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There’s literally no issue in America that the galaxy brains at Vox can’t address with a, uh, liberal application of bigger, more intrusive, increasingly authoritarian government action and spending.

And few of those issues inspire more ambitious thinking on the part of the Voxen than that pesky, uniquely American “problem” of civilian gun ownership.

Gun control policies that don’t confront the core issue — that America simply has too many guns — are doomed to merely nibble around the edges. Everywhere in the world, people get into arguments. Every country has residents who are dangerous to themselves or others because of mental illness. Every country has bigots and extremists. But here, it’s uniquely easy for a person to obtain a gun, letting otherwise tense but nonlethal conflicts escalate into deadly violence.

To change the status quo, Democrats should go big. They need to focus on the abundance of guns in the US and develop a suite of policies that directly tackle that issue, from licensing to confiscation to more aggressive bans of certain kinds of firearms (including, perhaps, all semiautomatic weapons or at least some types of handguns).

I am not naive. I don’t think that this would lead to sweeping Australian- or UK-style gun control legislation passing in 2021. But this broader conversation has to start somewhere.

The time is now. The NRA is in chaos, as its leadership is caught in a civil war. The Parkland, Florida, activists have forced guns into the spotlight. A recent Morning Consult poll found that Democratic voters put gun violence second only to climate change as the issue they wanted to hear about in the first debates.

Just like Bernie Sanders helped launch discussions about single-payer and free college in 2016, a push in 2020 could help get the party to where it needs to be on this issue if it really wants to address America’s gun problem.

– German Lopez in Democrats have been discussing the same ideas on guns for 25 years. It’s time to change that.

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  1. Just look at that guy. No surprise that he doesn’t have what it takes, and cries out for nanny gubmint to swaddle him. Pathetic shameful excuse for a ‘male’.

    The answer is “NO”, little Johnny Pisspants. Fuck off.

    • Dude’s got the same “lightbulb look” as most of the mass shooters out there. It’s something genetic, I think.

      • Have these children even heard of the Bill of Rights or are they simply pretending it doesn’t exist?

      • Agreed, this is a case of projection. A person like Lopez doesn’t do anything without a selfish motivation. In himself he sees a mass shooter, so to prove to the world he is not, he needs to remove all doubt from peoples minds. By calling for (gun) control, something he personally has little of in his life, he can deflect what people see in him. In this case, a future mass shooter.

        This is similar to the biggest abusers of women, are publicly the staunchest “feminist” around. That way when their abusive pattern is revealed, they will claim their “feminism” as their first line of defense.

        This Lopez is a deeply fearful individual.

      • He wants to be the apparatchik ordering others the seize the guns off the people, with the exceptions of their community enforcers (criminals) and the connected.

        • Bingo. “We’re coming for your guns!” Who’s ‘We’? You got a mouse in your pocket? These folks would have no problem sending someone else’s son or daughter in government service to attempt confiscation but would never have the courage of their own convictions to volunteer for the job themselves. Nothing but vegan, gluten-free keyboard SJWs.

      • “Dude’s got the same “lightbulb look” as most of the mass shooters out there. It’s something genetic, I think.”

        Well, I think the author of this little piece of sophistry said it best:
        “Every country has bigots and extremists.”

        • People like Lopez are really the ones that most need firearms to protect themselves.

          My little sister (105 lb, middle aged soccer mom) could probably beat the crap out of him.

          Hard times are likely on the way. Soft “men” like this are going to have to grow up in a hurry.

    • “The answer is “NO”, little Johnny Pisspants. Fuck off.”

      Agreed. And that seems to be the answer of an overwhelming majority of gun owners, even in places where the little Johnny’s have gotten there way regarding legislation.

    • This wimp is a Vox “Senior Correspondent”, which tells you the quality of this media outlet.

    • The only thing I ask of liberals is if they’re going to talk about it, then be about it. Don’t send some poor young kids to die in your stead, if you want our guns, man up and come and take them yourselves. Stop trying to get the police to do your dirty work. Get together in a big, bunched up mass, in broad daylight, and come looking for all the guns.

      • I like your style. Some people would be content to not “interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake”, but you encourage him to do more. For now though, Democrats are doing us the favor of stepping out of the political shadows and letting us know they are our enemies…… Who won the Democrat primary debates? Trump.

    • America should not take it’s queue from people in the midst of their own sexual-identity crisis.

      I like my guns … I’m keeping my guns.

