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  1. In Florida a woman got prison for firing a warning shot because of our 10-20-Life program.

    If she had killed the man she would have been in the clear.

    • I hate 10-20-Life. Not only is it bad law from a sentencing standpoint, it demonizes the firearms rather than the criminal.

        • Officer: “Son did you fire a warning shot first?”

          TTAGer: “With all due respect officer, I choose to remain silent until I can consult with my attorney. Once I do that I will give you my full cooperation.”

    • First of all just tell Biden to go F*&k himself, The Excutive orders Obozo is useing is totally illegal. Only Congress can write these laws and pass them and then by excutive order they become law. Thats the only weight these illegal Excutive Orders have to approve a new law written by Congress, Every law this maggot writes can not be legally enforced laws, they are illegal period according to our Constitution. I am trying to get A speical Proscutor Friend to force Congress to begin and expedite impeachment due to his illegal abuse of power.

    • And where might and by what/who would said “warning shot” be stopped? Can you say “innocent bystander”? I knew you could. Responsible tail gunner joe, If they’re in your house: 1 it’s probably not the first time, 2 They “have the balls of a burglar” so don’t waist lead. Next it will be keep an unloaded shotgun and the sound of racking it will scare the boogie man away. The idea is just more $hit from an a$$hole.

  2. Thanks for your opinion. You’re obviously a tactical genius. Where do I sign up for the Tail Gunner Joe self defense classes?

    • Haha – I imagine ‘Ol Tail Gunner Joe like Indian Jone’s dad in the back of that bi-plane in The Last Crusade!


      “Yeah dad?”

      “I’m sorry to tell you but – I’m afraid they got us son…”

  3. This is too funny not to have more. I want weekly tactical tips from Crazy Joe. He needs his own youtube channel.

    The hilarity is only tempered by the fact that this fargin’ icehole is Vice President of the United States of America.

  4. Biden’s answer to legal ownership of an AR-15 with a standard capacity magazine is to brandish and then negligently discharge two 12g rounds into the air?

    Okay then.

    • So much wrong. Are the bad guys breaking in at the time? Then why is woman running onto the balcony and COMPLETELY EMPTYING her two shot weapon while evidently shooting at non confirmed targets. AR not accurate and effective? Crazy effing libtard. Keep ‘TEACHING’ us on how to huff Zyklon-B (by losing our 2nd amendment, thus liberty) and worship ‘Big Gov”.

      • “Keep ‘TEACHING’ us on how to huff Zyklon-B (by losing our 2nd amendment, thus liberty) and worship ‘Big Gov”

        or keep teaching us to exercise your lower body and take our calcium so we make a strong, durable pelvic ashtray.

        😉 (thats to you pat. i havent seen that comment in a while and missed it)

        • OMG! I was wondering why they were pushing calcium supplements, good nutrition, and exercise.
          You my friend, just opened up a WHOLE new world of conspiracies to me. DURABLE pelvic ashtrays. The America hating, secular humanist, Jewish atheist, Christian/religious Jew hating, Libtard behind the curtain has now been revealed!
          OR, it could just be crazy Joe spoutin off again.
          The second theory is probably, boringly true.
          Still……???????????……..why soooo durable?

  5. Joe now encourages people to commit felonies? Depending on your state’s laws, firing warning shots could land you in fail faster than killing someone in self-defense.

  6. Uh, pretty much everything he said was either patently false, illegal, or a combination of both. Uncle Joe was batting 1000 on this one.

  7. Sure, just use your double barreled shotgun to fire two warning shots! GREAT IDEA!

    Don’t ask what to do if they don’t listen, though.

    Hopefully you have a 2×4 with a rusty nail handy.

  8. Ya know, I debated about writing some deep insightful analysis of the VP remarks. I then thought it would be a waste of my time. He isn ‘t worth it. He’s that loud mouth drunk at the end of the bar. How embarrassing this is who represents the American people to the rest of the world.

  9. Between the femmy voice of the (transgendered?) individual asking the question and the response Ol’ Joe gave, I nearly pissed my pants laughing.

  10. [shaking my head in bewilderment…] you don’t think a person can get any dumber, and then they open their mouth and floor you…unbelievable

  11. Fine to use Gramps side by side till theirs 3+ bad guys. But we dont call him “Slow Joe Biden” for a reason!!

    ARs rule Joe drools!!

  12. Seriously. If it weren’t for ol’ Say-it-ain’t-so-Joe, there would be no levity left in this mess.
    I join my fellow TTAGers in eagerly awaiting Joe’s upcoming self-defense shotgun training videos. Look out Nutnfancy, there’s a new shooter in town, and he dispenses knowledge one barrel at a time!

