Virginia State Sen. Bill Stanley
Virginia State Sen. Bill Stanley (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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This is how you respond to a blood-dancing political opportunist’s attempt to use a tragedy to further the cause of civilian disarmament.

“Since Governor Northam called the General Assembly back into Special Session, it has been apparent to me that the motivations behind this session were only to politicize the tragedy of Virginia Beach, and to re-litigate gun-control legislation that previously had been introduced, debated and defeated in the 2019 Regular Session of the General Assembly. And, it is no coincidence that this Special Session has been called during an election year when all 140 seats of the General Assembly are up for the voter’s consideration in November,” Stanley said.

“Moreover, the proposals that Gov. Northam and the Democrats are offering for consideration by the legislative branch are blatant attempts to seriously restrict and infringe upon the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, and have absolutely nothing to do with preventing the horrible tragedy that occurred in Virginia Beach this year, and at Virginia Tech in 2007. Even Governor Northam admitted, after calling the Special Session, that the gun-control bills that both he and the Democrats are proposing ‘would not have prevented either tragedy from occurring.’ If that is truly the case, and I believe that it is, then this Special Session is about politics, and is not about developing a state policy that will truly address this terrible problem in our society.”

Sen. Stanley said his legislation chooses “policy over politics” and if made law “will address the issue head-on and will make the workplaces and our schools throughout the Commonwealth safer.”

– Elizabeth Tyree in Local senator submits 6 bills in response to Special Session on gun control

Meanwhile, as the Associated Press reports Governor Coonman is going all-in . . .

Virginia’s governor led gun-control supporters in chants of “enough is enough!” outside the Capitol Tuesday after summoning legislators to debate and vote on new gun laws.

Gov. Ralph Northam ordered lawmakers back for a special session to consider a wide range of gun-control measures, said people need “votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers” after a Virginia Beach employee shot and killed a dozen people in a city building on May 31.

GOP lawmakers criticized Northam as trying to exploit the tragedy for political gain in the leadup to Tuesday’s session. Republican leaders who control both houses of the legislature signaled they wouldn’t pass gun controls, focusing instead on increasing criminal penalties after gun crimes.

Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment filed surprise legislationMonday to broadly ban guns in any government building, but even that faced uncertain passage in the House.

Advocates both for and against stricter gun laws rallied outside the Capitol before the session began.

Gun-control supporters began their demonstration on Capitol Square by reading out the names of the state’s recent gun violence victims, including those in Virginia Beach.

Across the Capitol lawn, a small group of gun-rights supporters gathered ahead of a larger rally they planned in the afternoon.

Jim Snyder, a 69-year-old gun owner from northern Virginia, said the Virginia Beach shooting hadn’t moved the needle on gun issues for him one bit.

“I haven’t done anything wrong and they want to take guns away from me,” he said.

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  1. “Moreover, the proposals that Gov. Northam and the Democrats are offering for consideration by the legislative branch are blatant attempts to seriously restrict and infringe upon the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens”

    You forgot to mention that new ensemble, Tommy Norment and the RIINO Tormentors.
    We need to send a message to Norment, telling him to retract the bills ASAP.

    Republican Senator Tommy Norment has betrayed gun owners by introducing two gun-control bills:

    SB 4013 treats all local government buildings like a courthouse, banning firearms for everyone but law enforcement, judges, magistrates, and several other specific individuals while in conduct of official business. (Not even an exemption for CHP holders.)

    SB 4020 increases the waiting time to apply for a CHP from three years to ten years for someone convicted of certain misdemeanors, including brandishing. Ten years is an unreasonable length of time to wait and is a solution looking for a problem.

  2. I sent Norment an email about the bills.

    VCDL is very good about publicizing these kinds of things.

  3. I was expecting him to say:

    “You want a circus? We’ll give you three rings. Calling the first witness in the sexual assault hearings for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax…”

  4. So…they’re still gonna vote on & probably pass the bills, right? How is this not giving Northam what he wants?

    • Didn’t you read their strongly worded memo? Hoo boy…I bet Governor Blackface wasn’t expecting that line of attack.

  5. Senator Norment’s office number – make sure he hears from us. Seven5seven-two59-781 zero

    • On the plus side, there’s a retired Navy GOP lawmaker that is running for Senate. Sorry forgot his name, read an article this morn. I wish him best of luck.

  6. employer must then provide whatever resources that are available (mental health counseling

    Oh BS. NO employment for wack job pshrinks. The bastards are ALL demtards to the core.

  7. Will Northam be opening the special legislative session in his white robes or the blackface?

  8. “They want to take my gun from me.”

    No. They want to kill you. They want every gun owner killed by the government. It’s like a religious purge. There church is the federal government.

    • Pretty much this.

      Even if the anti-gun progs did manage to “buy back” and/or confiscate all of America’s evil guns without incident, the scheme is still predicated on the fact that someone in uniform WILL shoot you if you refuse to go along.

      In reality, I and thousands like me will never comply. We aren’t hurting anyone; we only want to retain our natural rights and our own legally obtained property, and we will fight to the death in our own defense if necessary.

      The anti-gun regressives know all of this, yet they persist.

      “You have to break a few eggs if you’re going to make an omelet,” they say, as if the breaking is a regrettable side effect and the omelet could’ve made itself if only the eggs knew what was good for them. BULLSHIT. If you want an omelet, then you *want* broken eggs; your entire product consists of them.

      The only logical conclusion, then, is that the anti-gun progressives fully intend to use government guns to kill us…or break us.

  9. That push-back was better than usual.

    Is there a breakdown of what, exactly they did how, including reporting? In NYS when prltests go tbe “wrong” way, the coverage goes nowhere.

  10. Looking for a lawsuit to be entered against the City of VA Beach because the victims were denied their Second Amendment right by preventing them from carrying to protect and defend themselves while in the work place.

  11. Virginia Beach mass shooter DeWayne ccdraddock was a registered democrat and a muslim convert who killed as many as possible for the last Friday of ramadan. The MSM is sweeping this under the rug.

  12. Northam is a gun hater. “Vote and laws” instead of “thoughts and prayers.” Excuse me, cultural decay is the problem here. A little more religion/thoughts/prayers would likely be better than authoritative laws and demands on what people can and can’t own.

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