    • naturally he expects someone else to do that for him…regardless of the risk…..actual or political…

    • That’s funny. That was exactly my initial response when I seen his face. He must have been brainwashed by his liberal school teachers.

      • That’s the problem in our country today! They don’t teach American History and government they leave out anything about the Constitution and Bill Of Rights! There indoctrinating these kid to except socialism!

    • He could be twelve, chronologically, judging by the picture. I’d peg his mental age at about four. A whiny, spoiled rotten, little 4 year old brat. Like almost every ‘journalist’ on planet blue marble.

  2. The only thing he got right is saying NRA is in crisis. Unfortunately for his evil plan for America, there are other gun rights organizations, and gun owners who are politically active.

    • Yup, perhaps their myopia is the best thing that’s going for us. These anti-gun types have no idea as to the breadth and depth of the gun rights movement. Even if the NRA collapses other groups will fill the gap.

    • Agreed. NRA is going through an intervention of sorts, to (hopefully) cleanse and purge the rot. But in the meantime, there are other quality organizations out there with which one may align him/herself.

      ** A thought**
      I think the current NRA crisis has been a fantastic gift to conservatives, as the Demtard presidential candidates have acted like sharks smelling blood in the water, thinking the entire 2A community is somehow weakened, and therefore plunging headlong into the deep end of the crazy pool for the entire nation to see. Time will tell, but I believe their heavy lurch further to the left (and the demands to disarm law abiding Americans) will result in losses in Nov 2020, and a second Trump term.


      • This is very true. The left is dancing in the NRAs blood, thinking America has taken a hard left turn in favor of gun control. What they don’t realize is the NRA died because it wasn’t pro gun enough for the majority of gun owners.

        • …and the leadership was self-serving, nepotistic, conflicted, and generally irresponsive to the membership.

        • @Hank,

          You’d think that when a candidate is running for a national office such as the Presidency, he/she would have their interns and campaign volunteers investigate deeper into their opponents’ platforms to gain a better understanding, and therefore provide better advice to the candidate.

          It’s not rocket science for an intern to spend a few days scouring 2A forums and reading the multitude of comments (from the likes of you and me) to grasp the zeitgeist of the NRA’s ripple effect. A smart candidate would come to the same conclusion you and I did regarding the ultimate galvanizing effect of the NRA’s throes, but then again, they *are* Demtards.

          BTW, has anyone else noticed that Ammoland no longer allows for commenting one-at-a-time, as of this week? They’ve updated their forum to require mandatory user registration.

    • At the end of the day, gun owners vote. The NRA and other organizations could fold, it doesn’t eliminate the voters.

  3. Our modern society has made it possible for beta males like this to survive and thrive. Guys like this are so invested in being weak that they want the option of self-reliance stripped from everyone.

    • Salvatore’s two sentences get my vote for Comment of the Week: Succinct and insightful.

    • And he doesn’t even seem to realize that if he has no access to firearms, the type of guy that took his lunch money in school can take everything he has at will.

    • Weak and feminine men in times past had their place too. They were to stay back at camp with the women while the men went to war or on hunts. These weak feminine men would take care of household chores and scavenging for berries while the women prepared food, medicine, and clothes. These weaker men eventually became the first slaves.

    • “guns..[and gun owners?]…scare me”….may as well have it tattooed to his forehead…..

  4. Dear Mr. Lopez, have the spine to come to my house and try and take one round of ammo and I’ll break that oversized glass chin of yours.

  5. The media is in chaos. Nobody trusts them anymore. Now is the time to abolish freedom of the press/speech. I’m not naive. I know we can’t have sweeping changes like in a third world dictatorship but we can start out slowly and find ways to jail journalists. Maybe execute a few. Assange can be the start to getting the country where it needs to be.

      • Right? These days maybe it’s going too far to even be sarcastic about it, especially the Assange bit. Just framing his attack on a constitutional right in a manner that might sit closer to home for a dbag like him but I doubt he and his kind can generate the mild curiosity or honesty required to consider it.
        Plotting to undermine the Constitution? Isn’t that treason? I mean millions swear to protect it from enemies foreign and domestic and the guy is clearly scheming to destroy part of it?

        • You are aware Assange is NOT a US citizen? So the application of a charge of treason for violating the constitution is a bit far fetched.

          So would you prefer all information is delivered by the “Bureau of Information”? Even in the Soviet era there was a long running joke about Pravda (The Truth) and Izvestia (The News) that there was no news in the truth and no truth in the news.

          Admittedly many journalists have done this to themselves by no longer being impartial observers and instead are now partisan participants with clear biases and distortions.

