genocidal death cult homosexual executing woman enslaving psychotics above even the Holocaust simply because they’re a little darker in skin tone.

    • I’m glad we finally have a h0mosexual saying how much they hate children. Now you know why they tried to hide this. Very detailed. Good. Now let the accusations of being called a homophobe begin.

    • “Has anyone noticed the exact same “colonizer” and “oppressor” language“

      Hmmm, I didn’t see “colonizer” and “oppressor” in the alleged text…

      “Sounds to me more like jealously“


      “Hale: “going to fancy private schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertibles.”

      • “I didn’t see “colonizer” and “oppressor” in the alleged text…”

        I didn’t say it was in the alleged text. I’m referring to the poisonous propaganda being pumped out 24/7 by your comrades. The intention of that poison is to cause racial division, class division, and the hatred of this country. This school shooter apparently drank all of the left wing kool-aid. She was even tranz which is also being promoted 24/7 by your comrades.

        • In her mind she was taking out the colonizing oppressors (crackers), so…one man’s (normal people) terrorist is another man’s (Miner) freedom fighter.

    • It’s the same Dude, BLM and Antifa are domestic terrorist sanctioned by our own federal government. The Federal government is schizophrenic, trying to serve 2 masters.

  2. “Assuming it’s real”

    With the guardrail, a hill with a walkway going up it, and a Nashville PD car in the background of that photo, It was clearly taken in the back parking lot of the Midtown Police Station. the gloves and uniform tell me it was taken by an investigator on the case. and with all the recently dead foliage in the background, I’m guessing it was taken recently and not in March.

    The cops want this out. it will be out.

  3. If it is real I expect it will be very quiet on a lot of media. If not I am sure fake conspiracy theory headlines rather soon. Either way I doubt a lot of people with agendas want this in the news.

  4. It would be interesting what else she ranted about. This is only a small portion .

    There is likely rants about everything conceivable about every group.

    • Every group?
      I am pretty sure we will only find groups that the left hates, like whites, christians, families, rich and succesfull people.
      There won’t be anything negative about blacks, muslims, …

      • She did make a gay slur, so not so sure the full extent of her hate.

        Maybe deep in her rants was hatred for her own sexual tendencies.

        • “She did make a gay slur, so not so sure the full extent of her hate.”

          It’s not unknown that a closet gay will act like they hate gays, to ‘prove’ they are not gay…

        • So it was a “Hate Crime” then?

          But this person appears to hate everyone, including themselves.

        • It was more than a hate crime… it was a Leftist ideology groomed and motivated political terrorism attack.

        • “it was a Leftist ideology groomed and motivated political terrorism attack.”

          That’s exactly what it is. She’s like a left wing caricature that came to life.

  5. This manifesto had no use for any investigations. Especially since all investigations ended. Especially no details that must stay secret.
    This manifesto isn’t calling for copycat attacks.
    This manifesto just confirms what we already suspected: a mentally ill attacker that believed the gender and anti-white indoctrination in schools and universities. A monster the left / government has created.

    • Max Mueller,

      This manifesto had … no details that must stay secret.

      This manifesto just confirms … a mentally ill attacker that believed the gender and anti-white indoctrination in schools and universities.

      A monster the left / government has created.

      Your statements are entirely correct except for that first line where you stated that this murderer’s manifesto had no details which need to be kept secret. Far-Left Pr0gre$$ive True Believers absolutely want to keep their agenda secret and the public in the dark.

      The really fun question: what exactly is their true agenda?

      I am going to argue that their true agenda is to cause as much chaos, pain, suffering, and death as possible.

      • Well, i was talking about actual investications where you find people or find new facts, not the agenda driven clown circus of propaganda warfare this has become. It’s quite obvious why they wanted to keep it hidden.

      • before they can change it…they have to break it…step one in the implementation of their agenda…

      • The Church only sued to keep the abuse scandal they went through a few years back, apparently mentioned in the actual manifesto, out of the news cycle again.

        It’s not a left-wing conspiracy.

    • You aren’t interested in knowing your enemy? You aren’t interested in helping the normies to know their enemy?

    • gunnygene,

      I came to post a similar sentiment to Dude’s comment.

      It is helpful to know the current state of affairs–the actual affairs–and be able to inform the masses accordingly.

  6. Totally unrelated (not):

    “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” -Miner49er on recent terrorist attacks

    • As I recall, that statement was from Ronald Reagan, in reference to the IRA hunger-strikers in Long Kesh prison in Britain. I remember it well.

      • I listed the context in which Miner49er used that comment. I’m posting this on a page describing a “freedom fighter” taking out the “oppressors.” Do I really need to go into any more detail about what this means?

      • You don’t remember it well at all. The hunger strike was 1981. Reagan referenced the quote in 1986, and he didn’t create it. He criticized it.

        “Effective antiterrorist action has also been thwarted by the claim that — as the quip goes — ‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.’ That’s a catchy phrase, but also misleading. Freedom fighters do not need to terrorize a population into submission. Freedom fighters target the military forces and the organized instruments of repression keeping dictatorial regimes in power. Freedom fighters struggle to liberate their citizens from oppression and to establish a form of government that reflects the will of the people. Now, this is not to say that those who are fighting for freedom are perfect or that we should ignore problems arising from passion and conflict. Nevertheless, one has to be blind, ignorant, or simply unwilling to see the truth if he or she is unable to distinguish between those I just described and terrorists. Terrorists intentionally kill or maim unarmed civilians, often women and children, often third parties who are not in any way part of a dictatorial regime. Terrorists are always the enemies of democracy. Luckily, the world is shaking free from its lethargy and moving forward to stop the bloodshed.”

