Michigan mask shooting Sean Ruis
Courtesy Michigan State Police and Twitter
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From the AP:

A Michigan sheriff’s deputy on Tuesday fatally shot a man suspected of stabbing another man who had challenged him about not wearing a mask at a convenience store, police said.

The shooting occurred in Eaton County, southwest of Lansing, about 30 minutes after the stabbing at a Quality Dairy store, state police Lt. Brian Oleksyk said.

A sheriff’s deputy spotted the man’s vehicle in a residential neighborhood and shot him when he got out of his car and tried to attack her, Oleksyk said.

“Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon!” the officer, a 22-year veteran, demanded, according to surveillance video released by police.

The man, Sean Ruis, was holding a screwdriver and knives, Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said.

“It’s very unfortunate she had to use her weapon, but she had to save her life,” Reich said. “She had to use deadly force. She did it properly.”

Ruis, 43, of Grand Ledge, who worked at the Michigan Department of Transportation, died at a hospital. He was suspected of stabbing a 77-year-old man inside the store when he was confronted about not wearing a mask, Oleksyk said.

The stabbing victim was in stable condition at a hospital. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has ordered people to wear masks in stores to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

“The goal here is to be safe. We all have to do our part so this doesn’t spread,” Reich said.

The decision about whether to wear a mask in public for some has become a political statement, and there have been other instances of violent encounters over masks. In May, a security guard at a Family Dollar store in Flint was fatally shot after denying entry to a customer without a mask.

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    • I could be wrong, but it looked like some asshole got shot and kilt in a nice neighborhood by a fairly chubby officer.

      • We chuskies prefer gravitationally challenged.

        But seriously. That chubby deputy has done what 99% of the commentors here on ttag have not done.

        • Yeah, she gave the bad guy a chance to surrender. When he didn’t, she defended herself. He got too close, she had a malfunction and was almost disarmed, but recovered long enough to clear the jam and put the guy down for the count.
          Good on her.

    • I counted a total of 11 shots fired by the officer in the video. It wasn’t until the sixth that the attacked even stopped advancing, and he kept talking even after she kept firing (she may have continued because he hadn’t yet dropped the weapon and may have verbalizing his intent to kill her, but it’s inaudible).

      So…if a LEO needs 11 rounds to effectively deal with a single attacker, how many would she need to defend herself against a trio of attackers? And with that logic in place, why do Leftist gun grabbers (are you listening, Joe Biden?) insist that nobody needs mags that hold more than 10 rounds.

      Just an observation. That officer did indeed seem to give the guy every chance possible to continue breathing air, and she was apparently justified in her actions.

      My second thought upon watching the video again was “wow, that grass is so green…must not be SoCal.”

        • Sure, but most people are crappy shots under adrenaline no matter how well trained they are (not that I mean to imply cops are necessarily well trained — I know they aren’t unless they seek that training personally.) It’s easy to think you’ll put ’em dead center on the guy charging you with a knife, just like you do at a stationary paper target at the range, when you haven’t had it happen. It’s not like she was spraying and praying, your hands just don’t do exactly what you tell them to in full throttle fight mode.

        • I would attest to Mercury’s assessment. There is a distinct similarity within, concerning a recent situation of mine. Adrenalin is a powerful force, sometimes helps, other’s not. Especially when startled during.

        • She didn’t hit hit until the last 2 or 3 shots. Typical for most cops; that;s why three cops will fire 27 rounds and still not hit the perp. I think she just got lucky before her mag was empty!

        • Hello:

          Bigger the round, easier to hit. Step it up and get yourself some 40 mike mikes 😉

        • Montana, If she had a .40 she would never have hit him, but she might of got his car and her patrol car at least once each. I watched countless women and girly guys trying to fire a .45, back in the 80’s (in the military) — why do you think they went to the 9mm? Better to eventually hit with a smaller round than to not hit it at all!

        • lol people like you are funny. I don’t engage in what if’s and that’s your entire argument.

        • Might have been, as the audio has an echo. I watched it twice and counted 11 both times, so that’s what I went with.

      • Yeah I’m sure you would’ve dropped him one shot through the fore head right tonight guy? Because you been in so many gun fights. Go ahead and make up a story now.


        • Nope. Never shoot for the head for the first round if you have the option of the torso. The inevitable presence of attorneys after any incident will argue that an immediate head shot implies intent to kill, versus intent to stop the threat. Always two to the torso first, and if the perp still continues at you, then anything if fair game. Head shot, mag dump, whatever.

