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“Going shooting is one of my favorite activities and gives me a new sense of self. It makes me feel, like, proud to be an American. I think it’s one of the greatest rights to be an American.” – Heidi Montag in Spencer Pratt: You Can Never Have Enough Guns in Your House [via]

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  1. I’m not gay but the first thing I noticed was finger on the trigger.

    Someone who wasn’t thinking with their little head should have given her a two-minute discussion on firearm safety rules.


      • Once I saw she wasn’t topless I saw her booger hook. (Guess I need to work on my threat assessment skills.) Then I immediately skipped to the comments. Now I’m heading to the next thread.

  2. Trigger finger
    Inappropriate range clothing
    no eye protection
    mag in gun (and chamber closed) while not pointed in safe direction
    (at least the freakin’ safety is on)

    What a poseur.

  3. poseur or not, if she can get some of those vapid dinks who love jersey shore to stop spray tanning long enough to learn something about firearms it’s a good thing.

  4. Being an American is a right?

    I thought being an American guaranteed you certain rights.

    Someone needs to go retake civics. Oh, wait, they don’t teach that in school anymore. They replaced it with self-awareness classes, because it’s more important to “feel good” about yourself than it is to learn how to become a responsible citizen.

    And get your damn finger off the trigger, girl.

  5. Jeez. Some people have no tolerance whatsoever for photographs.

    I think her statement makes her a good American. And she’s cute, whoever she is, so I’m glad she likes her guns.

    • Yes it’s a posed photo but we as gun supporters should be setting good examples. The noob that sees the pic might think “Oh, that’s how I hold rifle.” Trigger finger and all.

      All the good things that go with the post gets cancelled out if it turns into a IGOTD

      • The noob that sees the pic might think “Oh, that’s how I hold rifle.”

        Any noob who thinks he knows how to hold a rifle by looking at this picture deserves to shoot himself.

    • Be very happy you don’t know who she is, and keep in mind her “cuteness” is about 95% post-consumer recycled plastic. Call me cynical, but I suspect this is her attempt to generate what she and her gender-neutral husband thingy think will be more bad publicity (read: “notoriety”) in the press to boost their career as professional entertainment-industry scuzzballs. The stance and the trigger discipline are enough of a clue to me that it’s an act, not so that we’ll like them, but so the that rest of the mainstream media will hate them even more.

    • Why? You dumb-asses are making enough idiot comments about it.
      You people are so blinded by ‘safety’ that you probably tell your kids to not touch the snake pictures in textbooks ‘cuz you may get bit.
      Really- there’s nothing like picking on people to drive them away from your side/position. It’s a damned picture- chill out for god sake. Or can’t you just enjoy a picture for what it is: someone who supports YOU, but YOU can’t support them because of a faux pas. Morons.

      • I’m wondering if she wasn’t told to hold it that way, because in another picture she’s showing proper trigger discipline with a 1911.

        Still, you can’t take back a bullet fired. People should not be reckless with guns, ever.

  6. They also own a .45mm-Glock, as I read. Glock dabbling in particle accelerators, maybe?

    Still, I’d like the people who speak about our shared passion to adhere to basic safety rules.

    • Apparently they rented one. Also a semi-auto M16, even though that doesn’t exist either. From the article:

      “Montag and Pratt also rented several weapons, including an M16 semi-automatic rifle… and a .45mm-Glock pistol.”

  7. We will not win by being Assholes. Give the girl a break. She actually has a reason to be liked now in my book. At least shes not demanding a plan because shes a hypocrite and feels bad about it.

  8. See comments above as to why it’s so hard for us to reach out to the other side. We berate our own supporters, so why join us when you can stay with the grabbers and at least not be cussed by your “friends”. Seriously, not everyone who is a pro photographer knows the four rules. And you can easily tell this is a posed photo.

  9. Its like the movie Twins all over, Heidi & feinswine, sure is hard to tell the difference. /// Heidi sure is a cutie, its nice to have her on our side, Randy

        • The Mitt voters ensured there was no way out of it. Lesser of two evils got Obama in the white house in the first place, no reason to have expected it not to happen again. As soon as the GOP puts up a candidate that isn’t a fascist, AND a gun grabber, they might have a chance at winning. Until then don’t blame people who actually care enough about liberty to stand on principle and not vote for fascists like McCain and windmills like Willard.

  10. Give the girl a break? How can you be so blind!?

    She is a reality TV star who has lost popularity and she is just trying to court controversy. She is literally exploiting the cause to further her own fame. I saw similar statements made when one of those damned Kardashians was posted here with an AR. The deceased patriarch of that clan was OJ Simpson’s lawyer. Do you really want gun rights to be associated with such slime? Heidi’s quote barely even makes sense, she is a vapid bimbo in the most classic sense.