  13. From the mouths of babes (Biden) if you want to protect yourself GET A GUN( how do you bold and underscore in this blasted thing) and then endanger your neighbors by letting off TWO rounds???????? Do not call 911 don’t go hide in the closet don’t run away. GET A 12GUAGE (does he prefer over and under?) AND LET LOOSE 2 ROUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some one get me PEIRS MORON.

  14. Great. Someone who has been an attorney, elected official, and self-proclaimed gun violence “expert” for 40 years doesn’t understand one of the most basic laws concerning the use of lethal force work. I am unsurprised.

    I would love it if the next time some doofus gets arrested for firing a warning shot, that they use the legal advice in this video as part of their defense. 🙂

  15. I saw this on NBC tonight. I was utterly awestruck at the profound ignorance and flatly DANGEROUS “advice” proffered by the VP. HOOOOOOLY SHIT. Literally, every comment he made was easily refutable by anyone with a modicum of knowledge. Absolutely crazy!

  16. Remington, are you listening? I want to see a signature edition ‘Crazy Joe’ 12ga over under. Imagine the image of Joe himself shooting into the air, captured in carved walnut on the stock.

    • To be fair, he wasn’t advocating wasting one of your two shots as a warning shot. He was advocating wasting BOTH of your shots as warning shots! No details on what the now-unarmed woman on the balcony in the remote, secluded house is supposed to do after that, though.

    • Yup. I keep asking myself how these numbnuts get elected in the first place. You can almost see how Obama was able to fool a bunch of people but Joe? Yikes.

  17. The truly sad thing is that half the nation voted for these idiots. If Joe is Barry’s “gun expert,” than much can be said about their lack of knowledge of firearms and tactics. Not only is the AR-15 the patrol rifle firearm of choice for most of the LE agencies across the nation, it is one of the best self defense platforms available. Clearly, it is not the politically correct choice, but the fact that the AR offends Joe and Barry only adds to its charm.

    At work, I have a pump 12 gauge and an AR. When I have a felony stop, or am looking for an armed suspect, I grab my AR-15. Past 20 yards, it is much easier to make hits with an AR. The spread of our 00 buck loads limits the effectiveness. Overall, I consider the AR-15 to be a superior defensive weapon than a pump 12. In turn, a pump 12 is superior to a double barrel, which is better than a single shot.

    Then again, I consider the freedom of choice to be superior to having a politician limits my options.

  18. So he just disarmed his wife with an intruder coming. POTUS material in 2016? Absolutely, run. He’s already lost half the US vote!

  19. Old joe, wowing them at Mensa again. A little advice, it’s better to be silent & thought a fool than to speak up & remove all doubt. Yeah I stole it, yeah it applies. I thought that Massad really knew firearms, I can see gunner boy joe is the man though, Randy

  20. Two shots means two chances to stop the threat. Hmm. Hope they stand single file if there are two or more! A threat in my house and I grab 14 .40 caliber chances to stop the threat and my wife gets 16 9mm chances if they get past me.

  21. The Big Two should recommend the Secret Service drop their Sigs, P90s, ARs, and such and replace the arsenal with double barrel shotguns.

  22. Would our illustrious VP be willing to have his own Secret Service detail switch out and replace their standard-issue firearms for double-barrel shotguns?

  23. At the risk of being pilloried, I like a shotgun as a self defense weapon. Note that I’m not a cop or a soldier. I am a citizen who has to prove self defense and since I live in California I have no legal right to be outside of my home with a gun. Im my situation I like a pump shotgun.

    Having said that. I wish biden, barry, difi, etc. would FOAD and leave law abiding citizens to make their own choices about what type of self defense weapon is suitable for themselves.

    • Nothing wrong with a pump shotgun, I’ve got one flashlighted and loaded that I’d have no problem turning to as a “door greeter.”
      The only crappy thing in your case is you didn’t select it because if fit your budget, house, points of use, etc- you picked it because it was the only unneutered choice the Califorons left you.
      As for me, I think the 590 is going to stay as my go-to until my form 4 paperwork finally shows back up. A suppressed home defense weapon is where it’s at.

