Ralph Northam
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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Virginia Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam saw his dictatorial control crumble in recent days after a court ruling allowed one of the state’s indoor ranges to reopen. Realizing additional court challenges would probably not go well for him, he has issued a new order “allowing” indoor ranges to reopen on Friday, May 15th.

Northam had originally closed indoor ranges in the state, classifying them as “entertainment,” despite federal courts ruling that practicing with guns is a fundamentally protected Second Amendment right.

Initially, Lynchburg Range & Training sued and won an injunction blocking the black-faced governor’s closure order. The Washington Free Beacon covered the Lynchburg Range & Training ruling.

Judge F. Patrick Yeatts of the 24th Judicial Circuit of Virginia ruled in favor of a Lynchburg firing range that challenged Northam’s statewide shutdown order. He said the governor’s emergency powers are limited under Virginia law and cannot restrict the “otherwise lawful possession, carrying, transportation, sale, or transfer of firearms.”

“The governor appears to argue that, when he declares a state of emergency, he can ignore any law that limits his power, even laws designed to limit his power during a state of emergency,” Yeatts wrote. “The Court cannot agree with such an expansive interpretation of the Governor’s authority.”

Yeatts limited the scope of his ruling even as he granted a temporary injunction barring the state from closing Lynchburg Range & Training LLC. The decision does not apply to all ranges in the state, but guns-rights groups that helped file the suit said it lays the groundwork for eventually overturning the statewide ban. Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, said it could have a domino effect as other gun ranges file suit.

“We’re weighing our options because our ultimate goal is that we want all indoor ranges free of this,” Van Cleave said. “What the judge laid out was great reasoning why, really, none of the ranges should be falling under this.”

Of course, while Governor Northam might hate gun rights for the little people in his state, he isn’t stupid. He knew other courts would likely rule similarly for other ranges, and eventually all indoor ranges in the state, potentially threatening his other lockdown orders.

So Northam opted to cut his losses. Again, from the Washington Free Beacon covered the story:

Northam released an executive order on Friday that will allow indoor shooting ranges to operate starting May 15 so long as they follow strict guidelines. Ranges that reopen must operate at half capacity, require face coverings for employees, and adopt enhanced disinfecting for commonly used surfaces and rental equipment. Ranges that flout the rules could face misdemeanor charges.

The announcement came after a state court ruled that Northam lacked the authority to shutter an indoor gun range in Lynchburg. Second Amendment activists said the decision set the stage for potentially unravelling the Democrat’s emergency power. Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League which filed suit against the range shutdowns, said the case demonstrated Northam’s flawed handling of the crisis, including his classification of the facilities as “entertainment” venues.

“We consider both the reclassification of indoor shooting ranges to no longer be ‘entertainment,’ and their reopening this coming Friday to be a victory,” he told the Washington Free Beacon. “They should have been classified as ‘essential’ from the beginning.”

Even with Northam’s restrictions (50% capacity, and rigorous cleaning after each customer), this marks a big win against Emperor Ralph’s continued attempts to thwart the right to keep and bear arms in the Old Dominion.

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  1. Sure is nice of the Tyrant to allow his subjects a little bit of Freedom. Y’all don’t abuse it now, heah? [/sarc]

    • Your guess makes more sense but it looks like “More, More, More” to me:-\

  2. Every time I see this same photo of Northam, I always think “Heeeeere’s your sign.”

  3. New vcdl update sent at 4:34pm below:

    Is your head spinning yet?

    Governor Northam has just issued Executive Order 62, which blocks the reopening of indoor shooting-ranges and many other businesses in the following localities through May 28 (supposedly at the localities’ request):
    Prince William
    Fairfax city
    Falls Church
    Manassas Park
    The rest of the state is on track to reopen their indoor shooting-ranges this Friday.

    Options are being weighed.

    • These counties are not going to open up like the rest of the state as 70+% of the “victims” are from that area. According to the idiot, the closures are “at the request” of the counties.

      • This is STATE law, not COUNTY law.

        Wasn’t this the clown that howled that counties didn’t have any rights regarding Sanctuary Status? Now, suddenly counties matter.

        How convienient.

