What Does #WalkoutWednesday Say About America? Question of the Day

Students prepare for #walkoutwednesday (courtesy kwqc.com)

“It is inspiring to see young Americans rise up from a tragedy to demand that grownups make schools safer,” Dan Rodricks gushes at baltimoresun.com “But #WalkoutWednesday is about a lot more than guns. It’s about the future of the country, the one they’ll inherit from us.” If that’s true . . .

What do you see for the future of the county that we’re leaving to our kids in light of #WalkoutWednesday?

It’s easy to be a downer on the whole Astroturfed charade. Feel free. But will anything positive come out of this for The People of the Gun? Can it?


  1. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    That school children don’t know that a strike requires that you are being productive and then stop being productive to have any leverage. They are consuming, not producing, so the whole notion of a strike is stupid.

    1. avatar AKM Sarah says:

      I love that teenagers who’s brains are so immature that they can’t be trusted to drink alcohol, or even keep Tide pods out of their mouths, are going to lecture adults on political policy.

  2. avatar Charles says:

    I see it going to hell in a hand basket. As someone who lives near Tomestone,AZ, I can see the results of “The Law” coming for our guns. Didn’t work then, you’ll get the same results today also if they try.

  3. avatar Joe R. says:

    Liberal activist POS’s have taken over our schools. The need to be emptied, shuttered, then bulldozed.

    1. avatar Nigel the expat says:

      Progs taking over (most of) the schools took place a long time ago. This is just the latest step down the foaming path of liberal madness.

      1. avatar Ed says:

        I remember my 6th grade english teacher was a Vietnam vet and I had a pow/mia t shirt…the first day he saw me with it on he asked me if I knew what it represented? My answer (keep in mind this was 1984ish) was something along the lines of ‘ it represented all the prisoners and missing soldiers the slimy zipperheads refuse to give us back.’ I remember the smile. 6th grade english was pretty easy as I recall…he also liked my Ollie North for President shirt….I still get mad as hell when I see the damn food network and that clown Zimmerman or Bourdain eaiting in “Ho chi min city” telling us what great people they are. Sick.

  4. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    Oh ,and that school children are good at thinking and doing what they are told if it is easy and you make it sound trendy.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      If the girls buy in. If you get the chicks on board the braindead young boys will follow them off any cliff. As old as the 1st cave dweller. Consider the 1960s “antiwar” (bowel) movement for confirmation.

      Fortunately for the puppeteers at MUMS, evidence is that young girls are empty headed and easy to manipulate.

      1. avatar rt66paul says:

        Sorry, but fighting a police action and drafting Americans to do so was wrong. There is no such thing as a limited war. Continuing the someone else’s fight(that they gave up) is a stupid thing to do. We continued France’s fight and then re-engaged the Soviet fight against Afghanistan. They used our weapons as well as Russian weapons against us.

        Why should we be mercenaries for multinational corporations (many of whom pay no taxes to our government)? We can’t use full force, we have to approve everything in advance, most of the time to enemy knows what we have planned.

        I do not believe the BS, go drink your kool aide from another pitcher.

    2. avatar Bernard says:

      Trends are so stupid. Remember Kony 2012? Sorry little African child soldier baby. High school shooting victims are in and you are aus!

  5. avatar Jolly Roger That says:

    Perhaps, when nothing comes of it all and they’re inevitably “stunned at the government’s lack of progress” or whatever, they’ll begin to understand that the government doesn’t give two shits about them. Maybe it will inspire a few to take their first steps away from nanny-state socialism and towards individualism.

    1. avatar Brian says:

      They’ll just regurgitate what the others tell them, that the evil NRA forced congress to do its bidding and stopped any gun (insert feel good word of the day here) laws.

  6. avatar Gman says:

    That the liberal indoctrination of our youth is working.

    1. avatar Chris Mallory says:

      Progressive, not liberal. The nation was founded by liberals. The conservatives fought for the King and then moved to Canada.