    • No pillory here, jwm. Shotties are fine, but I think the crux of everyone’s joking is in a self-defense situation, are you really going to waste live rounds firing “warning shots” when your life and the life of you loved ones depends on it? I’m reminded of the story of the California woman that TTAG posted who used a shotgun to prevent a crazy-arse creeper criminal from running away with her child. No warning shots fire… just pointing it with the business end and the command, “Let go of my kid”

      Recent vice presidents seem to have a bad history with shotguns… LOL

  24. After the two blasts with the double barrel shotgun, you are done… duh…. Plus incredibly stupid since you don’t know who is out there because you didn’t identify your target. What if it is a couple of kids playing a prank. With a shotgun if you happen to be aiming in their general direction you could easily hurt/kill a couple you never saw, especially with a 12G. I believe this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard the Vice President say…. and that is a feat.
    Truth be told, I don’t think Joe should have 30 rounds, he isn’t responsible with two. Maybe he should be like Barney Fife, get one round.

    • If you’re too dangerous to society to be trusted with any weapon in common use you should not be allowed to walk the streets without a handler. Fortunatly we have the secret service to protect the public at large from warning shots into the dark from our beloved VP.

  25. I know it’s tempting to mock Joe for this comment, but let’s remember that should he fire a warning shot from a double barreled shotgun (and I hope he never has too) a swarm of highly trained Secret Service Agents wearing body armor and carrying machine guns (real ones) will descend upon him and place their bodies (and machine guns) between him and harms way.

    So in the world of Joe Biden and the privileged political class, this is actually very practical advice.

  26. Vice President Biden, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  27. Firing warning shots into the air is a quick way to end up in jail Biden. You fucking idiot. You don’t just walk outside and start shooting guns up in the air. How does someone this stupid end up as vice president? Our country’s fucked 

  28. “Am I going mad, or did the word “think” escape your lips? You were not hired for your brains you hippopotamic landmass!”

    A double-barreled shotgun? What, you fire two warning shots and now you’re empty? Black holes aren’t this dense. And this buffoon is a heartbeat from the presidency?

    Liberalism: Lowering the standards for everybody.

  29. I think the gun community needs to stand up with their own responsible and “tactical spokesman” and address this sort of misinformation head on and treat it for what it is:

    Laughably bad advice that could get someone that follows it hurt or killed when they are actually involved in a critical defensive event.

    The things Biden is saying is so ignorant that I’m actually starting to think Biden is actually pro-gun and is literally giving the gun community and the NRA exactly the ammo (no pun intended) we need to take what he says, dismantle it, and use it to poke holes in Obama’s gun control plan.

    Think about it. He already said he thinks Obama’s current plan won’t stop gun violence. And now he’s just giving the worst advice or offering up situations that highlight how Obama’s gun control would fail.

    What better way to fight against anti-gun and federal disarmament agendas when they offer us such “tactical” blunders like this to highlight their lack of knowledge on the subject of home and personal defense?

    Is it really any wonder why their “solutions” for reducing gun violence make zero sense when they obviously aren’t educated about the subject as a whole?

    The NRA needs to be the lead authority on DGUs and start presenting all the DGU encounters were more than 10 rounds saved lives of friends, family, and strangers en masse.

    The message that doesn’t get any air time: Guns in the hands of good guys save lives. Every day.

    And if you want to combat the magazine capacity ban, highlight all the DGUs that did require (subject to debate I’m sure) more than 10 rounds for the good guy to survive a situation where they faced off against multiple bad guys.

    The problem with magazine restrictions is criminals will simply take tactical advantage and use a very effective and simple tactic: they won’t attack you alone. They’ll simply gang up on you.

    What’s funny is all the people posing new gun legislation are doing so acting like all the criminals aren’t watching TV and formulating their own plans to take advantage of every disadvantage this new legislation will have on the law abiding citizen.

    Just turn all the legislation on it’s head from a tactical perspective. Limited magazine capacity? Ok, how does that stop the criminal that has a 30 round magazine right now when I have to turn in my 30-round magazine for a legal 7-10 round magazine? How does that help me, the law-abiding citizen from the criminal that didn’t turn in their magazine?

    Etc etc.

  30. .At some point you got to draw a line in the sand, make yourself serious that you don’t fuck with my rights. At some point the fools will get the picture that any gun legislation will be not be recognized in large bodies of people. Any enforcer of unconstitutional passed legislation will be met with the appropriate force in a organize fashion.

  31. I came up with a bumpersticker for this occasion.


  32. That is the most irresponsible advice I’ve ever heard. Hey, dumbass, the pellets eventually come down.

    Was that reporter a girl dressed as a man?

  33. Before we condemn Crazy Joe lets consider the hidden wisdom of his thinking. Sure, after the 2 shots you’re stuck with an empty gun, but look how far ol’ Joe has gotten on a empty head.

