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Delta Charlie, who works in public safety, sends his “Work” ensemble.  A while back I thought he was a cop, but seeing this set up I believe I might have made the wrong guess.  From Everyday Carry.

A little AAA-MagLite Solitaire for a flashlight?  Really?  Maybe in 1986.  C’mon Delta.  That light has been around about as long as you have.

He carries the Remington 1911 R1, meaning he has about 7 or 8+1 big old .45 slugs to remedy any problems he encounters.  Those are big problem solvers.  What’s more, if folks can make do with five in a J-frame revolver, I suppose those big 230-gr ashtrays coming out will solve well enough.  The OWB holster is classic leather, but I don’t recognize the maker/model and it’s not listed.

I will say he has a big foot with those size 14 boots.  In case of emergency, apply (big)foot to problem…





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  1. Got to imagine it is the LED Solitare, not the old model. One of my favorite work lights for inspections is the LED AAA Minimag, my hunting light is the AA model. Maybe not the brightest state of the art lights, but they are familiar in the hand (practically anyone you hand it to knows how to use it), give adequate light, and are rugged little lights. I know quite a few people, mostly older folks like myself, who have a strong loyalty and trust in Mag lights.

    • I still have several mini mags around my house and vehicles. But my hunting light is now a head light. When uncaseing shotguns/rifles and putting on the vest and making sure of the kit hands free is the way to go.

      As for daily carry unless we’re working in the subway or sewer system I don’t see the need for us to pack spotlights.

  2. I used to tell single women a few “tricks” to use to keep uninvited visitors away.
    One was to go to goodwill and buy a pair of beat up work boots in as big a size as possible, then leave them on the front porch.

    • … next to a good size dish clearly marked as being for ‘Rex’ or pick whatever cliche dog name.

  3. Nice classic Buck, but for me, a bit heavy for the blade. LED or not, a Solitaire doesn’t have enough options. A Bright Strike would be my choice for an AAA light. Hard to go wrong with a SAK—nice and versatile. The holster looks like a Galco.

  4. Ahhh… nothing wrong with a solitare….if its LED.

    They are tough and dont come on accidentally.

    My guess is this guy is in his 50s…..Solitare and a Buck knife and a 45 in a pancake.

    Looks like it works for him….old school is still cool.

  5. That’s a good setup, small compact light and yes it’s the led version with over 40 lumens…plenty to get the job done and is gray man complete. I prefer the microstream but that’s just me. Writing tools are great. Two high quality and high value knives.

    This seems like the cary of a dude who knows what he needs but does not give into the tacticool hype. I’d be happy by his side in a gun fight, those ashy trays the author refers to are just because they smoke the bad guy.

    I also dig the watch.

  6. I like the buck, it’s a proven classic. But, for use in emergency where I might be limited to one hand I would choose a one hand knife. If I wanted a buck the 112 slim with thumb studs, or the 110 classic auto opener would work.

    • I actually carry two, my main folder for my left hand and a small, but sharp and capable blade in my watch pocket for my right hand.

  7. Page says Blackhawk lefty and size 11.5. Has a nice steel g-shock I’ve never seen before. I grew up with Swiss army knives but Leatherman just pushes them out of the picture for me now. Being able to have a driver with bits just wins out.

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