        • @Southern Cross – ??? Exactly, Assange isn’t a citizen nor is he plotting to undermine the Constitution, German is. Assange is a journalist and if he ever gets sent here they’re probably going to try to give him the maximum without making him a real martyr aka life in prison so I threw that reference to him in my other comment about the first amendment.
          I used German’s bs argument to argue against the first amendment to show how stupid and fascist it sounds. I in no way want to dismantle the Bill of Rights like our good dbag friends at Vox want to do. Not sure how that was unclear but hopefully it’s 💯% clear. It’s funny how with commies and oligarchs you get the same worthless propaganda passing as journalism. You’d think those types would use different tactics since they hate each other so much.

    • That is PERFECT!

      Every one of these gun-confiscation guys (and “gals”) looks like this little geek and brays the same confiscation line, but they expect government agents that look (and think) like you and me to go out and “take the swing” based on their say so.

      It would be hilarious if it was not so pathetic.

  6. It’s really amazing how a white socialist homosexual man, he calls himself a “minority”, believes it’s possible to find and confiscate hundreds of millions of privately own firearms. But he also says it’s not possible to find and deport millions of unarmed illegal aliens???

    Historically anyone who supported the confiscation of law abiding gun owners property (blacks, indian tribes, americans of german, italian or Japanese descent, etc.) also would later commit crimes against those same now disarmed citizens. Or they would support or make excuses when those crime were committed against innocent people.

    He is correct one one issue. The NRA is in chaos. And I don’t see the NRA leadership with their 6 or 7 gun safes as well as their grandfather old shotgun, really doing anything to fix their problems and get back to defending the civil rights of its members.

    • “…believes it’s possible to find and confiscate hundreds of millions of privately own firearms.”

      They are fully-aware it will be a multi-generational effort. And, in a timeline that long, it is possible. Well, at least when it comes to universal gun registration. 2 or 3 generations from now, the original gun owners will have died off. Then, every supposedly-legal gun will have paper on it. Any gun without paper will be destroyed when found…

      • As more crimes are committed by illegal aliens as well as criminal citizens, I suspect the law abiding population will not be giving up their guns in the future. There too much information on the internet nowadays. But this gun grabbing gay german can always hope. His kind always do.

        • “There’s too much information on the internet nowadays.”
          That information being how gun ownership his your american birthright. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left will have to “unteach” civil rights to future citizens. I don’t see this happening. There are too many homeschoolers for this to happen. And there numbers are growing. Even the public schools are still teaching gun civil rights. And more schools are doing it.

          It’s a long term never ending battle. And I think people will start to ask “why is a childless homosexual telling me what I can’t teach to my children????”
          “Or what my child’s school can’t teach to them???”

          The school can’t teach students about their gun civil rights, ownership and responsibility????

        • the NRA…[lower echelon, admittedly] is responsible for making their ownership legal in my state [PA]…when efforts were made to undo that…

      • ” They are fully-aware it will be a multi-generational effort. ”

        If Lopez there is a typical specimen from the latest generation, I don’t think there will be too many generations to come.

        • It’s beginning to look like future generations will be made up of victims…and victimizers…

    • Historically anyone who supported the confiscation of law abiding gun owners property (blacks, indian tribes, americans of german, italian or Japanese descent, etc.) also would later commit crimes against those same now disarmed citizens.

      That really should come as no surprise. Demonizing/dehumanizing a demographic is a critical prerequisite to stealing their property. Once you have demonized/dehumanized that demographic, you have also cleared the way to commit other atrocities.

      • Dehumanizing the enemy is a common practice. We did it with the “Krauts” and the “Japs” in WW2. It helps to overcome the normal instinct of most civilized people to not kill other civilized people.

        The left is dehumanizing the right.

  7. To German Lopez:

    Sit down.
    Shut the fuck up!
    Get back in the closet where you belong.

    • And don’t look in the closet with a UV light. It might look like a Jackson-Pollock painting.

    • I hear North Korea is nice this time of year……
      When I look at this guy I’m reminded of that scene from “The jackal” where jack black helps Bruce Willis sight in his “toy”

    • “Wouldn’t it be easier to just move to a country that suits you?”

      That is what it will eventually boil down to.

      Whether they like it or not… 🙂

  8. “There’s literally no issue in America that the galaxy brains at Vox can’t address with a, uh, {Marxist} application of bigger, more intrusive, increasingly authoritarian government action and spending.”