  4. First he takes Your Rights away…Then He allows You to have them back. What stops Him the next Time or the next Right? You can bet there Will be a Next Time. Y’all better be good little boys and girls. Daddy’s watch-in. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • This has never been about guns. It has always been about establishing a precedent to usurp Rights!
      Guns have been the “boogie man” for decades in the government’s quest to weaken the Creator-Endowed Rights that limit the power of the government.
      Guns have been the controversial component of the Constitution that is easiest to muster the support of the lemmings who follow the leftist officials without hesitation or question.

      If they can abolish the Right to bear arms they can find ways to abolish and weaken the other Rights. And I’m not talking about the loss of the Right to bear arms being a means of defending the other Rights. I’m speaking about the gall of an elected official finding and setting precedent to abolish ANY of our Rights.
      The attack on the First Amendment is well underway. How many other Rights have been assaulted during this politically fueled Kung Flu lockdown?

  5. No hair cuts in Kentucky until the end of the month. I drove to Tennessee to get one. Restaurants were open and people dining inside. The tables were spaced out and everyone wore a mask unless they were eating. My waiter said his wife was a massage therapist and she also had been out of work. He said they were having a hard time paying their house payments. I have been working through all this so I left a $50 tip on the table.
    Democrat governors need to be tared and feathered. They are doing it on purpose!

  6. Salute that Jim Crow Gun Control ratbassturd with the middle finger. Talk is over.

    • Jim Crow was a successful way of dealing with blacks trying to live with whites. Now that we got rid of it, we have baby daddys, broken homes, and widespread black on white terrorism.

      I, unironically, believe both blacks and whites would be happier under a neo Jim Crow. Even if you disagree with me BigDeborah, can you understand where I’m coming from?

      • “Widespread black on white terrorism”? Where would that be? What are you smoking?

        • Larry in TX , Obviously the writer is a dumocrat who is trying to impersonate a racist, to divide up those who can see the dumocrats are the trash of politics.

          “I don’t allow the Democrats to define morality” is Gay anyway. But he/she is right. The democrats and Joe Bitem are not the compass bearers for morality.

      • re: “I don’t allow the Democrats to define morality”

        I agree with the other guys, you are gay, flaming, pink twinkle and a Hoe. Now. Get the Hell On Bitch

  7. I bet northham is screaming over this setback. I love the fact he was forced to do it

  8. “Relent” does not apply here. Northam hasn’t relented anything. For him, indoor ranges are places where bad guys go to become better killers. It’s a way for Northam to track, trace, and locate who needs to be red-flagged.

  9. Large Population Centers in NOVA still closed until May 28th!

    Governor Northam has just issued Executive Order 62, which blocks the reopening of indoor shooting-ranges and many other businesses in the following localities through May 28 (supposedly at the localities’ request): Arlington Fairfax Loudoun Prince William Alexandria Fairfax city Falls Church Manassas Manassas Park Dumfries Herndon Leesburg Vienna

    The rest of the state is on track to reopen their indoor shooting-ranges this Friday.

  10. How many of you think China & the Dems Dreamed up this BS? Did u ever stop to think what convenient timing? Wise Up!

    Well… in the DC Offices & Congress Heavy Sided with Leftist they laugh every morning & ALL DAY about how bad it is for Americans and the Economy crashing on Trump’s Watch hoping we ALL ARE STUPID ENUFF to elect a Alzheimer’s Patient to Potus in Nov.

    Trump Landslide is coming unless we all have some brain disease!

    The Dems don’t care about people who are dying not even a tiny bit…..

    Don’t u remember the leftist hollywood woman who said she would rather see ALL WOMEN RAPED 100 times than let Trump win in 2020?

    Says alot! We are in Crazy times!

  11. I still have a partial gift card from SafeSide in Roanoke. Guess I can use it now. Although I now live almost 6 hours drive away. 🙁

  12. Governor Coonman may be one of the worst Governors in history. He is certainly not fit for duty. His inability to get resources in the hand of the people who need it most during this fake crisis shows his leadership is weak.

    How can Virginia be considered the silicon valley of the east when this Klans Man wannabe cant get his labor system technology to work? We dont need a Medic, or Klansman, or minstrel show, Governor Coonman, We need some one with a clue.

    Coonman is a neanderthal. He doesn’t have what it takes to lead. He should have step down long ago. Now hes leading Virginia to a depression.

    Coonman Pay The People the Money ear mark to them from the CARES ACT. How hard is that Coonman ?

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