      1. avatar Garrison Hall says:

        The terms had entirely different meanings then. Imposing contemporary values on historical events always distorts them to an extent that can hide their original meanings. I am quite close to a 19th century version of liberalism, a viewpoint with emphasis on individual freedom and liberty. But that kind of “liberalism” is view as conservatism in contemporary society. So, yes, those 1776 revolutionaries were definitely “liberals” in their historical context but they would find the progressivism and neo-fascism of contemporary liberals repugnant.

        1. avatar JD says:

          Another generation of useful idiots. Take my rights away, please, I don’t want or need them.

      2. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        I can fore see the end of the founders grand experiment of Freedom and Liberty.

      3. avatar doesky2 says:

        Know thy enemy.
        The proper term is Leftist.

  7. avatar Tile Floor says:

    Ill tell you what it says. It says the youth of America are spoon fed nonsense by social media, the internet, and their parents and regurgitate it without any independent thought of their own.

    I work SRO at a middle school whose students put on a rally/protest during the walk out time. It amounted to the school screaming and yelling in the auditorium, the “leader” led a chant of “GO AWAY NRA” on two occasions, yelled about how angry she was and how she wasn’t going to take it any more, and that was it. No rational arguments or solutions offered.

    What really summed it up for me was when it was over one of the student leaders was trying to close the auditorium door. He could not get it to close. He actually asked me if I knew how to close the door. I pointed to the rubber stopper wedged at the bottom and said “removing the door stopper might help.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, the future of America.

    1. avatar Parnell says:

      Reminds me of “The Far Side” cartoon of the kid trying to enter the School For The Gifted by pushing on a door clearly marked “pull”.

  8. avatar little horn says:

    no. nothing good will come out of this. how could it? they have proposed no measure that will make any difference what so ever. its the same old feel-good-security-theater and they just can’t get enough of it. they should be protesting their school administrators since they are the ones who CHOOSE not to make their school safer by having armed first responders. all this teaches them is that emotions are now the top tier response to all situations. your emotions mean you are right, that is the message. we are doomed.

  9. avatar former water walker says:

    I dont see ANYTHING good save it may get some lazy gunowners off their fudd azzes. Or not. Trump is being the guy millions thought he was…

  10. avatar MLee says:

    At this point in time, 99% of the kids don’t give a hoot about the reason for the walkout, it’s just a reason to get out of class.
    They’d have a walk out over Charles Manson dying if they could.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      We have lazy students who want to get out of class.

      1. avatar Hank says:

        Kids will join any protest that gets them out of class. Want to impress me kids? Create a protest movement that has you spending and extra hour every day in school studying.

      2. avatar Mike says:

        Happy to say my kids did not walk out.
        Most kids don’t need a reason to not go to school

      3. avatar doesky2 says:

        The Leftist leaders knew not to have it on the weekend. It would have been 1/1000th the size.

  11. avatar S.Crock says:

    This shows me that we have a tough culture war in front of us. I care much more about the overall environment around guns and the view of them than I do any specific gun law.

  12. avatar Defens says:

    It’s a bit hard to separate the actual students who may honestly give a crap (with or without any rational notion of what the issues really are and how they might be solved) from those who are going along for the ride, or most likely, those who see the opportunity to skip a few classes and be rebels without a cause for a day.

    I went to high school many moons ago. Even at that time, there were some pretty smart kids, who may have had some reasonable ideas. For example, the high school students on debate teams (yes, I was one) were trained to and often developed rational thought processes. I recall that the plan that my debate team put together to reduce pollution in the US, was (over the next few years) actually enacted by Congress. So – kids aren’t always as stupid and easily manipulated as adults often claim.

    Rather than dismiss this as purely an emotion-driven “movement” – we need to take a page from our opponents playbook. Identify smart teens that hold a contrary view, provide them with the resources and support to make a statement on freedom and liberty’s behalf, encourage them to do so.