          So…no…I would not drop him with a single shot to the head. Thanks for playing, though. Please be sure to get your door prize on your way out.

        • Well then, if you’re ever forced to defend yourself and you use more then three rounds I’ll be sure to come on here and make fun of you.

    • The way it should be. My Dear ol’ Dad told me when I was young, “You F*** with Johnny Law, you won’t live to regret it”. Too many people don’t respect the badge, too many people don’t respect the right of others. Not enough of the right people die in conflicts like that.

      If it was Biden, he could have shot him in the leg while getting punched with a screwdriver. LEO done good.

      • If “the badge” would recruit people that earned respect rather than stomped around screaming “Respekta mah Authratay”, they just might get some respect from John Q public.

        • Whatever. Using your well reasoned argument the same could be said about the bad seeds in the black community, people who worship whoever you don’t like or any other group of people you feel like pissing on this week…..

          Nice try bubba but that shit don’t float.

        • Badge or no badge you gonna just stand there and let the shithead stab you? There’s BIG difference between “respect muh authoritii” and flat out survival… Your anti-cop bullshit won’t find many followers here…

  1. Well the dead perp telegraphed his intent from the moment he got out of his car.
    That cop let him get way to close.
    She knew who she was stopping so it seemed really dumb to let him get that close?
    For starters she drove up too close.

    • “That cop let him get way to close.”

      ^ This. Very nearly cost that cop’s life…

      • Yep. She let him get way to close. I think she fired 5 shots then had a stoppage. The perp might have made contact with it, causing the malfunction. Then she did a tap-rack and fired another 7 maybe. Tough to tell with the echo.

        • On the body cam it sure looked like he came in contact with the slide and caused the stoppage. She tapped, racked, and got back on it pretty quickly.

          I believe it’s a .40S&W, not 9×19, so 14 rounds might have been about all she had. I couldn’t tell if she lost one clearing the malfunction.
          When it looks like he’s starting to fall the first time, he dropped the knife and was bending down to grab it. At any rate, she stopped shooting (slide lock, maybe? the released body cam stops before the end of the incident) before he went down for good.

          I’m sure he’d be used as a cause for rioting if he were black (remember the black guy who shot at cops last week in Detroit?), but I doubt there will be any protests over this shooting.

    • + Whatever is necessary minus the inflation rate.

      My first thought was “way too close.”

    • Also calling and waiting for backup might have been a good idea for her too, with such a likely to be violent perp. She’s lucky she came out OK. Could have gone worse real easy…..

    • How close it too close? How far is too far? We can talk about the 21ft rule and other demonstrations but ultimately it becomes a question for the jury… but before that, the prosecutor. And the media.

      I don’t know if recent events influenced her decisions but I wouldn’t rule it out.

      • “How close it too close?”

        The fact that a person with an edged weapon actually made PHYSICAL CONTACT with her is “too close”.

        She messed up and is lucky to be alive to hopefully teach others about her mistake.

  2. Sounds like he hit her gun in one of his swipes, and looks like she did a tactical reload in the middle of it. Abundantly clear that he was the aggressor. Suicide by cop?

    • That’s my thought. Suicide, or drugs. In any case, at least taxpayers won’t be paying for his three-hots-and-a-cot at the Graybar Hotel.

      • I Haz a Question,

        I do not believe this was suicide by cop: because he stabbed a person earlier who was NOT law enforcement. Rather, this dude was exhibiting simple evil.

        In the last two days, I mentioned a somewhat similar situation where the attacker’s actions made no sense at all — not even for someone who is mentally ill — and I suggested that he could be demon possessed. Of course the atheists in our midst immediately made fun of that, which I expected.

        Think about it though. This dude stabs some elderly gentlemen earlier. Then he pulls over when a deputy hits the lights and siren. (If he simply hates the police, why promptly pull over? Why not go on a high-speed chase first?) Next he gets out of his car and keeps repeating exactly what the deputy says as he closes the distance on the deputy with a screwdriver in one hand and a knife in the other hand. Why? What does he hope to accomplish? No one in their right mind — and I dare say not even a mentally ill person — would think that they can murder a cop with a knife and a screwdriver and walk away without any significant injuries.