      • Yeah let’s equate what Hamas did with the Revolutionary War. Brilliant take Phillip.

        The funny part is, I already said (earlier today) that people use that line referring to George Washington. I also said the low IQ sheep eat it up, equating Hamas with American Patriots.

        • British commanders complained about the PEASANTS, firing from behind walls and trees and running away..

          I know they would call it “TERRORISM”, since the PEASANTS were not fighting “FAIR”!!!

      • to phillip
        Thank God for the wise educated white men. Who wrote our founding documents. That right I said it.

      • They were terrorists in the eyes of the king. wWho didn’t give a rats ass if all the deplorable over here just dropped dead. Tho he probably preferred to see them drawn and quartered.
        You know just for fun

  7. “Assuming this is in fact authentic, there’s no reason not to release the full manifesto,…”

    If they do claim it’s fake, they can just post the actual one.

    EDIT –

    Anyone care to lay odds on the probability of a copy-cat using *that* as their inspiration? 🙁

  8. TN resident here, this will explain why the dems wanted to push red flag and more gun control laws and keep the manifesto secret: seems one of their own carried out this massacre.

  9. How about the (11:20 AM entry) “final video tape”?

    This suggests there was more than one “video tape”.

  10. Lets not discount the possibility that this individual had more of a diary than a manifesto. From what we know about the shooter they seemed self absorbed and petulant. That they would have a whiney, stream of consciousness diary chronicling their resentments and grievances is not a great surprise.

    The perp was a loser and nut. This writing is 100% consistent with that.

  11. Hatred of race based on color is evolutions fault.
    ” That rainbow is boring, needs a little color.”
    Dude your gonna lose your night vision.
    ” Oh in 10 thousands years or so someone will make goggles for that and get rich selling them to humans that like to kill in the dark.”
    Oh dear.
    “No that’s illegal.”

  12. I believe one of the largest contributors to these mass shooters is the international fame that they receive by their actions. Somebody could certainly argue the case that attention derived from the mass media is spurring these cases.

    How about if we use the evil combination of the government plus Google to do just the opposite of what the killer wants…. to scrub them from history.

    Eliminate the killer from history back to the day they were born. Delete their birth records, scrub them from even known public photos such as school photos, essentially make their name a “zero returns” from Google. Cremate the killer, pour the ashes down the toilet, and make any kind of gravesite/headstone illegal. Give them a real “1984” scrubbing.
    If they can bury Hunters laptop, they can bury a name.

    Websites that try to memorialize/name the killers somehow happen to have an endless stream of DNS attacks and connectivity issues.

    • “I believe one of the largest contributors to these mass shooters is the international fame that they receive by their actions.”

      of course it is. already been studied and concluded they all seek the ‘infamy’ they receive by the media and constant reminders from anti-gun organizations. basically, even though they die they will continue to live on and not be forgotten through the internet musings of the media and anti-gun.

  13. A white lesbian hating dark skinned People. And hating children very interesting. Also, hating people with lots of money. who earned it through their hard work. Interesting.

  14. Nationwide, the growing number of militant Trans violent intentional attacks (mostly assaults with serious injuries, ~137 deaths) upon victims, including other Trans or gay victims: ~38,000 since the Leftist ideology groomed and motivated Nashville trans mentally ill killer political terrorism attack, up 37% from 2022 – a sudden concentration surge now since October 7th attack on Isreal with being allied in Antifa and pro-hamas groups in pro-hamas rallies and protests.

    • Collectively on a nationwide basis, trans mass-killers… maybe we should set up a Trans Violence Archive (TVA) like the GVA does, and maybe have a ‘The TransTrace’.

  15. Now let’s see a list of what drugs she was taking from her pharmacist! While we are at it how about a similar list from all mass shooters. I used to be a big pharma investor until I realized they were running out of growth potential. Even then there was evidence they lacked scruples.

  16. X (twitter) removed the post. Did anyone notice her notes called for a final video (10 minutes)? The police already said they had found journals (plural). There’s a lot more where this came from.

  17. And exactly what is your point?
    The mind of a fantacist with a chip on his shoulder and with the CONSTITUTIONAL ABSOLUTEL RIGHT apparently to carry out those fantasies. Do you and you ilk have any good, practical and workable solutions as to how this tragedy could have been prevented?

    You lot have the answers for everything so then lets hear them. Because as sure as Dog Shit attracts Flies there a thousand out there with EXACTLY the same fantasies and Shoulder Adornments

    • “Her” shoulder, Albert. The shooter was a young white women who had been clearly been indoctrinated by leftist identity ideologically and taught to hate white people as oppressors of everyone.

      One step is to make sure this garbage isn’t taught in schools. Whether it is CRT or “antiracism” or the 1619 Project, it’s all the same garbage that fuels delusion, resentment, and hate.

      Secondly, we should consider whether transgenderism or “gender Dysphoria” should be reclassified as a mental illness like it was before, and whether it should be a disqualifying condition for firearms purchase.

    • “Do you and you ilk have any good, practical and workable solutions as to how this tragedy could have been prevented?”

      Why, yes — yes, we do. But you won’t listen so it’s a waste of time.

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