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Those were the good ol' days. (Photo by John Boch)
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Yesterday, that evil Travis Pike posted a deal alert.  Walmart, he wrote, is dumping their handgun and evil black rifle ammo nationally at fire-sale prices.  It sounded almost too good to be true.  500 rounds of 9mm for $45?  Defensive ammo for $5 per box?

Well folks, it’s true.

When was the last time you saw .38 Special for $11 per 100-round box?  Or Federal .223 ammo for $150/1000?

Image by John Boch.

Yeah, it’s been a long time for me as well.  Probably about thirty years.  And regrettably it probably won’t happen again in my lifetime.

Here in the middle of flyover country, I almost felt badly buying .38 Special +P defensive ammo for $9 per box of 50 rounds.   Ditto for .357 hollowpoints.

photo by John Boch

Premium defensive ammo was priced at $7 or $9 per (small) box.  100-round boxes of .40 S&W ball ammo cost a princely $13 – aluminum or brass cased, your choice.  I don’t have any fo-tays, but I know someone who does who will really appreciate a nice Christmas gift.

Yes, Walmart sold us out by publicly announcing that they would stop selling handgun and police patrol-type rifle ammo.  At one point, Wally sold 20% or more of all ammo purchased in America.

However, I’ll make a foray to their ammo case for prices like these.  You might do so as well.  What’s more, if you can use this Quisling ammo to bring one or more new people into the world of shooting, it will prove a wonderful way to use Walmart’s virtue signaling against them.

Ditto for sharing a box or two of defense ammo with someone you care about.  While it might not be the very best defense ammo available, it will no doubt leave an impression upon any bad guys on the receiving end of it.

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    • Bought 300 rds of Remington UMC .45 ACP JHP at 25.00/Box of 100. This 230 gr ammo is EXCELLENT carry ammunition and WAY subsonic.

      Out of 9mm, .223 Rem but had some .40 S&W at really great prices.

      Had to wait for 25 minutes to get somone with the ammo key to sell it to me and for THAT, the nice gal gave me a $5 discount. Not much but from Wally World that is not bad.

      • Went today (in Maine) and bought ~500 rounds of white box .38 @.17/round. 5.56 was all gone. I guess those retards are really doing it this time. Good riddance, douchebags. Now I have absolutely no reason to go to your store.

    • Hammond, IN. – All pistol calibers gone except for .40 S&W, which was $60 for 250 packs, and .380 HST micro, which was $11 for 20 packs, of which there are now none.😁

      • Also; .22lr and all rifle ammo was regular price.
        Also, also; the Walmart in Merrillville, which is open 24 hrs./day, does not sell ammo from 2200-0700. Ask me how I know. Screw Wally. #neveragain…..I’m done.

    • Anyone who buys ammo at Walmart is a worthless sell-out. You are crapping on the Constitution, stabbing your fellow Americans in the back, and destroying our country. So don’t do it. Oh, and if you see me there at 5:30 tonight with my arms full of cheap .38, just don’t pay any attention. My hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  1. Already missed the boat in my area sadly. Went there and no joy for cheap 9mm, 223, .45acp, .308, .357. They did have a few boxes of hunting 223 that was $11 for 20rnd and some SD loads for .38spl at similar prices.

    • I went to my local Wal-Mart yesterday and there were no “fire sale” prices on any ammunition. One guy bought a few hundred rounds of 5.56 x 45 NATO 62 grain for $0.32 per round which is about the going rate these days.

      And I saw .45 ACP target ammunition for roughly $0.35 per round. Again, that is roughly the going rate these days.

      I left without purchasing anything.

      • I’m curious as to which states these stores are in. A few years back I spent Christmas with my Sister, so I stopped in to Wally World to buy some ammo for my BIL only to find out they didn’t sell any HP or SP ammo, not even in rifle calibers. Out of curiosity I called the other 4 Walmarts in the county and the neighboring county which all followed suit. This was in the heart of Appalachia no less.

  2. Why do 2a supporters want to help Walmart with covering their cost? Why not let it rot on the shelfs and force Walmart to pay to dispose of it? I get that the ammo is cheap but is the 2a community really this R selective in their decision making process? We need there to be as deep of a financial cost as possible for companies that turn their back on the 2a community.

      • I’ll take pretty much ANYTHING if “they” pay me. Sorry, but I am that much of a mercenary. Reminds me of the time I got paid to clean up a trash pile made up of mostly metal and got paid again when I sold it at the scrap yard. Good times…..