        If he wanted suicide by cop, all he had to do was walk into the nearest police station with a knife in hand and try to attack the nearest police officer. Instead he stabs an elderly gentlemen in a convenience store. That doesn’t jive.

        Again, I expect the atheists on this forum to make fun of me for being a person of faith and I could care less: back in March I had a very strong/clear sense of message that God has had enough with the world and especially the United States and significantly pulled back his restraining influence on our nation. I hope it is fairly obvious at this point that my sense/message fits nicely with events unfolding before our very eyes since March. (Notice that it wasn’t just the COVID-19 virus pandemic — it is also the protesters, rioters, looters, and all the crazies coming out of the woodwork now.) If my sense/message was right, we are in for a very rough ride in the years to come. I sincerely hope that I am very, very wrong.

        • Yes, a return to the fear and hokum of the dark ages is exactly what America needs right now.

          Remember, sky daddy saved us from the black plague, and he’ll save us from the COVID-19 as well, just pray harder you folks on the ventilator.

        • It’s possible that he was not thinking to commit suicide by cop but took the opportunity when it presented itself.

          I don’t believe in devils, angels, or anything else. But I read a book once by a psychiatrist who made the case that it hardly matters, because mental illness can present the same way. Is it evil, or a broken brain? Does it matter? Maybe… if you can find the right medication (or an exorcist in the former’s case).

          In this case, it does not matter. Whether he needed therapy, meds, or Jesus, he wasn’t going to get them in that moment.

        • it is also the protesters, rioters, looters, and all the crazies coming out of the woodwork now.) If my sense/message was right, we are in for a very rough ride in the years to come. I sincerely hope that I am very, very wrong.

          You obviously missed the late 60’s early 70’s…. WAY worse than this…..

        • MaddMaxx,

          And what in our nation characterized the late 60s and into the early 70s from the past? Burgeoning racial animosity, sexual promiscuity (both hetero and homosexual), abortion, and the hippie movement — all of which violate God’s standards. On top of all the social breakdown, that led to the HIV epidemic.

          The odd thing: that sounds an awful LOT like recent years in our nation with a resurgence of racial animosity, sexual promiscuity (both hetero and homosexual), abortion, and a new version of the hippie movement. As if that isn’t enough, now we also have exploding political animosity/violence as well as droves of people who reject God and faith.

          That latest list constitutes a pretty comprehensive accounting of actions that do not please God. When a huge chunk of society is basically giving God a proverbial middle finger, why wouldn’t God respond in kind and let society crumble under its own insanity?

          • Your point APPEARED to be that God is about to take us out (or let us take ourselves out), My point IS that this same shit (on steroids) happened 50 years ago and we survived that… This is a cyclical occurrence absents itself in times of war only to rear it’s ugly head again half a decade or so later… We will survive this, we will probably wind up in a full blown civil war if the Democrats get in the White House but we’ll survive that as well… And the political TURMOIL was there in the 60’s as well… Anyway thanks for making MY point for me….

        • Family unity and real moral values (not insane woke culture) would only help this country. Democrats are literally promoting the opposite.

  3. Stabs someone for lipping off about not wearing a mask then charges a cop with a knife. Well deserved death.

    • Governor issued a ‘thou shalt not allow anybody in your stores without a mask’ order.
      Store clerk trespassed him in accordance with QD’s “we don’t want the Attorney General to come after us” policy.

      I would not be surprised if it was the store clerk he stabbed.

      • jwm,

        I agree emphatically.

        I heard about this story a couple hours ago and I was hoping that this website would post it — so that readers can see how handguns are really poor fight-stoppers when the attacker is really determined.

        Disclaimer: of course any firearm is easily lethal if you put shots into vital areas of an attacker. The problem with handguns is not that they fail to incapacitate: the problem with handguns is that they often take too long to incapacitate.

  4. One man stabbed and another shot dead all because of a mask? You gotta be sh!tting me.

    The whole country has gone nuts.

      • Huntmaster,

        What was this about in your opinion?

        I am not trolling you — I really am interested in your explanation.

        • It stopped being about a mask the instant the clerk was stabbed. Then it was about Assault with a Deadly Weapon. THEN when the officer attempted to arrest the suspect for that offense, there was a 2nd ADW that resulted in the suspects death. Once that first ADW occurred, Everything to do with a mask becomes irrelevant. The suspect made a choice to stab someone rather than leave when asked. He made a numerous choices not to comply with the officer’s orders. He made the choice to attack the officer rather than submit to arrest for ADW. He had lots of choices and thoses choices ultimately took the officer’s choices away.

