Palm Beach County Walmart Mask Gun
Courtesy Palm Beach County Sheriff
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Is there a more volatile mix than two Florida Men in a Walmart? It doesn’t seem so. Then throw in a confrontation over wearing a mask — or the lack thereof — and things can (and sometimes do) escalate quickly.

It’s just a matter of time before one of these mask-related disputes results in a shot being fired.

From the AP:

An unmasked man pulled a gun on a masked shopper and threatened to kill him during an apparent confrontation over masks at a Florida Walmart store, sheriff’s officials said.

The Royal Palm Beach store’s security video shows the unmasked man pushing an older man in a wheelchair through the store on Saturday afternoon, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post. Sheriff’s officials said they have identified the man, who is cooperating with detectives. They have not released his name.

The man in the wheelchair pulled a red neckerchief over his mouth in the store.

The video shows a shopper wearing a mask approach the pair and exchange words. That’s when the unmasked man gives the shopper the middle finger before pulling a handgun from his waistband, the sheriff’s office said. The unmasked man made a death threat before leaving the store.

In the video, a young girl reaches for the masked man’s hand to pull him away. Another person is seen trying to intervene.

The man then pushes the wheelchair to the parking lot and the pair left in a white Chevrolet Equinox SUV, sheriff’s officials said.

No one was injured during the dispute, officials said.

Investigators are searching for the gunman. An investigation continues.

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  1. There’s that 1% making life rough for the rest of us. Just makes you want to take out back the woodshed and beat a little bit of common sense and common decency into him. Now Bloomberg and Soros will have more stuff to stir up their organizations with.

    • Agreed.

      Showing a complete lack of concern for others.

      There are great masks out there and if everyone wears them, transmission slows.

        • Exactly, the guy with the mask should mind his own business. The other guy should have ignored the “Karen”. The mask is only a sign of subservance and does no good.

        • Shut the F up. The mask isn’t to protect you, it’s to catch the germs if you cough, sneeze or talk. The mask is just like using a tissue if you sneeze. My mask protects you from my germs. Your mask protects me from your germs. If you don’t want to wear a mask avoid public places, don’t pull a gun.

        • These types of masks are not made to keep microscopic viruses IN or OUT…FACT. Name one model or manufacturer…yeah, I didn’t think so…also please tell us why there are not thousands of dead homeless strewn all across America’s streets…they don’t wear masks, have no soap, don’t social distance…they don’t have toilets, etc. If you are so gullible and fearful you should stay home and order online…

        • @Jeff the Griz
          Masks are as effective at stopping viruses as underwear is at stopping farts.

        • At GK and tissue paper doesn’t catch all the germ when you sneeze but it helps. If people wash their hands, wear a mask, care for their immune sysytem and issolate when/if they show symptoms it’ll be the best possible solution for our society.

        • Agreed. I’ve been in medical for 25+ years. There is NO clinical data that validates masks stop the spread of COVID. Last time I checked, this still was a free society, so everyone should be afforded the choice. If one person believes that a mask is making them safer, then by all means wear one, but don’t force me to wear one. Besides, if you believe the mask is keeping you safe when you wear one, what difference does it make if another person isn’t wearing one in your presence while you are masked? The non-masked person in this story is clearly a douche by how he reacted, but on a lesser douchey note, but still douchey, why did the masked individual feel he should confront him in the first place?

        • Guess we won’t be seeing you at Wamart. Walmart requires all customers to wear mags.

          And we better not see you using a seatbelt–a true sign of subservience.

        • Seatbelt laws have nothing to do with mask laws. Seatbelts are worn for your own protection. Masks are (allegedly) worn for the protection of the community.

          There is incontrovertible evidence that seatbelts greatly reduce the risk of serious injury and death. The clinical evidence that paper or homemade cloth masks prevents infection is non-existent. At best, it slightly reduces the concentration of expelled water droplet-borne viruses during a sneeze.

        • Jeff, wrong. If you confront me for not wearing a mask and get closer than 6 feet, then what good is your mask with all it’s flaws and openings? Mind your own fucking business.

        • Montana Actual. I won’t confront you. It is not my job to police the world, but I will be distancing from you.

        • Perfect! That’s reasonable and what people should be doing. It’s a choice to wear a mask. It’s a choice to shop at certain locations. Breathe in the infections on your saturate mask in those required places if you want to. I’m good.

        • Exactly. Should you pull a gun over it? Nah. But give him the bird and at least wait for physical assault before the draw.

        • Hey Jeff the Gritz.. If you don’t want to be around people like me, who don’t wear what the government mandates.. Stay the fuck at home where you belong!

        • Ralph H. Maybe you should read the comments. I am okay with your right to be in public without a mask. That doesn’t mean I need to go near you, let alone belittle you. But your right to choose to not wear a mask means absolutely nothing when the owner of private property request you do so or leave, in that request I support the property owner.

        • Procedure masks or surgical masks have always been the standard for droplet precautions. There have been plenty of studies showing their effectiveness for droplets if worn properly.

          When you smell a fart you are smelling gas molecules. That is totally different than a droplet. Droplets range in size from 1 micron up, and surgical masks will filter 78% to 97% of 1 micron particles. Obviously it will filter more of larger particles. A methane molecule (one of the constituent gases in farts) is 5.575 cubic angstrum which is 0.0005575 microns (a cubic angstrom is 1/10000th of a micron). This is why surgical masks, and even N95 masks, won’t filter fart smell. Oxygen atoms are about .00012 microns (1.2 angstroms). Now in my experience the limited air flow through a mask that filters more will reduce the smell from farts because there is not enough flow to carry a significant amount of gas through the mask.

        • The problem is we did read the comments, and you led with “shut the f up…. your mask protects you, my mask protects me”. It wasn’t until after I called you out that you mentioned being okay with it. So why even comment if you are okay with it, but get enraged enough to tell someone to shut the f up about not wanting to wear one? You got exposed, now deal with it.

        • Montana read the time stamps with his SRK massive Cap lock down below. That’s why I was telling him to shut it.

        • To make this easier, this was at the bottom of my below comment I posted just before the Shut the F up.

          “I’m all about freedom, you’re free to not wear your mask, but the store is also free to kick your ass out.”

        • Are all you pro mask people going to wear a mask forever?

          Because that is what the goal is.

          I wore a mask for awhile during all this then stopped recently, because I realized the mask thing isn’t about COVID…. It’s about control.

        • It is about control. Also, what happens when a mask is not enough. What happens with they want you wearing a plastic 360 degree shield? Does nobody find it odd that children who get sick every week in school because of germs spreading are somehow exempt from these mask policies? Hell, they are the ones I worry about the most. Weak immune systems. But instead, we see parents with masks, and kids being told not to touch anything like they will instantly die if they do. Never minds the worst part about airborne spread. It’s all about control. These kids will grow up fucked up, the same way the kids rioting and looting currently did.

        • The mask is not to protect you, it’s to protect others. If you have little regard for others, then why should they have any for you? Granted, it’s not foolproof, wearing a mask and keeping your distance is just a band-aid for now. I do not argue with anybody, I just stay away. Situational awareness, see trouble, leave, or hang back until the area is clear. Getting into a brawl or a firefight with some idiot, on either side, is not conductive to good health in any case. Better to be “scared” than stupid.

        • Masks make you uncomfortable, increasing the likelihood that you’ll stay home. More people staying home will decrease the spread of Covid. Not opening schools will also require more people to stay home, to care for kids who cannot catch Covid but can drown in the bathtub. I am at risk. I stay home. Everybody else, especially kids, should have forgotten this bullshit by now.

        • Adverse6: You said it! “Not full proof”

          Enough said then. And being scared is part of being stupid in this topic.

        • @Jeff the Griz

          OH, IT IS?!

          I guess that’s why I feel my dentist breaking on me even if its indirectly, we are still sucking in the same cloud of air. The mask is nothing but a muzzle, a mark of compliance and obedience to the state. It’s sole purpose it so visually demonstrate who is a good little sheep, and who refuses to comply. Its just another Hegelian division, the masked and the unmasked, with the solution to both being more consolidated and centralized state power and ANOTHER vaccine rushed out in record time.

          Look how damn divided this blog is on the subject! Everyone here is supposed to be predominately right wing gun owners, religious, etc, yet the mask is another division. Who gains? A house divided against itself can’t stand.

          Nevermind steroidal inhalers, or Hydroxychloroquine, cheap drugs, big pharma wants to ram through another money maker, they didn’t get to fleece the nation with Remdesivir and Ebola, so now they want to recoup costs by marketing it as a treatment for WuFlu.

          If the state backed off and stopped telling people of the United States what to do, more people might wear it; Americans do not take kindly to being ordered around like cattle.

          Dare I say the mask is a reminder that the mark of the beast is still coming. A lot of people aren’t allowed to travel without the mask, not allowed to buy or sell without the mask, or work without the mask. Woe, how quickly and easily such a thing can come about.

          Wait until you are required to have an immunity passport before you can work, travel, or conduct commerce. It may be your phone, it may be an injectable RFID, or maybe its just a card; different strokes for different folks, all compliance and acceptance. Inevitably, your political, religious, and college affiliations will also be tacked on under the guise of mental health. A brand spanking new citizen’s passport for a good little sheep.

          I think most of the same people who wear the symbol of compliance are the same people who will put their hand out for the mark or hop into the cattle cars in pure bliss. The reason is irrelevant, be it ignorance, compliance, convenience, fear, the path of least resistance, many will accept it, willingly, begrudgingly, or through coercion.

          If someone else wants to get the latest injections, distance themselves from other people, and wear a mask that is all the rage in fashion, go for it, just leave me alone. If the world is so scary that they can’t walk outside without trying to coerce others, then stay home.

        • @ Happy Gunsel

          Only on paper, walmart doesn’t actually enforce it here since they would lose too much business, on top of it being asinine. Also, I shop at places that don’t require a mask.

          The mask is nothing but a symbol of compliance and obedience to the state; a visual mark of separation between the good sheep and people who refuse to be ordered around. Another Hegel!an division, even the blog is divided by it.

      • You’re a FOOL, just like all the other lemmings that are conforming to this BS!

        Any REAL doctor or scientist (I’m a biologist) will tell you that wearing these masks is more detrimental than beneficial, based on scientific and medical facts, not supposition:

        FACT 1: Masks do not/cannot prevent viral intrusion. Viruses are too small to be filtered by them. Period.
        FACT 2: Masks DO suppress the immune system by forcing wearers to re-inhale their bacteria-laden CO2 (carbon dioxide); a waste product the body is trying to expel in order to take in oxygen.
        FACT 3: Blood is normally between 7.3 to 7.4 on the pH scale which means it’s slightly alkaline. The inability to expel carbon dioxide quickly enough lowers the pH, causing respiratory acidosis which is unhealthy.
        FACT 4: Long-term mask use causes hypoxia, a condition that can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections (CD4+T-lymphocyte). Any infection – including COVID-19 – is now easier to contract.
        FACT 5: According to 17 of the best scientific studies, there exists no conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection.
        FACT 6: If Fauci et al had any real interest in public health they would be stressing the importance of keeping one’s IMMUNE SYSTEM healthy (especially optimizing vitamin D3 – plus C and zinc) and taking reasonable precautions like
        frequent hand washing. “A healthy body harbors no disease.”
        FACT 7: These masks are designed for short term use, and yet most of the people wearing them are doing so for hours, days, even weeks longer than intended. And they are USELESS when saturated with moisture.

