The Truth About Guns went live ten days ago. Truth be told, I’m at the base of a long learning curve. As with The Truth About Cars (sold to the Canucks), I’m starting this site as an enthusiast, looking to become what the Brits call “a swot.” Or, in this case, “a gun nut.” So please excuse me if I report events from a neophyte’s (a.k.a. idiot’s) perspective. All of which is a preamble to the fact that I had no idea that people collected vintage ammunition. Antique guns that could explode in the face of their owners? Sure. Bullets? I didn’t see THAT one coming (so to speak). And if you already knew that, you might want to know that Philly auctioneer Barry S. Slosberg, Inc is about to hammer “a large array [of vintage ammo] to include .38, .38 Wad Cutter, .300, .30-06, .22, .30-30, .32, .308, .22-250, .357, .350, .270, .30-40, primers, projectiles, powder.” The auction’s tomorrow (Sunday), 14 percent buyer’s premium and all. Or you could just buy a box of unfired 12 GA Pinfire Hulls online at Griffin & Howe. For $1200. Way.


  1. I'm just hoping that next weekend's local gun show yields some (smokeless) reproduction .32 S&W Shorts for my little 1903 Iver Johnson break-top revolver (down-loaded for lower pressure, of course, so they don't destroy my gun/hand/day at the range).


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