          If you are keeping score, Erik Garner didn’t die because he was selling loosies and Michael Brown didn’t die because he shoplifted.

    • Can you imagine this during the Hong Kong Flu of 1968/69 ? I guess you aren’t old enough to remember it. But I am. My sister got it.

      • I don’t remember the nation being locked down during the Hong Kong Flu. I also don’t remember masks.

      • The gubmint didn’t shut down the economy for the Hong Kong flu. People were more rational 50 years ago.

        • The so-called Hong Kong flu was much less dangerous than COVID-19. The total US death toll over 18 months was only about 100k.

          In less than six months, even with the lockdown, social distancing and masks, COVID-19 has killed over 135K.

          “The 1968 pandemic was caused by an influenza A (H3N2) virus comprised of two genes from an avian influenza A virus, including a new H3 hemagglutinin, but also contained the N2 neuraminidase from the 1957 H2N2 virus. It was first noted in the United States in September 1968. The estimated number of deaths was 1 million worldwide and about 100,000 in the United States. Most excess deaths were in people 65 years and older.”

        • What is it now, 130,000 dead in a few months already? More than Vietnam and Korean wars combined (US KIA)? How do you think the economy is going to do when reality becomes impossible to ignore, even among those stupid enough to listen to politicians who are consistently wrong, and there’s a couple hundred thousand people removed from the economy and many thousands more with hospital bills that they cannot pay (but that someone must)?

          You people willing to sacrifice thousands upon the idol of capitalism are in a death cult. Remove yourselves from it. And the ironic thing is that masks are one of the best ways to keep commerce going as it reduces infection with MINIMAL EFFORT (you gigantic babies). Really makes me wonder how many of the people spreading nonsense are trolls doing their best to literally and figuratively kill America.

          It would be really, really fun to look back in the comments for mid-March and see how many people pretending like they have a clue were claiming that it was ‘just the flu’ and would magically disappear when it got warm outside.

        • Hannibal,

          It’s the flu. A new flu. A flu none of us ever had. We are ALL going to get it. Masks will not help much, if at all. Just as Faucci originally argued when people wore and hoarded them early on, but now says otherwise.

          You stated the commonly used talking point of vietnam/korea death tolls but left out the other common talking point, “If it saves one life…” emotional plea. Well here is an instance of a negative for the ledger within that flawed argument.

        • Hannibal. why do we have to wear masks and still shut down all the businesses? Like here in CA? How many of those ‘babies’ you deride looking at losing their homes, cars and their future hopes because of this rejection of capitalism?

          You want to see an anti American troll? Look in a mirror.

        • “More rational”? DO tell. The antics of the wackos of the doped out “Baby Boomer” generation prove you wrong.

          • The antics of the wackos of the doped out “Baby Boomer” generation

            You mean as opposed to the intellectual Millennials that destroyed their lungs vaping Chinese black market pot oils…?

        • “ Masks will not help much, if at all.“

          The idea behind the mask is to slow the rate of infection in the population. Of course there is no perfect protection, that’s not the issue.

          The issue is overwhelming are already strained healthcare system with a catastrophic cascade of new cases. You are seeing it now in Texas, Arizona and Florida as hospital beds fill up and available ventilators decline.

          You were probably right, we need much less of a shut down if people would just wear their mask. But mentally ill people who claim “that mask interfere with gods precious breathing mechanism!” or that “wearing a mask is treason!” are influencing the typical Fox news viewer into bad decisions regarding their health.

          • That’s right, I forgot you are also a medical professional as well, I hear Creepy Uncle Joe is hiring and maybe you can help him with that plagiarist thing, No you’re the king of cut and paste, hard to come up with original thought that way…

        • “jwm says:
          Hannibal. why do we have to wear masks and still shut down all the businesses?”

          Because enough idiots are too stupid to understand basic virology that they don’t actually wear masks and don’t follow social distancing. Masks are not 100% effective just like seatbelts aren’t. They REDUCE SPREAD (I’m using short words because god knows the kids in the back need help). That means they are part of the solution. Social distancing is also part of the solution. Vaccinations and treatments, some of which are showing a lot of promise, are the only way to end the crisis.