    “To change the status quo, Democrats should go big. They need to focus on the abundance of guns in the US and develop a suite of policies that directly tackle that issue, from licensing to confiscation to more aggressive bans of certain kinds of firearms (including, perhaps, all semiautomatic weapons or at least some types of handguns).”

    Lets further infringe on that which “Shall Not Be Infringed”,by state or federal government,after all that is the admonishment in the 2 nd. amendment. Perhaps the conversation we should be having is the banishment of Leftists Marxism,which goes against everything put forth in the Constitution instead of further infringements of the Constitution.

    • “Perhaps the conversation we should be having is the banishment of Leftists Marxism,which goes against everything put forth in the Constitution instead of further infringements of the Constitution.”

      Anybody check the fuel costs for a helicopter recently? Asking for a friend.

      • “Anybody check the fuel costs for a helicopter recently?”

        OK, I’m assuming in the interests of efficiency (so many to ‘process’ in a limited timeframe) you will be using a heavy-lift helo like a proper Russian Mil Mi-26 that burns ‘Jet-A’.

        A fuel finder lookup for the Chicago area shows that’s about $5.80 a gallon.

        (The Mi-26 would make an *excellent* choice for this work. Lifting capability of about 44,000 pounds, so, at an average weight of 200 pounds each, you could ‘process’ 220 per flight.)

        Or do one at a time, if that ‘floats your boat’. The personal touch, pride in the quality of your work, and all…

        *snicker* 😉

  9. The nra is not gun owners, it is comprised of gun owners. State orgs have to some degree been stepping up.

    He’s from Germany and Europe in general. They don’t, can’t and won’t even try to understand the mentality of gun owners and Americans in general. They do not comprehend the concept of individual liberty. I would go so far as to say freedom is actually antithetical to them. To them you are a subject with no rights. And since this is a foreign vox reporter I would go so far as to say he hates gun owners and want all gun owners rounded up and exterminated because they own guns and a lot voted for Trump whom they hate with every fiber of there being. I also don’t think Godwin’s law applies here as ALL members of the leftist corporate media no matter what country they live in want Gun owners and EVERYONE who voted for Trump rounded up and exterminated. They don’t want your guns per se, they want you dead for not being like them. Disarming you just makes it easier.

  10. Between stuff like this and the free speech views of their employees Vox wants to just take a dump on your rights (and mine.)

  11. “A recent Morning Consult poll found that Democratic voters put gun violence second only to climate change as the issue they wanted to hear about in the first debates.”

    The point he’s making here is probably not what he intended.

    • I just read a poll that has gun issues is at the bottom of that list. Maybe that’s why Swalwell is the first democrat to drop out of the race.

  12. Okay, I read the whole piece by German Lopez. It’s long, superficial, and lazy. Don’t waste your time. The result of insulated, urban Marxism. He laments the decline of “collective” rights vs individual rights. How/why do you punish a collective when an individual violates collective rights? And do you know what does not make an appearance when he’s discussing registration and confiscation? Compliance.

    • Maybe he missed the part of the Constitution where individuals have rights, the collective does not.

      • I suspect he missed the whole constitution in the liberal indoctrination center he attended.

        He is a prime example of why I am predicting the wholesale takeover of the government by or before 2030. Demographics; people like ( him ?) are being turned out by the millions every year from our so called education system. They will have the numbers of useful fools voting by then to take control of house, senate and POTUS. About that time supreme court justices will probably start dying of unexplained causes. They will be replaced with well indoctrinated leftists and the constitution will be ignored.

        They WILL come after the guns.

        Be Prepared !

        • That’s one way to look at it. I also need to consider that one of me can take out around ten of soyboy, there, before I need to reload. I don’t see a necessity to surrender just yet.

    • “How do you punish a collective…?”

      I think gun control bills are the answer to your question. When a crazy person commits a horrible crime using a gun, pass outrageous laws that punish only the law-abiding. Somehow, in a leftist’s addled mind, this is necessary, collective penance for owning pieces of wood and metal that are kind of like the one the crazy person used…

      • Punishing the law-abiding for the wrongdoings of the criminal is perfectly reasonable for those who lack logic or a true moral conscience. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of these folks around and it seems one of them is a dead ringer for an immature 12 year-old working for VOX.
        Modern times, I suppose.