        This whole mask issue is a placebo. Any medical personnel who support this mask crap should lose their medical license!

        • The amazing mask weave that is too coarse to filter out the virus, but somehow holds in CO2 molecules…. “FACT”

        • Can we all agree that the mask neither keeps out NOR holds in both viruses and C02 molecules?

        • FACT: the CO2 is held by a mask and rebreathed. Has to do with volume and repetitious timing. Do comment above your paygrade.

        • “bacteria-laden CO2”?

          And you are a medical doctor???

          The mask isn’t there for gasses, it’s there to catch the larger droplets exhaled or inadvertently spat when speaking…

        • Normal blood PH is 7.35 to 7.45. If your blood PH 7.3 you are having a serious problem that isn’t going to correct itself without intervention.

        • “FACT 4: Long-term mask use causes hypoxia“

          So by your logic, this means that experience the doctors and nurses are slightly brain dead?


          Every grocery store and restaurant has a sign that says no shirt, no shoes, no service, reasonable health department rules that no one has a problem complying with.

          What is so different about wearing a mask?

          Do you people also advocate walking barefoot into McDs or shedding your shirt before you sit down at Denny’s?

        • “Do you people also advocate walking barefoot into McDs or shedding your shirt before you sit down at Denny’s?”

          Personally, I wouldn’t care. In fact I probably wouldn’t even notice unless it was an attractive young lady removing her shirt. Then I would likely applaud!

        • “bacteria-laden CO2”

          Boy howdy, then there is some teeny tiny bacteria, to infest a molecule.

        • Are pants waterproof? No. FACT.

          Imagine you’re standing, pantless, in front of another guy, also pants less. (No homo). Now imagine the other guy starts urinating. Now you’ve got urine on your legs.

          Now imagine that YOU are wearing pants. The other guy, still pantless, lets flow. Now you’ve got urine on your pants, and your legs are still damp and need a cleaning.

          Now imagine the OTHER guy is wearing pants. He starts to go, and you see a big ol stain spread down his legs. It’s nasty, but you and your pants are fine, even though pants aren’t waterproof.

          That’s how masks help.

          That said, any rando that gets up in anyone else’s business and starts claiming they feel threatened by that person not wearing a mask needs their sense of personal risk of harm recalibrated.

        • It’s not about risk or disease, it is about control. With a bit of virtue signalling thrown in.

        • I watched people on MSM channels take their mask down to speak, then stick their dirty fingers INSIDE the mask to pull it back up. This whole thing is absolutely absurd.

          I desire to ask these people… just how is sticking your dirty fingers inside a mask, restricting oxygen, and suppressing your immune system, supposed to help protect you from a virus?

      • There is also evidence masks can’t stop a virus and that covid-19 has a 98% recovery rate, it’s not the bubonic plague dems and the media want us to believe while they destroy Trump’s economy hoping to win the next election. But you communists liberals just go ahead and surrender your rights and freedoms to the government like good little sheep, and the U.S. will be just like North Korea.

      • Those “great” masks don’t stop anything. Unless you’re using actual N100 masks with the proper face seals, you’re just giving yourself a false sense of security. And if you rally believe that official government line, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about nobody else is wearing a mask.

        • Here’s a fun experiment. Stand close to a mirror, put on a homemade cloth mask, and cough. Now take off the mask and cough. See all the little saliva droplets on the mirror? That’s a big way the virus spreads.

          That’s not to mention the fact that masks help remind you not to touch your face.

      • wear a mask all you want. Due process, Bill of Rights, 9th amendment, 14th amendment…fuck masks. Right to privacy et cetera….

        • I love the fits facial recognition software is going through lately. Also n95 with the exhale valve would negate most of the concern of CO2 but would not do much for protecting others. As to protective properties who knows but might help and if not I would be screwed anyway. Either way masks are mandatory up my way so mostly just finding ways to avoid crowds and do what I need to do anyway.

      • The man without a mask was in the wrong, make no mistake about it, however I listen to the news, Fox where two different Doctors, one a Cardiologist and I don.t recall what the other was, but according to both, during the Flu epidemic where a test conducted by exposing masked people to those who tested positive for the Flu and was running a fever at the time of volunteers being exposed to the infected group with an equal number of masked and unmasked people there was no difference between those who contacted the Flu while wearing a mask and those who were not masked. So, unless the doctors were lying why should anyone have to wear a mask that is mandated?

        • How do you know the guy without the mask was in the wrong? How do you know the mask Nazi didn’t threaten the unmasked man with serious bodily injury or death? Sure seems like the “news” picked their side. They also seem to pick their side without all the facts. You’re in good company.

        • Long ago the public allowed government the authority to mandate articles of clothing, a mask is an article of clothing, I don’t think an argument that government does not have the authority to mandate wear is going to fly. I also think it will make little or no difference in the disease, the goal is to affect the election. If we are stupid enough to allow that, we deserve the result.

      • Agreed.

        Showing a complete lack of concern for others.

        There are great masks out there and if everyone wears them, transmission slows.

        To what end? You think you are going to hide from the virus forever?

        • This. There is one reason the flu is not as bad as it was when it first started: immune systems doing their job. Evolution. Not “slowing the spread”. Every disease is worse than the last one. Why? Bigger populations in closer quarters. Plain and simple.

        • There’s also the problem that many, if not most, Americans have become serious germophobes. Wipes, wash your hands 50 times a day, clean everything with bleach or other disinfectant – daily or more, etc, etc, etc. Let your immune system learn to do it’s job and you won’t get sick as often when you are exposed. I’m definitely in the get, get over it (or not), and move on camp. I almost never get sick. I don’t disinfect everything all the time, I just keep it reasonably clean and yes, I work in my yard without gloves and sometimes eat a sandwich without washing my hands first. Also, let your minor wounds heal without Neosporin or some other OTC antibiotic or a bandaid. Basically, teach your system to work through exposure to germs that it should be able to handle and when the tougher ones come along you’ll fare much better.

          I’ve never had strep, I can’t remember the last time I had the flu and I don’t get flu shots, and I don’t get head colds ever – I did when I was young but if you ignore it it will go away. I do get exposed to these things all the time because I don’t concern myself about it. I do not concern myself about WuFlu either.

          Want to know why we have the highest death rate in the world? Look to germophobia as the root cause – along with Cuomo forcing retirement homes to take WuFlu positive patients without providing (and while hoarding – I mean “stockpiling”) PPE.

        • Anonymous, I am also deeply into the concept of living more naturally, but I am also 73 and seriously overweight, and I spent 40 years as a heavy smoker (which never bothered me a bit, health wise), all of which makes me leery of this disease, so I’m staying home and avoiding most risks. I feel if I get it now, it may just kill me, so I’ll work harder to avoid it until vaccine/mitigation is available. But for others I make no such recommendation, even my kids, although they avoid contact mainly because of the bride, who is dealing with cancer and seriously compromised even compared to me. So far, this ain’t so tough, mostly because I spent my life taking care of business, I’m not about to starve.

      • I don’t know what the two masked guys said, perhaps they threatened the other guy. If two masked individuals threaten me I’d probably pull mine too.

      • Show me the peer reviewed, double-blind studies that show cloth masks are effective enough that wearing one mitigates the risks, and virus transmission and does not cause me undue harm by reducing my oxygen and becoming an absolute petri dish of bacteria, blocking off our natural pathway to properly dispose of virus’ and bacteria and a harm to my immune system. Masks outside of specific instances like surgery or ICU especially without proper decontamination procedures is an absolute farce, it is ritualistic cucking and ceremonial initiation of your loss of self to the “new woke order”. The NIH in 2018 did a peer reviewed study of N95 and cloth masks and found no significant positive effects, but warns of the risks, especially long term use of masks.

        Well, they have to have medical exemptions, and by law you do not have to prove it or disclose it under HIPAA so go out, claim medical exemption status. Wear a mask if you want, but as for me mind your own damn business. If you want to play along, pit the mask under your nose, breathe from your nose and satisfy all the scared morons out there afraid of a virus with a .02 case fatality rate, same as flu. The media is distorting your beliefs, if science wins the day then why are you following it, cause I just gave it to you. It is called “plandemic” for a reason, this is being used as cover for action to bring in a new world order on every level. Keep thinking with your reptilian pea brains and live in fear, that is exactly how they want you to be. As for me, I have the Lord, and I have the facts.

    • Yeah ok RANDY…. you’re mouth running is gonna get you in trouble once of these days….
      You’re gonna “take someone behind the shed”?…. what, to give him a BJ?….

    • Really, the triggered mask guy just HAD to bother somebody, didn’t he. That 1% of Karens who just can’t leave people alone.

      • You are correct, and while the irate man who pulled his gun was absolutely wrong you can BET the masked man will be a whole lot more polite about it next time around.

        “Well, in the first place, an armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. For me, politeness is the sine qua non of civilization. […] But gunfighting has a strong biological use. We do not have enough things that kill off the weak and stupid these days….” – Robert A. Heinlein, Beyond This Horizon

      • I know. F****** Karens everywhere. Even in the comments section of this article.

        Mandating masks != freedom. And government mandates always have collateral damage.

        If masks are so great, keep yours on, and leave other people alone.

    • There actually is no such thing as “common sense” and to expect it to appear will leave one waiting in despair. “Logical” does exist but who practices that sort of thinking?

    • Truth is——- the mask wearing SHEEP believe the BS while, the rest of us aren’t buying it. So, if you believe you somehow have the right to condemn we non-sheep… you’re kidding yourselves. YOU sob’s are what is wrong with this country. Lick government boots all you want. But, don’t try to drag the rest of us into your psychosis.

      • Fine perhaps, jail time no, if he shot or pistol whipped Karen then I can see that. Brandishing to get morons to FO should be a fine plain and simple.

        BTW unless you are wearing a NBC or a HAZMAT suit you are doing absolutely nothing to protect yourself from Coronovirus. This so includes properly decontaminating before you remove the suit. This world is just full of morons.

      • My view is that he obviously was not, since he did not fire. I would simply ignore the doofus unless he made a credible threat to harm me, and then I would drawandfire as a single move. Waving a gun around is NEVER going to be a good idea.

        • Its prudent to assume in this day and age that if some random stranger approaches me and starts giving me a hard time, verbally berating me, etc, that they do not have my best interest at heart and could turn violent at any moment.

          Why can’t people people leave other people alone?