    1. avatar Gralnok says:

      Well said. There are smart ones in every bunch.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      1. Take them out shooting?
      2. Build ranges? CMP should get off their butts and do more than running a couple stores for FUDD collectors and a one competition.

    3. avatar Patrick says:

      They’re young adults who are treated like kids.

  13. avatar Double Pint says:

    In keeping with the FAKE media Frenzy — congress may attach ” TAKE GUNS FIRST ” Bills to spending bills Today / this week. —– G.O.A. alert …… NRA asleep again !


  14. avatar Old Region Fan says:

    That we have failed to teach our youth where they live !

  15. avatar Vanished, Like a Fart In the Wind says:

    IS that a coffee shop in the background? A G–Damed coffee shop IN HIGH SCHOOL!

    The little cry babies need something to protest to feel self important.
    ” our generation is doing something important and worthy”
    AWWW SHUT UP and go back to guessing answers on your common core math tests.
    I want these kids to guestimate the measurements on building an airplane and guess the Weight and balance and fuel consumption then take a flight over the pacific ocean.
    I bet you they won’t be coming back, That is if they even get off the ground before they crash in a massive fireball on the runway.

  16. avatar Gralnok says:

    Well, I can say that from where I live, Tucson Arizona has done… Nothing. At the time of this post, I have driven around, hoping to blame my horn and give the finger to any protesters, but the school nearest my house has done nothing. No protests, no demonstrations, no signs being waved, nothing. I went into town further, and still nothing. Even the university grounds seemed like it was business as usual. If nothing else, I hope Arizona remains a beacon of hope in these troubling times.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      I have driven around, hoping to blame my horn and give the finger to any protesters,…so you want give the finger to a bunch of lazy kids who want to skip school and go out for a walk for a few minutes?

  17. avatar Ogre says:

    Woe to the Republic.

  18. avatar Sal Chichon says:

    It means we are raising a country full of feminized bitches, who are willing to supplant their rights, freedoms, and responibilities for a thin saccharine shell of, “safety.” We are well and truly screwing ourselves in the short term, and the long run.

  19. avatar RLC2 says:

    I see two lessons learned from this- (both of which the LeftMedia has suppressed)

    1. That the Lost Children’s Crusade was obviously choreographed by a coordinated group of Leftists who were ready to dance in the still warm blood of the victims, including the usual suspects:

    2. That not all the youth are stupid- and smarter ones are signing up to protect their rights, both at the NRA and SAF:

  20. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    Speaking from the standpoint of a 40 plus career (happily concluded) as a teacher and occasional principal, I don’t think the “protests” mean much at all. We should never assume that 16 or 17 year old’s, much less their younger peers, have strong opinions about much of anything. Our schools are so politicized that the kind of classes many of us remember where real history and real political issues were discussed have been replaced with rote-learning teach-to-the-test pedagogy taught by teachers who, themselves, lack the ability to get much beyond bumper-sticker ideology.

    So what do these protests say about America? As far as the kids are concerned they’re about as significant in their lives an MLK march or March Of Dimes walkathon—just a good excuse to cut classes. As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to wait until the emotionalism of the current moral panic subsides. This is, after all, not our first rodeo. Guns up.

  21. avatar Squire says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into this. Kids will jump at any opportunity to skip class. Is it a trendy excuse to skip class? All the better! Most don’t care one bit about either side of this issue and most of those that do right now won’t care a month from now.

  22. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    In a nutshell >>> Youthful Idiots… Very sad… They should be protesting the nanny state, delusional “teachers” and Soros’s blood money…

    How much do you have to hate these kids to manipulate their minds and use them in such a manner as this…?

    They need independent critical thinking now more than ever but the people we trust our children to (and hence our future) force feed them form the tit of collectivism…

    What dose this tell me? That our future is the same as it was for Rome before the collapse… Can you smell the smoke yet?