      • “..collective penance for owning pieces of wood and metal that are kind of like the one the crazy person used…”

        It’s an interesting bit of twisted logic when you go back upstream from right now:

        Somebody uses the metal thing to commit an atrocious crime. That person *was* one of us, part of the collective group of the Correct-thinking. If that person was one of us, they had to be good because we are good and we are correct, we don’t allow the wrong-thinkers or wrong-doers into the collective. Because we are good and correct and that person was one of us but then turned bad, there is a possibility that we were wrong in allowing them into the collective in the first place. If we were wrong about that person, maybe we are wrong about other things. We can’t be wrong, we are the good and the correct, we are correct-thinking. Since we can’t be wrong, there must have been something else that causes the wrong-think. The metal thing. That is the cause for the wrong-think and wrong-do. Other people have similar metal things and since the metal thing is the cause of the wrong-think we must ban the metal things! Ban the Metal Things! You must comply, look at this baby!

      • “all gun owners are bad guys..or potential bad guys”…the core of their beliefs…….

    • There is no such thing as collective rights. There are powers of the state, there are the collective effects of many individual rights, but there are no collective rights. He’s talking about powers of the state.

    • “How/why do you punish a collective when an individual violates collective rights?”

      Oh, that one is *easy*.

      Google “Russian Holodomor”.

      Estimates of 4 *million* dead from enforced starvation…

      Oh, and China’s Mao 1959–1961 famine.

      Estimates of *20 million* dead.

      That’s what ‘Collective Rights’ will get you…

  13. The right of the people to keep and bear arms and kill all gun grabbers you better be paying attention

  14. What a tool! Looks like he’s donning a man-purse and everything! When the confiscation orders are issued, I look forward to him leading the charge. Remember, change starts with you.

  15. Some of you are being a little rough on this guy(?)..he supports mandatory vaccines like several here, because you know, big government is good when you want it to be.

    • “he supports mandatory vaccines like several here,”

      And that’s the second anti-vaxx crapola for today, with 0 comments about guns.

      I’m almost detecting a pattern here…

        • He’s being paid by big pharma to drive folks away from anti vaxxers. He’s a Judas. He did not exist so big pharma had to create him.

        • “Does he ever comment about guns?”

          Carlos, I can’t recall the last time he had a gun-related comment. It’s *always* vaxx crapola now from him now…

  16. Sheeesh, what’s that chicks problem?…..Surprised he had the wrist strength to type all that up….And that chin!…Sweet fancy Moses…

  17. “Vox’s German Lopez: Now’s The Time to Get Serious About Licensing, Gun Bans and Confiscation”

    I hope he’s(?) the first one through the door, it will have all been worth it then…

    • He should rest assured that we take the threat of Licensing, Gun Bans and Confiscation seriously. We are as serious as heart attack!

  18. Every country has residents who are dangerous to themselves or others because …

    … they want to punish and disarm people who have no desire to offensively punish nor harm anyone. That would be you and your ilk Mr. German Lopez.

    I am a proud and indomitable supporter of Free Speech, right up until the point that a person’s speech calls for the significant destruction of unalienable rights. Such speech is no longer a free exchange of ideas: rather it is conspiracy to deprive us of our rights. That is a significant crime — worthy of severe punishment when the person is pushing for deprivation of rights on a statewide or national scale.

    Let me make this crystal clear. If someone was calling for state sponsored/sanctioned rape of women for some “worthy cause”, would that be okay? Or would it be conspiracy to deprive women of their right to refuse sex and worthy of severe punishment? If you answered that it is a crime worthy of severe punishment, why is it not a crime worthy of severe punishment when someone calls for our imprisonment on a statewide or national scale for owning firearms?

  19. Whenever they talk about “having a broader conversation” or “coming together” or “common sense laws” or “understanding the real issue”, it really means “agree with me or I will call you racist, homophobe, misogynist, etc.” They are not liberal. They are narrow minded: the opposite of liberal.

  20. Funny thing is at least several people use identical language when attacking other individual rights…..and they back their opinions with epidemiological studies exactly as tis guy(?) here did when attacking our individual rights.

    • “and they back their opinions with epidemiological studies…”

      …and the score for today (so far, the day is still young) is 1 for anti-vaxx crapola, 0 for discussion about guns…

  21. I still find it fascinating that whenever gun control or gun confiscation is talked about all they mention is taking from law abiding civilian gun owners like us. Why don’t we hear about how we are going to tackle the problem of criminal gun control or confiscation….which is the real problem…they don’t follow laws like us they have a complete disregard for laws and for life. So tired of hearing about my rights as a law abiding gun owner being threatened by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

    • To answer your question, these clowns view ALL gun owners as criminals for not want to accept and adhere to a Leviathan controlling every aspect of their lives. To them WE are the incorrigible criminals, they see absolutely no difference between the scumbags who terrorize inner cities causing murder and mayhem and the gun owner protecting his family. Leftists don’t have any moral or ethical code, the ethos of “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY” usually ends up with a pile of skulls and dead bodies littering the landscape on the road to their depraved utopias of misery.