    • Cannot criminalize a Constitutionally protected activity. Gun guy did nothing wrong…. with the exception of not shooting busy-body negro guy between the eyes.

  2. The guy who started the confrontation should stay home and order online…even walmart said they would not enforce the wearing of masks…so basically the man not wearing a mask was assaulted by the one wearing a mask. He is not a walmart rep or “mask police”…get the tf outta here with that nazi gestapo BULLSHIT…already.

        • “A threat to attempt or commit such an action.” The guy with mask was also using his size to confront and intimidate the guy pushing wheelchair occupant…so there is that.

        • At the very least, it’s harassment, and some people are fed up enough to not tolerate it at all. The “lawlessness” (freedom?) and civil unrest (freedom?) we have seen in 2020 warrants no faith in a civil argument. Mind your own business, go home alive.

      • “Verbal confrontation equals “assault”???”

        According to Leftists, words are the same as a thrown punch…

      • I don’t like mask mandates either, but I would disagree with you that businesses can’t enforce them. A private business can absolutely require customers or anyone else entering their private property to wear masks, or shoes, or bedazzled cowboy hats, for that matter. Provided the rule doesn’t result in discrimination against a protected class of citizen, a private business which is open to the public can require anything they want. If they ask you to leave for failing to follow their rules and you don’t, you’re guilty of trespassing.

        • yeah tell that to the bakers of non gay cakes. my right to refuse anyone service. unless they are gay. discrimination is a two-sided coin. don’t like my business don’t go there, I don’t like yours, I don’t go there. the due process clause protects everyone, except straight white Christian men.

        • You don’t even have to be religious… just white. Now, it’s any race without a mask. But being white and unmasked certainly means you are a white supremacist who wants to kill people. Obviously.

        • Somehow, it seems to me like an unmasked white supremacist who is looking to kill somebody would be a good person to leave alone! I suspect, instead, that this guy thought he had carte blanche to threaten and intimidate another while virtue signalling how wonderful he was. He did not expect to be opposed.

    • maybe time to change the “rules” a bit. Because the harasser certainly got the point seeing it. Universal language? Don’t start none, won’t be none.

      • I would not allow him to be found guilty if I were on the jury, so long as he did not shoot the guy. When asked why, I would simply answer that CCW requirement is unconstitutional.

  3. any more evidence about what was said by the men before gun was pulled there needs to be audio or something to prove what was said and whether the other man there was involved because nowadays most blacks will back up another no matter what really happened been there seen it happen

    • I grew up seeing it happen. I was always the “white boy”. Groupe of people (blacks) you didn’t know? You had zero help. Same can be said for most races, sure, but certainly there is a HUGE race problem amongst blacks they refuse to acknowledge. I am seeing more decent people now days though. Despite what the media shows us. There are a lot, the majority in fact. It’s always been that way otherwise America would still be a slave country like the 5 billion worldwide that are still enslaved to this day… no riots about that tho…

  4. I don’t wear a mask but I am not going to draw on someone who wants to make an issue about it unless they are making me feel like I am in danger. No one has ever said anything audible to me about a mask, but if they do a polite eff off will be my response.

    • Looks like this guy was made to feel in danger.
      But thats so unreasonable! Only “words were said”. I would pay $5 to hear what kind of words. I’m sure the masked man asked nicely if he would, please, get a mask on and definitely didn’t use any threats of violence.

      Dead Karens – 0
      Beat up wheelchair pushers – 0
      All in all, success.

      • BS. Unmasked flipped Masked the bird before pulling his gun. How many defensive situations have you ever seen or read about that go that way? “He was coming at me with a knife. I was afraid for my life. I knew I had to fight for my life, but first, I decided to throw him the middle finger.” It’s probably more, like Unmasked got his feelings hurt, responded with a one finger salute, and the pulled his gun because he was still angry. Maybe the news story is wrong and Unmasked showed the finger rampant, Masked got angry and threatened Unmasked, and Unmasked responded to an imminent threat. Either way, he’ll have his day in court to explain.

        • Yeah, right, but not sure I could live up to that restraint. Ideally, to me, in this situation unmasked should have responded something like “If you’re scared, you should run away”, and gone on about his business, and only pulled his gun in order to fire it. I mean, let’s get real here, the idea is supposed to be that an unmasked man might transmit a fatal disease to you. If you actually believe that, are you going to approach him and confront him in a shouting match?



    • Typing in all caps is a symptom of schizophrenia unless you are just dumb enough to think your words carry more weight in caps.


        I get so tired of that idiocy. Maybe the guy above is schizo, you don’t know and neither do I. But I do know that typing in all caps is something people do for various reasons. Maybe the guy is an old bastard, and all caps is easier to read. Maybe he spent 30 years working for government, where everything was all caps. Ever seen a shipboard teletype from the sixties? I know that caps are easier to read – you’ll never confuse an L with a 1, for instance.

        Blow some of your own schizophrenia out of your ass, you snowflake.

    • srk,
      Dude there is something wrong with your keyboard, or rather two things. Not only is it stuck in all-caps mode, but it is also posting double exclamation marks every time you type a period.


    • Once again…The mask isn’t to protect you, it’s to catch the germs if you cough, sneeze or talk. The mask is just like using a tissue if you sneeze. My mask protects you from my germs. Your mask protects me from your germs. If you don’t want to wear a mask avoid public places.

      Signed a Registered Nurse.

      I’m all about freedom, you’re free to not wear your mask, but the store is also free to kick your ass out.

      Also feel free to be stupid, just don’t be as stupid as the Florida man and pull a gun.

      • Hey STUPID! Viruses are not germs, they are far smaller than even bacteria and are NOT filtered by these masks; they will pass through just as easily as AIR!

        Any REAL doctor or scientist (I’m a biologist) will tell you that wearing these masks is more detrimental than beneficial, based on scientific and medical facts, not supposition:

        FACT 1: Masks do not/cannot prevent viral intrusion. Viruses are too small to be filtered by them. Period.
        FACT 2: Masks DO suppress the immune system by forcing wearers to re-inhale their bacteria-laden CO2 (carbon dioxide); a waste product the body is trying to expel in order to take in oxygen.
        FACT 3: Blood is normally between 7.3 to 7.4 on the pH scale which means it’s slightly alkaline. The inability to expel carbon dioxide quickly enough lowers the pH, causing respiratory acidosis which is unhealthy.
        FACT 4: Long-term mask use causes hypoxia, a condition that can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections (CD4 T-lymphocyte). Any infection – including COVID-19 – is now easier to contract.
        FACT 5: According to 17 of the best scientific studies, there exists no conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection.
        FACT 6: If Fauci et al had any real interest in public health they would be stressing the importance of keeping one’s IMMUNE SYSTEM healthy (especially optimizing vitamin D3 – plus C and zinc) and taking reasonable precautions like
        frequent hand washing. “A healthy body harbors no disease.”
        FACT 7: These masks are designed for short term use, and yet most of the people wearing them are doing so for hours, days, even weeks longer than intended. And they are USELESS when saturated with moisture.

        This whole mask issue is a placebo. Any medical personnel who support this mask crap should lose their medical license!

        By the way, most registered nurses aren’t any brighter than the patients whose asses they wipe!

        • I used the word “germs” to simple it down. You are correct, masks aren’t perfect for viruses, but the masks do catch droplets. The viruses will hitch a ride on the droplets out of your airway, which means covering a cough will help! But getting an entire population to cover a cough just doesnt work.

        • 1. Masks reduce the number of respiratory droplets that you disperse by breathing/talking. Fewer drops, less virus.
          2. If a mask can’t stop a virus, then it absolutely can’t stop a vastly smaller CO2 molecule. Any biologist could tell you that.
          3. Given #2, this argument is just silly
          4. This is actually true, but only if you make the mask yourself out of cling-wrap
          5. According to 14 even better studies, your cut and paste study sample is wrong.
          6. The CDC and literally every Healthcare practioner has been advocating this for years.
          7. Surprisingly, this point is accurate. Wear a mask for no more than a day before disposing or washing. Replace any mask that is damp or soiled. Don’t re-wear masks without washing them first.

        • Let me get this straight: the best solution we can come up with is a government mandate for all people to wear masks in every public place, all day long, so that on the off chance you happen to sneeze at some point during the day and forget to sneeze into your elbow, the other people who are within eight feet of you–if there even are people around you–won’t have a slightly higher chance of catching the virus that you probably aren’t carrying anyway?

          I’m not convinced.

        • Fyi, viruses don’t just float around in the air. They are transmitted through body fluids it respiratory droplets. Masks can’t stop a naked virus, but it can stop respiratory droplets which carry the virus. The FACTS that you state are mostly pseudoscience. CO2 is a gas and rapidly diffuses. In fact, it’s smaller than a virus and doesn’t require a carrier molecule like the virus does. If you knew anything about physiology, you would know that respiratory acidosis occurs in ppl who are breathing too slowly to rid themselves of CO2 like people on narcotics or sedatives. Healthy people automatically increase their respiratory rate to correct acidosis. From reading your post, it’s very clear to me that you don’t have a medical background, but you read a lot of fake news posts that you accept as truth.

        • If you are in fact a “biologist”, which I sincerely doubt, then you are still not a real doctor. I am a physician, Internal Medicine. Yes, hommade cloth masks don’t protect like my N95 that I wear EVERYWHERE. But even reducing transmission by a few percent, and everybody is doing it, then it starts to make a difference. You probably also haven’t watched people die a horrible death either. I have. It’s a free country, and you don’t have to wear a mask. But if you don’t, don’t expect you will be admitted to private businesses. You can and will be trespassed. You don’t want to wear a mask, then stay the hell home. Seriously, GROW UP!

        • Great! So, as a man of science, you can point me to some peer reviewed articles to back up your claims. There are many people who routinely wear N95 or higher respirators as part of their vocation or hobby, such as painters, welders, dry wallers, woodworkers, etc. Someone must have documented the ailments they suffer from long-term usage since you have such a long list.

        • Jake, you are an example of what makes the internet so dangerous. It gives equal voice to both experts and the uneducated. You’ve managed to fill a post with garbage that may make sense to those that stumble upon it.

          Your “BS in Biology” fails to make you an expert in anything. I’ve seen countless biology graduates manage to obtain their useless undergrad degrees, only to flunk out of their medical program. This is going to sound arrogant and crude; but as an actual expert, I wipe my ass with your BS in Biology. When you have invested additional years in medical school, residency, and fellowship, then you can come give your opinion on masks. Until then, you will remain fundamentally wrong about your view on masks slowing the spread of airborne virus.

          Changing topics, please enlighten the forum in respect to your view that the earth is only a few thousand years old.

  6. Since we don’t know what the man with the mask said to cause the other man to present the weapon, I’d withhold judgement on who the actual guilty party is. He could have made threatening comments like, (I’m going break your f—– neck) etc. Since it was a healthy male and apparently capable of carrying out such a threat and not some little old lady with a walker, it’s entirely possible pulling the weapon was in self-defense and lawful.