          If you put a seat belt on and drive 65mph into a brick wall because “why can’t I do this if seatbelts work? checkmate athiests!” then you’re an idiot. It’s the same thing with masks and social distancing.

          Did ya notice where the infections and deaths are happening now in the world? Why not in Korea? For that matter, why did infections slow down so much in NYC (and no, herd immunity is not even close to achieved)? No, they’re happening in places where people are congregating- bad enough- but also refusing to wear masks because while they’ll clap like a seal about invading two countries after 2300 people are killed in a terrorist attack they won’t wear a mask for 30 minutes in a store on the off-chance it might save grandma. Amazingly, it’s not a coincidence that Arizona is going to crap. And it’s not a coincidence that Trump is doing his best to conceal everything now by routing data directly to the White House. Imagine if Obama had done that during a public health emergency. We wouldn’t hear the end of it, would we?

          But in three months the same idiots who were saying “it’ll go away when it’s warm!” or “it’s just the flu” will go back to blaming China and say there was ‘no way we could have known.’ Probably not as many, though. Reality has a way of not caring if you believe in it.

        • Hannibal. We’re going to save grandma? So she can starve to death in a destroyed, 3rd world economy?

          “Wear your masks in public! But we’re not allowing you out in public!” Leftist logic at its finest.

  5. He was a good boy. Just turning his life around. That cop should have shot the screwdriver out of his hand or aimed for the legs. #unarmedvictim

    This nonsense works for white people too, right?

  6. Birds chirping, beautiful lawn, clean and quiet streets …. and one dead moron.

    All over a mask. Nice.

    A lot of shots at such a short range. She needs some range time.

      • If more than half did hit, then this is a perfect commercial for the ineffectiveness of the 9mm cartridge.

        • Jimmy Beam,

          As commenter JWM and I mentioned above, all handgun calibers (with the exception of the BIG Magnums when they have long-ish barrels) are extremely lacking if you truly need to physically incapacitate an attacker instantly against his/her will.

      • Would like to know what the officer was carrying, type/brand of service ammo…

        If the officer put all rounds in the persons thorax….wow!

        Makes one think if it was 9mm……which I edc.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      Birds chirping, beautiful lawn, clean and quiet streets …. and one dead moron.

      And this demonstrates why it is important to be armed at all times — you never know where or when some wacko will come calling. I would bet 10 year’s salary that 95% of the people living in those homes in that neighborhood would never have imagined that anything like that would ever happen on their nice/quiet street.

  7. Oh no! An innocent white guy killed by the cops! Just confirms police hostility toward innocent whites! When’s the riots, guys?? /sarc

  8. It was like she was shooting blanks, I am not saying I would do any better though. It is a shame she has to live with this

    • hard to imagine anything more unnerving than someone advancing toward you through a hail of lead and with murderous intent…especially for a female….

    • Hey now, in tandem with the shotgun advice, that might be about 90 seconds before you bleed out with a 00 buckshot shell having penetrated your femoral.

  9. The perp died from not wearing a mask, stabbing an elderly man and trying to attack a LE Officer. Sad………..Not.

  10. If people would mind their own business this would not have happened. A mask is useless for preventing the spread. A hazmat or NBC suit on the other hand would but how many people are A: Gonna wear those and B: Have access to one.

    Pretty sure many of you would run right off a cliff like lemmings if the Government told you it would prevent Coronavirus.

    • “A mask is useless for preventing the spread.”

      Thank you for your wisdom Dr., I’d certainly be interested in what research you base your opinion on.

      • OSHA, that’s what. It’s right there for all to read.
        N95 – For use in contaminated environments. Protects the wearer, but vents all to atmosphere. Must be changed every 30 min for effectiveness.
        Surgical – For use in sterile environments. Protects patient (not wearer) from bacterial discharge from wearer (not viral). Must be changed every 30 min for effectiveness.
        Cloth – Good for nothing. Protects neither wearer nor others. Traps CO2 and absorbs all humidity from environment, making it a magnet for bacterial/fungal infection and useless for viral.

        In other words, the cloth mask is BAD for you, and it’s what 99% of people are wearing. The only possibly effective one is an N95 and it’s still not rated for viral infections and must be changed constantly. It’s all BS

      • Do 2.5 billion Asians wear, and demand others wear, masks while healthy at all times?

    • “If people would mind their own business this would not have happened.”