  34. To think that he is the product of the strongest sperm in the bunch………….

    “It looks to me like the best part of you ran down the crack of your mama’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress”. – Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

    Is retroactive abortion possible? If so, he is at least number 3 on my list!

  35. A freakin’ 12-gauge, what do you think?
    Obviously Mr. Biden is listening to the world-renowned self defense expert Napoleon Dynamite.

    Don: Hey, Napoleon. What did you do last summer again?
    Napoleon Dynamite: I told you! I spent it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines!
    Don: Did you shoot any?
    Napoleon Dynamite: Yes, like 50 of ’em! They kept trying to attack my cousins, what the heck would you do in a situation like that?
    Don: What kind of gun did you use?
    Napoleon Dynamite: A freakin’ 12-gauge, what do you think?

  36. I didn’t want to put a hole in my roof. So I fired the warning shot straight down the hall. Not my fault the BG stepped in front of me at the same time.

  37. Do Joe’s ill advised comments rise to a chargeable offense? Such as solicitation to commit a felony :

    18 USC § 373 – Solicitation to commit a crime of violence.
    (a) Whoever, with intent that another person engage in conduct constituting a felony that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against property or against the person of another in violation of the laws of the United States, and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, solicits, commands, induces, or otherwise endeavors to persuade such other person to engage in such conduct,

  38. Wow, is that guy for real? So Joe’s ol’ lady pulls out the old Stevens and empties both barrels into the night, huh? Probably nails that old horn-dog Bill Clinton sneaking out the spare bedroom…..

    Man, that questioner, still waiting for those testicles to drop? What a team he and Joe make. Explains why the country has gone in the shitter Can you imagine if Bush had said that?

  39. AR15 with “high capacity” mag = one .223 cal projectile per trigger, each projectile takes a predictable ballistic path to the target, 30 shots per mag. A novice shooter using a consumer grade Ar and bulk ammo can achieve milk jug sized groups out to 50 yards, off-hand, in an afternoon of training.

    double barrel shot gun with No. 4 buck shot = 21 projectiles of .24 cal per trigger pull- a total of 42 projectiles with two shots in a fraction of a second. This is a much faster rate of fire than a machine gun. Each projectile has an unpredictable flight path to the termination of its trajectory, i.e shotguns shoot patterns. No amount of skill or technology will allow a shooter to place every pellet exactly where he or she want them. Using 9 pellet 00 buck, Biden is armed with a weapon that sprays 9 projectiles that are comparable to 9mm pistol projectiles with each trigger pull. A double barrel shot gun holds 18 9mm projectiles (8 more than “reasonable” magazines), none of which the shooter can guarantee will hit exactly where he/she wants them. An life long shotgun expert with a standard 870 with cylinder choke and premium grade Fed Flight control shells has no hope at all of having every pellet form one shell land within a milk jug sized target at 50 yards.

    Biden is promoting unlawful discharge of a weapon that literally sprays up to 21 projectiles (each larger than the .223 projectile of a standard Ar15) with each pull of the trigger. How is this better than a AR?

  40. Perhaps someone here can answer this, as I asked on another site and got no response. Since Joe Biden is a lawyer, giving out legal advice here to “fire two warning shots,” isn’t he somehow responsible for this advice if someone decides follow it and get themselves into legal trouble?

    I mean, seriously, how does this guy keep getting passes for blatantly wrong statements like this?

    • I’ll give this a try. He is a politician and therefore not going to be held accountable for anything he says or does. This is always the case and that’s why they think that the criminals should not be held accountable for their crimes. WE (the law-abiding people) need to be punished for their actions.

  41. If you have time to fire a warning shot, then the perps lawyer will argue that you were not in imminent danger and didn’t need to fire a shot in the first place.

    And yet people continue to listen to this clown.

  42. Why do I get the idea that if the emasculated whelp reading the question had said, “Underwater Basketweaving” magazine, Crazy Uncle Joe would have claimed to have “Underwater Basketweaving magazine” in his house?

    The funny one to me was, “I’ve never heard anybody in Parent’s magazine ask these sorts of questions, but I’m delighted to answer them. Can you repeat the last part of the question?” Then Burglarscarer Joe goes on the offensive so quick that aforementioned emasculated dude doesn’t even get to repeat the last part.

    Once a manipulative politican, always one. Except he’s getting really scary in his old age with his off the cuff comments. But they never seem to make the liberal media, do they?

  43. Over the years our VP has had many nick names. I would like to promote a movement to hearby have him known as Blind-Fire Joe


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