    • MLee,

      I just finished posting below which speaks directly to your comment. The overwhelming majority of jurisdictions in the United States will consider handgun man’s actions to be NOT legally justifiable because our jurisdictions require handgun man to engage in hand-to-hand combat for self-defense — since handgun man was somewhat evenly matched against mask man.

      Handgun man would only be legally justified to draw his handgun if mask man threatened to maim/murder him AND only if handgun man had a significant physical disability that would put him at a severe disadvantage against mask man in hand-to-hand combat.

      • I dunno, they don’t look evenly matched to me and I see what appears to be 3 against 1 or something that unmasked man could have perceived as that since the others were all wearing masks. Fact is, the the original ass-wipe that confronted unmasked man after the store had let him in is the instigator and is therefore the one who should be punished. Legally I know that’s wrong but I do see a defense based on 3 to 1.

      • Utter nonsense. Sam Colt provided us with the .45 ACP specifically so we DO NOT HAVE TO engage in melee combat to protect ourselves. They “look” evenly matched? WTF do you know about either of them? Maybe the guy with the gun is a heart patient, with hernias, and some kind of wasting disease. But, they “look” evenly matched?

      • I can’t speak to all state laws but I know here in Washington State if the masked man made threats and a reasonable person could interpret those threats as real and he was capable of carrying them out, then pulling a gun would be justified. That doesn’t mean you won’t get arrested because arresting someone is easy.
        Look at it this way, I’m 63 and stand about 5’8″ Should a larger healthy younger man half my age threaten to cave my skull in over…..whatever and I think the threat is real, I would be 100% within my legal right and justified in pulling my weapon while having NO duty to retreat…although I would. I’d draw it and back away.
        I’ve done legal research for lawyers for gun rights restoration cases and we won, probably the only case in Washington with that sort of case, so I’m not new at reading and comprehending legal statutes and legal appeals court published opinions. It will be an interesting case but as we all know at this point, we don’t know enough. Cops pull their guns on people of darker complexion all the time because they scared of the spooky black man. I can’t fault the average citizen for doing it, not knowing what we know so far.
        Here’s Washington RCW 9A.16.110
        In part:
        (1) No person in the state shall be placed in legal jeopardy of any kind whatsoever for protecting by any reasonable means necessary, himself or herself, his or her family, or his or her real or personal property, or for coming to the aid of another who is in imminent danger of or the victim of assault, robbery, kidnapping, arson, burglary, rape, murder, or any other violent crime as defined in RCW 9.94A.030.

        Seems pretty clear to me.

  7. One more time people:

    Pretty much all (if not all) jurisdictions in the United States require that you have a REASONABLE fear of IMMINENT death or grievous bodily harm before you can legally brandish a firearm, intentionally point a firearm at someone, and/or shoot at someone.

    Notice that I capitalized “REASONABLE”, as in a jury of your peers would have to agree that your fear was reasonable.

    Notice also that I capitalized “IMMINENT’, as in a jury of your peers would have to agree that your attack was imminent — as in literally happening right then and there. An attack that might happen might also not happen and is therefore NOT imminent.

    One last caveat: unfortunately almost every (if not every) jurisdiction in the United States requires that you engage in hand-to-hand combat methods when exercising self-defense against an attacker has no visible external weapons and is roughly on par with your size, strength, and speed. Thus, a defender is not legally justified to use a firearm in self-defense unless his/her attacker has a significant advantage in size, strength, and/or speed.

    — The above is my personal opinion.
    — The above is NOT legal advice.
    — I am NOT an attorney.
    — Seek council from an attorney for your personal situation.

    • It might be the case in practice, but I’m pretty sure that’s not encoded in law anywhere.

      Plus, if that’s the case, I’m permanently screwed. Well, not permanently…time will take care of it eventually…but if you’re not allowed to claim a threat unless confronted by somebody obviously bigger and stronger, then I’d have to go mano a mano with anybody smaller than an NFL defensive end. That’s a ridiculous kind of requirement to impose.

      Given that I am large and intimidating (an entirely superficial aspect, but that’s mostly beside the point), I don’t tend to be the recipient of public confrontations. The corollary is that I have good reason to assume that anyone who does get aggressive and refuses to deescalate has taken that into account — or maybe is too deranged to do so — and is a very real threat.

      Another factor to consider in the Florida Man/People of Walmart confrontation: The fact that one of the men was pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair changes everything. My college-age daughter has recently become mobility-impaired, and I can verify that when you’re responsible for another person who can’t defend herself — or leave the scene without your help — everything changes. I can’t afford to engage in any kind of “fair fight” under those circumstances.

      • I’m also a large person. Most folks, even though I’m now a white beard, tend to not confront me directly. Those that do are dangerous folks. Maybe because of drugs, alcohol, or mental illness. But they are to be treated as a real threat.

      • Ing,

        … but if you’re not allowed to claim a threat unless confronted by somebody obviously bigger and stronger, then I’d have to go mano a mano with anybody smaller than an NFL defensive end. That’s a ridiculous kind of requirement to impose.

        That is exactly how self-defense actually works in our nation and almost all prosecutors will prosecute you for felony aggravated assault at a minimum if you draw a firearm on an attacker who does not have any visible external weapons and who does not have a huge advantage of size, strength, and speed — which is why I started my sentence with the word “unfortunately”.

        Here is the simple problem as I see it with our self-defense standard in our nation: every reasonably fit male (and probably every female bodybuilder) can easily knock you unconscious with one solid punch or kick to the head. Not only is that single punch/kick capable of causing a significant brain injury in-and-of-itself, your resulting fall and head’s impact on a hard surface can easily cause fatal trauma to your brain. Or, once unconscious, your attacker can easily finish you off with one solid kick to your skull or stomp on your neck.

        Because a single punch/kick is easily capable of maiming or killing you, my personal position is that a righteous defender should be legally justified to brandish a firearm (but definitely not shoot) BEFORE the aggressor (who has no visible objects/weapons) starts throwing punches/kicks. Sadly, our criminal justice system does not agree and condemns you to hand-to-hand fighting.

        • Unfortunately U.S. self defense law goes all the way back to Europe. In other words, it’s complete shit and you must learn it’s stupidity because it’s not always logical and reasonable unless you have a badge.

      • Ing,

        I am not sure if handgun-man gets any additional leeway to immediately escalate to deadly force simply because he was pushing a disabled person in a wheelchair.

        Any attorneys out there care to weigh in?

        • I would say no because the man was being confronted for not wearing a mask while the older man in the wheelchair was attempting to follow the rules. Meaning, the non mask wearer was the target, not the man in the wheelchair. So the gunman can’t claim to be defending the man in the wheelchair. The gun totting man, wearing a gun shirt, was unreasonable in his emotional response to a man with a child.

          The man with the child could have easily pulled a gun and shot the gunman because he had enough reasonable fear the gunman was not in control of his emotions and was threatening the lives of multiple persons while committing criminal trespass. We could have put a bullet in his head from across the way if we can articulate the reasonableness of having to intervene to save three people from an angry man armed with a firearm and the unreasonable belief he has the right to kill to survive an argument about his bad behavior. It would be best to warn him you are about to put a bullet in his head if he doesn’t put the gun down before you put the bullet in his head.

      • A fair fight is already a loss. I don’t expect to have any issues unless started by someone else but I can solve the issue. Life isn’t a game and it’s not fair anyone who believes that is stupid. I have the same issue that you have I’d have to fight damn near everyone hand to hand if that way law. I ain’t fighting anyone threatening me I will pick up object or pull gun I believe in peace through superior firepower

        • Right. And add to that the fact that I will be present for the discussion of justification for the shooting, not in the ground.

  8. What’s this mental illness going around that makes people think it’s okay to reprimand complete strangers?
    Was that guy his daddy? A Walmart employee?
    For fucks sake won’t everyone just mind their own business?
    Try it. Watch your life get easier and easier and your troubles fade away because at the end of the day all your bullshit issues are your own fucking fault.

    • If you are not wearing a mask near me it IS my business since you are increasing the risk to me and everyone else around.

      • No, in America it is not the general public’s job to make you feel “safe.” If you feel unsafe, you have every right to stay home or take any other reasonable and lawful step you may choose in order to help yourself feel more safe. You may think those people are selfish or jerks, but in America we have the freedom to be selfish jerks if we want to.

        Be glad that the general public doesn’t have an obligation to protect the “safe feelings” of others. If that were the case, we’d have all been forced to give up our guns decades ago.

        • I’m not saying it should be illegal, I’m just saying your an asshole if you don’t take the simple precaution of wearing a mask when the vast majority of medical experts agree it lowers the risk of you transmitting to those around you. If you disagree with this please cite your sources.

        • “the vast majority of medical experts agree” – “please cite your sources”

          Uh, how about citing yours if that’s going to be a requirement when making a statement?

        • The Homeless Population…No masks, No soap, No social distancing…Unchanged for the last 5 months when all this B.S. started.

        • You obviously haven’t read my previous posts, I am not opposed to wearing masks at all. I just don’t like .gov by fiat, I don’t like Karen’s, and I don’t like it when someone asks for citations they don’t provide themselves.

          As for the CDC, well, it’s a .gov. It says was it’s told to say and they haven’t been right since this started. I will check your citation but can you cite any credible private surveys to support your claim?

          The other thing is, Karen’s like masked guy need to think. Unmasked guy may have already had it and got over it. Those people have no need to wear a mask – source for this is a small knowledge of medicine and a modicum of common sense.

      • JR,

        Stay home then, this isn’t the world in where your needs and wants outweigh others. I am, as are others entitled to the same Bill of Rights as are you. My right to privacy is the same as yours. If a private store deems it their policy to enforce a mask policy then fine. However, there is no law on the books as of yet requiring masks in any state. However, there are states that are doing the EO thing, but that isn’t a legislative branch bill/law though the correct process. People need to shit or get off the pot.

        • Uh, courts including SCOTUS upholding the EOs, no matter how absurd. “Public Safety”! You really don’t want to test this in court. You will lose.

        • There’s no law requiring you to wash your hands after you take a shit either. Its common courtesy to help keep those around you healthy.

        • Exactly! I don’t object to wearing the mask, I object to the mandate. Also, it isn’t your place to teach me manners.

          I’m researching now but I think the masked guy broke laws regarding citizens arrest and illegal detention.

      • That’s ridiculous.

        You can move away, if necessary, to maintain your precious SocialJusticeWarriorDistancing. You’re religiously and dutifully wearing your own mask, of course. You have the option at all times to stay home, as your Betters have ‘suggested’. You are responsible for you. No one else is. If you go out in public willingly, and fall prey to the dreaded 23-19 Plague, you’re on your own. You were warned, were you not? On the other hand, if YOU are taking all of the recommended precautions (mask, gloves, gobs of hand sanitizer, full body condom, Level 1 HazMat gear, precision-measured 72″ of virgin airspace, and all that), how could you POSSIBLY be at risk from someone else?