    • “Why do 2a supporters want to help Walmart with covering their cost?”

      We’re not. The ammo is being sold at a loss. We should be happy to help them lose money.

      • Another site posted that Walmart is only selling the discounted ammo until the end of the year then whatever is remaining will be donated to local police. So the prices you see now are probably as low as they will go

    • Your being silly and emotional. Buy all the cheap ammo you can. They are essentially subsidizing your training costs. Logically they are financially benefiting 2a supporters by arming them cheaply.

      What would you prefer? Buying ammo at a higher cost from a company claiming be be pro rights? What ever company that comes in after the fact to sell ammo will do so at a premium. Will you gripe that you are forced to pay higher prices because Walmart sold out or will you cheer and take pride in paying more because it is an so called “one of us” store?

      Walmart is selling cheap now because the next guy will gouge to take advantage of zero competition from Walmart. You will be pissed. Walmart is offering cheap now as an excuse to not have a cheap supply in the future. Ultimately this is bad because ammo prices will be higher. I say get your freebies now while you can. Either buy expensive ammo from a company to spite walmart now, or buy expensive ammo from a company later when Walmart is no longer in the business.

      War is logic over emotion. Logic is usually money. Buying surplus from the enemy at discount is a safe move. It depletes their coffers and raises your own. Think of it as war profiting or exploiting poor countries. “Sure I’ll buy your oil at $8 a barrel… diamonds at $100 a stone… ammo at pennies a pop.” Use your brain. Walmart is acting like a sucker and deserve to be fleeced.

      Hurting them financially is a non sequitur. Any harm that would befall them would be their own internal mistakes but not limited boycott. They do receive government aid plus raise funds through stock sales. They can cover any losses through these channels… it is why it is called selling out… they actually profit from it.

      • Exactly. Why all the pouters? At least they’re not taking the “virtue signalling” road and destroying it all like Dick’s did by destroying millions of dollars’ worth of guns. Remember that only a couple of months ago?

        So all the haters here would rather Walmart stopped cold turkey, took all their remaining ammo off the shelves, and destroyed it instead of giving us this incredibly chance to buy it all up at firesale prices?

        I sure wish my local WMs would do this, but not only are they *NOT* discounting anything, I can’t take advantage of it anyway because our new BGC law won’t recognize me as an approved buyer, even though I’m a fully lawful gun owner. Sux. For those who are able to buy…do it and back up the truck!

        • No, I’d rather they recognize us as a political force that won’t bend over for a few pieces of silver.

          I’ll shop at a local gun store, or a reliable, privately-owned online retailer owned by real 2A supporters. Thanks.

      • Pay for it in cash. Make sure you don’t line the CC companies pockets using any kind of plastic that nets them a processing fee.

      • WalMart is a rational institution and like any rational institution, it’s following the path of least resistance.

    • I don’t shop at Walmart for many reasons, one being I live a 40 minute drive from the nearest one, but keep in mind Wal Mart is still taking a loss here and a big one. Because they’re not just forfeiting current stock, but future stock. They’ve decided they’d rather hurt their own bottom line rather then sell something legal that customers want. So buying what’s left isn’t a big deal, they’re still going to feel it.

    • Buy it, take the money you save a cut a check to a 2A organization of your choice or use the savings to patronize a pro 2A business.

      Then go shoot the cheap ammo and save the casings for reloading.

      /solved with a trifecta +1.

      • “take the money you save a cut a check to a 2A organization of your choice or use the savings to patronize a pro 2A business.”

        There you go. Good suggestion.

    • Yeah….. they’re losing money selling at these prices. I’ll gladly help them. Don’t understand how you think this is helping them in any way.

    • Becuase it wont rot on the shelf. They are going to donate what ever doesnt sell. And probably for free gov destruction here in va. Got 223 for abiut 12 to 13 cents a round

  3. No thanks I’ll still pass, I avoid WM like the plague. You’re doing a good advertisement job for them though. Another article tomorrow?

  4. Mine was completely out of 9mm. The clerk said they had sold out the first day. I was able to score some .45 jhp and 6.5 creedmoor.

  5. Wal-Mart won’t be out of “evil” ammo any time soon. What I learned in talking to the Sporting Goods Manager at the local WM is that they have multi-year contracts (2-3 years) with ammo manufacturers. For example, Wal Mart Corporate contracted to buy XXXXXXXXXX rounds of, say, Federal .223 bulk pack ammo. No manufacturer in their right mind is going to cancel their contract just to let WM score a feel-good point. So, Wal Mart will continue to be on the hook for their ammo purchase for who knows how long – if they want to sell it below cost, good for us.