      • They see the Khmer Rouge killing a third of the population of (then) Kampuchea (Peoples Republic Of) as an inspiration. Not as a warning.

  22. I am curious, how many guns is too many guns? Last I checked, didn’t see that in the Constitution.

  23. Checked his bio – Lopez has been out of college only seven years. He probably hasn’t hit 30 yet and is already an influential writer. Ah, the almighty wisdom of youth. His face kind of resembles Stan Laurel’s visage – he’s the kind of nerd that used to get beat up a lot in my school. And he appears to be the type of lefty that can’t be wrong in anything he says or writes about his solutions for “the rest of us.” As to Vox, it is a lefty-liberal electronic news source that aims to explain to its readers what the news means. In other words, no need to think your own thoughts or figure things out for yourself – just think like we want you to think.

  24. In the military we always defined the problem then developed a solution. Finally we answered “how does this solve the problem?”
    With all the recent gun laws, there’s the assumption that they will be followed. Chicago has draconian gun laws but violence is still a problem. Rather then confront this, the politicians blame laws in other states. Washington state passed universal background checks on all gun sales. To date only one (1) person has been charged. With that, he told the police he’d sold the gun. However, that’s all the evidence. The gun is gone and…the defendant has disappeared. Finally the support of the laws claim that 50 sales were stopped by the law. (In 2018 NICS conducted 355, 485 background checks. Do the math) asked how many were convicted? Zero. Asked how many were charged? Zero.

    • Correct! It’s a joke-on us! NICS has accomplished just what it was intended to accomplish. It costs a lot of taxpayer money, irritates gun purchasers, and affects criminal activity not at all. UBC would possibly cause a few more NICS checks to be made, although I expect no one will comply since it is not enforceable, but the effect on crime will still be zero, because criminals do not obey the law.

      • You are forgetting the main reason for background checks. They slowly, but surely conditioned not only the general population, but also gun owners and many self proclaimed 2A supporters into certain way of thinking. They helped brainwash people into believing that gun ownership is something that needs a permission from government.
        Originally meant only for FFL’s sales, now they are pushed by gun grabbers for all private transactions, including loans. Next logical step is registration, without which UBCs are unenforceable. The big brother needs to know where each firearm is at any given moment!
        From there it’s just a skip and hop to confiscation. Sorry, I meant mandatory buyback.

    • A guy I know and trust told me he was at the big gun show in Republic , WA and when he found a couple of shotguns he liked, the dealer asked “You don’t really want to fill out any paperwork do you?”. So they left the building and conducted the transaction in the parking lot for cash. Done and done.

      • pretty quick way to lose your FFL…and possibly your freedom….[you did say dealer…not seller]….

  25. And it is working SO well with the compliant New Zealanders!!!! And it would be so constitutional. As if the left pays attention to the Constitution. Maybe when they think they can use part of it impeach the President.

  26. Leftists and democrats use the word “CONVERSATION” a lot. However, what they really mean is DICTATE. Yeah, I’ll have that “CONVERSATION” with you and tell you NO and to get lost. Their entire thought process is predicated on the belief that they are “right” and the opposing folks, who in their view, either need to be rehabilitated or liquidated are wrong. These people are dangerous with extremely VIOLENT tendencies. These wannabe dictators need to be called out at every instance.

    • I agree that their tendencies are violent, but their capabilities are suited to being converted into doorstops. I would do it, but I’d probably be ashamed of killing this little turd if he attacked me.

  27. It’s very evident this Vox asshat didn’t comprehend the what happened to dem Congressmen and Presidential Candidate Swalwell and his total gun control platform. FAIL. BUT thats the #2 issue huh. Okay if Climate Change is #1: why isn’t the new Socialist darling AOC a presidential Candidate? Green new deal is her Plan, the dem/lib political lemming are on board, so…….?

    • She’s too young to qualify now, but she will make a run for the presidency, mark my words. Unless some kind of revolution miraculously returns this country to sanity, you’ll see her (or someone exactly like her) in 2024 and 2028.

      • Oh, yes, she absolutely will run when she can.