    1. avatar SkyMan77 says:

      Teat… not tit… You get the idea… Carry on TTAG and God Bless…

  23. avatar Bob Watson says:

    “But will anything positive come out of this for The People of the Gun? ”
    The only thing more entertaining than a misbehaving idiot child is a disillusioned idiot child. These little snot nosed brats are learning that public tantrums and “making their voices heard” means nothing. They have no influence and no status. Hopefully, they will remain bitter and disengaged their entire lives, never even bothering to register to vote. That will be a very positive outcome for The People of the Gun.

  24. avatar Oh noes says:

    We’re losing our gun rights, because the FBI, and coward police failed to act due to progressive policy’s
    but we need gun control because, GUUUUUUNNNNNNZZZZZZ!

    Govt FAILED to enforce current laws, so we need more laws to remove our rights and protect us from the laws that wern’t enforced.

    Progressives are Evil, we are in a full out morality war!

    Gun control for the children by the people that rail for on demand Abortions!

  25. avatar Ed says:

    Here’s something that hasn’t been mentioned much: This is a symptom of a society that by and large, has done so well, for so long, and become so sheltered from real violence, they have very little concept of what a real threat is. These “protests” are born of privilege and convenience.

    1. avatar Kroglikepie says:

      Bad times breed hard men. Hard men breed good times. Good times breed soft men. Soft men breed bad times.

      1. avatar Bob Watson says:

        Kroglikepie smart man.

  26. avatar AlanInFL says:

    Schools instead of producing leaders. They are great making fragile snowflakes.

  27. avatar Pro2A says:

    The”future” of our nation is in the hands of children, yes children, willing wanting to give up their Constitional and civic rights for some form of security…those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.

  28. avatar Red Forman says:

    Marching against their own civil rights.

  29. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    As you watch these events unfold, keep in mind that what we’re seeing is manufactured public drama. The kids have been well rehearsed by teachers and activists well-versed in gun-control rhetoric, if not political ideology which they’ll usually find a bit challenging. There’s not much abstract thinking going on beyond the ability to chant slogans and repeat canned arguments. These kids are allowing themselves to be used as one-dimensional characters in a time-worn theatrical production.

  30. avatar Gregolas says:

    It says a great deal about the state of public education in America, where teachers think they’re Teamsters, abpdvocate in their classes for socialist agendas, and have been fighting against mainstream American culture. It began before a Federal Dept. of Education was invented to teach socialism, but has accelerated since.

  31. avatar Mad Max says:

    Very saddened to see Classical Liberalism, freedom, liberty, and America decline so rapidly.

    It appears we have passed the point of no return.

  32. avatar J says:

    Please help save our 2nd Amendment rights. Please pass the first link to others so we can get this petition sent to the White House.



  33. avatar Craig in IA says:

    Kids are kids, today and in years past. They just reflect the way the adults around them allow them to turn out.

    So: Why don’t some of the great thinkers around here get off the net and take some kids out shooting??? I’m doing so in about 30 minutes and a 10-22, an AR15, an M1-A and several handguns will be involved. If you don’t, exactly who in the hell do you think is going to give kids a link to firearms? Of course guns will mean nothing to them if someone doesn’t introduce them to the pleasures of shooting. (The 2nd Amendment issue can come after that.)

    If you have a pal with kids, offer to take them. If you can get a scholastic clays program or airgun program started in a local school, help them out. We have a fairly large number of kids participating in clays and airgun programs in the Des Moines metro area, also a huge participation where I live in N MN during summers. Of course, you’ll have to get up and volunteer some time to bring any of this about, or learn to speak a lot more tactfully to the general public if you’d seek to start such a program. Far easier to sit back and whine, complain and threaten straw oeople you’ll never meet.

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      It’s called “mentoring”. It’s not new. There are whole programs dedicated to it.

  34. avatar A O says:

    I was planning on organizing a walk-out against tornados and earthquakes for more laws to restrict them, but just like more laws against guns and violence, it won’t stop them from happening or from people obtaining guns.