        • @John
          “full body condom”

          Not much makes me laugh these days but that did it! Thanks!

      • JR, then you should LEAVE! You are claiming a threat, so you will approach and confront, with much screaming, spitting, etc? You are LYING, that is too stupid to believe, if someone is that dangerous you should avoid them, not pursue a closer encounter. That’s what you do when you know damn well there is no threat, but you see an opportunity to inflict your will on others, make yourself feel like a big man. Grow up and mind your own business.

    • It’s called living in society. There are rules in society. The rules only work if people enforce them if everyone is not on the same page.

      In America people are selfish and disrespectful of others. If you cared about people you would try to be less of a burden to society every way you can be. One of those ways is to prevent the spread of a virus that allows the government to make excuses as to why they killed free market capitalism and turned society into a fascist controlled economy while they steal trillions from tax payers.

      Why do you think Asia is much safer, less contentious and doesn’t require American style policing?

      • Another way to prevent becoming a burden on society, is to keep your freaking mouth SHUT. You don’t accost a stranger, and order him to wear a mask.

      • “Why do you think Asia is much safer, less contentious and doesn’t require American style policing?”

        Duh, because we’re a free people and they are not so we don’t like to be told what to do by anyone and esp .gov maybe?

      • “Why do you think Asia is much safer, less contentious and doesn’t require American style policing?”

        Asia tends to be a monoculture society where there is little racial diversity.

        Japan and south Korea are probably the most glaringly racist countries on the planet…

        • This ⬆️ as there is very little violence and most if not all are highly educated, speak multiple languages and so on. If you also look at predominantly all white countries violence is also typically low. But of course all this talk is racist and someone will get triggered.

        • Not from my experience. Asians are naive and ignorant, which can seem racist. Asians really like white people and treat them so well just because they are white. The only time Asia behaves “racist” is when their government pushes that on society to collectivize citizens against other governments.

          China has a lot of different people and cultures. They have various languages too. The government pretends they are an ethno state but they are not. Because of communism the CCP crushes anything that disrupts the harmony of the government/society. It’s not because Chinese people are racist, it’s more that they are nationalists and the CCP pushes that very hard. They even destroyed their own Chinese culture to replace it with European Communism. Look at Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore to see how Chinese act without the CCP influence and pressure. You could even look at your fellow Americans who’s family came from China.

        • Singapore even pushes hard at unity… Although the population is heavily considered Chinese without the CCP running Singapore the people behave very differently.

    • “What’s this mental illness going around that makes people think it’s okay to reprimand complete strangers?”


        • Given permission by whom or what? Their own brain.

          The argument is always the same and the root of that argument is always the same too. Fear.

          Fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

          Panic is “sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior.” (emphasis mine.)

          This is what fearporn does. It corrupts everything.

          No one is telling anyone else “Go out and confront people not wearing a mask”. No one has to. That’s the beauty of building mental prisons.

          “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

  9. The appropriate response (if any) is simply “F**K OFF”. I personally choose to wear a mask in public settings although I think they’re pretty much useless, and I could care less if anyone else chooses to wear one.

    Pulling a gun on someone for asking one to wear a mask is beyond the pale. I’d wager this isn’t the first time this jerk has done something like this and had to face consequences, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s a felon in unlawful possession.

  10. Back in the day open carriers were encouraged to carry a digital recorder when out and about in case a rogue law officer or unhinged anti-gunner started a confrontation. I’m thinking this is still good advice maybe with newer methods via cell phone. We have pretty damning evidence against this man on video with absolutely no audio.

  11. Fla is not Open Carry. You can carry Concealed only if you have a CCL (the classes are a joke. fla is where I got my first CCL) AND you cannot “print” or else a LEO will have cause for arresting you.

    The guy with the handgun wasn’t doing our side any favors. Granted, I have no idea what was side between the two sides. But wearing a black tshirt that has firearms as part of the American Flag motif practically advertises “I’m Carrying” and cements in the media-brainwashed minds of hoplophobes that we are fringe people, not mainstream.

    • A-argh15. Printing in Florida does not constitute open carry. Not saying you won’t be arrested, but it would be an unlawful arrest. If so, get an attorney and tell the agency/officer to get out a checkbook.

    • ummm as of two years ago, “printing” in Florida is not a thing….please read FS 790.01 and beyond to be up to date on gun laws, or please stop giving legal advice on a public forum.

    • Incorrect. I print all the time in Florida and I don’t care, and neither does anyone else. I’ve never been made or stopped over it, and the one interaction I’ve had while carrying with the police here was a very positive encounter, where he encouraged me to keep carrying.

  12. No matter, starting Monday, all WalMarts will require masks on customers entering the store. Refuse to wear a mask? Then leave, or you will be trespassing. I can see many cops rolling their eyes over this edict as now these people who refuse to wear a mask will somehow believe they have a “right” to enter private property without one on to do their shopping. There will be arrests, more than likely, but most incidents will probably involve local law enforcement telling them to leave and if they return, they will be arrested for trespassing.

    • American Disabilities Act requires that merchants cannot refuse to serve customers with disabilities! Persons with emphysema, COPD, asthma, cannot breath properly with a mask on, and therefore are exempt.

      • Asthmatics probably should be wearing a mask just to avoid the irritants in the air anyways. I completely disagree with 99% of your “logic”. Glad to see you found your cap lock button.

        • As someone who has delt with numerous nurses you are nothing more than a glorified CNA with slightly more schooling. Lost over 6 pounds from the shits and the idiot nurse who would not let me see or talk to my doctor told me to get tested for Coronavirus.

          Your opinion on anything medical is not worth anything except maybe a trip to the emergency room because of your incompetence. Had one argue with me that I did not have pneumonia. Thank God I got blood work done that day. They called me the next day and suddenly agreed with me that I had pneumonia and started actually treating it.

          You are why medical malpractice insurance is so high, I refuse to speak to nurses anymore period after what I have gone through.

      • Stores provide people with legitimate health issues the privilege of shopping for them as they wait outside.

    • Half of the masks I see everyday don’t filter your exhaled breath. They are not protecting anyone but the person wearing them, so half your argument for forcing others to wear a mask or stay home is void. Of the remaining masks, half (or more) are not worn properly and thus protect no one. So there’s another quarter of your argument nullified. So until the mask Nazis are showing the same contempt for the valve masked and uncovered noses as they do for those of us who will not drink the cool-aid, they and you can go pound sand.

      • No where near half the masks have exhaust valves. You are being hyperbolic to make your point. The reason there are fewer of them is because they add cost and aren’t for really for this purpose. They are mostly for construction/maintenance work.

        • So I’m lying? F You. I cannot speak for anyone else, but where I go, HALF THE MASKS HAVE EXHAUST VALVES. Come shadow me for a day, and then you can say if I’m wrong. Until then, don’t tell me what I’m seeing with my own eyes. In the hot ass building I work, no one wants to stew in their own exhaust so they spend more for a mask with a valve. I hear the same reasoning when John Q Public talks about buying their masks. Don’t avoid the issue by discounting data that you don’t believe.

        • Fred I too have vented masks. I have also been wondering when people would start getting upset that this type doesn’t protect others and I have been paying attention to what types people wear since March. I looked at scores of photos of people wearing masks before I replied to make sure that my town was not freakishly un-vented. Not even 1 in 5 had vented masks. Maybe the evil liberal media has edited the photos to make it look like vents are less common in an effort to undermine Trump?

  13. the crime of threatening a person together with the act of making physical contact with them

    Also, many businesses are starting to require masts. Which is their right. If you don’t like it, stay tf out. Just like you (should be) doing for places that don’t allow lawful concealed carry.

    • Just be sure to bake a cake for a gay couple. If you are open to the public you should have to abide by the BOR. Carrying a gun is not disruptive to your business or cause for alarm. Neither is choosing to wear or not wear a mask. Both are protected by the BOR.

      If you want to start a private club than feel free to exude whoever you want, gun owners, whites, gays wanting cakes baked and so on.

  14. I can only hope they hire former bouncers as greeters at wal-mart. I had a friend who was a greeter and was like 75 years old and I can’t imagine him trying to enforce a masks at Wal-Mart rule, but if you don’t stop people at the door, then the requirement is pointless. With bars being closed, there must be a lot of bouncers looking for work.

    • The solution is really simple and easy to understand. If a person is spotted violating rule # 1, of not wearing a mask, then immediately revert to and apply rule # 2 by maintaining a social distance of 6 feet or more. Don’t consider it your duty to police the area. Keep yourself safe and leave others alone. Remember rule # 2 is for you.

      • Don’t forget that your eyes are not covered, so people not wearing a mask can give you viruses. Open areas and air conditioned areas will help spread viruses into people’s eyes from those not wearing masks.

        • @RidgeRunner

          I am not at risk of dying form a corona virus. I simply care about other humans. I don’t want to get people sick. As bad as Boomers are I don’t want to get them deathly ill. It’s only righteous to do onto others as you would want done onto you.

          Remember how Americans claim all the Indians died not from a campaign of genocide but from Europeans coughing? If that is true, why would be want to replicate that with the elderly Americans? Do you not respect your elders? Do you not care about your fellow countrymen?

          In Asian countries people respect each other because they think of each other as family. Apparently, Americans think the only person that matters is themselves. That’s not surprising because Americans kick their kids out at 18 and refuse to live with multiple generations of family.

          Republicans will pay heavily for their selfishness and lack of care for their elders.

          I also don’t mind people wearing masks and it becoming normalized. It’s actually unlawful to wear masks in public, when everyone wears a mask those laws become null. This is very beneficial now that we have facial recognition out in public being used to track Americans and database them. In many states carrying a gun and wearing a mask is unlawful. So wear a mask to help get rid of these laws when you have the chance. It’s like open carrying before that became a rarity.

    • Totally agree…masks do nothing!
      Some dumb ass out there said if you have asthma you should be wearing a mask! The douche doesn’t understand if you can’t breath, that brings on a severe asthma attack! I know because my son has asthma. A lot of snowflakes like to talk out of their ass, probably should wear a mask there too! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s for the other dumb ass that has nothing useful to say.

      • This douche has submitted articles for peer review regarding asthma and provide education to various medical professionals regarding the topic. So yeah F me right.

        You probably think smoking around an asthmatic is fine too.

    • You should really submit your research to the CDC because they disagree with you. I’m sure your amazing credentials will turn some heads and set them straight.

      • The CDC has been proven to be wrong on just about everything related to Covid, and they’re manipulating stats out the ass. Junior.

    • Which is why when there is a radiation leak from a plant the workers don’t wear masks. They just suck those particles right in…

  15. No matter the issue; one thing everyone should understand. Do not fuck with strangers. For that very reason. You don’t know who they are or what they will do. If masked man didn’t like unmasked man being unmasked he should just maintain social distance and then some.