        And the sad thing is, she will probably win when she runs…

  28. How did that girl in the photo grow stubble?

    “The Parkland, Florida, activists have forced guns into the spotlight”
    FALSE. The media and dem politicians propped up the Parkland kids they liked and ignored the one they didn’t like.

  29. Dude (?) looks like a victim waiting to get robbed or beat up. Geez, how have we fallen so far?

  30. So crime rates are down in every category but somehow *now* it’s a problem that we have to address because crime is so bad?

  31. I honestly can’t tell by the picture but what “it” is, but for the record, it can kiss my ass.

    My state has just extended CCW permit status from 5 years to 8 years. Maybe I’ll start carrying 2 guns instead of one just to piss this idiot off.

  32. If Democrats take his recommendation, perhaps they should adopt “Four more years!” as the slogan for the program.

  33. Vox is clickbait.

    They’re a struggling site surviving only on that fat fat loot given too them by, I believe, NBC.

    Soon as NBC cuts them loose, and they will, VOX will join the other left wing “new sights” in the ash-heap of internet history.

    The only way they get traction is with outrageous statements by guys like Lopez, Klein, Maza and the other nutbars.

  34. OMG that face. A criminals wet dream. The ultimate soy boy, beta male, defenseless victim with his head in his cell phone 24/7. Personal responsibility be dammed. Why can’t antigun Communists like these be the victims of home invasions?

  35. One problem is that due to the incessant attacks and the blatant lies the gun owning public has now dug it’s heels in more than they used to on any type of gun legislation.

    We’ve seen the left will never be satisfied (I don’t believe they will will even a tyrannical confiscation scheme being enacted and in action) and will strive to take away and cripple anyone who owns a gun. They may even go so far as to disarm the Police in certain circumstances.

    We’ve now seen how even a seeming innocent registration scheme so as to implement background checks for all firearms sales hides a poisonous and dangerous setup for confiscation.

    This has become recognized by the public and many states who have enacted some sort of registration scheme are finding themselves not receiving the participation levels they expected because many are just not going to register.

    And that heartens me for when they start to attempt a national scheme they will finally be forced to acknowledge that it cannot be done without the destruction of the country and the ripping up of the constitution. And will inevitably lead to a Civil War.

    If they were smart they’d wait a few years but even then I have doubts about how effective they’d be years from now as even some of the seeming wimpiest growing up now fully understand the result of registration and then confiscation. Regardless of how much the media crows about millennials loving socialism, when faced with reality they back off and I think they will also recognize a power grab by the left when they see it.

    Molon Labe

    • Prohibition saw the rise of “Irish Democracy.” Generally, it is bad for the government because it demonstrates on a daily basis how feckless government actually is.

  36. “A recent Morning Consult poll found that Democratic voters put gun violence second only to climate change as the issue they wanted to hear about in the first debates…”

    Unhuh. And for all the hand-wringing and speeches at the Oscars, how much have the democrats actually done about climate change? How did that work out in 2016?

    If you want applause at the primaries, talk about gun control and climate change. If you want to win an election, talk about things that effect most of your voters every day. Jobs, medical costs, cost of education, etc.

  37. Since when does some D. Bs. opinion matter? Just because some squid goes to college and gets a journalism degree doesn’t mean his thoughts or opinions matter. Just because someone has $5 or 5 billion in their pocket doesn’t qualify their opinions unless you are on their payroll.

    Are we really supposed to give a flying bat crap what this college educated creep or someone like Bloomberg thinks about guns? Tobacco kills far far more and I have to ask why that pompous creep never mentions tobacco. Why do you suppose that is?

    I’ll tell you why, because that’s an expensive undertaking. Tobacco companies have deeper pockets that dirt-bag Bloombag. Gun companies and “guns” that’s cheap, taking on big tobacco, not a chance! But for guns, a million here a million there…pocket change.

    • There’s the rub… Bloomberg and his fellow “progressive” billionaires see increasing government control as a way to get EVERYONE on their payroll.

      You will be *made* to care, whether you want to or not.

      The left always projects. They’re seeing fascists everywhere because they *are* the fascists. They can’t admit it to anyone, least of all themselves, so they scream and point at others to get the public looking somewhere else while they act out their dark desires.

  38. Get serious about confiscation? Suuuuure. And who exactly is going to confiscate those guns, German? You?

    There’s always a sissy somewhere who will yell “let’s you and him fight!” And then they run away to Starbucks for a double soy vegan latte.