    Fools. Get your asses back into school and learn. Maybe then they will learn enough on how to do real research in the future and see gun violence numbers don’t match up to a liberal agenda. More kids die in drunk driving crashes than these school shootings and all these motor vehicle laws against drunk driving, consuming alcohol, zero tolerance, lane usage, etc. don’t do anything to bring the numbers down.

  35. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    We have made an industry out of making ant hills into flipping mountains. Politics have become a central feature in each of our lives. Even children are no longer immune and they are also dumber than ever if they’ll march to give away natural rights.

  36. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    What these kids need is to see a real life implementation of the 2A instead of reading about it. Politicians have stopped listening to their constituents. That needs to be fixed.

  37. avatar Justin says:

    Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”
    I fear we have found that generation.

  38. avatar Wrench says:

    I think that every young boy and girl needs to do a mandatory two years in the service.

  39. avatar Ralph says:

    The school shooters have been teenagers. The “protesters” are the same. So why are we listening to that demographic?

  40. avatar Debra Apple says:

    Even children are no longer immune and they are also dumber than ever if they’ll march to give away natural rights.

  41. avatar Sprocket says:

    What it says about America is that our public school system is cancer.

  42. avatar DerryM says:

    We, our Parents and Grand-Parents stood by over the past 70+ years (actually longer) and allowed the Marxist/Socialist/Progressives to take over our Education System, Bureaucracy, Press and entertainment media, suppress and destroy our Christian Faith and moral sensibilities and severely erode other Political and Social Institutions all the while saying to and amongourselves, “Oh, THAT won’t happen in America.”, but it has.

    Recently on “Life Liberty and Levin” (Fox News Sunday evenings) Walter Williams predicted that some time in the future Historians may note that in all Human History there were a few tiny “blips” where Humans lived in individual liberty, and one of those “blips” will be The United States of America.

    Now, the domestic enemies of everything the United States of America was founded upon are using our brain-washed youngsters as “useful idiots” mounting a full court press to disarm us. History has shown that a disarmed populace is fertile ground for the establishment of totalitarian rule over said populace.

    These high school children are mere “useful idiots” for the Left. The simple fact they are equating “gun control” with their sense of school safety and rejecting alternatives that would actually produce safe schools goes to show how brain-dead they are. It is beyond astounding to me that they are not demanding secure campus perimeters and dedicated, armed security in a time where “gun-free zones” has virtually amounted to being issued a T-shirt with a target painted on the back and the words, “PLEASE SHOOT ME!” emblazoned on the front. Yet, they don’t even begin to “get it”.

    Whatever further infringements upon all American’s RKBA come out of this Florida tragedy will not stop another mass school shooting because whatever Mr. “I’ll protect our Second Amendment. It’s so important…so important…” President and the spineless do nothings in Congress actually do will not address the the root problem that open, unsecured campuses designated “gun-free zones” are what enables these terrible events. It’s like painting iodine on gangrene.

    So, what will these blubbering, idiot children do the next time?

    BTW- this report from Breitbart is sadly telling as to what these kids are up to instead of learning anything in High School:

  43. avatar Craig in IA says:

    @ strych9 above since the site won’t allow a direct comment to his…

    So- Are YOU (and others around here) doing any mentoring or just sitting around complaining to other unknowns on the internet? Kids and dad had a great time yesterday and today we go look at .22s to get them started. Most fun they had was the 16″ AR. Of course, all my ammo but small price to pay to get someone new into the fray… We don’t start adding a lot of participant on our side most of us will die off, leaving what/who left? Isn’t that the primary reason the entire US Constitution is in jeopardy?

    Think, kids!

  44. avatar Pg2 says:

    America’s future is owned by the globalists who intend to disarm her.

  45. avatar johnny108 says:

    You tried to eat a Tide Pod, and you want to lecture me on Constitutional Rights?
    Are you retarded?

  46. avatar Chris says:

    Not giving me a whole lot of hope for the future. All that time (and those art craft supplies) wasted, and what have they achieved except for losing a day at school? It’s now thursday and nobody gives a rats ass in the real world about what happened at a few public schools across america.

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