  16. Gay couple wants wedding cake: “Businesses should have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.”
    Walmart asks you to wear a mask. “HOW DARE YOU INFRINGE UPON MY FREEDOM!”
    If this is your thought process you’re a fucking hypocrite. Wear the mask or stay the fuck home. 135,000 dead from COVID-19 and counting in the US ALONE. Just about every other country has this shit under control but us. Why don’t we? I think this story is all the evidence you need.

    If the mask does nothing, why does every surgeon since the early 1900s wear one in hospital? If the mask does nothing, why do countries like Japan and South Korea wear them literally any time they get sick? And don’t tell me you can’t breathe in a mask or you can’t get oxygen. You’re full of shit. There’s already multitudes of videos out there proving that wrong. You’re just a whiny little turd who doesn’t want to follow a SIMPLE instruction. People are asking you to do the BARE MINIMUM to stop the spread of infection and you’re adamantly refusing because “muh rights”. The right to swing your fist ends at my nose. Put on the god damn mask. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a practicing physician for decades who has LITERALLY written the book on the subject tells you the mask helps, then you can take his word for it that it helps. But since he disagrees with The Orange than he’s clearly an idiot. Yeah, I’m gonna take medical advice from a reality TV show host with 3 divorces and 6 bankruptcies under his belt over a licensed physician with decades of experience.

    • So you disagree with the US Surgeon General when he said, on March 8th, “Masks do not work for the general public”?
      When and where did you graduate medical school? Where can I find the peer reviewed research you’ve authored on the topic?

    • So you must have missed the part where he said in a hearing recently that he didn’t tell the public that masks would be beneficial because he was making sure that the available PPE went to hospitals and first responder types first.

      It’s not just a claim, it was on video. Look it up.

      Apparently they will only “save you” after the gov. has enough for themselves…..

      Check out Viva Frei on Youtube to see an intelligent break down of the video and what it says about the gov. wisdom.

      • I’m fully aware of the duplicity, and I also understand that masks do work. I was on Governor Abbot’s CV19 logistics strike force and got to witness first hand labs testing masks and see which ones worked. Some do. Some don’t.
        My point is that, partly because of the duplicity you’ve highlighted, the claim of “trust the doctor” just doesn’t carry any weight anymore. Nor should it. You’ll find whatever opinion you want from a qualified physician.

        • Ah, sorry. I’m out hunting. Driving, shooting, and reading this all at the same time is hard. Almost spilled my beer.

        • “Almost spilled my beer.”

          It’s a battered old truck. Hose it out… 😉

        • So what test(s) did you use to determine which masks worked and which ones did not work? Was a control group used? We’re the results verifiable? I’m calling BS on your post.

        • Well, that’s because you’re either lazy or stupid, probably both.
          The tests were conducted at the request of the Texas Department of State Health Services, and were carried out and verified by several different state and private university labs around the state of Texas. In a nutshell, a machine measures the flow-through rate of control particles through each mask, both in simple material flow and then fit to a standardized machine to test fit on a control “human mimicking” form. Even masks that are rated and sold as “N95” go through this process, and if they fail that lot is not paid for and returned, or downgraded for different use. That’s how we controlled for quality on masks from different manufacturers. All information about testing of products, individuals, and case numbers directly reported from the labs, the individual hospital systems, and viral testing facilities are posted in real time on the DSHS website. The state gets to see it the same time the public does.

    • 135,000 dead, in a population of about 350,000,000? Did you just recently wake up to the fact that life is always fatal? In America, we kill each other on the highways routinely. We shoot each other in the ghettos, routinely. We routinely commit suicide. But, something comparable to a bad flu season has you scared spitless?

    • If 135,000 dead… how come, in most areas, nobody knows a dead person? Furthermore, in a lot of areas, nobody even knows anyone who has had COVID. And what about the agencies and offices that have been found to be inflating the numbers of positives tenfold?

      I’d almost be willing to bet that if ANTIFA didn’t need to hide behind masks, nobody else would be required to wear one.

  17. Ehhh…I “try” to mind my business. Especially NOW. Love all the ” I’m an expert” BS. Cure Wuhanflu expert. Got fairly annoyed earlier today when the Aldi gal tried to get exact change from my cash purchase. “Next time have exact change!” Not my fault there’s a fake coin shortage. And I rarely use a debit card!

  18. Combining “People of Walmart” with “Florida Man” would have solved a whole bunch of rocket fuel equations back in the early years of developing ICBM’s and rockets to the Moon.

    Yup, like fuel and oxidizer … mix those two ingredients and ….. KABOOM!!!!

    possibly also “WHOOOOOOSH!!!!”

    And alcohol may be a factor.

  19. 1.First of all I choose to boycott Walmart due to their deceitful discriminatory” LBJ/KGB” anti-gun class warfare policies against the innocent American gun owner! They don’t deserve my patronage and business and will not get it. 2. Though I rightly feel wearing a mask, like wearing a seat belt, should be an individual private choice ( I despise, resist, and dislike flaming socialists who side with the almighty state) this situation would have been better handled by store management. 3. The person who intervened and confronted the man not wearing his mask was totally out of order by not minding his own damned business! 4. The man who pulled his handgun and threatened the nanny state idiot who criticized him is an even bigger idiot and damned fool! There is a proper time place and manner in which to pull and brandish a handgun: a woman being stalked
    by some lowlife who is violating a restraining order, especially when no one is around to come to her aid or assistance, the homeowner who responds to the sound of breaking glass and forced entry at 2:00 A.M., or the violent banging on the door at this same ungodly hour, or a woman or anyone else packing who is approached and confronted by a feral human predator at say a rest area in a threatening manner. Yes….there is a time, place, and manner to properly draw and display a handgun. But this stupid incident will be exploited by the anti-gun elitists and our socialist enemies to further target and harass the innocent honest American gun owner. This was a vicious circle what could
    have been prevented and kept from escalating.

  20. I hope they put the dumb ass in jail for pulling a gun on someone. If he dosen’t want to wear a mask he should stay the hell out.

  21. 1.First off I choose to boycott Walmart due to their deceitful discriminatory” LBJ/KGB” anti-gun class warfare policies against the innocent American gun owner! They don’t deserve my patronage and business and will not get it. 2. Though I rightly feel wearing a mask, like wearing a seat belt, should be an individual private choice ( I despise, resist, and dislike self righteous flaming socialists who side with the almighty state) this situation would have been better handled by store management. 3. The person who intervened and confronted the man not wearing his mask was totally out of order by not minding his own damned business! 4. The man who pulled his handgun and threatened the nanny state idiot who criticized him is an even bigger idiot and damned fool! There is a proper time place and manner in which to pull and brandish a handgun: a woman being stalked by some lowlife who is violating a restraining order, especially when no one is around to come to her aid or assistance, the homeowner who responds to the sound of breaking glass and forced entry at 2:00 A.M., or the violent banging on the door at this same ungodly hour, or a woman or anyone else packing who is approached and confronted by a feral human predator at say a rest area in a threatening manner. Yes….there is a time, place, and manner to properly draw and display a handgun. But this stupid incident will be exploited by the anti-gun elitists and our socialist enemies to further target and harass the innocent honest American gun owner. This was a vicious circle what could have been prevented and kept from escalating.

  22. “iF mY UnDeWEaR CAnT sTOp a FArT tHEn A mAsK CAnT sTop A vIRuS!”

    Jeesus… really people?

    This is more an… if you shit your pants in public your underwear keeps the shit in long enough to get home and change. The virus is primarily transmitted through droplets and there is plenty of evidence that shows that the majority of the droplets in your sneeze/cough/breath get caught in the mask instead of getting expelled across the room, but just like the fact that tge dook you just took in your underwear will eventually seep out all over the place, all these people walking around with homemade masks that they probably haven’t washed since march are probably doing more harm than good to themselves and those around them. If you leave your dirty mask on the droplets dry out and then your mask becomes a petri dish and you walk around fogging the entire place with your germs/virus particles. Unfortunately, the shocking lack of education and heavy handed “YOU MUST COMPLY BECAUSE I SAID SO” way that these orders are being enforced only makes this type of behavior more common.

    So as usually its more complicated than the “mask works/doesnt work” binary debate we keep trying to have…. if you are just wearing a piece of cloth on your face because someone said so, and you arent following the actual guidelines laid out for properly wearing one (ie. wash the cloth one every day, and throw the disposable one away after every use)… then yeah your are probably causing more harm than good, to yourself and everyone around you.

    None of this warrants pulling a gun on someone.

    Both sides of this debate could use a fair helping of common sense… /rant

    • Agree entirely.

      One more useful aspect of the mask is in reducing how far the droplets travel. Some of the video studies can be found if you search a bit. Without the mask, a sneeze, cough or simple exhalation sends droplets a much shorter distance with any sort of mask than without.

      I use disposable masks that are supplied and required in my work.

      Lots of people I know now have a small collection of cloth masks they wash and use one per day. Even seen some of the ladies coordinating their choice of mask fabrics (outer layer at least) to the rest of their clothing. Which gives me a bit of a chuckle.

      In any case the mask helps, like anything else, if you pay attention to details and do it right.

    • A lot of people get hyper stupid when they think something is political. I have seen more studies that suggest benefit than suggest no benefit. It is difficult to figure out which to take more stock in. If it is uncertain why not error on the side of caution?

    • I went to the state driving services center today. I had to wait around forever, so of course I was people watching. One of the workers there had an extremely ill fitting cloth mask. It was constantly falling down, exposing her nose. She constantly pulled it back up, touching the inside of the mask near her nose, all while handing out numbers and forms to people coming in. Another worker there had one that fit, but he was constantly pulling it down, then back up. He too touched the inside of his mask near his nose area, as he kept walking around and opening and closing doors.

      I don’t like that the fed govt lied at first in order to save masks, but there’s probably some truth to what they said about mask wearing making this situation worse if it isn’t done properly.

    • I shit my pants in public once. Goddamn was it embarrassing. I WASNT wearing underwear and It was a torrential shit storm because I had ecoli. Shit was literally uncontrollably blasting out of my ass and leaking out of my pants all over the grocery store floor. I ran out of the store only making it worse. Never went back to that store or town ever again.

      • I was at the bar once with a friend who shit himself while he was drunk. He went to the bathroom and tossed his underwear in the trash can then cleaned himself up and threw his pants back on, then went out and kept drinking. I was looking for an excuse to leave when the next patron to visit the bathroom came out screaming “WHO SHIT IN THE TRASH CAN! WHAT THE FUCK.”

        Good times.

      • Show me one person who hasn’t shit themselves lol. I mean, maybe not as bad as you did, but I have puked like that in public before. Not drunk or anything, just sick. Usually, when I shart myself, I just go straight to the bathroom and cut the boxers off without removing my pants all the way. Kind of hard to while carrying too lol. But that’s also why I carry baby wipes and a couple spare sets of clothes in the truck. Socks too. My god I hate having wet feet. When I was in the army, I had probably half my pack just socks and boxers.

        Now we have to compensate for face sharts? I just can’t do it. I’ll carry a “hanky” and sanitizer.