  39. Bans did not work for alcohol or illegal drugs…won’t work for guns either.
    Criminals DO NOT follow laws.
    maybe make it harder for them to get out of jail when caught. Longer sentences for gun crimes.
    Prosecute EVERY gun crime. No probation, early release…

    • You mean, like, possession of a gun? Murdering paper targets? How about clarifying a bit, like “violent crimes committed with a gun.”?

    • There is no such animal as “gun crime”. Guns can’t commit crimes.
      Why is murder committed with a gun worse than murder, where the perpetrator used a rock to bash his victim’s skull? I would rather be shot to death than doused in gasoline and set on fire. Yet we don’t hear calls for harsher sentences for “match crimes”.

    • I give him less than a few years before he suffers a severe break from reality … maybe less than that come Election Day 2020. Extremist politics is a hell of a drug. Just look at an adult Macaulay Culkin – some things just don’t work out for the best.

  40. ” A recent Morning Consult poll found that Democratic voters put gun violence second only to climate change as the issue they wanted to hear about in the first debates.”

    Funny thing about polls is that they can be worded in such a way as to stack the deck in favor of a particular outcome. Just like the polls had Hillary as the president in 2016.
    I imagine that the more middle of the road democrat couldn’t care less about the issue, it’s the lunatic fringe that gets all the spotlight.

    By focusing on gun control, they’re all but making sure Trump wins 2020 election, unless he does something stupid like banning suppressors or something

  41. HE is either a hypocrite, or a moron, likely both.

    One of his paragraph starts with, “History shows.” He had a bad history teacher, because history shows that unarmed masses have been slaughtered more than once. Throw in open borders (Native Americans) and things get even worse.

    I will NEVER agree to debate someone who claims to use history on their side and yet missed all competing historical evidence.

  42. But a licensing process can go way further: While a background check is more often than not quick and hassle-free, gun licensing in, for example, Massachusetts is a weeks- or months-long process that requires submitting a photograph and fingerprints, passing a training course, and going through one or more interviews, all involving law enforcement. That adds significant barriers for even a would-be gun owner who has no ill intent or bad history.

    I wonder if this Lopez punk would laud laws for putting up significant barriers to having an abortion or voting.

    That could require rethinking the Second Amendment, whether by appointing judges who interpret it differently in a reverse version of the NRA’s campaign to portray gun ownership as an individual right.

    So this Lopez punk believes judges could de facto repeal the Second Amendment.

    Remember, this is the same Lopez punk who wrote this.

    Obtaining this permit is a potentially weeks-long process, which requires paperwork, an interview, a background check, and, even if you pass all of that, the police chief has some discretion to deny the license anyway — if he or she, for example, knows something about your past that may not necessarily show up in your criminal record.

    And yet, president Barack Obama said this.

    According to various studies — not just one, but a wide range of studies that have been carried out over a number of years — African Americans are 30 percent more likely than whites to be pulled over. After being pulled over, African Americans and Hispanics are three times more likely to be searched. Last year, African Americans were shot by police at more than twice the rate of whites. African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites. African American defendants are 75 percent more likely to be charged with offenses carrying mandatory minimums. They receive sentences that are almost 10 percent longer than comparable whites arrested for the same crime.

    This is another reason why we can not have “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation. The Black Lives Matter movement has sowed distrust against law enforcement, and as such, even those who believe gun control would reduce criminal homicide rates if enforced in an even-handed manner, would have no reason to believe that law enfoercement would enforce gun control in an even-handed manner.

  43. Don’t be so smug your next in 2020 and with 67 % of the population as non gun owners the majority of the American people consider guys like you “the enemy” and the power mad Supreme Court has always been anti-gun and always votes with public opinion. History is not on your side. The roller coaster ride is over and about to go off the rails at the Amusement Park as it shuts down forever. The ride was fun while it lasted but nothing lasts forever.

    And just remember you can have the last laugh because you saved a couple of measly dollars by not joining the NRA. You get what you deserve. Prostitute Politicians go where the money is and the NRA is broke and cannot save your ass this time around. But hey, by NOT joining the NRA you saved a few bucks didn’t you.

    • I gave my money to GOA and 2AF – you know, organizations actually doing something instead of collecting my money and spending it on designer suits, inept publicists and luxury housing for interns.

    • “The roller coaster ride is over and about to go off the rails at the Amusement Park as it shuts down forever. The ride was fun while it lasted but nothing lasts forever.”

      Yes you’re right VLAD. Those days when Dumbama was in the white house and the gun industry was booming are over. I guess the gun industry will just have average numbers until another Demonkrat gets in office.

      Your taste is still in your ass.

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