    • Not necessarily. They may be required to buy from the manufacturers, but they’re not required to sell to us. They can easily re-route any future shipments and donate them to LE Depts to score points, plus use it as a tax write-off. After all, the people leading Walmart now seem to think that only LE should have guns, anyway.

  6. My local Walshart was low on 9mm and 5.56, but only one type of box was on sale. Everything else was normal price here in NOVA. There were no deals to be had.

  7. Not sure if they are doing this in south Texas, if so then I will stock up and then make it the last trip to Wally Martinez.

  8. Saw this post and headed directly to WM. Must not be all stores yet. My local WM has normal stock levels of everything and normal pricing. Bummer. I was already trying to figure out how I was going to tell the wife I dropped a grand on ammo.

  9. Bought three boxes of Winchester .44 Mag 240 gr. semi jacketed softpoint, 50 rds. ea., $17.00 a box. All they had. Can’t hand load for that. I know how some feel about buying from Wal-Mart today, but if they want to loose money while I benefit? I’m in.

  10. Radcliff, KY: bought 40SW, 25acp, and 45LC at firesale prices
    1hr later at Elizabethtown, KY: Massive inventory, but wouldn’t honor neighboring cities’ Walmart prices

    • No idea if it’s company wide or not, but the guy at the counter at one of the stores in Wichita, ks, said that any left over “evil” ammo after December 29th will be donated to charity. Not sure how that’s going to work, but that’s what he said.

  11. Cleaned out the tula 223 at on of my Wally’s, 760 rounds at 2.50 a box. Also got two hundred rounds of 40 for $5 per 50, and two boxes of 40 hydrashok for 22. No 9mm left. Went to two others after, one was sold out of everything except for 380 (7 a box for tula steel) and 38 special (9 a box). The third one I went to was sold out of 9mm and 223 but I bought the last of their 45, 600 rounds of Remington hollow points at 25 per 100. Plenty of 40 still at two of the stores, but I don’t shoot a lot of it anymore and have tons of projectiles at home.

    • Except for sales like this. Friends don’t let friends miss out on an ammo sale that only comes once a generation.

      • So go ahead and enrich a company who holds the Second Amendment as antiquated and is putting their money where their mouth is.

        You will get what’s coming eventually. Worship the dollar and lose your rights.

        • Except that buying something you want/need for heavily discounted prices that results in a profit LOSS for Walmart isn’t “enriching” them. It only enriches you.

          You understand the concept, yes?

        • In this instance, it is okay since Walmart is losing money(its profit margins are thin, it makes money by high volume sales). If the ammo is not sold, then Walmart will donate it to police departments as tax write offs.

      • You know what RED, screw you! I’m not independently wealthy and Walmart is taking a hit, not a profit. Anyone NOT taking advantage of their stupidity and stocking up BECAUSE “FEELINGS” is an ignorant ass.
        If Dick’s marked all their 308 and 30-30 ammo half off I would be there with bells on and cash in hand.

  12. I’ll check it out tomorrow. There are three Walmarts in striking distance, and I’ll post a report as to what I find.


  13. Mine was out of 9mm, minimal amount of 45 left, some 308 and x39 usual assortment of niche calibers.cand no 223 when I was done with them.
    40 still had a full shelf, didn’t look like they could give it away.

  14. Well after waiting in line for 40 minutes, it was my turn at the counter, with 10 boxes of American Eagle M855 on the shelf with my name on it, I hand my CA is to the young lady at the counter only To be asked,,,,do you have your certified birth certificate or US passport with you???????☹️ Only at F,,,ing Walmart would that be the rule,,,no ammo for me.

  15. Sounds like Wally got scared by talking to their lawyers. Don’t want to get sued for selling ammo to a crazed murderer. But wait… those are documents. So they only sell to a documented un-alien. Strange world we live in.

  16. I went to a walmart and i just bought a bunch of KY gel instead, I don’t know why I just got distracted. I guess I could use the gel to lubricate my guns.

  17. Checked my local Wally World this evening. No sales that I can see as yet. In fact, the difference between their prices and my preferred LGS are negligible. About $1 difference for 100 rounds of .40. That might change, but so far no sign of a fire (sale).

  18. Shame!

    I don’t care what price Walmart is selling ammo for. I do not intend to shop at Anti-Gun Walmart again.

    Support your local gun store or it may close. Who is in YOUR corner, your local gun store or Walmart?