    Hollywood is the enemy. They exploit firearms to produce debased entertainment that primes young people for irrational behavior and violent tendencies. I have not enjoyed television or mainstream film in years because of this overt tendency toward subversion of our culture in general.

    The right to bear arms is absolute, it is a human right that transcends even the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights deals with our social contract, our ship of state. There are many who would chip away at the material in the Bill of Rights that holds this ship of state together. Do not fool yourself into thinking a big tent full of idiots is required to protect this right.

    I fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts. It disturbs me that some cannot spot such an obvious snake in the grass as this surgically enhanced woman who does not even understand basic trigger discipline. Associating with the likes of her makes gun rights supporters resemble fans of pro wrestling, it renders the level of discourse so low that our argument can be trampled with ease by the false gods of the erudite liberal.

    • Damn, man… I thought I had an extensive vocabulary! “Trampled with ease by the false gods of the erudite liberal” blew my mind! This young grasshopper still has much to learn I suppose… By the way I mostly agree with you. Was too busy with my mind exploding to just write that.


    The other photo is worse. Booger hooks on the bang switches and they “claim” they shoot often. Learn the safety rules and promote them at all times to everyone you influence.

    Heck, I got two of my coworkers who have these coffee mugs who’ve changed how they grip their mugs because I pointed out what should have been obvious to them that they were building bad habits… I was semi-joking but after thinking about it they agreed.

  12. Idiot celebrities pretending to shoot guns, wonderful. (Sarcasm)
    This reminds me when they had that Coco girl on Team Ghost for a promo,
    clearly no idea what she was doing. Jersey Shore + gun does not equal good promotion.
    Finger off the damn trigger.

  13. Why, for the love of Flying Spaghetti Monster, are you giving these attention whores publicity?…

    They’ll do and say anything to be in the spotlight.
    Their booger hooks only confirm what their vapid stares and stupid blather betray…

  14. Money quote from the US Magazine article: “I like to have Christmas color cartridges,” the 29-year-old MTV star added


    As one of my favorite characters, Didi Snavely, once said, “You will have a Holly Jolly Christmas, and the criminal will have a Silent Night.”

  15. I saw the latest Die Hard movie and Bruce Willis had his finger on the trigger all the time. At one point, he muzzled half the audience. Needless to say, I was so offended by such a terrible rules violation that I walked out on the film and filed a protest with the management.


  16. I’ll call out safety violations all day long instead of dealing with the negative gun owner publicity aftermath of an “accidental” shooting.

    Take a negligent discharge at the Bloomington, IL gun show a couple of years ago. Some a-hole decided to try the trigger on a Mini-14 without checking to see that it was unloaded. Didn’t really worry about where it was pointed either. KABOOM.

    One guy almost died from a through and through chest wound, a second guy took the same slug in his chest and a third guy was injured by a fragment.

    Three wounded with one shot. I wish our soldiers overseas were as good shooting enemies as this idiot was shooting innocents.

    Here locally, we’re still digging out from the negative publicity from that incident.

    The owner of the table at the gun show had to sell his life-long business to pay the settlement after his insurance was maxed out.

    But it’s okay, because some here say we don’t want to “scare away” people from our cause.



    Anyone here who tolerates sloppy gun handling is not exactly a friend to gun rights.


  17. Breif for the OFWGs : Heidi and Spencer are a couple from the old MTV reality show Laguna Beach (California), and its follow on “The Hills”. When I say old, I mean 2005 ish timeframe. These two are the progeny of the classic wealthy liberal California leftist generation; their parents probably voted for Feinstein , if they went to the polls.

    Having them even acknowledging positive uses for firearms is a tremendous cultural step. Doubtlessly MTV intended this to be a countercultural meme (OMG LOL THEY GOT GUNZ!) ,but they’ve dreadfully miscalculated the positive image of firearms among young people of my age. This will only reinforce positive uses of arms among young people who follow them ,and for that , we should thank the anti’s at MTV and Hollywood.

  18. Meh, I’m just glad she’s on our side. We need more ppl on our side and as many allies as we can get. Y’all can bit(h and moan and tell her to keep the booger bumper off the bang button after all the anti2A blows over

  19. I think these 2 are attention whores.

    During the 2008 election Heidi Montag started wearing pro-Palin stuff, got a lot of attention for it. Nothing about here ever made you think she even voted let alone would vote Republican.

  20. Way too many Safety Nazi’s whining…

    Relax people, its just a pic. She’s in no way a model of a trained firearms enthusiast. If you look at every other celebrity posing with a gun, they always have their finger on the trigger. Why are you guys even surprised???

    We should be happy she is at least promoting firearms instead of being against them.


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