      The perp would have murdered someone else anyway. If one is going to react with murderous outbursts over being told to wear a mask, then nearly anything could trigger such a reaction, such as:

      Getting cut off in traffic.

      Having an argument with a spouse.

      Being ticketed.

      Having a bad day at work.

      • Doesnt matter to blm and antifa. If a minority gets killed by a black cop, even if the dead guy shot at the cop first its called racism and they are burning things down over it.

  11. As others have said, the officer sure let that guy get up close. He was a suspect in a stabbing and she let him walk right up like that?

    She had no choice from what the video shows. He went after her, that was that.

    Would be interested to hear where all those bullets ended up?

    • enuf,

      This deputy got stuck in the “keep shouting the same command” loop.

      Instead of repeatedly shouting the same command (I counted 10 times if I counted and remember correctly), she should have moved to keep her car between her attacker and herself. Further, she could have changed her command to a clear and simple, “Halt! If you come at me, I WILL shoot you.”

      I am thankful that she prevailed nonetheless and that there is one less scumbag in our midst.

  12. Such a waste of hard to find ammo with that many shots… should have hit that d-bag with something special, but easy to find….. say, 7.62×39. I bet the demo-commies have plenty stashed away….

  13. I was at my favorite LGS today and bought reasonably affordable PPU 223…not THAT hard to find😏 Anywho hardly anyone in Griffith,IN had a mask on-except me. I sure ain’t yelling at some barefaced dude!!!

  14. A moron dead. I hope the stabbing victim recovers. In this case, things are pretty clear unless the person who was stabbed ‘challenged’ the suspect by means of deadly force.

    But it brings up the question, for those who want ‘enforcement’ of mask wearing in public places- who does it? The minimum-wage worker at a stop-and-rob? Or the police? Didn’t we want the police defunded and not “harassing” people?

    …or is it only harassment when the police are trying to enforce the law against minorities?

    • Hannibal,

      According to all the news sources that I have read, the elderly male stabbing victim simply asked/demanded that the deceased wear a mask — and did so without any overt or implied threat of deadly force (or any force for that matter).

      Mack-the-knife (a.k.a. Stabby McStabberson) was simply in a very dark place mentally speaking.

      • Not surprising- and neither the first nor last case of it. It reminds me of a time when an old classmate posted a story about how a hate crime had been committed. I commented, curious, why it was so evidently a ‘hate’ crime when the news story mentioned only that it had been a fight over a parking space between a white and black man.

        He expressed that I must be a fool not to see that such a crime had to be racially motivated, as no one kills someone over a parking space.

        It took about 3 minutes of googling to find 5 other instances of people doing just that. Part of it is the human condition, I suppose, but there’s also something rotten in the American culture or society where deadly violence is so quickly used. Or maybe it’s the unchecked mental illness.

        • You mean like the George Floyd incident? The racial narrative was pushed hard from the very beginning, but none of the initial news stories explained how this was racially motivated. Has any evidence come out yet other than all white people are automatically racist, whether they realize it or not?

    • “But it brings up the question, for those who want ‘enforcement’ of mask wearing in public places- who does it? The minimum-wage worker at a stop-and-rob? Or the police? Didn’t we want the police defunded and not “harassing” people?”

      An excellent question! Though I’m pretty sure the answer, if you were to ask it of any leftists, would be “YOURE RACIST”

    • Beginning Monday, July 13, Executive Order 2020-147 requires businesses to refuse entry to those not wearing masks, unless they fall under exemptions in the law.

      Those businesses failing to do so may have the licenses suspended by the state while individuals not in compliance face a misdemeanor and up to a $500 fine.

      “We are frustrated that she did not leave the policing to law enforcement officers,” Bill Hallan, president and CEO of the Michigan Retailers Association, said in a statement last week. “This puts retail employees in potentially dangerous situations when they’re forced to confront unmasked customers.”


      it would be fun to watch the old clerk sue the governess for putting him in that situation against his will

      • I don’t understand, doesn’t the store owner control their property and have the duty to follow the law?

        If a person is not wearing a mask and a store owner, following the law, refuses them entry why does the non-mask wearer think he has some sort of right to force entry onto another’s property?

        • First, most stores do not have someone standing at the door ‘allowing’ or disallowing entry to people. Those that do are generally bars and they hire large men as bouncers to do so.

          Second, what happens when someone walks in with a mask on and takes it off?