  23. I don’t understand the logic in carrying a gun and not wearing a mask. We carry a gun because we know that there is evil in the world, an unknown THREAT that possibly exists and could strike at any point, even if 99% never need to use our gun in a defensive we keep it on our persons for that possibility.

    How in the hell can you make the argument of carrying a gun for a possibility of a threat, but not wear a mask to reduce your chances of catching and spreading an actual THREAT called Covid especially even with a 1% chance of death from that THREAT (which could be higher or lower depending on factors of your health).

    I intend on living as long as possible, and that means surviving physical & biological threats to my well being. But I am responsible for my family that depend on me, and just like I carry my gun to protect them as well, ill wear my mask to protect them also.

    • Some people believe that the likelyhood of having to use their firearm is more likely than getting significantly ill from CV19. And oddly enough, some of those people will be right.

      • I know someone that got covid from food delivers to their home. They’re still sick. The other people I know got it didn’t really think they needed a mask. Of course they are not dead. So far they haven’t needed to shoot anyone. Maybe when the virus starts turning people into mindless zombies?

        The whole point of wearing the mask is to not give the money grabbing government the excuse to steal trillions after they shut down free market capitalism because spikes in cases of a corona virus with no cure. We already know it’s not deadly like they tried to fear monger it was.

        • They’re putting together a $1.3 trillion relief bill, and Nancy Pelosi says that isn’t enough. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point. Look for more wealthy orgs to end up with plenty of future tax payer money. I’m fine with wearing a mask so we can get people back to work in a responsible manner.

        • I don’t believe someone caught it from food being delivered to their home. I think you’re full of crap.

        • @Ned Pepper

          They work from home and have not really left the house. They thought using delivery services would keep them from being exposed. They live alone. They felt ill and went for a test. The test came back positive for the virus.

          It makes sense they could get it from the delivery workers in the same way cops spread the virus with constant contact with the public. A cop gets the virus and goes about his job contacting many people helping spread the virus without knowing. It could have also came from the people making the food.

          I always open packages, throw away the box and sanitize afterward. I try not to touch the stuff for a few days.

          Americans are dirty people, washing hands is not something they like to do, yet they like to have a culture of shaking hands. They also still use their outdoor shoes inside their homes.

    • Most humans are saddled with the emotional immaturity of small child and are more likely to be much more dangerous to me than a Covid virus. I’ll take my chances with the covid.

    • The purpose of the masks isn’t to protect you from becoming infected it is to reduce the risk of those who are infectious from spreading it to others.

    • shh you’ll upset the tacticool idiots that carry two guns, six mags, a fixed blade knife and keep a plate carrier in the car just in case they have to fight off a squad of ninjas but they won’t wear a basic element of PPE shown to reduce infection during a pandemic.

      More people dead from ‘just the flu’ in three months than all that were killed in the Vietnam and Korean wars but these snowflakes can’t do something mildly inconvenient on the off-chance that it might help their fellow man.

    • I just now left a reply for someone informing them that “common sense” does not exist and look at your handle so I stand corrected, there is one.

  24. Some masks may block droplets from those who talk like Daffy Duck. Masks are now mandated in my state if you enter a business. For those who forget to brush their teeth the mask can be helpful. For those who want to paint lawn furniture masks are helpful. Nobody needs to go gun crazy because someone doesn’t wear a mask or does wear a mask. Life is short and the lawn needs mowing so I’ll wear a mask, my mower is fast and I might swallow a grasshopper with no mask.

    • Before covid, I’ve told co-workers and friends, “bro please back up, you are spraying me when you talk.” Why can’t folks work on “say it, dont spray it?” Wearing face masks has been the best protection against these spray talkin’ nasties.
      BTW, I choose to wear one when in a store. Walking outside I don’t wear one. But they are absolutely mandatory when I go on a military base. But I wouldn’t tell a person they need to wear one, not my job.

      • I usually do too! But being mandatory, I’ll just go somewhere else. I have not been on post since 2012, but I am curious to see what the military is providing its personnel and if they wear them during PT lol. Actually REALLY glad I got out now. What a crazy time.

        And the “say it don’t spray it” mentality is real. I’ve had to put hands on people before for being too close, before all this and in my younger more aggressive days, usually friendly tho like just a “bro back up” kind of way, but now it’s real! Someone coughs in the grocery store, all eyes on them. I even saw someone sneeze in their mask. Ugh! I couldn’t do it. I’d rather whip out the ol trusty small towel from my cargo pocket like I always have or into my sleeve rather than wear a snotty wet mask lol. Someone in the comment section said “the purpose of underwear is to keep that shart at bay until you get home to change”… makes sense, but I usually just go to the bathroom immediately and throw them away lol. Now we have to deal with face sharts.

        That’s an image you won’t get out of your head either. You are welcome.

    • Good advice. Also, follow the rules of the private property owner when they say you are criminally trespassing if not wearing a mask on their property. You don’t want to pull out a gun while already committing a crime. If you came onto private property illegally and pulled out a gun you could easily be shot dead justifiably so.

      Gun owners need to find someone to teach them American law or simply don’t take your gun out until you are about to get grievously harmed or killed. A gun doesn’t make you god, you could end up in more trouble if you whip it out, even dead.

      If I see someone threaten deadly force on an innocent person over wearing masks, I will do what is necessary to protect the innocent and end the threat. We saw what happened when a man stabbed someone because that person told him to wear a mask, then he attacked a cop knowing he was going to prison for his attempted murder.

      • if the private property owners do not enforce it, mind your fucking business. Too many vigilantes who should just stay home if they are scared. A mask won’t help. Hand sanitizer stations throughout public places would do more good than a mask. Also, most these places give people “face shields” which are obviously not doing anything either… so if YOU are worried about catching it, stay home. Obviously, the people not wearing masks would prefer you mind your own business, like they do. Try to be some citizens arrest vigilante for not wearing a mask? Expect opposition.

        • Masks work. Only Trump Republicans are arguing they don’t work because Trump took all the masks and sent them over to other counties instead of to Americans. He only left the shitty non rated masks for Americans to use. Trump didn’t send masks to the troops and fired a captain for whistle blowing about the ship being infected during a mission; at least one sailor died and the captain also got sick.

          Trump didn’t want Americans buying up all the masks so he lied to them saying they don’t work. He knew there wasn’t enough masks to go around. Instead of behaving like Korea he just got the feds to confiscate/buy all the masks as he continued to pretend they don’t work. He put out a bunch of misinformation to justify his horrible behavior against the American people. If you went online to buy proper masks you would see notices saying you can’t by them because the government reserved all of them for themselves.

          You have three areas you can contract the virus: eyes, mouth and nose. The proper rated mask blocks particles and viruses from entering your mouth and nose, which means you still have your eyes exposed, but if everyone is wearing a mask the chances decrease significantly of getting ill. Hand sanitizer is not necessary when people wear masks because the virus dies on surfaces rather quickly and people wearing masks keep the virus to themselves. Just don’t touch your eyes, don’t eat and don’t drink until you clean your hands.

          It’s not hard to teach a stupid American how to wear a mask. It’s much easier than teaching them to speak English, drive a car, etc. You can’t tell me Americans are too dumb to follow simple directions and only East Asians are smart enough to have a mask wearing culture. If you can put on a condom…

        • Explain why the homeless population has remained unchanged in the last 4 months…No masks, No soap, No social distancing…

        • Well, your long winded opinion is clearly innacurate, because I could care less about Trump or Republicans. I may lean right, as any pro 2A supporter does, but I stopped reading your “facts” after your assumption which started at the beginning.

  25. If you are going to commit a crime wear a mask… When are “law abiding” gun owners going to learn there are cameras everywhere?

  26. I’m waiting for someone to make the argument not to wear body armor because it’s not 100% effective at stopping incoming fire and fragmentation.

    • Why do MotoGP riders wear a helmet if some of them still die in crashes? They should just let the air flow through their hair.

    • Body armor and seatbelts… nice try. Not the same as wearing a mask at all. Pretty sure both body armor and seatbelts have proven data that shows it’s effectiveness. Perfect, no? But masks, which are worn incorrectly by 99% of people, have nothing other than keeping your germs to yourself during a sneeze or cough. If you are that scared of people not wearing masks, maybe you should just stay home. See how that works?

      • “But masks, which are worn incorrectly by 99% of people..”
        We all know what orifice you pulled that one out of.

        “have nothing other than keeping your germs to yourself during a sneeze or cough…”
        You have literally no idea what you are talking about. You don’t become any less sick by breathing germs out. You’re on about the level of 1600s plague doctors. But keeping your own germs to yourself is a huge part of the point of masks. And why people who continue to endanger others need to be dealt with one way or another not only to save lives but to save the economy that will never recover as long as people keep dying from a disease you can get by being in public because some baby didn’t want to wear a mask for an hour on the off chance that it might help someone else.

        I could point you to the dozens of studies that show masks reduce infections of this specific disease or the hundreds that show that they reduce infection of illnesses like this as a whole (since the moisture that best spreads the virus are big enough to be stopped by masks) but then you could have found them yourself with 5 minutes of research (not on youtube). You are as ignorant as a LA Times writer trying to speak as though they know something about guns because you’re part of a death cult.

        • Explain how the homeless population has literally remained unchanged… No masks,no soap,no bathrooms, no social distancing…yet no thousands of dead homeless strewn all over the streets…

        • So, for the next 5 years, masks will be mandatory because you are scared of germs. This disease is not going anywhere, a mask will NOT stop it, and people have been wearing masks since it started, yet here we are again. Let me ask you this: How many people who have worn masks have been infected? Wonder why they are not reporting those kind of statistics? Pretty sure tons of hospital workers get sick and they do wear masks. Right? You keep believing the gubberment tho… keeps you right in check.

        • Also, you can show me that “proof”. The “proof” I have already seen. It does slow the droplets. No ACTUAL PROOF that it slows the disease from spreading. Part of a death cult… lol. Wow. The fear mongering has got you by the balls man. Don’t forget to muzzle yourself when you go in public.

      • “But masks… have nothing other than keeping your germs to yourself during a sneeze or cough.”

        That argument was worse than the George Zimmerman prosecutor’s.

        • Probably because you made it a vehicle of perjury the same way their entire case was. You left out “Are incorrectly worn by 99% of people”.

          The whole truth, not part of it.

        • I somehow doubt you’re going to show me the study where they pulled 100 people at random and found all but 1 of them weren’t wearing their mask properly. Wearing the mask properly or not isn’t the point, it’s all about statistically reducing the odds and lowering the chance of a bad outcome in case you do get it.

          That said, I’m not going to force anyone to wear a mask if they don’t want to, unlike a couple of NY *sshats. And the good news is that the development of prophylaxis and therapeutics is far better than when NYC got deblasiod in March.