    Gun owners in America are so short-sighted, they will buy from anyone if it is cheap. You will get what you deserve eventually. Your dollars will help push more gun restrictions.

    • Good for you. Your choice, your decision.

      Yet you’ve filled up this thread with multiple angry accusations against others here for making a decision you don’t agree with. You sound like one of the very Lefties you claim to oppose.

      State your opinion, make your own personal decision, and leave everyone else alone.

  19. Really don’t appreciate this website promoting Walmart either.

    Nothing like giving a Gun-Hating Company Free Publicity.

    What’s next? Amazon Fire Sale?

  20. Maybe all you fare weather 2 A supporters should say F Walmart even if they have bargain ammo AND GO BUY IT AT YOUR LOCAL PRO 2A STORE!

    Stop advertising anything for Walmart TTAG you’re helping the wrong people F WALMART! and any business that crumbles to the far left.

  21. As for when it goes on clearance depends on what the dept manager gets around to marking it down. By 12/29 they have to give it to the local police if it hannot sold. Yep they went full retard.

  22. By the time I got to my local wally world all the 9 mm was history. Salesman said some guy brought a shopping cart and told them to load up any and all the 9 mm they had left. The bill was in excess of $3,700.00. I grabbed every last round of .45 ACP that was 850 rd of 230 gr JHP and 400 rd of 230 gr FMJ for pennies shy of $300.00 (priced it online at $565 + shipping) so nearly half off bulk prices. Only a few boxes of 357 and 10 mm and maybe 500 or 600 round of 380 left of the handgun ammo. Story I got was any thing left at any store on 12/19/19 gets donated to the local county sheriffs.

  23. I live in Northern Virginia and have 3 Walmart’s within a 15 mile radius. They are ALL dumping handgun ammunition. 223 and 5.56 are just about gone. 9mm was gone 3 weeks ago. Some 380, 44 mag, 357, 38 and 40 is left. I have no idea about 300 or 308 because I rarely look at the stuff. I expect a giant hit today (Saturday) because more people will happen to walk by the ammo cases, see the prices and buy.

    By the way they are doing the same thing in central Virginia too. I saw the same thing in multiple stores when I was down there for Thanksgiving. 22lr is stable in supply and price. That tells me that they plan to keep that caliber.

    I am not as familiar with hunting rounds so I don’t know about those.

    The BIG NEWS is that on December 30th they are donating all remaining calibers that they don’t want. I like the idea of them helping the law enforcement community and I wonder if they will donate to the feds (ie FBI, CIA or militarily). I hope so and I have to hand it to them for supporting people in uniform!

    I was told about the donation by one of the clerks who has even shared Walmart warehouse ammunition supply data with me using his handheld Walmart issued inventory and pricing device. Believe me his information is REAL.

    As for getting on your high horse and looking down at Walmart – good luck with that because Walmart can afford to lose all bitter, angry and paranoid 2A people. First it’s a Business and it the biggest retailer in the world that makes billions monthly. And it’s a business and businesses carefully study the bottom line and make rational decisions. I am sure they will miss you about as much as missing a hemorrhoid.

  24. Walmart is great. Name any other store where you can get an oil filter for a 1994 Suzuki Katana 750, a gallon of roof tar, frozen Bubba Burgers, a bottle of wine, a box of 40SW for 7 bucks, and see a carpet chomper cat fight in the produce section?

    There is no other store, only Walmart!

  25. Makes me wonder if the Walton family has some inside information and know something we common men don’t so they’re dumping their stock while the dumping is good.

  26. I’ll pay more some where else. The idiots running one of our local Wally Worlds would not sell the county cops $7000 worth of gift cards for local kids in need. Target did. Too bad they dont sell ammo. Sam Walton is spinning in his grave.

  27. I no longer shop at Wallyworld; for anything, at any price. Have at it if you want. I’m done with them. They’re dead to me. I’m sure they could not care less and so be it.

  28. I have never bought ammo from WM, I generally buy all mine from Cabelas, get a better deal on the price. For my military rifles I buy surplus ammo when I can find it. Save the brass for reloading. Except that cheap steel casing stuff for my 7.62x51mm/.308cal. Generally burn through up to 200 rounds at the unknown distance range that I use. Still pick it up and throw it out with the trash. The ammo I find that is the hardest to get is the 7.7mm Arisaka, the .45-70 Government and the 7.92mm Mauser. I cannot wait until the weather clears up so I can get out and shot, need dry ground for my WC, too wet and I cannot move.


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