          As this story indicates, people are being killed over this and the last time I checked that wasn’t in the job description for a retail employee.

          It’s bad enough that lawmakers pass laws and expect police to somehow enforce the unenforceable but now they pass it onto people with no training, little (if any) legal knowledge and you can bet no death benefits beyond worker’s comp.

        • “what happens when someone walks in with a mask on and takes it off?”

          Tell them they must leave, call the police if they don’t.

          No shirt, no shoes, no service. Those health department rules are enforced every day without a bouncer, why are masks any different?

        • “why does the non-mask wearer think he has some sort of right to force entry onto another’s property?”

          Because he’s a knife wielding maniac?

        • Walmart, Meijer etc have greeters who now have to perform door guard duties.
          Quality Dairy or 7-11 just have one or two clerks behind the counter.

          I still haven’t seen a statement from MSP or ECSD that clearly states whether the guy who got stabbed was a customer or the clerk who trespassed the subject.

      • Let’s be clear- police don’t want to deal with this shit. Maybe a decade ago, but now it has become clear that any interaction with police that results in injury or death will be painted as “the cops just beat him up cause he was not wearing a mask!” instead of “The cops stopped him for not wearing a mask, he refused to put one on, wouldn’t give them his ID to issue a ticket, punched a cop who was trying to arrest him and then tried to grab another cop’s gun!”

        But putting that on private businesses? It’s nuts. What do you do, have Walmart keep it’s doors locked and only have the employee open them for one person when he sees that they have a mask on? What happens when they take one off? Are cops going to be available to every business trying to enforce it? Which minimum wage ‘essential worker’ is going to get killed because a politician thought of a good idea without any idea how to make it work?

        • Restaurants and grocery stores in forth Health Department rules every day, without needing a bouncer or security guard.

          No shirt, no shoes, no service is the rule in every restaurant in grocery store in the USA, how is wearing a mask different from requiring a person to wear a shirt or shoes?

          If wearing a mask is treason, by that logic I should be able to walk into any McDonald’s barefoot because it’s my constitutional right!

          • Restaurants and grocery stores in forth Health Department rules every day

            Did you mean ENFORCE Health Dept rules? Just wanted to be clear…

  15. I watched the body-cam video for this incident. The reason for the lull in shots fired was because around shot 5 or 6 (it appears to me that none of the first 4 rounds made contact) the perp had closed the distance and actually grabbed her pistol, causing it to malfunction (he dropped the knife at about the same time). She did a tap & rack to clear the malfunction BUT… she only got the opportunity to do that because he had to bend over to pick up his weapon. It could just as easily been a murder of a cop video had he not loss his grip on the knife. She is VERY lucky to be alive.

  16. Whitefish Montana just implemented an “ordinance” making masks mandatory indoors in the city and at outdoor gatherings of 20 or more people. So… naturally now I have to go stand in whitefish with 20 people and no muzzles on for a day. Suck it commies… If you are going to make me wear your uniform, you better start fucking paying me 😉

    See ya in the news (Montana news lol)… again…

  17. Glock perfection. I’ve seen three police shootings just in the last month or so where their Glock malfunctioned.

  18. Some quick off topic thoughts. First on wearing masks, the premise isn’t to completely prevent you from getting covid, but also reduce the quantity you’re exposed to. There are various studies that show (not specifically coronavirus though) that the initial dose (inoculum) can have a big impact on infection outcomes.

    Second, I’m not confident (although I hope so!) that a vaccine will bring us back to normal. There are numerous cases that have surfaced where people are getting infected by covid a second time, and/or lose their antibodies to covid after 1-2 months. If that is the case, a vaccine is not the real answer but a cheap and effective prophylaxis that is taken regularly: maybe hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, or others.

    If I were in charge I would be printing billions of masks and looking more heavily at prophylaxis.

  19. The video has been altered. Look at the pavement behind the police officers vehicle. You can see blood on the ground when he goes back to retrieve his knife and then the spots magically disappear. Just keep your eye on the pavement behind the police vehicle.

  20. It is fortunate for this officer and get department that the perpetrator was White. Otherwise we would be having more rioting about another shooting of an innocent, unarmed, Black man.

  21. It’s obvious to me that he was just looking for a social working to hand his weapons to. This is a clear cut case for defunding the police.


  22. Yes, everyone should be wearing masks in public. That way, they can stab whomever they like and get away with it. 😷🔪

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