        • If you truly want proof, go watch people in the grocery stores. Keep a ticking counter of how many people are not wearing a mask properly, and how many times they touch their mask, or their face. I get it though. It’s supposed to help, except the only real thing it has done is give a false sense of security. We have been wearing them for months now, and a “second wave” is still happening. And it’s not because of people at Trump rallies lol.

        • Dude it’s so funny at these gatherings to hear people with no comms experience trying to communicate. Ok, it’s pretty cringe worthy actually.

  27. all i gotta say is that if someone asks you where your mask is or tells you to put on a mask , deal with it civilly … this was not a gun pulling offense and this tard deserves to have his privilege’s taken away for a while until he can pull his head out of his rectum.
    I think I can say this and everyone would for the most part agree… WE ARE FLIPPING TIRED OF THIS BULLSH*T. whether its the news slanting things a certain angle, whether its Dumb tards matter, whether its covid , the country is sick of this sh*t and everyone is on edge because of it. for a virus that only seems to affect a small percentage of the population i think it is up to those with autoimmune deficiencies, health problems, elderly etc to take the steps themselves to make sure it doesnt affect them , not a dumbass blanket policy that interferes with normal life and economy.
    I know its a scary proposition to be preaching self reliance/self responsibility these days… but i am f*$king tired of it. Retards in the streets not being dealt with because their mayors and governors are to afraid to take a damn stance against outright terrorism… but you better be damn sure you wear a mask, and that double standard comes evident that its not needed if your a protestor.
    what the hell has happened to my country… I am only 36 , and i would be appalled for my grandparents to see what is going on today…. when are we going to stand up and take our country back?

    • We are tired of it… maybe they should have just stayed “6 feet” away instead of risking infectious droplets touching their attire? I mean, it would have been safer than confronting someone, right? And who knows what surfaces were touched or how many times the mask was touched, especially if taken off and reworn, or worn around their neck…

      Watch any mask wearing person for 10 minutes, or when they get into the privacy of their vehicle etc etc… bet they are not “sterile”. Bet they touch everything normally, just like they would without a mask. Do you know how OCD you have to be to be sterile? Nobody is doing it right. Mind your own business, and “social distance”, or stay home and order delivery service instead of going into public. Otherwise, you risk running into free people.

    • Thumbs up!!! Most US citizens have forgotten the most important part of being an American.

      Our “Individual Freedom” is the keystone of our exceptionalism. Most of the sad souls we call our countrymen, willingly give up their individual freedom due to the fear of being rejected or scorned by their Virtue Signaling peers.

      Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa So Pitiful

  28. Tex300BLK said: “If you leave your dirty mask on the droplets dry out and then your mask becomes a petri dish and you walk around fogging the entire place with your germs/virus particles.” I recall reading or seeing on TV that the coronavirus lasted X hours on certain surfaces (e.g., doorknobs) and Y hours on other surfaces (e.g., washcloths). So, wouldn’t allowing your mask to dry out overnight (or for 24 hours) pretty much remove any threat from whatever coronavirus got into from breathing in or out (whichever way you care to believe it provides some degree of protection)?

  29. The problem is people are tired of being harrassed. Mind your own business. What this vigilante should have done is “reported” it and gone about his day. Trying to be a hero will get you killed. I’m not disagreeing with pulling a gun, but I’m also not agreeing. I just know people are tired of the confrontations from random idiots and the information they get off facebook. What we continue to see is the benefits of an armed society, and the unarmed will learn it one way or another, not to bother other people. I wear a mask at work, mostly because I always have – breathing in fumes and metal shavings not the best for you, but the COVID has made it mandatory. Fine by me, we still “break the rules”. But in public, if I go somewhere that requires it, I’d rather just not give them my business. Keep in mind that most these companies are just now making this “mandatory”. So they might not have a system in play to keep “violators” out just yet, or even a well visible “free mask” station. Also, why no gloves? Why no sanitizing stations throughout the store? Why no new hiring of constant clean up crews? I know in my area it started where they sanitized carts but now it’s gone. They spray carts outside and that is it. No hazmat suit clean up crew wiping down surfaces indoors. Everytime you use your card it’s greasy and nasty. And I usually use my phone to touch those machines as little as possible. Self checkout too. Still, no way to know, and no hand sanitizer to help. Increase in business and they can’t keep up. So maybe give it a week until people realize they’d rather just not shop somewhere than be told what to wear on their body. Or, just mind your own fucking business and if you are that worried about being out in public, you could stay home and avoid the spread. Right? Maybe you people forget what freedom means. It’s never been safe to be free.

    • I agree with your sentiment and I think you pointed out something left out in this wider argument.

      So let’s say everyone’s wearing masks… now what?

      They’re not wearing gloves. They’re not washing their hands. Surfaces and objects are not routinely being cleaned. People aren’t washing their masks. People keep touching their masks and then touching things. People are pulling down their masks and talking to eachother.

      Masks really aren’t going to do much when you factor in that a lot of people are just nasty and lazy.

  30. It’s good to be the “gray man.” Be aware of your surroundings, blend in with the crowd and don’t bring unnecessary attention to yourself.

  31. “Two Florida men walk into a Walmart” sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.

    BTW, was Fauxci correct when he advised us against masks or was he correct when he advised us to use masks? I’m having trouble figuring out which load of bvllsh!t I should believe.

  32. Real studies show that masks are pretty much worthless, especially cloth ones. Even the ones worn in hospitals are only 44% effective. I witnessed a confrontation in a local store the other day and people are so misinformed. The guy confronting the man not wearing a mask said it is state law in Oregon to wear one. Wrong! The Governor does not write law the state legislature does and to date their has been no legislation to that effect. The Kate Brown can only be a queen or tyrant if the people allow her to be. If you want to go along with her tyrannical mandates then go ahead but more and more people are catching on and not submitting to it so don’t bug me because I refuse. If It’s Brown Flush It Down.

  33. hey admin….why are most of my comments deleted? I see people telling others on here to F off…..WTF???? gun page huh?

  34. Has anyone considered that this kid may have already had the virus and therefore did not need to wear a mask for himself or anyone else or that he was exempt from the mask requirement for medical reasons? That more than any other reason is why we need to mind our own business about this kind of stuff.

    On another note, I do wear a mask but I must say I was a lot happier about it when the gov asked rather than mandated it. It sends chills down my spine when told I must do something or be fined and/or imprisoned. Now if the store mandates it I’m fine with that (we’re just talking about masks here right?) and if I wasn’t fine with something a private entity required I just wouldn’t go there.

    Personal experience: Masks do retain CO2. Try running or aeobics in one. If you can do it as long as you can without it and still get enough oxygen, please send me your mask manufacturer and type of mask.

  35. Go to show what I said in the beginning of the defunded cop panic. Ther some people out there that have NO business owning a gun AT ALL

  36. Covid death rate is .0026. Masks don’t prevent viral spread. They are a primer for the mandatory vaccines in the pipeline.

    • Try googling it. They try to make it worse than it is every single stat you try to find. It’s definitely below 1% average.

    • “Covid death rate is .0026”
      Whats your point? that’s very high, especially considering how contagious this is. I noticed the people who spouted “less people died from Covid than the flu” shut up real quick with no apology now that the death toll is MUCH higher.

      “Masks don’t prevent viral spread.”
      Please cite your sources because the CDC disagrees

      “They are a primer for the mandatory vaccines in the pipeline.”
      I’m personally torn on this. As much as I hate government forcing people to do anything I think its just pure child negligence to not get them vaccinated unless there is a very good medical reason they cant be (in which case they will probably be fine if everyone around them is vaccinated)

      • The death toll is not much higher… it’s below .5%. It’s not the flu, but it’s not much worse.

  37. If masks keep you from getting sick people should have been wearing for years. Then everyone would look like some masked wrestler or something.

    People who say that wearing a mask would solve the problem are about as phony as an undertaker who sends “get well soon” cards.

    • “If masks keep you from getting sick people should have been wearing for years. Then everyone would look like some masked wrestler or something.”

      You mean like surgeons have been doing for the past 100 years?! I guess it was just so they would look cool.

  38. Republican Party’s gonna get its ass handed to it because a huge percentage of its slack jawed coalition thinks a minor inconvenience is “MUH TYRANNY!!!!!”. Dumbest damn hill to die on I’ve ever seen.

    • One could make the argument that the opposing party will die equally because it’s race baiting manipulation of civil rights and gun grabbing has failed thus bringing them back to their slavery and succession roots with new hypes of anarchy and marxism, along with a failed death rate hyped by fear mongering to keep you locked in your homes while they quietly take away your freedoms and limit your rights. If we are dying on a hill, you are stuck in the fucking mud down in the valley during a torrential downfall.

      Prove me wrong. Actually, prove anything you believe to be true. That would be harder… Proving opinions to be true never works.

  39. The mask will not protect you from the chinese virus. But it will reduce the chance of you making another person sick. From the normal germs you cough or sneeze out into the air. It’s the government at all levels trying to control the population. They are all communists at heart.

  40. President Trump did the correct thing. An he gets very little credit from the so called small government conservatives and small government Libertarians. He left it up to the individual states on the issue of wearing a mask. In tennessee It’s the conservative christian governor who has told the individual counties its up to them to decide on the mask issue. That’s the way its was done back during the 1918 flu pandemic.

    In california it’s the socialist progressive governor who is telling you how to live, what you can and can’t do. And they will arrest you if you don’t follow orders. Same in New Jersey, Michigan, New York, etc.

  41. While the general public may lose their right to own firearms, they’ll always have the right to be stupid.

  42. What…huh? If the sheriff’s office has identified the man and he is cooperating, who are they searching for?

    • They SHOULD be searching for and arresting the volatile mask-wearers who initiated the confrontation and whom violated “safe-distancing” suggestions after all the guy pushing the wheelchair-bound person was clearly NOT the aggressor in this incident.

  43. As a concealed carry permit holder, if I had been shopping there and observed a man pulling a gun from his waistband and threaten murder, could I have lawfully shot the armed man? I’m thinking yes. Is that correct?

  44. The mask police need to mind their own business. The unmasked guy shouldnt have taken out a gun, but it sure is annoying having strangers confront you about a mask.

  45. If the accuser was really concerned about COVID-19 exposure than he would not violate social distancing rules in order to confront the unmasked man. The unmasked man could argue that though he was medically unable to wear a mask he was afraid of being exposed by the masked man that was violating social distancing rules

  46. A reusable respirator with good filters would be more effective. It would be hilarious to see people wearing bandanas while open carrying revolvers to illustrate the potential of how mask mandates can turn the US into the Wild West.

    • “wearing bandanas while open carrying revolvers”

      I would love to walk into a bank like that just to see the reaction!

  47. Criminals were masks to conceal their identity, if I was accosted by belligerent masked individuals while accompanying someone elderly or disabled shopping I too would consider the persons confronting me as “threats” and act accordingly.

  48. I wonder how many minorities will be denied access to stores due to stores enforcing nationwide mandates on their own. I hope that Walmart decides to offer complimentary masks just like Sams Club does now.


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